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A topic by angrysmile created Aug 18, 2020 Views: 3,724 Replies: 160
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Feel free to ask any questions you may have :)


is it ok to use free assets from ?  maybe this would be my first jam and im like level 0.1 with making games    is it ok to make very simple game and thank u :

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Let's make a deal... If you plan on completing your first game jam and learn from it... Then you could use free assets if you choose. Please make sure to source them. These game jams are more focused on getting everyone making everything from scratch eventually so its ok for the first time. Completing your game will be an amazing first step for you and I would rather you focus on that, instead of trying to make your art "perfect".

Note for prizes, the rules would have to be followed, so any attempt at your own art, favors much more in the originality part of judging then using assets.

We also have Practice Circles in-between our monthly Beginners Circles if you are looking for a no rules, get plays and feedback kind of jam


Thank you ill try to make a game from scratch theres a lot of time to make one 


Probably gonna get a "no", but can i use roblox?


You are correct and that will be no, sorry. Although I am aware you may have learned many useful and transferable game development skills from making games on Roblox.

I started in roblox but noew im in unity !(You can to this)

You will see there some difference but its a good base.

What constitutes a beginner? I started completely new at the end of july, but by the time the jam starts I will have 2.5 months experience


With that amount of experience, I would say you found the perfect place to continue further. You might make a few friends with similar skill levels to help you along in your journey.
It is a great question, anyone else wondering the same, we could all learn something from someone. The important thing is to know that being a beginner or just starting out is not a bad thing at all. We all have to start somewhere.  And each day that you are making steps to improve, means one day closer to reaching your goals and dreams.

 As long as you come ready to try your best, we will help you every step of the way


sweet, seems like fun, I've had a lot of fun learning how to game dev so far,

Are any specific programming languages needed for this game jam Since I currently only know how to use C 

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Well the are a few different languages used within the process of  getting a game jam game complete within a time limit and rule restriction. Commonly I see a lot of C#, C++ and Java. If you have yet looked into game engines or game development tutorials or courses that you are interested in, I would strongly recommend doing so.

Here are a list of game engines. Some listed can be used with C

I recommend looking into what game jams are and which ever game development engine you are interested in. You can use your C knowledge and go for an engine that uses C, or quickly learn the basics of something else like C# From Unity's massive community very easily for example.

There are our Practice Circles for anyone looking for no rules and to get practice in for a real game jam. There we can help you further along together at your own pace as you learn at the start.

Hope to see you participate soon! Good Luck


Can I use Scratch 2.0 to make the game?

maybe the screen shape is 4: 3 instead of 16: 9

there is no screen size rule right?

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Yes for Scratch 2.0

and there are no rules against screen size

Good luck

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I just wanna make sure but, can i use rpg maker for my game

And i only ask this because i hear people talking about these other engines that my little infant brain cant handle


Sure, why not?

What is theme for the JAM/??


The theme would be announced 3 hours before the jam begins, it's written on the Jam Page


you mean that i must build the game within 7 days when the jam start ?? im building a game right right now for it :)

Well, yeah. You have to make the game within seven days AFTER the jam starts.

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i didnt know im new to the game jam and making game 

and its more fun this way :D

By the way, a practise jam is currently going on - Beginners Circle Jam 2, you can participate in that if you want


Yes Im already making a game i think the my idea of the game is interesting but of course doesn't look how i imagining it :) 

How much ur experience? With game development and u work on unity? 

I have been making games for about 1.5 years now. I started with Stencyl Game Engine, later switched to PhaserJS, and 2weeks ago I started using Godot Game Engine


thats great :) good luck 


Thanks, good luck to you too! I am also participating in the Beginners Circle #2...


Hi, is there a limit for team sizes?


No limit

Can i reuse my own assets?

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Our rules state that you must create your assets after the start of the jam to receive full Originality score. You can use your assets, just note that rule.  I would much rather you focus on completing a game, then worrying about getting every rule right to win.

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I really NEED to use assets(also steal some code), because I'm at the bottom of game development, if I don't get help.

Sooo.... Yeah. Can I do that?


Of course you can. We all have to start somewhere!
As for prizes or to be an honorable mention to the Beginners Circle Jam, you will have to follow the rules.

