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As for 'where to find that folder', right-click on the game's tab and "Show local files" shouldn't be too hard ;)


Hey fluffy!

The LÖVE situation is a bit hairy, but the plan is for the itch.io app to actually support .love files on all three platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows).

I've already done the first 90% (making our own builds of love automatically for each version that comes out), it's the last 90% that's missing (integrating it into the app, showing the user which versions of the LOVE runtime are installed, cleaning up when they're no longer needed by games, etc.) - you can track our progress here: https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues/135

In the meantime, I believe `love.exe` supports dragging a folder to it (it doesn't have to be a zip-compressed .love file - I'm getting my info from this page), so maybe you can instruct your players to do that in the meantime? Let me know if that works out.


Indeed, `/usr/bin` is owned by root, so you need sudo to place executables there.

That's why the default instructions tell you to put it in a path you own and to add it to your `$PATH` environment variable. I assure you those instructions are correct even for recent macOS versions, it's ok if you did it another way, glad you got it working!


Would it be possible to make your launcher work without asking for Administrator access?

It still won't be ideal, but at least it'll work for https://itch.io/app users this way!


The problem is as follows: https://itch.io/app expects you to upload the contents of your game to itch.io, but instead all it sees is

  • A single executable (Struggle Offensive Launcher.exe)
  • Which requires administrative privileges to run

I don't know what your Launcher does, presumably it's able to update the game

Here's what I recommend instead:

  • Use https://itch.io/docs/butler/ to upload the game
    • the instructions are easy to follow, promise!
  • Don't upload the launcher to itch.io, upload the actual game directly
  • Encourage users to use https://itch.io/app to play (from this thread, it seems many already do)

Using butler, you can upload up to 30GB, so size shouldn't be an issue. When uploading a new build, it'll only upload what's changed, so it'll be fast for you. Your players too will also be always up-to-date, since https://itch.io/app will download "patches" instead of redownloading the full game every release.

Finally, test it yourself using https://itch.io/app - it seems many players use it these days :) If you run into any issues, feel free to open a thread on this issue board, or to contact itch.io support directly (make sure to mention the word "butler")

Admin (Edited 1 time)

If doing something like:

export PATH=$PATH:~/path/where/butler/binary/is

does not work for you, you can always copy the `butler` binary to `/usr/bin`!

Make sure that it's executable first, with `chmod +x butler`


Hi there!

In order to accept payments, you must have at least one visible upload.

The only upload on that page has "Hide this file & prevent from being downloaded" checked.

If you uncheck that & save the page, your buy button will appear again :)


If you download `itchSetup.exe` from here: https://github.com/itchio/itch/releases/v23.4.2 - do you see the same issue?

(Assuming you're on windows)



Yes, itch automatically finds which find to launch for your game. If you only have one main executable it'll have no trouble at all! I encourage you to upload a first build and make sure that it runs fine in https://itch.io/app


The app updates automatically to the newest version. Users are somewhat notified in the sense that the `Downloads` tab opens up in the background and if you navigate to it you'll see that a game was recently updated :)

We recommend using https://itch.io/docs/butler/ to upload all game builds. It allows users of the app to download small patches instead of re-downloading the full game. And it lets you push updates faster, since it only uploads what changed since the last build!

It's a command-line tool, which some folks don't want to get into, but I promise it's really easy to set up and get your first push going, and I'm planning on integrating into the app so you can just drag & drop folders to push a new version :)


Oooooh I see, you have a tab open with a webpage that tries to download something. I have no idea how the app handles that scenario, but at least I know how to reproduce the issue now, let's see.


Can you send a screenshot of your entire screen when it asks you "where to save the file"? I don't recognize that as coming from anywhere in https://itch.io/app (that is what you're installing and running, right?)


Also, do you have any antivirus software running? Which version of Windows are you using?


Hey there,

Which version of the itch app was this? Please go to Preferences -> Advanced -> click Open App Log, and paste it here.


Yep, I'd love to take a look at your entire app log! You can find it in %APPDATA%/itch/logs

I'd also like you to: close the app completely (Ctrl+Q) go to %APPDATA%/itch and completely remove the `bin` folder, then start the app again, see if anything different happens.

3221225477 means "Access Violation", I haven't seen it before for unarchiver, so I'm really curious which version of Windows you're running, if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit processor (and windows installation), etc. Also if you have any antivirus software installed. Thanks!


That one shall remain a mystery for now. Happy you got it working :)


Is it just some games that won't uninstall? Can you post a list here?

Also, can you post your app log? You can find it in user menu -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Open app log


Hey, glad you got it working! I'd have to look at your app log to figure out exactly what went wrong :) (User menu -> Preferences -> Open app log)


Well, I've never seen this one before.

Can you copy-paste the output of `env | grep -i proxy` ? (Just run it in gnome-terminal, select, Ctrl+Shift+C to copy, paste it here)


Hey there!

Here's what's probably happening:

  • The installer you're shipping is not one of the supported build types: https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/platforms/windows.html
  • The app can't figure out how to run the installer and still..
    • Install in the default install location of the app
    • Install silently (without showing the installer's UI)
    • Install without asking for administrator rights
  • ...so instead it crosses its fingers, hopes it's *not* an installer and just the actual game as a single .exe (that happens a lot)
  • ...and just copies the exe to the game folder
  • Then when you try to run it, it can't, because it's not the game, it's an installer, and it requires Administrative rights to run

Here's what I suggest you do:

  • Don't ship an installer at all
  • Just ship a folder
    • Use https://itch.io/docs/butler/ to upload it
    • If your game needs some things to be installed beforehand, specify prerequisites in your app manifest: https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/prereqs/
    • If your game is actually an Unreal Engine 4 game, you don't have anything to do (no manifest needed) - the app will look for the UE4 prerequisite installer and run it.
    • If you spent 10 minutes on butler and it still won't work for you, that's ok, you can just zip up your game's folder (using 7-zip for example) and upload it via web. It won't be as great for users as if you uploaded with butler, but it'll work too.

