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Oh, hey! Thanks a lot. I haven't used Itch much recent, so I've only just seen this. I'll throw up the half finished build since I don't think we're going to get it finished. We were going to do more than just Safe spots and stuff, but never got around to it.

Edit: Should be the "new" version now.

I feel like the overall amount of content in this game is rather low, I would have appreciated it if it had maybe twice the amount of content.

We do have like a half finished update that we never finished that fixes a lot of the safespotting and jank..
Maybe it's about time we finish that.

This was EPIC!

metaballs are very cool, although they're a lot cooler in 3d, search some up! i was first introduced to them through a friend who wrote a metaball shader for vrchat, some very neat stuff.

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the visuals for the player are based of this neat little thing, but the physical part of the player is just a bunch of ridgidbodys and i'm just applying a force to each ridgidbody to make them act like they have a spring connecting each other

and then the movement is just applying a force to the ridgidbodys depending on a few factors like is this ridgidbody on the ground? is it next to a climbable surface?

which each will apply different forces to that specific ridgidbody

sorry about formatting and lack of punctuation, on mobile

Oh, no! That's not good. Thankfully, it appears that minijam allows me to update the game while in the rating period as long as the original version is available for download.
Thanks for the feedback!

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It doesn't sound like it's an issue with my game specifically, has this happened to you on other web games or just mine?

because if you're getting WebGL isn't available it should also prevent you from playing a lot of other web games.

You might have hardware acceleration disabled in your browser settings which i believe would also cause this

glad you enjoyed our game

This was a really fun little game, however I do have a few little nitpicks

the exit is not visible on one of the earlier levels it is just a blind jump, i feel like it'd be nice if the player had just a bit faster declaration when on the ground it feels a bit too floaty if you ask me, and it'd be really nice if the wall slide detection was a bit more forgiving, it has killed me a couple of times because i thought i was wall sliding but not actually

but other than that i really enjoyed it

indeed we did, we're pretty happy with how our game turned out.

although we thought we had another 12 hours, so the music is very rushed.

i should have gotten more people to play test, a fullscreen button  is definitely missing

You aren't missing too much, there's a tiny bit of dialog at the end, but that's it.

If you care enough, here's the dialog

i think's database died for some reason, i'm also unable to upload any images/gifs

Thanks a lot for playing our game!

problem is that the player doesnt looked the way i pressed the button..

You can't turn the player while attacking, only before or after

Thanks for playing our game!

I'm not sure whether or not to congratulate you in finding the first bug in the release, but thanks a lot for playing out game!

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Osun(the guy who made the music) kept getting stuck while making it because he kept making it sound like an anime op and then we all just said "yup this is the game now" therefore the "weeb zone" as i've nicknamed it

You do make a good point..

Niko is not a cat!

This game was very fun to play, it would be nice for the car hitboxes to be smaller.

And hello fellow Godot user!

Very fun little game, but sound effects and music are very important.

Very fun little game, but sound effects and music are very important.

I'm glad you liked it, but numbers were allowed
"Integers and other symbols such as...+ - / ? ! # % and $ are permitted."

the color thing was just an inside joke

And that's exactly why people need to use it to report those bugs

I had been recommended OneShot for a while by a friend and i just bought it at the start of the steam summer sale, so this is very much inspired by OneShot i still haven't finished it yet though because i had been doing this jam

This comment made me so happy, you don't even know.

Thank you for playing my game

I don't like how good the ost is

Very fun game, although the 4th level was a bit tedious

Yeah, I could do that!

I was thinking of polishing up a bit and adding a bit more of an actual end anyways.
If you have a discord, I could add you there and just dm you when I have updated it

mine's TheDerpie#0741 if you want to add me.

movement is actually zeroed out after dying but yeah i do agree i'm not too happy about the respawning i think blocking input after dying for a very short time could fix that

it's web only
but i could upload a downloadable version

if you'd want that

i might do that it sounds like a good idea

yeah i've gotten quite a few complaints about that i'm planning on doing a small update to fix little things like that and add a bit more polish

Hello again! it's great to see you hopefully i won't forget this time

honestly i'm surprised how many people like it let alone played it i was expecting to get maybe like 9 ratings and 6 comments

Halfway through making it I sorta realized that dying 200 times and having to do it over and over again wouldn't be the most fun thing in the world but at that point, it was too late to make any changes

so after that, I kinda just gave up on trying to make it “good” so I've been surprised that people are calling it polished

Yeah, someone else also said that I should have thought of that