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Thank you John. Appreciate your feedback.

Glad you enjoyed it. We didn't know about this bug. We will try to fix it. 

Thank you for your feedback. We're actually beginners (as in this is our first game ever) so there are some bugs in the game, we will try to fix them after all this is done. Thank you for playing and I hope you could enjoy it despite those bugs you mentioned :)

Thank you Vlad for playing our game. Hope you had fun.

Thank you for your reply. I did not know about the 2 day period, so I'll keep that in mind for the next time.

One of the most polished games in this jam. I don't know whether it's just me but the controls felt a little bit fast. Although I got used to them after playing a little. Great game!

Really nice concept for a game, plus the art is amazing. If I remember correctly you wrote in a comment that you started a little bit late, so well done in making this in so little time. From all the games I've played till now, I enjoyed this the most.

Really nice game, loved the atmosphere you created. As someone else mentioned down below, it feels kinda weird without sound effects or music but considering the time limitations it's very good.

A simple, fun game with clear goals and instructions. Very polished and a solid entry!

Really cute game with amazing art and music, what's not to love?

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I've seen some games that have been updated a few days ago, are we allowed to do that? Sorry if the question is too obvious but this is my first game jam ever so I don't know.

Really good concept. Also it's very funny. Well done!

Really good game. I loved the art, especially the whole abduction cutscene. Very enjoyable!

Thank you for your feedback. We had a lot of trouble with the camera because this was our first game ever, and it was hard for us to code it the way we wanted. Eventually we ran out of time so we just left it the way it was. And I'm not sure why the back button isn't working, it worked before building the game lol. We will try to fix all these problems in the future after the results are out. Thank you again for your comment.

Neat game. Really like the variety of each level.

Good game. Music is very good. Bud why did the dog have to die? I'm sad now. Solid entry!

Nice game, very fun to play and looks really good.

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The art for your game is very good and the music amazing. As others have pointed there are a few bugs here and there but considering this is your first game, it's nothing short of wonderful. Also it's very cute and adorable. Good job!

The visuals in this are amazing. Also it's just difficult enough to keep you playing more but not frustrate you. Very good entry!

The game looks really good. Also the fact that physics change with each level makes the game feel fresh in each level and fun to play. Well done!

Thank you for your kind words. The game has some bugs that we didn't have time to fix, hopefuly we will fix them in an update after the results are out.

This is our first game ever made. We would love if you played it and left a comment.

Hahah, Thank you!

Hey there. I don't really have a question just wanted to thank you for doing this. It's always nice seeing posts like this when you are a beginner.

Hey, I have a question about the theme. Is it okay if I make the game take place on earth but from the perspective of an alien? Since for him the earth would be a different planet?

Thank you in advance.

I would want to know this too.