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Hey there, I've responded to your support ticket - it's all resolved :)


It looks like https://github.com/LPGhatguy/luajit-request might be an option as well!

Re new API, if you're not into blog posts, this issue is a good one to subscribe to: https://github.com/itchio/go-itchio/issues/2


Very cool! We're about to release a new API version, so be prepared to release an update :)

I'm curious why the proxy is needed? Is it because luasec is a hassle to ship with Love2D games ?


Gave it a spin, and it seems the reason it's buggy has nothing to do with the protocol it's loaded over :)

It appears the `navigator.languages` array is empty in electron's browser window context.

Apparently it's a known issue, that we can work around: https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/11053

It'll have to wait for itch v25 though (the next big release). I've opened an issue here to track our progress: https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues/1758


Hey, thanks for the feedback!

We're in the process of adding this feature directly to the website, so I probably won't upload that userscript anymore :)


Hey there,

Can you link to a game that isn't working?

The app doesn't "just open the directory" using the file: protocol - it registers a custom protocol that serves the game's files, see:

If you link me to a game I can investigate further :)


I replied to the equivalent support ticket.

butler wasn't freezing, it was waiting for an URL (not just the API key) or an HTTP request from the in-browser Authentication flow, but WarpZone has NoScript installed so the automatic method wasn't allowed to work :)


Any antivirus software installed?


The new version of the app (which handles this cleanly) is being released soon. It includes a lot of underlying changes, so it took a long while to prepare. It also includes a notification that lets you know you can clean up your downloads folders to free up disk space (that was used by previous versions of the app).

In the meantime, I still recommend just wiping the `downloads` folder yourself if you find that it gets too big.

For the curious: v25 of the app uses https://github.com/itchio/butler for all install tasks, and download folders are tracked more closely:

  • Most archives are not even stored on disk, they're directly decompressed
  • Same goes for patches - only windows installers need to be downloaded first to disk, then executed
  • The folder for a download is wiped as soon as an install succeeds, or after it fails, if it's discarded (instead of retried).

My apologies for the amount of time it has taken - I'm really excited to release it so everyone can benefit from the improved overall reliability and performance!


Hey there, there were some server issues earlier, but they've been fixed since. This should not normally happen, the notification is just there for you to know to ping support if the situation doesn't resolve itself quickly enough :)


Hey there, there were some server issues earlier, but they've been fixed and all failed builds have now been processed correctly.


So, you always have to specify a channel when pushing with butler, like so:

butler push folder user/game:channel

If your game was previously uploaded via the website, you'll just need to upload it once with butler with a channel name of your choice (that contains 'html5'), delete the old one, and mark the new one as "This file will be played in the browser", and you're all good to go!

The next time you want to upload an upgrade, use the same channel name you just created, and it will update the embed, and distribute patches to itch.io app users. Hope that clarifies things!


Do you have Avast installed by any chance? Or another antivirus product ?


Do you have any antivirus installed? Avast, AVG, Avira, something else?


Re your antivirus: did you mean BullGuard ? I'm not able to find any software by the name "Windows Guard"


Thanks for the response! This is consistent with my tests: Avast blocks access to butler until it can run its cloud scan (which can take several hours). They have a whitelisting program, so I'll get in touch with them.


There's still a fair amount of activity going on over at the itch issue tracker: https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues - ideally we'd progressively move more and more to itch.io facilities so that having a GitHub account is not required!

I don't have anything in particular to ask you to do right now, but thanks for reaching out! We're nearing quite a big release, with lots of changes, so we want to finish that properly before we start looking again at various reports. I've also been looking at other issues like a half-dozen reports of folks who just aren't able to run the app due to bad antivirus interactions, those will probably be handled first!

Admin (Edited 1 time)

On a fresh Windows 10.0.16299.19 install, 64-bit butler v11.0.0 runs without problems for me:

Additional research:

  • With BitDefender Free edition, downloading and running butler.exe (even scanning it explicitly) is no problem either.

Hey, sorry for the late response and thanks for the info!

Do you have any antivirus software installed?


I've seen a few other reports of this, but haven't been able to reproduce yet.

