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Joel Bisson

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You need to agree to the new terms and conditions to get a business paypal from which you can receive payment. Please make this buy-able.

please make paywhatyouwant.

I want to buy this as a file, for my purposes I want to add various bad guy sprites from various games with this you can make almost any asset in no time for mods.

Good Evening or Morning fellow AdamStrange, I am pleased with what you’re doing with the quasar apps, is there any change you can make it pay-what-you-want? I would like to contribute fund to further development.

I’d like to do something here with this via workshop, no clue where to start but the manual and youtube. Maybe I will search high and low for info on rpg creation and asset design. I think it’d be cool for an export function for standalone app in win.linux.macOS and mobile one day.