Our community also offers a Practice Circles that will always run along with our monthly Beginners Circles. These Practice Circles would be a great place for someone just starting out because there are no rules or prizes and provide an optional theme to practice for the Beginners Circles. You game will get the same treatment with my full play through and feedback chat in private and you won't have to stress about needing to use assets.


What game engines and/or other things that can create a game (such as Dreams, Core, or creating a tabletop game) are allowed for this jam?


I ask entries must be stand alone builds that require no extra steps to play on Windows. A tabletop game or card game is perfectly acceptable, while anything that would require an extra game or software to run will not be.

Thanks for asking!

Is that mean making a Print-and-Play tabletop game or a game module on tabletop sims (TTS, Tabletopia) is not allowed, considering you'd have to do extra steps in order to play it?

What if I share a link to the game module on a browser-based tabletop sim, which you can play directly after clicking, or embedding the link so it can play from my game page? 


Sorry if this should be obvious, but where does the Originality score stand on third-party sound effects? The rules state that royalty free music and fonts and fine if credited, but doesn't specifically mention sound effects. Do I need to get a mic and start doing foley work as well? :O


As long as you credit them within your itch page or game itself, I see that being ok. I would rather you not have to buy anything to be a part of us!

Focus on completing a playable submission that is engaging or fun! DO NOT FOCUS ON WINNING!


Thanks for that. And for sure, being new to game dev and the first jam I'm participating in, I have no illusions of winning, but I also prefer not to have points deducted unnecessarily :)

can we make FPS games
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That is highly illegal in several countries!... But I don't see why you couldn't... Sure you can!

Is the blueprint feature in ue4 allowed?

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If you want to you visual scripting, that is fine, as long as you have an understanding of the functionality and what is going on.

Copy and pasting is not really trying ;) If you use tutorials, make sure you watch the video entirely first, then go back and step by step follow. These jams are about learning!

Good luck! Excited to see what you create!

If i have some programing experience and i've done some mini games but none has been publiqued, can i considered me as a new?

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Why not? You sound like one of us.

How do you work with your friends in this Jam? ( Me and my friends are quite new to this). Does only one person join and the rest help on that project

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Well yes, you can do it that way with one person. If your friends want a page too, they can be added to the same game. When you have your game page up, you can make the other team members admin on the game page. Or you can just choose to take the easy route and just credit them on in the description or the game itself.

Good luck!

Can I submit downloadable file or only Web Projects are allowed?


We only requires the game to run on Windows. I would highly recommend a web project, as it will be the easily accessible to the players, and get you more plays as a result.

So we can use any game engine we want... but do we have to use a game engine? I am using Python/Pygame. Is that allowed? I mean it should be. And one more question. I started programming at march. But I admit I am still rather new and not that good at programming. Do I still count as a beginner?


As long as you can create a game that is playable on Windows, without extra steps or installs, I see no problem.
To answer your other question, you are one of us.

Are you going to answer this?








I really wanted to join this jam but the problem is that I have exams and they going to end at 15th, so I wanted to ask if you're hosting these jams yearly?



Great! Thanks! I'll try to join next month!

Of course I do not know what game I am going to make but I think that I would maybe use "grass". I made a grasstile some weeks ago. Now if I am going to make a game where grass will be seen, do I have to redraw the grass tile again? I mean it would be a meaningless loss of time.


Most game jams have this same standard rule, especially with prizes on the line. As this game jam doesn't allow pre-made assets, how could any prevent someone from using a Kenny's tileset or similar, trying to skip out on work and saving time, not only using unoriginal art but also, copying and pasting code they do not understand. These type participants usual end up complaining about why their game doesn't score higher than they assumed it would. These game jams reward the ones trying their best, not the ones trying to show off, or steal a prize.

To answer your question, If you label your grass in the credits of your gameas "This grass asset I made originally for BLANK, reused to save time", that looks 1,000,000x's better than trying to sneak it in, and it will be forgiven. It is the honesty that goes a long way in this community. Second, is trying your best to actually learn something. Copy and pasting is not learning.

If you want the practice and want to simply recycle old code and assets, but still get the same treatment with videos and one on one feedback, I would strongly recommend the Practice Circle attached to out game jams, as a great place to practice and without the hassle of rules. There is also an optional theme to follow if you choose.

Good luck. I hope I was clear enough for you.


