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OFFICIAL RULES: Feel free to ask any questions or suggest something new Sticky

A topic by angrysmile created Aug 18, 2020 Views: 8,208 Replies: 140
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Host (4 edits) (+4)

Please follow these 7 standard rules for this jam series:
  • HAVE FUN - The more you focus on winning and the less you focus on having fun... the more you miss out! If you have a great attitude and aren't under pressure, you might turn out the greatest game in history, but applying imaginary competitive stress is only hurting you! DONT! We are all starting out and having a blast doing so.
  • You may use any engine (godot, unity, ect.) as long as it is playable on Windows. Ideally, a web build or html build for browser play so that MAC users and others can easily play off the page itself without downloading. I understand that we all don't have the specs to do an html build, so I will not hold it against those who cannot do so.
  •  All NSFW or adult themed games must have appropriate warnings on the title. Example: “(18+) Zombie Fun” or similar. If you choose to go this route, please keep it subtle. I will personally disqualify a game from winning prizes if more than one person claims it as "offensive" or if it’s clearly too excessive. Please keep in mind that as a beginner's circle we may have a younger community, which may prevent NSFW material in future jams if submissions for this game jam are excessively inappropriate. Any NSFW game will be removed if labeled offensive.
  •  This game jam will be solely judged by myself. This will prevent any double voting or unfair down votings. Jams with votes usually end with unfair results, so don’t fret! Uneven or unfair votes won't be a part of this community!
  •  You must make all assets and code yourself or by your team within the time frame of this jam. Any templates, plug-ins and/or pre-builds will not count in the originality department. This jam is intended to practice your critical thinking, creative and coding skills, not copy and paste.  Any of these will apply to the Originality category. Music must be royalty / copyright free and properly credited. so its fine to use music and fonts
  • You may not post any links when commenting and you may not post a comment for the sake of self-promotion. These comments will be deleted and this type of behavior will count negatively towards your Community Spirit score. There is a section in our community to post your links
  • Once that countdown is done, you will not be able to edit your submissions any further. It is recommended that you upload your project at least 2 hours before the deadline. This is wiggle room to catch and fix last minute touches. There will be late tickets available on request if your game has game breaking bugs that need repair.
  • This isnt just another place to reupload and show off any game demos,
    nor is it the place to show off or try to impress anyone. This is a game jam hosted for a community of people starting out. There are sections in the itch community.

Can we use assets from the asset store?


"You must make all assets and code yourself or by your team within the time frame of this jam. Any templates, plug-ins and/or pre-builds will not count in the originality department." So you can, but at a cost.


No, you must make them yourself.


is there a theme we have to follow? Do we have to use our own assets?

Host (1 edit) (+1)

Yes and yes

To be clear, you have to follow the rules in order to be eligible for a prize or honorable mention.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

so can I make my OWN assets now or only  during the game jam?


Only during the jam, after the theme is announced. These game jams are intended to try your best and not make a masterpiece...

We also offer our Practice Circles in-between the Beginners Circles to have a place to practice without rules, and an optional theme as well if you would like.

Good luck!

Deleted 115 days ago

How ever you feel comfortable. Team or solo.

Hello! My friend, will be also taking part to the Jam, and we want to team up. Do we have to let you know prior or is it something we just say in game title etc? 

Also, for sure everything written from scratch, but, for instance inUnity packages such as Cinemachine, is also forbiden?


Host (1 edit)

Cinemachine is highly illegal in several countries. So to say it is forbidden is an understatement.. We will just pretend this conversation never happened ;)

This is the type of jam that is a community based mentality of helping and learning together. It isn't a swing for the fences, make a masterpiece type of game jam, but one that encourages everyone to learn something new, within a friendly place. As long as you are learning something and not trying to impress, you will do fine...

As for your team, make sure to properly credit everyone be ether making them admins in the game page itself, or crediting them in the game page description and maybe the game as well.

Good luck Nick!

wait where is cinemachine illegal and why is it illegal

in several countries he said

he is jokng

Hello. I was wondering if unreal 4s blueprint is okay to use? would it count as original code or would it count as a plugin or template.?


I am familiar with Unreal. Show me what you got.

Also, please look above at the message to NickAugust as it will also be directed at everyone.

I think you can use blueprints because its like coding but visual.