Any antivirus software running?

zipped the game files for use on PC

Using the Windows Send to => Compressed folder feature? (see this) or something like Winzip, WinRar, 7-zip ?


Also, here's what I recommend for the game:

  • Always push folders, not .zips
  • Push them to osx-universal and delete any other channels you've created when trying to work around that bug (so everyone gets delta updates)
  • If you encounter any problems pushing in the future, post here instead of creating another channel!

After a day of investigation, I'm very convinced that this .zip file is invalid: there's details over at https://github.com/itchio/butler/issues/142

However, in the process, I discovered that butler was rejecting other files that are valid, so I fixed that :)

I've added the `butler auditzip file.zip` command to make it easier to investigate those cases in the future.

For now, I'm really curious though - what software produced this file? What was your exact process? Because it's not even just a "rare variant", it's just plain wrong :)


Thanks a ton! I'm able to reproduce the issue just by extracting the zip:

I'm feeling extremely relieved because this means it's just a simple issue with the zip format, and not with the push command itself :)


Now I really want to take a look at that .zip file :)

Can you use web upload to put i on the test4butler page, so I can download it as-is and test pushing it myself? Thanks!

Replied to TetraStudios in Feedback

(This may happen if the app bundle is unsigned: macOS Gatekeeper refuses to open such apps. Using https://itch.io/app to install and run the game works around this)


Note: if you do upload the .zip to an itch.io page, use the regular web upload, not butler - I need the exact same file you used to reproduce the issue.


Wait, so the first time it failed for you, you were pushing a .zip? Can you upload that exact .zip somewhere and link me to it? (A draft itch.io page works for me, just give me the URL once it's up)


Quick update: I'm not able to reproduce the error right now, pushing (what you pushed to osx-new) to (an equivalent of the osx-universal) channel from linux with the latest butler works just fine:

I'm going to try it all again from macOS with the exact version you mentioned.


Thanks for all the additional info!

I see you're pushing to new channels in the meantime: I would recommend not doing that, as users who installed the older channel will have to redownload the full version instead of just applying the patch. I'll let you know as soon as I'm able to reproduce the issue, find out what caused it, and push a butler update for you.


Alright, I'm going to try and find the bug, because if you had it with the latest master, then the next stable release will have that problem too!

Could you respond to my other questions to help me figure out the source of the bug? Thanks!


That's an interesting issue, I suppose we could record CPU usage over time (electron gives us that info), but I'll probably keep that investigation for after itch v25 is out, to see if it's still a problem.

Thanks for reporting though, it's good to keep an eye out as I, too, want the itch app to stay top quality :)


I tried pushing exactly the contents of osx-universal again to the same channel, and it worked fine:

I did this test from Linux though - if you're uploading some Windows and there are symlinks involved, things might be different.

I have additional questions:

  • Are you pushing a folder or a .zip file ?
  • How long does it take for butler to fail with "unexpected EOF" ?
  • What's the CPU usage like while you're waiting for it to finish? Close to 100% or close to 0% ?

Also, please let me know

  1. Which operating system you're using, and which version
  2. The complete output of the butler push command (if there's any more lines when the error is displayed: that would be really useful).



Thanks for the additional info. Are you seeing the same issue with butler v10.4.0 ?

You can download it from:

Also, can you upload what you're trying to push somewhere else so I can try to reproduce the issue? Thanks!


You mention "uninstalling the game" - which game?

By "the app" you do mean this app right? http://itch.io/app


That sounds pretty bad.

Which version of butler are you using? You can find out by doing "butler -V'.


Try accessing "My purchases" again, I manually verified your other e-mail address.


Hey, thanks for the additional info!

I double-checked yesterday as well (on Sierra) and it downloaded without adding any file extensions

So now I'm really confused :) I suppose we could also serve a .zip archive, so that at least when it extracts it'll have the right file extension (you'll still need to chmod +x though, since macOS's default unarchiver refuses to give the executable bit to any entry in a .zip file for some reason).


The file you've downloaded is supposed to be called just "butler" - no file extension.

I've tried looking around to see if other people were seeing files downloaded as "XXX.dms", and found this: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/whats-with-the-dms.39559/ - do you have any extensions like Speed Download II that could cause Safari to attribute the wrong file extension to a download?