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Hey, you can just choose `Executable` as a file type, and `Windows` as a platform, like so:

As for the the page-level options, this will do just fine:


So, permissions are a non-issue, because when you push with butler, it detects Linux & macOS binary files and fixes their permissions transparently :)

Now symlinks, that's another story..

But if your app bundle doesn't have any symlinks, you could just build it as a folder and pass that directly to butler.


Ah, that's an interesting one! I took half an hour to investigate it.

lsar is a command that lets me list the contents of an archive.

$ lsar Editor-Mac.zip | head -5
Editor-Mac.zip: Zip

When I count the number of entries in Editor-Mac.zip, I get:

$ lsar Editor-Mac.zip | wc -l

But if I sort the filenames and keep only the unique ones, I get:

$ lsar Editor-Mac.zip | sort -n | uniq | wc -l

This is consistent with other tests I've made - for example, diffing an empty folder against the zip (replicating what `butler push` does), then applying this patch (without verification, so it doesn't fail), then diffing Editor-Mac.zip against the newly-patched folder, and probing that patch:

$ butler probe zeropatch.pwr
∙ patch:  20 KiB
  before: 123 MiB in 318 files, 157 dirs, 0 symlinks
   after: 123 MiB in 248 files, 157 dirs, 0 symlinks

So it seems the `.zip` archive contains multiple entries with the same path name - I didn't realize this was even possible :)

I was able to get a complete list by doing:

$ lsar Editor-Mac.zip | sort -n | uniq -c -d
      2 Electron.app/Contents/Resources/app/
      2 Electron.app/Contents/Resources/app/ace/
      2 Electron.app/Contents/Resources/app/ace/cleanup.bat
      2 Electron.app/Contents/Resources/app/ace/mode-gml.js

Here's the full list if you're curious. The entries are also shown twice in 7-zip:

I'm happy that wharf caught that, but now there's two possible ways we could handle it:

  • Reject .zip files that contain multiple entries with the same name (I'm strongly tempted by that option)
    • This would've made the failure obvious when pushing the archive, and it would have had a proper error message, for example: Multiple entries with same filename found in .zip, bailing out (example: Electron.app/Contents/Resources/app/ace/cleanup.bat)
  • Or accept these files and make later entries overwrite previous ones - but I'm not in love with that option at all
    • First of all, I don't understand why 7-zip would ever generate a .zip archive with multiples entries of the same name
    • What if the version you actually want is the earlier entry and not the later one?
    • What if other archive extractors behave differently?

According to this StackOverflow topic, it's not a huge deal and we should be using the later ones. Hmm.


And what speeds are you seeing when uploading via butler from your Mac Mini?

I'd really like to solve this issue but until I can reproduce it, I'm kinda stuck :(


If you're only seeing the issue on Windows, my best guess is an Anti-virus software throttling the rate at which butler can work, either when reading files from disk, diffing them in-memory, or sending them over the network (the disk/network ones being the more likely).

Are you running any AV software besides the built-in Windows stuff?


If you can reproduce it easily, could you upload a screenshot of the type of "malware notices" you get all the time? I'm curious what they look like.

Admin (Edited 1 time)

@HCK Productions: 

1) do you see the reduced download speeds for:

  • Games you purchased
  • Free games

or both?

2) also, what antivirus/anti-malware software do you have on your computer?


If you can, I'd recommend trying to find out what server butler is connecting to when pushing a build - I wouldn't be surprised if it's a server in the USA, which would explain the subpar upload speeds. I don't think there's much we can do about that in the short term, sorry :(


Hey there,

We've had some server issues yesterday that caused this. They're fixed now.

As for the docs, there they are: https://itch.io/docs/butler/

Admin (Edited 1 time)

Hey there,

As far as I can see, all you need to do is, in edit game page: 

  • Empire Deluxe Linux 32/64 - change from 'Other' to 'Executable, check the 'Linux' checkbox
  • Empire Deluxe OSX Universal - change from 'Other' to 'Executable, check the 'OSX' checkbox
  • Empire Deluxe Win 32 - change from 'Other' to 'Executable, check the 'Windows' checkbox
  • Empire Deluxe Win 64 - change from 'Other' to 'Executable, check the 'Windows' checkbox
  • Delete the others (the 'Itch app' ones), they weren't needed in the first place

I think that's what the user was trying to say to you in the first place (and with much capital letters usage).