Does the Jam let us keep the rights to games we make during the Jam and not restrict distribution after the fact?

Host (1 edit)

Of course! When did that ever become a thing that you HAVE to state this. I in no way have any intention on anything but helping you all grow.

You are the creators of something that requires hard work and time. What right would I, or any game jam host have to your art / intellectual property?
Is this a thing now where I have to put this somewhere to make sure everyone knows this? I thought it went without saying lol.

Thanks for bring this up!

I don't know I just had one Jam I was going to do had it in their rules. I think it was because they were going to release the winning game on consoles but it's been a while since I saw that. I don't think it's a typical thing I think it just happened once.


Sounds like con-artistry to me lol

TechRunner - I just wanted to say how much I appreciate that your avatar icon has the T-Pride Flag in it!
Two BIG thumbs up! ;)

Yea, I made it in blender. Technically this is one of my older pfp but I like it. The flag is there on purpose since it's my flag and I like to show pride in myself.

(1 edit)

I'm happy you have pride in who you are! I have a number of friends - including some game devs - who are represented by this flag as well. We desperately need more gender diversity in game development. It's getting better than when I started in this industry, but still...there's a reason I use gender-neutral handles. >_<

Hi are there some limits like you could only have this or you need to have this?


Did you take a look at the Rules?

(1 edit)

i understand now yes thank you


Just to be clear: All assets made by ourselves, during the game jam *except* music and fonts (they can be used if royalty-free), did I understand that correctly?


You understood that perfectly. I will also be making a rule breakdown video to make everything crystal clear.

There a ton of great, free SFX software that is perfectly acceptable, as long as it is credited.


I am prepared to have so much fun. This is my very first jam, and I am beyond stoked.


I am beyond stoked to have such an eager participant! Excited to see what you make. Make sure you hop into the discord to not miss out on the full experience.

Will the teams be only 4 people (maximum)


This jam so far has no set size of team. Feel free to make a comfortable team.

Although that may change in the future if we keep getting overly, done up games by an entire class or excessively large teams.


Can we use free sound effects/music from 

I'm new to this and i honestly have no idea how to make my own sounds 




This is my first game jam that i am participating in so, I dont know much on how to submit games and how to build a team( I only know that I will have to ask my friends if he wants to team up with me), so can you help me out here?

Thank you,

Cant wait for the jam!!

sorry I was supposed to ask this on the official questions page I did not know about that.


And as for building a team you have two options:
1) You can use the community section of this game jam and post an ad looking for a team there
2) You can utilize our discord and post an ad looking for a team there.

We will help you out to find your team.
Good luck!

thank you for answering .

Submitted (1 edit)

Do we have to write our code with our ideas or is it ok to watch the tutorials?

For example, in the moment, can you watch Brackeys' tutorial?

This is my first Game Jam so I'm really excited and confused and insecure because I draw terribly and I don’t have much experience in code.


Tutorials are completely understandable. Just make sure you are watching it and learning. Sometimes, I like to watch something in full first, then re-watch it and go step by step along to make sure I retain, and understand as much as possible. As opposed to just blindly following and copying without trying.

Just make sure it has your own creative flair on it, and adheres to the theme, and you should be fine. We do not want to see a one for one copy, make it unique and your own!

Thanks for asking! Good Luck!


thank you for answering! 

Hey, fist game jam for me, am wondering if we can make a VR game, or must it be a PC game.

Thanks :)

Host (1 edit)

You very well might be the only person able to play it. I wouldn't assume everyone has a VR headset, as we definitely don't, and  would be unable to play it. I doubt many people own one. Must be a PC game for your hard works sake.

This also isn't a place to show off anything or try to advertise any pre-made game demos ether.

Thanks for asking.

Thanks for the response, was curious to do VR as I want to get into VR game development, as I’m still a rookie, but will do a PC game with my friend.


can  we submit android game or only PC game?? pls answer


you can make a androit game BUT you have to have a pc game!


Thank you


It has to be a game jam entry, made for our game jam and be playable on Windows. If you want to also make an Android version of this game jam entry, yes you can add it.

If you are trying to advertise a pre-made android demo to get plays, you will not get as many clicks as you think you are. All non-themed, game demos will be removed for this game jam.

I'm unable to join the Discord server because I don't have a phone, but I'm thinking about getting a team so is it okay if I don't join the server?


