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Fun to see how you'd made the continuation of Meteor Tensei ;P (

I wonder if a Kyuuyaku Meteor Tensei will ever come out?

Thanks for the video! :D Yeah, I didn't have time to do much more so there's basically nothing to do sadly...

Thank all of you for the comments! Yeah, the map size is defeinitively a problem... We intended to do a radar system but since we couldn't get it working on time we had to remove it, sadly. The player cap is set at 256 right now but we haven't tried playing with more than 8 people or so.


What is the goal of the game? I didn't understand it well.

I like the mechanics and aesthetics but having limited lives was a deal breaker for me... Very good game !

The game looks cool, but it is too laggy to play... At least when you press connect. Otherwise it's cool.

I enjoyed this game a lot, animations are a bit too fast but the game plays great! GJ!

This game is very promising with some further development, the idea and mechanics are simple but good, but i found that the lack of sound effects or music makes difficult getting into the game.The lightwork is very cool, the start menu is very cool too but things like the font when you lose or win or the shadows being different color than the trees could be improved too with little effort and would improve the experience at all. Great game nonetheless.

The idea is great and i loved the start menu music and the background aesthetics, but once you start playing, you can play as much as you want pressing only Z-X , or one of those if you are on the edge of the screen. If you could add some mechanics and something to accomplish at all, this could make a great game. Keep up the work :)

The minigame concept isn't bad but I get WRONG KEY mostly always... I guess I don't get the timings right.

It doesn't detect input in Chrome 49 (Windows), even if I click the canvas before pressing any key.

The color platform concept is pretty neat, but I guess it was me but I couldn't get past the second screen. It was too hard for me.

What am I supposed to do? HELP. By the way, did you create your engine from scratch? In C/C++ or another programming language. If you did, congrats!!

Congrats on doing your first game, finishing something is always a challenge. The first game I did was also a pong clone, but the ball accelerated with each collision until it went so fast it trespassed the walls. Fun memories. Keep making games!

The concept is cool and I loved the Game Boy like palette, but I missed some sense of progression, like a score counter or something like that, but it's very nice overall.

The graphics are awesome but it's a pity that it's rendered in a bigger resolution than 64x64, but for the rest of the game it is awesome! I love how do the goombas look like.

64x64 Desert Bus. I guess I don't have the patience to wait for something to happen. :(

Wow, definitively it's Megaman level challenging. I wish it didn't take that long to accelerate though, it makes avoiding enemies harder. But good job overall!

How do you progress in the game? I just roamed around and tried to press space to everybody, but I felt quite lost.

The graphics look cool, but it was too challenging for me, I couldn't get past the very beggining.

Wow, one of the first games in the jam that I almost completed! The visuals and gameplay is awesome, I tried to get all the coins in the levels. But the final boss killed me like 10 times and I had to give up, it was too hard for me. But the game is awesome, keep it up!

It's quite hard, I kept losing non stop but it's cool! Very challenging.

The graphics are awesome and the idea is really cool, but I can't get past the NEWS BREAK enemy, whatever I do I lose all my followers. :<

A little fun memory game, but until I clicked I didn't know how was I supposed to say "yes" or "no", I figured it out in the end.

I like the concept and graphics but how do you block the skeletons?? I kept dieing because of them, is there something I missed?

The game graphics are cool (I love raycasted shadows) and I didn't quite expect it to be point and click (which I like too) but as the others said it's a bit unclear on what you're supposed to do.

The game is quite cool, I liked the graphics and the gameplay. Maybe it could have been more challenging if there was some kind of timer or if there was some obstacles.

Although there's one thing that I didn't like much, and it's how the camera gets so close to the border when you're moving through the corridors. There aren't any enemies so it's safe but it still made me a bit nervious not knowing what was ahead.

By the way, are you japanese by any chance? I haven't seen many japanese themed games in the jam.

This could be a complete game at this point. The level design is really cool and the gameplay is awesome too, the camera moved a bit too slow for my taste but I guess that's a problem with my mouse's sensibility. Incredible game!

Great work! Simple graphics but challenging and funny gameplay. Really nice game!

I always try to avoid drawing borders on my pixel art, but this game has taught me that pixel art may be great when you use a strong color edge . Thanks a lot!

Great idea! With more development could be a very entertaining game. Keep it up!

Really nice game! The dash mechanic is a very important part of the game and I like how you have built the world around it, forcing the player to learn how to use all its potential.

One thing I missed is a little tutorial about controls, I used at the moment the arrow keys and C key (the arrow keys are 'mostly' obvious in every game, like WASD, SPACE or others) but I think a little tutorial is always welcome.

And last but not least I have found that you canresize the window horizontally and the camera fits the 64x64 resolution only vertically. It matches with the issue that said Adam Pajor about subpixel level and I think you should know that too :)

Very nice work, good music and amazing graphics and animations. But the size of the sprites isn't a good choice for this resolution (too big) and it makes gameplay hard.

Great game! You did very very nice job with the art and story. While playing this games one can see how a 64x64 resolution can give a really beautifull experience.

Very fun game, the mechanics remind me of the ice badge Pokemon gyms, and the portal system makes it even better!

The graphics look really nice but steering is too hard for me, I end up crashing against all the corners. D:

I loved the raycast lighting, it made the game look awesome, and the gameplay is just perfect.

Feels like a well put together game, very nice!