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Hey Michael,

There's been at least one other report of the v23.4.1 => v23.4.2 not applying by itself, but it's also working fine for a lot of other folks. There were no big changes in that release so I'm not sure what could cause it.

Could you post your squirrel log as detailed in this thread so we may find out see what's happening?


Yeah unfortunately the log doesn't have any info on the previous failure because you installed 23.4.2 manually afterwards.

Having 2 subfolders is normal, Squirrel.Windows keeps around the previous version of the app in case something goes terribly wrong, so there's something to go back to.

I've been working on our own installer so we don't have to use Squirrel.Windows anymore, because its failures are hard to look into :(

Here's the new system (not ready yet): https://github.com/itchio/itchSetup


You're absolutely right - the app first tries to update itself, and if that fails, it falls back to letting you download the latest itchSetup.exe

For example, when I tested v23.4.2 locally, it failed for me because I didn't have enough disk space. Would you mind sending me your `%LOCALAPPDATA%/itch/SquirrelSetup.log` file? (preferably pasted to https://gist.github.com/, then post the link here) - I'm curious why it failed for you!


I've been working on prereqs (redists) just yesterday and I was thinking the same thing. The test-prereqs command I just added to butler v6.0.0 does cache them, since I had to run it so often :)

Prerequisites are better documented as of yesterday btw: https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/prereqs/


And what kind of errors are you seeing?

Does it offer to "View log" or "Open installation log", something similar?

If so, can you open it and post it here?


What kind of errors?

Also: are you using Windows? Which version?


Is that on Windows?

I've never seen a computer not be able to resolve localhost, that's a new one :)


Yeah so, that's expected, sorry :( The plan is to make the app smart enough to be satisfied with the VC2017 redist if the VC2015 redist is required (since the VC2017 does both - and VC2015 will refuse to install if VC2017 is already there).

Redists are hell, forgive the temporary snafu.


The next version of the app will handle that beautifully.

The problem right now is that the only way to mark an upload as "html" is to make it "Playable in the browser" (and thus, free). So technically the site isn't set up to let you sell HTML games. But in the next version, the app will treat games as "probably native, but also potentially HTML" so if it doesn't find any native executables and it finds an index.html, it'll treat it as an HTML game. No need for a manifest.

Until then.. sorry for the trouble :(


Can you post the app logs? (Right click on the "Sample Evil App" tab, -> Advanced -> View logs...)

Also, do you have VS2017 installed? There's a known issue where the VS2015 redist won't install if VS2017 is already installed.


There's a bunch of games, but nothing free

This is an open-source app mostly for poking with the itch.io sandbox: https://github.com/fasterthanl...

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Admin (Edited 1 time)

Please use the "Send Feedback" button for those, sometimes there's easy fixes we can make to the client that add support for a whole new category of games!


In my experience, only a handful of folks categorically refuse to use the client. If you make it clear on the game page that it requires the itch client, I don't think there should be an issue :)


We're adding it to the website soon :) In a friendlier way hopefully


Also, which games have you tried downloading with the app so far? Links would be helpful :)


Does the download eventually fail with an error? Can you post your %APPDATA%/itch/itch.log.txt file somewhere?


Hey there, can you re-upload the game using https://itch.io/docs/butler/ ? It'll make it work for https://itch.io/app users (we've received reports of it not downloading for them - dropbox will do that.)


Like leaf said, people who download directly from web will get a warning. Sometimes it's a pretty dissuasive warning - as in, the default option would be to *not* open the game, and the option to open the game would be somewhat hidden.

Note that even signed binaries will trigger a (less scary) warning in SmartScreen. Eventually, only having your game be downloaded hundreds+ of times will let it build a reputation that makes it go through SmartScreen, Google Chrome's "this might be malware" alert, etc.


Alright, I'll double-check that clearing cookies actually clears cookies.

As for the underlying issue, what would help if for you to give us the contents of your cookie (privately, to support@itch.io ) if it happens again. I would've asked you to do it for this time but it was already too late :)


Quoting the guide:

On Windows, follow this article to add the folder where you downloaded butler.exe to your path.

From cmd.exe, you can check that you got it right by typing "echo %PATH%" (without the quotes) then pressing enter. The result should contain "E:\BRYY\Work".

Alternatively, you can do "cd E:\BRYY\Work" and run "butler" directly from there. (If cmd.exe doesn't start in "E:", you may have to type "E:" then press enter to switch drives.)


We've seen that issue happen before (a few rare cases), did you try checking "Delete Cookies" when clearing the app's local data though? That feature is there almost because of that rare bug :)

So butler is taking information based on the game's url?

It's all explained here: https://itch.io/docs/butler/pu...

As soon as you push a build, your `status` command will show it. You haven't pushed one yet, so it shows nothing for now :)


I replied on the github issue directly.


Hey there,

butler is a command-line application, so you'll need to run it from the command line. The official guide explains everything in (hopefully) easy steps: https://itch.io/docs/butler/in...

Try following it page by page, and if you still have issues feel free to post your questions here!


