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The app should be compatible with Windows 7+ and above.

Could your customer contact directly, with a screenshot?



Hey there,

I've identified a few bugs today, and this is one of them - you don't have to do anything, I'll release a fix in the coming week that will completely solve that issue.

I would still recommend putting save data somewhere else though - by putting it in the game folder, it'll get overwritten when the game updates (with the correct version, once this bug is fixed..), which may be bad for your players that want to hang on to their saves!


I've implemented a check for this particular error in butler, I'll deploy it soon:

Admin (1 edit)

Hi, the issue is that the first zip you pushed was broken, but in a way that I'm seeing for the first time and that butler does not check for.

In particular, it contains both a file and a directory for some paths, like `MonoBleedingEdge` and `MonoBleedingEdge/etc`:

This, of course, makes no sense, and causes problems for butler's backend, but also, Windows' built-in compressed folders tool:

And 7-zip:

(Just to show that it's not *just* butler's backend and it really is a broken zip).

To resolve the problem, I'd like you to:

  • Tell me what tool you used to make "Eat Grow" in the first place, so that my curiosity is satisfied and I can tell others to stay far away from it
  • Push the "Eat Grow Evolve Standalone" folder directly, without making a .zip first

Pushing a .zip with butler is allowed for convenience, but it saves no time at all - in fact, it wastes time, because butler has to decompress the .zip while uploading. (Compression is done once while uploading, and once again in the backend - so the compression done locally to create the zip file is always thrown away. This is necessary because butler needs to work on uncompressed files for diffing/patching to work well).

Edit: as for the current upload, you may as well delete it. Since the canonical .zip file for the previous build is invalid, no matter how you push to that channel, it'll fail to apply. It will also fail to install/extract for anyone in its current form. I'll add a check to try and detect this particular kind of problem when pushing .zip files.


Hey nick^4,

I tried to find the upload to show you how to use 'butler validate' to check your manifest, but I couldn't - the two most recent Windows uploads I can find for your account don't have an app manifest at all.

Anyway, as described on - you can use butler to validate manifests (and entire builds). Ran on your two of your uploads, they give this:

My guess (unfortunately without being able to confirm since I don't know which upload you're talking about) is that you put a manifest in `standalone/.itch.toml`, whereas it should just be in `.itch.toml`.

The problem is that there is a top-level folder in your .zip file. If you were to use butler to push your uploads, you could do `butler push standalone nicknicknicknick/someproject:windows` (where `standalone` is a folder), and it would do the right thing.


  • Manifests need to be at the top-level
  • Running `butler validate` then `butler push` is the recommended, safe way of doing things

Still not on our roadmap. The official installer from should happily run on most distributions. If it doesn't, open an issue!

The current distro packages available for itch all rely on itch-setup, so there's no need to update all of them when a new version is out.


When i tried to update the 32 bit, it automatically overwrote the 64 build. Pretty sure they were name differently.

You need unique channel names if you want to go that way, for example `windows-32` and `windows-64` (file names do not matter).

The itch docs are a good resource if you're not sure what to do.

In particular, for Windows it says: "When in doubt, ship a 32-bit build".

I don't recommend bothering with a 64-bit Windows build, unless you have a very good reason to.

bonus question, since it overwrote and i had to reupload the 64 bit, it now says its 2 versions ahead can i edit that?

Yes! By default the "version" it shows is just an increasing number, per-channel. However, you can specify a version number, see:


Hey there,

I maintain butler & the app. The issue here is that you *just* switched over from web uploads to butler uploads. There's no way for the app to tell what it should upgrade to.

Anyone who installs now (or upgrades to 1.3) will get all the updates automatically.


After some looking around, I've unlocked external keys for both these users on those purchases.

The best way to get this fixed is to have the buyers themselves get in touch with - that way we don't have to hunt for the purchases.

Admin (1 edit)

Hi, external keys should now be available for all your Winter Wolves purchases.


This part of the plan has been executed:

  • Iron out the last few corner cases with the current feature-set
  • Release app version with experimental "extract while downloading" feature

The rest, not yet. I'm considering using XFLATE instead of a separate blocks-based format. There were other priorities in the meantime though.

Note that (if bandwidth is not an issue) you can easily do the steps manually using `butler fetch` and `butler push`, to copy from one channel to another. 


There's a space in your path. Also, the target is `user/game`, not an URL.

The correct command is:

butler push "C:\Users\Kai\Documents\Unreal Projects\Who_could_that_be" ink-ribbon/who-could-that-be

It's not possible at the moment.


15 days later: it's fixed!

