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Sorry to reply this late. I've managed to bundle logs and config files for you in this link:

The log before trying to change the font was like this:

Release mode: true

2022/02/14 15:44:02 MasterPlan initialized successfully.

2022/02/14 15:49:50 # ERROR START #

/home/solarlune/Documents/Projects/Go/MasterPlan/main.go:123 | Error: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference











But after I set path to "C:\Windows\Fonts" (I didn't choose the font as I didn't remember its file name back then), it was like this:

Release mode: true

2022/02/14 15:41:11 MasterPlan initialized successfully.

2022/02/14 15:41:19 MasterPlan exited successfully.

Now I'm trying a workaround: editing config file directly to include a font filename.