The "Other" upload type is for things that are *not* your game (and are not Soundtracks, Books, Videos, etc. - those all have their own update type).

So you really want the "Executable" type, even though you're uploading a zip - that's ok.


That's so good to hear! Looking forward to the new demo :)



I think I have an idea what's been happening (save games in the game folder + app "upgrading" your game install to the demo version because it's more recent + there's no clear way to track upgrades unless the game is uploaded with butler).

To confirm that, can you send

  • 1. The contents of the %APPDATA%\itch\logs folder
  • 2. The contents of the %APPDATA%\Roaming\itch\cave-logs folder
  • 3. A list of the games you mean by "all my games" - specifically, the games you've noticed the saves of disappearing

to the support@itch.io e-mail address? (these may contain data that's unique to your account, so it's best not to post them publicly).

If my intuition is right, that bug will no longer exist in the next major version of the app. In the meantime, I'm really sorry this issue affected you and I wish I knew about it earlier!


Hey there, we've gotten other reports of Bevontule being broken with the itch.io app so I reviewed its packaging and posted my findings here: https://github.com/itchio/itch-compatibility-watchlist/issues/1275 - it's really easy to fix!


Good news! We've had two reports of Linux users having trouble running the game, check out this one in particular.


So the app supports two usecases:

  • You're buying an actual itch.io bundle, which is made up of different game pages
    • You can install them separately
  • You're buying a single itch.io page which is a "game compilation"
    • they're all in the same download
    • and they include an app manifest
    • you can install the compilation and when launching, pick which of the games to launch

The scenario where different downloads are different games is not supported in the app right now.

There's plans to support it, but there's UI/UX questions we have to resolve first.


Although this screenshot shows that the game has been downloaded with the itch.io app, that seems to be something purely between Avast and the game's setup file.

I'd suggest contacting Avast about this: https://www.avast.com/false-positive-file-form.php - that form only allows uploads up to 50MB, so you may have to find another channel to reach them :(

I do have one actionable piece of advice: instead of distributing an InnoSetup installer, just push the game's folder using butler, as recommended in this guide:

Best of luck solving this particular AV issue! Getting rid of the installer altogether might be enough to fix it. Installers tend to request administrator privileges for no good reason, and antivirus software tends not to like that.


Glad it's working for you, enjoy!


I think I've found the issue - again - it's an electron bug that leads to crashes.

I'm going to be releasing v23.6.0 today with a newer electron version which should hopefully resolve this for you.


1. Is that on Windows?

2. Please send your app log (Bottom-left menu => Preferences => Advanced => Open app log)

3. What do you mean by stop working / crash exactly?

4. Can you send a screenshot of the crash?

5. Did anything else change on your computer recently, besides updating itch ?


I just released a new (bleeding-edge) build of butler that should handle absolute symlinks properly.


Ah, I think I see what the issue is. I've been testing with relative symlinks, not absolute :)


the bleeding-edge version of butler (butler head) now accepts a `--dereference` option to the `push` command:

butler push --dereference somedirectory user/game:channel

You can check what it sees ahead of time by using the (hidden) walk command:

butler --json walk --dereference somedirectory

To get the latest bleeding-edge butler, you can run

butler upgrade --head

Let me know how it works for you!


There's a slight issue (easy to fix!) for Linux users with https://itch.io/app - if you could take a look at this thread I'm sure it'll be resolved in no time :)

Admin (Edited 1 time)


Talking about symlinks is always confusing so let's take something sane as a reference, like the GNU tar documentation:

Normally, when tar archives a symbolic link, it writes a block to the archive naming the target of the link. In that way, the tar archive is a faithful record of the file system contents. When `--dereference' (`-h') is used with `--create' (`-c'), tar archives the files symbolic links point to, instead of the links themselves.

That's also butler's behavior. It tries to be a faithful record of the file system contents.

Having that behavior by default is really useful because "dereferencing" symlinks makes (for example) macOS builds unnecessarily large - those often have symlinks in `YourApp.app/Contents/MacOS/Frameworks`. Linux builds also tend to have symlinks, although it's less standard (obviously!)

Since butler/wharf are entirely itch.io codebases, we can definitely add a `--dereference` option for your usecase - it won't be the default, but it still might make things better for you?


Hey nidma,

We've had some server issues that needed looking into, but things are all back to normal.

A normal processing time is in the "few minutes", not 6 hours :)


Thanks for the update!