Admin (1 edit)
The ~/.config/itch/downloads was not inside the default install location, which is ~/.config/itch/apps and it was not just json files, but several gigabytes of zip files containing complete games and it did not clear when I cleared my downloads list.

Yup, that's a remain from v23. You can safely delete it. (Reading the rest of your post, it seems like you already figured all that out!)

(xdg things)

See this discussion: - there's no easy right choice, there needs to be a migration path that's carefully designed, it's a low-priority issue, etc. I'm kind of burned out on discussing this issue, but if you want to discuss it, that GitHub issue is the right place to do it.


I want to do a longer answer later, but just to quickly address a few points:

1. Downloads dir is a subdirectory of the install location. You can add/remove install locations already

2. That's not a good idea. /tmp might be on a small partition, downloads might be multiple gigabytes. /tmp could also be a ramdisk, or wiped on reboot — downloads can be paused/resumed across reboots

3. v23 used to leave downloads around (to allow offline clean reinstalls, among other things), but v25 definitely cleans up after itself. What you might be seeing are just .json state files, which are a few KBs and get removed when you clear the downloads list.


Good catch, I'll fix it soon!


It's definitely that. Avast likes to flag random files as harmful and messes with them in a bunch of ways. I've done experiments with it before in a VM and it was one of the worst offenders :(


Are you using any third-party Antivirus software? (ie. not Windows Defender)


As mentioned on Twitter, we recommend using  to upload the game - it has many benefits, makes pushing updates faster and with no downtime, and works great with !


Hi! My guess is that v23 never quit. You can quit it with Ctrl+Q. Then, when you start the itch app again, you should be seeing v25.

Hope that helps!


There's also the distinct possibility of our CDN provider messing up SSL on occasion... Now that you mention it, it wouldn't be the first time


The itch app probably installed it correctly, but it's a command line tool, so it makes sense that it would exit immediately. You'll have to run it from a Terminal application, as the docs say.


Well, that's certainly a puzzle. Do you get the same when you download directly ?

Also, which country is that from? (VPN-less and VPN). What does the network look like? Is it possible anyone on your network (ISP, etc.) is trying to disrupt SSL traffic? Asking because this is the first report I'm seeing of this.


Hi, I'm not able to reproduce the issue.

For me, it downloads fine on Chrome, Windows 64-bit.

Which OSes/browsers have you tried? And can you attach screenshots?


Right now, your library will get stuck with the same game twice, but 1 and 3 seem like good options to me.


Hey, not sure why you're seeing this - it looks like the search results for just "ax" ?

Searching for "axu" works well here:


No, thank you! It looks really good so far:

(you can switch in languages in user settings!)


Hi! I just made both of you "Approved translators", thanks for reaching out.


I recommend :)


I looked into it some more, and it looks like weblate is messing with file permissions every time it updates one of the language files..

After looking into it a bit, I just set up a cron job that fixes file permissions every 5 minutes. So, there might be a 5-minute period between "new translations being committed" and them being available, which is not ideal, but it's much better than them remaining accessible for days!


That's probably something else - weblate "batches" translations and commits several at a time.  If your changes don't show up here: then weblate hasn't pushed them yet.

You can force weblate to push in the "Tools" menu (there's a "Commit" entry), directly from


Hey, just fixed an error for the Japanese and Korean translation updates - can you try again? You can force a locale update in Preferences (the 'refresh' button on the right of the language picker)


Hi again!

We never had an exclusive deal with the translation company, so there's no problem for volunteers to go ahead!

I made you manager on weblate - that doesn't come with any responsibilites, only power - your changes no longer need 2+ votes to be accepted. You can contribute whenever you have time, no pressure!

All the strings on weblate are only for the app, the website doesn't have localized strings at all (at the time of this writing).

Strings in the app update shortly after they're saved on weblate - updates show up in - all contributors appear in

Hope this answers your questions!


Hi roseverte,

Help for translating to Japanese is always welcome, we haven't heard from the company in a while. Please post your username so I can make you a translation manager for japanese!

Re the homepage: it isn't translated yet, we have plans, but it's not there yet.

Re the Japanese glitch, you can open an issue at:



Hi, for translations to be approved, 2+ folks need to upvote them, or the language needs a translation manager.

If you'd like to become a translation manager for Ukrainian, please post your username here and I'll make you one!

Admin (1 edit)

Hey fluffy!

All-time install stats for the itch v25 app (released in October 2018) are:

  • 97% Windows 64-bit
  • 3% Windows 32-bit

Hope this helps!


Hey, welcome to!


The fix is out, if you download & run the installer from you should have a working (and self-updating) install of itch.


I've identified the issue here:

I'm working on a fix, I'll let you know when it's out!