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EO: Dankon! Bonvolu sciigi min kiam tio okazos, mi ŝatus traduki ĝin al la bulgara. :)

BG: Благодаря! Моля, уведомете ме, когато това стане, ще помогна за българския превод. :)

EN: Thanks! Please notify me when that happens, I would like to translate it to Bulgarian. :)

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EO: Ĉu iam ajn estos eble ankaŭ traduki la retejon itch.io?

BG: Някога възможно ли ще е да се преведе и самият уеб сайт itch.io?

EN: Will it ever be possible to translate the itch.io website too?

Mi provis la versio por Linuko. La ludo estas tre intensa kaj amuza!

Ah, ok then. Thank you! I'll wait to see what happens. :)

But there are no other translators for Bulgarian. Who's going to 'vet' them?

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I have translated all strings to Bulgarian. But as I said, they are all saved as suggestions. Please tell me how should I add them as translations and do I need to do anything for the translation to be included in the next version of the app?

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I have logged in via GitHub and started a Bulgarian translation. However, for every string I try to translate, it gives me the message: "There is currently no active translator for this translation, please consider becoming a translator as your suggestion might otherwise remain unreviewed."

What should I do to fix that? All my translations are saved as suggestions and I cannot review/use them.