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"Context deadline exceeded" error when pushing build in Butler

A topic by PlatypusGames created Nov 08, 2019 Views: 1,172 Replies: 5
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For about two weeks I've been unable to push a new build of my game using Butler.

If I enter the following command line:

butler push "C:\UnityBuilds\MyGameName" mycompany/my-game-name:win-beta

I immediately get the following response:

creating build on remote server: Post context deadline exceeded

The game and company names shown here are placeholders, but have confirmed that the ones I entered didn't have any typos. I'm using Butler v15.17.0, which the "butler upgrade" command shows to be the latest version.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to migrate everything to a new PC and development was on hiatus for several months, so perhaps it's an API key issue? Thanks in advance for your help!

I immediately get the following response:

How quickly exactly? Would it be approximately two seconds?

Because that’s the timeout for API requests for this command:

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yes, a little more than two seconds pass before the message comes up.

The obvious follow up question is: does that mean something is wrong with my API key?

Update:  I now get the same error with the "butler login" command, much to my dismay.

No, an API key problem would show as “invalid API key”.

Is there anything significantly different in that computers connection to the internet, compared to your previous setup?

Not being able to make the request in 2 seconds seems strange. I could try bumping the timeout to 5 or 10 seconds?

Although there’s already a “connect” and “idle” timeout in httpkit, maybe that one isn’t needed.

Despite the difference in computers, the connection to the internet is the same.  Although that internet connection is painfully slow, I never had any issues pushing builds before this. If it is an issue with the connection, I could try to push a build from a location with a faster connection that's about an hour away from where I work/live. While that won't be a sustainable method of updating the game, it wouldn't hurt to test the hypothesis. 

Satellite internet is the bane of my existence...

Update! I finally had the chance to drive out to a location with high speed internet and successfully pushed a build without any issues.  While that doesn't bode well for hot-fixes, I'll just have to deal with it and schedule more trips to civilization. Thank you for the help!

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