Ok, I guess I will have the grass again

Sorry, but whats the Theme, i know its TBA but what do you mean by taht?


To Be Announced

I have to make the game now or when the jam start?


After the jam starts


thank you

I am using UE 4.25 and I want to build my project to web. But there is no option for that in 4.25. Please answer if anyone knows how to web build in UE 4.25

You can't do that in UE 4.25.

And if you are beginner like me i would suggest you Godot or Unity because they have everything that you need (UE is hard to use if you are beginner).


At first when I tried game dev, I first used unreal (I didnt know much about engines). It was the most confusing thing I ever saw. I got some experience but decided to move to unity because you can't go very far with blueprints and the community is very small. My recommendation is to use unity.

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On the main page of a jam.

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Hello there!

I'm really interested in joining this jam! The concept and the community sounds super cool! My problem is : I'm not what we can call a beginner ^^' I've already participated in some game jams during the last 7 years. I'm not a programmer though, so making code is for me a new adventure every time! :D And ... it's been two years since I joined one on my own (which I plan to do this time).

So, my question is : can I join it or am I too experienced?

If you are that new to programming then you can.

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Pls tell how to submit project?????!?!?

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here you go

Thank you so much! cuz its my first time in game jam

It will be my first jam too


Sorry, I dont know if someone asked it before, but can we use Cinemachine, or will be considered like a 3rd party software?

oof bruh Use UNITY Sry for the oof


Uh, ok, ok. Pure vanilla, so. Thanks, mate.

Hey I am new to unity, I don't know if i can do this in 7 days. So can I use Pixel Art?


On one of your anwsers you said you need to create a game that's playable on windows. Can you make a game that is playable in the browser?

Sure, You can make a web game.


I dont receive the 6 digit code when I try to get into the Discord server.  Is there another way I can get in?

Check your messages app if you already didn't


can I join even if I've done game jams in the past?

Ooh i don't know man, your games are sick...

But 2,328 peoples joined and i believe that half of them are not even beginners so why wouldn't you join too.

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alright thanks just checking you know?

i only started making games earlier this year so i'm still a beginner right?


Hi, this is my first jam and I wanted to know if we could inculde scripts we alredy wrote (but very simple scripts) like a 2D or 3D player controller.  And I also wanted to know if we can put similar scripts to ones of the tutorials, I am a noob making videogames and need a little bit of help :( :)

Do I Need To Be a beginner To Join The Jam.


*Cough Cough* Did you read the title. Angrysmile explained what a beginner would be defined as in official rules ( so this would help you.

Where do we post our once it will be finished? 

Be sure to hit a "upload your project" or something like that before doing this (it will be available on main page of the jam when it starts)

This is more of myself asking for any advices. How to name a game? Sounds simple, yet ain't.

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Make it and then name it (it will be easier)


It's easier to come up with a name when you've got the game to a playable state. If you're using an engine that wants you to give the game a name as the first thing, just use whatever the theme makes you think of, and you  can change it later, when you've made the game. Coming up with sub-themes within the theme might be a good way to come up with an initial name, which you can change once you've made more of the game

Can we use asset alternatives to built-in engine features? Like Unity has VFX graph but I want to use Amplify Shader Editor instead, even though the latter is an asset. Or GPU Instancer (asset) instead of Unity's built-in GPU instancing.

I think you actually can't

Can I make a game for mobile devices?

The most recommended it's to make a browser game.

But if I have no experience with browser games, can I make a game for mobile devices?

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In the official rules AngrySmile says that the game has to be at least executable in windows, so you can't make your game for mobile. Sorry.

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Would it fit with the theme if i make my game take place in the world of the dead?

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I believe so


How long is the jam? I read it is supposed to be one week (until the 16th) but it says submissions close on the 22nd?


I would want to know this too.

me too


I think it was supposed to be two weeks. I'm not sure why in some places it shows as one, but the submissions closing date should be correct (plus or minus a few hours depending on your timezone)


Omg, I was wondering that.  I stayed up until 5am a few nights cause I thought it was 1 week.  Then when I went to submit I saw I had another week. Haha.


Hey, I have a question about the theme. Is it okay if I make the game take place on earth but from the perspective of an alien? Since for him the earth would be a different planet?

Thank you in advance.