Hope this helps!



Yeah that uh would be really really hacky.


I'm not sure I see what you mean, can you describe how it would work?


What leaf said - I'd like to add that the small % is about 7-10% these days, and that for the app we can do something much more interesting than ask users to donate before they've played the game. With the app we can ask that after they've played the game for a while, or when they're about to uninstall it, or when they rate it (after they've played it) - there's many options here, and we can set thresholds before prompting the user.

It's not entirely clear to me how to make that non-obnoxious though, I don't want folks to be turned off by the app. So I wouldn't want it to be modal, but that would make it easy to miss. Open questions!


Thanks for your patience, a fix will be deployed soon


(Importing existing games into the app is a feature we have planned, but like leaf says - for now, we recommend just reinstalling them.)


While I've never experienced this error myself, I've seen it a lot in the itch compatibility watchlist

I don't think it's related to missing libraries (it would print a different message).

I'd recommend passing `-logFile /tmp/log.txt` to the game when launching it and reading the log file to see if it helps you pinpoint the issue. (See here for thoughts about it)


Hey there,

This is most likely caused by an unreliable network connections. We do our best to make the app work even when the conditions aren't optimal, but it looks like it's not enough for that case :(

Are you on wi-fi? 3G ? Something else? Do you usually experience slowness when navigating the web? Were you running some network-intensive operations at the same time? (like big downloads)


Just tried the full version in the upcoming v25 and:

  • It installs and launches fine
  • Fullscreen & pointer capture works (probably because of your workarounds) - although when getting out of fullscreen, sometimes only the game canvas/background get resized, not the controls on the left
  • I'm seeing the same resizing issues

I'll look into all of these (not seeing them in desktop Chrome) - I think some of them might be due to what the itch app tries to do with canvas games by default (so they fit in the full window), I might have to adjust the heuristics

No ETA yet on v25, still got a bunch of testing to do!


Yeah, but next verison I meant v25 - v23.4.2 was a quick bugfix release, ont the next major version.

I have no idea what the lockpointer issue is caused by, I'll have to take a look at your game specifically.

Sorry for the delay, v25 is an important release for performance and reliability and we want to make sure we get it right :)


Hey solarlune!

There are changelogs in itch, although they're not really integrated with the app.

You can see on https://fasterthanlime.itch.io/thorny-weather for example, there's a "Developer Log" section.

After pushing a build, if you visit your page while logged in (so, from the app for example), you'll have the option to write a dev log for the latest version. You'll also have that in the "Edit game page", in the "Devlog" section.

Where you asking whether there's a way to push them programmatically with butler?


It's supposed to be both on your desktop and in "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Itch Corp", so it shows up in your start menu when you search for itch.


That is indeed a resolution issue. It's something that can be fixed by adjusting the styles of the website


Is that with itch.io/app or on the website?

Could you post a link to a page that shows this problem? Thanks!


I think it's a known issue with electron apps, there was a subtlety about certificates I don't fully understand yet.

We might change to display a broken lock instead of showing a modal, that sounds less intrusive


The important line here is this one:

2017-07-16 12:07:05> IEnableLogger: Failed downloading URL: http://nuts.itch.zone/download/23.4.2/itch-23.4.2-delta.nupkg: System.Net.WebException: An exception occurred during a WebClient request. ---> System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

It just looks like it's that the file is too big to be downloaded from start to finish via your connection :( For this release, the `delta` package is about 80MB (whereas the full release is about 120MB), so it's still pretty big.

As I posted earlier, I'm hoping to deploy itchSetup soon: https://github.com/itchio/itchSetup - this will definitely work for poor connections since it knows how to resume a download when it gets cut off (which is what happened for you, repeatedly)


Hey Michael,

There's been at least one other report of the v23.4.1 => v23.4.2 not applying by itself, but it's also working fine for a lot of other folks. There were no big changes in that release so I'm not sure what could cause it.

Could you post your squirrel log as detailed in this thread so we may find out see what's happening?


Yeah unfortunately the log doesn't have any info on the previous failure because you installed 23.4.2 manually afterwards.

Having 2 subfolders is normal, Squirrel.Windows keeps around the previous version of the app in case something goes terribly wrong, so there's something to go back to.

I've been working on our own installer so we don't have to use Squirrel.Windows anymore, because its failures are hard to look into :(

Here's the new system (not ready yet): https://github.com/itchio/itchSetup


You're absolutely right - the app first tries to update itself, and if that fails, it falls back to letting you download the latest itchSetup.exe

For example, when I tested v23.4.2 locally, it failed for me because I didn't have enough disk space. Would you mind sending me your `%LOCALAPPDATA%/itch/SquirrelSetup.log` file? (preferably pasted to https://gist.github.com/, then post the link here) - I'm curious why it failed for you!


I've been working on prereqs (redists) just yesterday and I was thinking the same thing. The test-prereqs command I just added to butler v6.0.0 does cache them, since I had to run it so often :)

Prerequisites are better documented as of yesterday btw: https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/prereqs/