OneDrive seems to be causing a bunch of problems, both with butler & with the app. If we get more reports I'll definitely take a look  at it.

Admin (Edited 1 time)

You can refer to the discussion here: 

Basically the idea is:

  • If your game is run via the app, and you've correctly set up your manifest, you'll get a JWT token via an environment variable
    • Send that to your server
    • Your server does  the `/me` API request
    • Now your server knows that this IP/session corresponds to that itch.io player
  • If your game is *not* run via the app, listen on http://localhost/5678 (or any port) and open the oauth login page in the user's browser
    • If you can't listen on localhost on the port you registered, specify `urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob` as a redirect URI instead, this will allow them to copy/paste the code
    • Once you get the code back - that's an API key, send it to your server
    • Your server does the `/me` API request
    • Now your server knows that this IP/session corresponds to that itch.io player

Hopefully that clears things up a bit! We want to write guides for how to achieve this in the near future, as the API develops.



Please download the latest version from https://itch.io/app and install it - it shouldn't bother you after that :)


Hey paigethesailor,

Just to be clear, you're talking about using https://itch.io/app to play a game? Or just playing a game on its own?

Also, which game in particular was that?

Can you post a screenshot when it tells you that something went wrong?


Looking at the logs, "permission denied" to access the .exe file makes me think the app was actually running - or currently being analyzed by another process.

The app missing its exe sounds a lot like an antivirus detecting it as a false positive, are you using any antivirus software?


It isn't possible at the moment - it's a feature we might add later. That doesn't mean you can't start using butler, though - the first push will just take a while since it'll upload the whole thing!


Do you know what software powers your proxy? I'd love to try and reproduce that issue.


I definitely agree!

That's precisely why I want the app to support .love bundles directly - everything should "just work".

It's also why the app is signed, btw (so there's no scary warning on install).

I just wanted to point out that even though it's a bit silly that the app extract .love file right now, the situation is pretty much the same as if it didn't extract them - your users (whatever the platform) would have to click "Show local files" and drag the .love bundle somewhere (Linux users probably would have to use the command-line).

The current behavior of the app isn't really worse than either "just not extracting .love files" or "refusing to download them" (folks would still have to know what to do with the .love file they get from the website). It's really more of a planned feature than a bug :)

I'm very much looking forward to ship love support as soon as I can!


As for 'where to find that folder', right-click on the game's tab and "Show local files" shouldn't be too hard ;)


Hey fluffy!

The LÖVE situation is a bit hairy, but the plan is for the itch.io app to actually support .love files on all three platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows).

I've already done the first 90% (making our own builds of love automatically for each version that comes out), it's the last 90% that's missing (integrating it into the app, showing the user which versions of the LOVE runtime are installed, cleaning up when they're no longer needed by games, etc.) - you can track our progress here: https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues/135

In the meantime, I believe `love.exe` supports dragging a folder to it (it doesn't have to be a zip-compressed .love file - I'm getting my info from this page), so maybe you can instruct your players to do that in the meantime? Let me know if that works out.


Indeed, `/usr/bin` is owned by root, so you need sudo to place executables there.

That's why the default instructions tell you to put it in a path you own and to add it to your `$PATH` environment variable. I assure you those instructions are correct even for recent macOS versions, it's ok if you did it another way, glad you got it working!


Would it be possible to make your launcher work without asking for Administrator access?

It still won't be ideal, but at least it'll work for https://itch.io/app users this way!


The problem is as follows: https://itch.io/app expects you to upload the contents of your game to itch.io, but instead all it sees is

  • A single executable (Struggle Offensive Launcher.exe)
  • Which requires administrative privileges to run

I don't know what your Launcher does, presumably it's able to update the game

Here's what I recommend instead:

  • Use https://itch.io/docs/butler/ to upload the game
    • the instructions are easy to follow, promise!
  • Don't upload the launcher to itch.io, upload the actual game directly
  • Encourage users to use https://itch.io/app to play (from this thread, it seems many already do)

Using butler, you can upload up to 30GB, so size shouldn't be an issue. When uploading a new build, it'll only upload what's changed, so it'll be fast for you. Your players too will also be always up-to-date, since https://itch.io/app will download "patches" instead of redownloading the full game every release.

Finally, test it yourself using https://itch.io/app - it seems many players use it these days :) If you run into any issues, feel free to open a thread on this issue board, or to contact itch.io support directly (make sure to mention the word "butler")