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Dude, wat a happy feedback!

I was increasing the project and it ended up getting very tight in the last few days. I have ready-made animations that I had no time to use (as in the bullet and the death of one of the enemies), as well as I was not able to test much.

this guide for launching your head is essential - like a golf game. while making the game I didn't even try because it was something I had never done before and I didn't know how - this is my third game, the first one I made in August of this year, so I'm really starting to learn - but I've found a way since the game was submitted, I will implement in an update.

I was a little lost as to how much to explain or not. I really don't like long tutorials and I would rather buy the risk of the player needing to test a few times than a bunch of boring tips.

I'm really not sure about this measure, but I think with some disposition you can get the hang of it and I think the game is more fun like that.

is github was also a big news. at first I managed to use an addon on godot that would upload the updates myself, but then he stopped logging in and I just uploaded everything that was in the folder, hahahaa. but i will review it.

thank you so much for the feedback, I'm really glad you liked it and encouraged to try new games!

you made my day remebering machinarium. thank you

eu cheguei nele depois de muita luta, mas nao conseguir dar nem um murro ahhahaha

Muito massa! Tá bonitão e é simples mas super bem polido. 
Só queria ter quebrado esse nazi, hahahaha.

Pois é, essa dinâmica do lançamento da cabeça não ficou bem resolvido. Ainda queria mexer várias coisas nela. Mas fui acelerando o processo já nos últimos dias, daí acabou não dando tempo.

Os padrões foi mais ou menos isso tbm. Fiz uns tiles e apliquei em tudo, daí na medida que fui avançando fui substituindo por artes unicas. Mas nãod eu tempo pra tudo. Teve até animação que tava pronta e eu não implementei, tipo a morte do NPC que é um carrinho com uma serra. Ele apenas desaparece, mas a animação já tava pronta, hahaha

Ei, mas valeu demais.
Vi tua apresentação lá no Brazil Game Dev, tu tá num processo parecido com o meu, só que fui pra Godot. Mas bora botar esses games pra frente! Joguei o Espreita tbm!

wow, i see in your gameplay it just skiped all the tutorial fase. that's should not happen
that's complicate the game. is this happening to everyone?

the smoke effects are not disappearing either. this is weird

and you explored a glinch that I didn't foresee, this stop in the air with a new rocket of the head. that's really clever. but you never used the second click and drag in the air, it get more momentum.

thank you so much for the play, loved to see someone playing it.

Yes, the mechanics of the head are no longer very smooth, on the toutchpad it must be impossible

thanks for the feedback, when the voting is over I intend to upgrade this mechanic of the head

thanks a lot, 

I was anxious for someone to see all the lines, I had a lot of fun choosing them.

yes, without a doubt the mechanics of the head was my own moonshot, I had never worked with rigid bodies and was still adjusting that until the last moments. but i think still need a lot of work.

in fact, the menu flash was designed, but I hadn’t calculated how many times we would need to open the menu. on the last day i included the shortcuts to add energy on J, K and L because opening and closing the menu was being very boring. but I didn't remember to take that flash off.

I really liked the game and I think I will still make some adjustments to it after the vote

yeah, sorry about that. 

that's my fault, i really couldn't finish it how i wanted. but i ll try update it latter.

thank you for your feedback, i really spended a lot of time on that chars.

completly lovely, congrats, it's a beautful game.

absolutly lovely - i beat it in 15 launchs
i think

the music is a little too agitated for me, but I really don't think anything else I would change.

so far my favorite of the jam

thank you!

yeah  the head i think to drag a trajetory for the impulde. maybe make time a little slow. but there really wasn't time . 

thank you so much for the feedback.

yeah, i made some tilesets and parallax

repetitions that I hoped I wouldn’t need to use and went on, replacing the assets. but some things really didn’t have time.

I wanted the robot to be heavy at first. with advancement you can make upgrades and the movement becomes much more fluid. I wanted this difference to be felt, you know?

but the truth is that there was almost no testing time. with only a few hours left I saw that the head rocket's strength was very low, I had to triple it. maybe it was the case to do it with speed and I jump too.

i'm very happy with your feedback, really wanted more criticism, because I also really liked the game and I want to find the blind spots and improve it.

thank you!

that's a really nice entry, I would love to play more time, with more places to explore. the only thing that bothers me is the length of the intro, I would really prefer it if this information was already spread out in the game. other than that, it's incredible. one of my favorites so far

hey man, that's nice, look my entry:


you were the first person who played my first game and your comments have always been very important. it's been a unique journey since I started learning godot, I'm really happy with that.

maybe someday we can think about a project together!
thanks again!

maravilha! segui lá.
comecei a estudar godot em maio, de lá pra cá fiz 3 games, em 3 jam's. mas ainda tem algumas coisas que eu preciso quebrar muito a cabeça pra desenrolar. eu ainda tô meio perdido nesse meio, mas já tá rolando encontrar uma comunidade massa por aqui! vou ficar de olho lá no twitter. valeu!

yes, definitely the head launch needs a direction and / or strength indicator. this is just my third game and i still don't really know how to do some things, or i got it in a timely manner. there was no time to even implement some animations that were already done - like the death of one of the enemies, which just disappears.

i ll make some fixes latter, hope can find a way for that metter.
thanks for playing and for the review!

that's gread. 

the visual is splendid and the difficulty is very engaging. the player is easily attached to NPCs, other than that I didn't find any problem.

completly addicting, congratulations, the visual is amazing and the music is very relaxing

just loved the idea, can't reach the godzilla, i'm drunk

I hadn't thought about it, good idea


Thanks Alex!!
Man, i really got lost in the final track, ahhaha. Everything was fine, but when i tried to export to web i understood that the number of procedural level generation calculations was weighing too much. I ended up giving up the version for the browse and lost almost 10 final hours, I think that if I had understood that it was better to just download it from the beginning I would have managed to finish better. I really found 48h a crazy deadline, hahaha

really fun one, the music is nice.

i think u could add some feedback sounds to high jump and sprint, but that it's really the only thing i can sugest. congrats

try my game! thanks

yeah thanks!

that was in the plan, but dude, 48h is really a crazy deadline. i was plannning that and a final scene with the highscore. but i really lost my final day trying to make the browser version work well and i didn't.

but i ll do that two upgrades after the voting.

thank you again!

niiice! thanks a lot!

yeah, in fact, they can appear from level 5 onwards and the chances of spawning will gradually increase! the final stretch was very busy, at the end of the day I couldn’t get to the web right, but in the next update I’ll include fans from level 3 onwards, even if less.

thanks again!

really liked it! congrats

really loved, the mix of genres, the sounds, the mechanics, congratulations

that1s a really beautifull game, i loved!


thank you, i'm really happy with the result of my first one, anda already making the next one

loved it, seriosly. i could play it for hours

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yeah, i feel the same. 

I originally intended to do more levels, I even prepared 3 other monsters, but I was really afraid to curl up and not be able to finish on time, as I had never done several small things, such as menu, music or even exporting to html.

so I ended up eliminating some phases between the first and the second planets.

them i notice that i was already very happy with the result, but yes, i think that transition could be a little better.

never got 200, but i ll try again

I really liked the setting, it felt creepy and i liked it. when i died i couldn't get back to the menu and had to reload the page. and I died a few times. I really liked the music too. Anyway, it's a game I would like to play more, are there any plans to continue?

really loved the sense of exploration, i think with more sound effects and a bigger world it will be an incredible game. keep it going guys

a lesson on how frustration can be an engine to not stop playing