Hey, In Unity there's an animation creator and animation controller, I can use it during the game jam?


Yes, as long as you making it for this jam and aren't just plugging in old stuff or pre-made assets, it is fine to use the animator. I use it a lot myself.

am I allowed to make my own music?



I was wondering if I could use the GB Studio builder tool that's currently on . I dont really have time to learn to code in 4-11 days but I think I can make something simple from this (literally just looked at it today)

I will try my damnedest to make assets on my own. 


Yes, you can use any engine that you want


Yes, any engine, as long as I can play it on Windows, without extra steps or software to run it.


Hey, in the rules you had mentioned that you would only be accepting games that run on Windows. I use Unity on a Mac, so is it possible to build for Windows even though I'm using a Mac? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm still pretty new to this.


Yes, it is possible.


I am kinda new here so please bear with me but which type of game should it be 2D or 3D ?


Make 2d if you want it to be played on browser and make 3d if you want it to be downloadable. You can make 3d game for browser too but performance won't be as good as it will be with 2d.

hello i have a question can u use things from a tutorial so you wacht a tutorial en copie it

but not douwnload it zo just make what in the tutorial is 



not exactly, you can watch a tut to learn the mechanics but blatant coping  is frowned upon.


Thank you. Perfectly put.


I can't wait, this will be my first game jam!


I'm excited too!

do we have to join the discord


No, but there is whole new bunch of people on Discord that would help you if you stuck on something while making your game.

Sorry about all the questions, but are we aloud to use Construct 3 to make our game, or no because it has visual code?


Yes, you can use engine that you want.

"You may use any engine (godot, unity, ect.) as long as it is playable on Windows. Ideally, a web build or html build for browser play so that MAC users and others can easily play off the page itself without downloading. I understand that we all don't have the specs to do an html build, so I will not hold it against those who cannot do so."


Hi, I want to know if this is a 48 hour game jam or if it is a 2 week game jam.


It is a 1 week long jam.




Its a 2 week long game jam not a 1 week long game jam 🤨 I just noticed


Bit late for questions (Considering there is 1 day till the jam) when you said plugins aren't allowed, are unity packages (In my case probuilder) allowed. 



Host (1 edit)

Allowed yes, but it will count slightly less in the originality judging, and possible cost any chance of winning a prize. As long as you are learning from it and have a high community spirit score, you can make it into the honorable mentions, if your game if well made.

Good luck!


does using the universal render pipeline instead of the normal one in unity also count towards this?

I have a question.

I need a 2D artist for my game but I can't find any, so could I use a sprite taken from the internet? (specifically one of mario)

did you tried searching for designer on discord?

Hello. What about Unity Bolt (visual scripting) is it allowed ?


Yes. Good question. As long as you are learning and using it yourself, not just copy and pasting.

How do i publish my game? do I have to put a name to indicate that it belongs to this tournament?


You will have a little button that says "publish your project" when jam starts

How long is the dev time available

Host (1 edit)

From 9th to the 16th October. There will then be a 24 hour grace period to fix all bugs as well


This appears to be a point of some confusion. The current submission window says it is open until Oct 22nd. When is the deadline?


hello this is my first game jam.

i was wondering if i can do this jam with my friend (he does the design and i programming)?

Thank you and have a great day!


Yes, you can! The more the merrier.


Great answer!

is there a specific engine we have to use


No specific engine. As long as it is playable on Windows, without any extra steps or software.

i know this is very short notice, but i hope to get the response in time. My son and i have been playing with RPG Maker MV and he would like to join, is that engine and it's assets usable? I ask because  of Rule 2 saying all engines are allowed, however, rule 5 states all assets must be  made  by us.  when we think of originality, we think of it as how we can modify the content to suit our vision, and create a world befitting to the theme as well as the storyline motivating the actions  of the player. we understand using "default all" we undoubtedly not win and would  not be acceptable. this would be our first jam, and honestly our first game start to finish.  if  RPG Maker is not suitable for this event, would you know of any events it might be ? thank you

Host (1 edit)

RPG Maker is totally fine. I started with RPG Maker when I was young in the 90's. There is a way of editing the assets slightly, if I am not mistaken, so you can probably create something rather unique and more original this way. Default assets may slightly affect the originality score, but you can make up for this with Fun / Engagement and Community Spirit.  I love the goal of making a game along with your son.

