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I have logged in via GitHub and started a Bulgarian translation. However, for every string I try to translate, it gives me the message: "There is currently no active translator for this translation, please consider becoming a translator as your suggestion might otherwise remain unreviewed."

What should I do to fix that? All my translations are saved as suggestions and I cannot review/use them.

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I have translated all strings to Bulgarian. But as I said, they are all saved as suggestions. Please tell me how should I add them as translations and do I need to do anything for the translation to be included in the next version of the app?

All translations are saved as suggestions until other translators vet them and the project manager approves them. That's how the system works. Have some patience, our gracious host will get around to them.

But there are no other translators for Bulgarian. Who's going to 'vet' them?

Translations can also be approved based on trust, in a pinch. No worries, it's less formal than it seems.

Ah, ok then. Thank you! I'll wait to see what happens. :)


I review all suggestions & approve them, if there's only a few translators for a given language. However, I've fallen a bit behind on reviewing pending suggestions - no worries, though, it'll get done!