Your game's URL is https://eternalstarlight.itch.... - so you should be running:

butler status eternalstarlight/not-space-invaders

I just made you translation manager!

I also went ahead and changed your username to "vike91" so that your e-mail address isn't listed publicly :)


If you sign up on https://weblate.itch.ovh and give me your username I can make you a translation manager :)


That's all planned :) A command-line interface has served us and developers very well to refine the tool & push over 30'000 builds though :)


Nah, we wouldn't destroy your game :)

Have you tried with https://itch.io/app ?

macOS is especially paranoid about apps you download from the internet (which is why it seems itch.io is "breaking" them - but it's the same file!). That's because it'll only trust apps that have been code signed: https://developer.apple.com/li...

The itch.io app works around that & let users play your game anyway!

Admin (Edited 2 times)


That's a great question, thanks for posting it.

Let me compare itch.io to YouTube for a second: YouTube is an open platform: anyone can upload anything, there's no "vetting" or curation going on ahead of time. Offensive or dangerous content can be reported by users and taken down by the staff.

Someone could try to upload a malicious video to YouTube (video decoders are notoriously fragile), so they have measures in place to avoid that. For example, they re-encode videos. Your web browser (in which most videos play) also features a sandbox, among other security features. This lets anyone upload anything, and anyone play anything legitimate without any problems.

The goal of the sandbox is for us to remain open, while keeping our players safe. Legitimate games should play without any problems within the sandbox, and malicious ones should fail to act maliciously - within the sandbox, they effectively see an empty computer, with just the game on it.

"Vetting" content is another way to do things, but it doesn't address all potential security scenarios. If we take Steam, for example - developers upload their games using steamcmd, a command-line tool similar to our own butler. One notable difference is that if you want to automate uploads with steamcmd, you have to put your Steamworks username and password in clear text (unencrypted) in a file on your computer. This could easily be stolen by a malicious person or a malicious piece of software. It could then be used to upload a modified version of a popular game, and just like that, a hundred thousand players would be infected. This is a much more promising vector for malware authors than trying to come up with a completely unknown, malicious game, and try to earn enough trust to get it installed by players.

In summary: manual review (vetting), automatic review (antivirus), and sandboxing are all different layers of security, and the latter catches thing the other two will completely fail to detect.

I hope this answers your question!


Well, I'm confused.

Using your exact API key, running the exact same command, with a sample '32bit' folder in a very similar path, everything works fine:

PS C:\Users\amwenger\Desktop\Game Dev\__WIPGames\_LOVE 0.10.2 (RECENT)\Collector\Version 1.3.0\exe> C:\Users\amwenger\Ap
pData\Roaming\itch\bin\butler push 32bit all0utwar/collector:windows-beta
∙ For channel `windows-beta`: pushing first build
∙ Pushing 5 B (1 files, 0 dirs, 0 symlinks)
√ Added 5 B fresh data
√ 81 B patch (no savings)
∙ Build is now processing, should be up in a bit (see `butler status`)

Just to confirm a few things:

  • You did go through the whole butler login dance in the same shell, right?
  • You only have one itch.io account ?
  • At no point did you try to run any command in an administrator shell?
  • The file in %USERPROFILE%\.config\itch\butler_creds starts with a 9 ? (Don't post it here, or you'll have to revoke the key)
  • What's the output of butler -V and butler which ?
"invalid game" is something you would receive if the credentials are wrong, but except if you have several itch.io accounts and are logged into the wrong one

I guess adding another view with small icons shouldn't be too hard.

Table/list view doesn't show enough games either right?

Admin (Edited 1 time)

Right now, the app is served from a server in the USA, so I'm not entirely surprised by slow download speeds.

The games are served by our CDN though, I'm curious why what kind of speeds you're getting and which country you're downloading from!


Hey there,

Is it still happening now?


Was it the exact same message? (400 - Cookie too large)


It will attempt to make a diff, but .exes often don't diff well

If your game is a single executable, chances are it contains data compressed bundled within there - and compressed data doesn't diff well.

If you can, store your data uncompressed next to your .exe for optimal diffs :)


Oh wow, kudos for finding out the source of the problem! Never seen that one before :) But I'll keep it in my book of weird bugs. Thanks for continuing to try & make it work, enjoy the app!


I don't think it's actually related to a network problem:

I'm really as puzzled as you as to why this happens, but it seems like the app is trying to launch one of its helpers (those that live in the `bin` folder) and can't - the "connection" is between the app and the helper, and it seems like it can never quite be established.

I'm still suspecting antivirus foul play here - they tend to have apps run in sandboxes, intercept what they're trying to do, and decide on the fly whether or not to allow it. If any of your antivirus decided to disallow it, it would result in strange behavior like that.

Do you have a way to whitelist the itch app completely? ie. add its folder as a safe location? (or at least %LOCALAPPDATA%\itch and %APPDATA%\itch\bin ? so that it's only the app itself, not games installed with it)


I'm curious because that error is from itch 23.3.1, and 23.4.0 is out - can you try downloading the latest itchSetup & running it, seeing if the error is exactly the same?