I look forward to see what you guys turn out! Good Luck!

Can we use free sound effects?


Of course! Just make sure to credit them within the itch game page.

thanks for replying.

Submitted (1 edit)

Hi! We are thinking about use Wwise to the  audio implementation. Is it allowed?

Hello, this is my first Game Jam and I am very excited. Do we have to make our own animations or can they come from free sources as I have no experience making animations?

Here you go:

This question is more like for curiosity, but, if a person is fast enough, could he upload more than just one game?

i would suggest you to work on just one project because of quality

(1 edit)

Is It Okay if we use/focalize Cultural/Country Stuff

For example: Filipino Music(Buwan - Juan Karlos Labajo OPM)

of course as the rules said they should be use according to their terms and the Jam's Term.

Hi, I was making a little lib to use with a bare bones engine. I mean I had to write a collision detection system and response, a spritesheet animation system, an abstraction for input and loading and using resources. Nothing realy hard but required several hours of testing and refactoring. Fynally I uploaded it on github as an open source.

For sure it is not a template or a plugin like those you can find over Unity, but I had to ask.

Can I use it?

As long as You made the MOST part During The Jam's Duration...

or just simple follow steps. (Simply the hard way of copy and pasting, hahahhahaha)

This might be dumb but when I clicked on the theme it said the theme is Sticky, but there is a video and in there it says the theme is A different planet.

Which is the real theme?

The real theme is A different planet.

When you see that the topic is sticky that means it will appear on the top of the community tab

can you being in a computer count as a different world?


I think yes

Haya, just checking. Can I get to honorable mentions using pathfinding package in my game? I'm sure it's illegal for competition and ofc I'll try to code it myself if I'll have enough time 😊. I'm just curious. 

Hey, sorry that it's really late, but I was wondering if things like a built-in gravity simulator (thing) counts as an asset. Can I use something like this?

does copy and paste mean tutorials

You can follow tutorials but you need to understand what code does if you want to make games

Copy and paste means just taking the code and not understanding what it does

thanks also ive seen some of your replys to other threads are you a mod or angrysmiles alt

No, i just reply to other threads when i have time


So, what is the theme, I cannot open the theme video. Can someone tell me plz?


A different planet

Deleted 3 years ago


The theme is "A Different Planet"

you're welcome! :)


can i use a package like A* path finding ?

I got pretty far into my game, but I want to ask this: is it allowed to use Unity's official Scripting API ( for information? I'm still pretty new to Unity and I legitimately need it to understand what i'm doing. I haven't watched a "step by step" or a "download this project" type of tutorial, and I'm planning not to, i'm just asking to see if using the scripting API disqualifies me. Thanks!

Why wouldn't you

As long as you understand the information and aren't copy pasting

Deleted 3 years ago

You can join

when you say we have to make our own assets, does that include music/sfx?



Deleted 329 days ago

as long as you learn from theme and don't do copy paste than yes

Deleted 329 days ago

How much time do we get? A Day? A week? 

8 days

Hi, are we allowed to use ProBuilder and/or ProGrids in Unity?

Hi! Can I use Tesh Mesh Pro from Unity? Or do I have to make my own text font?

I also want to know if I can use 2D IK and 2D Animation

Thank you! Good luck to those who read the message and to others too

Music and Fonts don't have to be yours

Deleted 329 days ago

shader graph is like a tool to make shaders, combined with the fact that visual coding languages are allowed I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be allowed

Deleted 329 days ago

Hi, mates.

Can we use Lightweight RP, from Unity's packages ?

Thank you in advance!

Can I use Java to make my game


Submitted (1 edit)

I accidentally submitted my game 2 times in 2 different games, will this break something?


Hey, I was wondering about an edit I did to my game post-submission time. I discovered I had a game breaking bug that rendered much of my game unplayable, so I fixed and resubmitted today. The newer submission did not add any extra content, or fix problems that were not game breaking. Any of the post work done on the game was to fix the bug. I hope you can understand and still allow me to participate in the game jam, as I did put a lot of effort into the game and enjoy participating in this community. Thanks!


Someone said that the game can be edited within the 48hours after the deadline, is that true? I have to fix somthing...


When will the results be announced?