I think so. It doesn't say different from what. So technically, you could make a game about using telescopes on one planet to study another planet, without anyone leaving their own planets, and it would still involve two planets different from each other, so it should count. Just putting a human on Mars would also fit the theme, but the weirder the way you use the theme, the more different the game can be from other games in the jam, which I guess counts as creativity.

I've made one game for another jam, and the theme had to do with going from one place to another. When I played some of the games myself, two of the ones I liked the most involved staying in one place while other things went from one place to another. So definitely do play with the theme.

omg, that is almost the same thing I am making.. =)))))))))))))

about the submission.

should i send the game as a game or a file?


If you upload your file to Itch.IO (as a .zip if you're using WEBGL, click JAMS in the dashboard, then MY JAMS,  then submit, it will give you the option of submitting the file you uploaded.

Hey angrysmile! streamables seems to be blocked in my country, as a result I can't see the theme, can you tell me what the theme is? Thanks!(sorry for taking your time)

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Well i am not angrysmile, but the theme is "A different planet"


can I use unity

This is not April 1st, so no jokes. OF COURSE YOU CAN :)                  (sorry for capital letters but why not?)

what type of game should i make

Whatever you wan

can we make games from scratch or some different game engines (click to go to scratch--> )

You can't do it on scratch but what are "different game engines"?

You can use engines like Godot, Unity etc.

i think i can cos i know how to turn scratch projects to html files

Hi! Can I use Godot? I am a begginer and I don't know C# or C++.


In fact i am using godot too

oh nice :) thank you

So what the theme? My link on "steamable" site isn't woking at all!


The theme is "A Different Planet"


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i already submited my game, and got some feedbacks, can i make a new version and replace it?


I'm pretty new to as well but I have a suspicion that if you update your game now with a new file that file will be viewed by AngrySmile (I'm guessing it sends him the page and not just the file).  I believe AngrySmile mentioned somewhere that there will be 48 hours to bug fix if there are bugs so I would assume you can.

I am sorry to say this but my game will only be a boss fight because we are having a streak of power outage in my side... but this game is my own idea but the assets aren't mine.. pls will that be ok

I can't submit mine... it's not showing my game


Can you explain a bit more, maybe we can help?  Did you upload your game to and can you click on the page to load the game page?

I think it has to do with the fact that I made it mobile 


Try making it a WEBGL or ZIP file to upload to itch, I think is the easier way.


I submitted my project but then uploaded a new version of the game after, will AngrySmile see the new version?  (I guess a better question would be, when I submit a game, does it just submit the page link or does it submit a file?)

Good luck everyone!

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Can we change the cover image after the deadline. I didn't find time to make one, so is it okay to make it now?


I think it's acceptable, as cover image isn't counted as a part of the game


Someone said that after deadline, there's still 48hrs left to fix bugs, is that true? I have some bugs to fix...

can i use software like adobe colour and pixlart to make art?

What is the theme of Beginners Circle Jam #3???


Hi buddy.  The Theme was "Another Planet."   This gamejam finished a couple weeks ago.  The Beginners Circle Jam #4 starts in 1 hour.  If you're looking to join, go over to that page.

a little late but i am wondering if i can copy and paste scripts from past projects. 

buenas noches que pena las molestias queria consultar dos cosas la primer el tema del concurso es libre y lo segundo es si puedo subir un juego que termine pero nadie lo conoce ya que nunca le coloque publicidad al juego y el juego ya esta mi perfil 


Este concurso está terminado.  GameJam # 4 ha comenzado.

well i know the answer gonna be no but i want to make a 2D game with pixel art and i dont know how to make pixel art so can i download some free sprites from the the internet or can i watch youtube tutorials if im stuck in anything becuase this is my first game jam ever and i have started game development for like 2 or 3 months now so im kinda strugling here ill be happy for your reply thnx 

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i can help with pixel art templates what do you need and in what style?

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can i use spritelab to make my game? that is the one i can use

oh one more is it just sticky or sticky and locked?

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So, my game idea for now is that you build levels for a dungeon crawler like gameshow and the main focus is on the building but there's also game show elements, can I do that or should I try to more focus on the game show part

This is my first jam participation. 

can I participate with my mobile game or mobile apk in this jam?

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I want to ask, where on earth are the results? Sorry if I missed any announcement about it but where are they?

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't read the announcement. But I hope your father-in-law will get better. Cheers!