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Thank you foe the feedback! Glad you enjoyed!

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Thank you! Glad you liked it!


Yes i think that will help

Really nice game, after getting the hang of it I had fun! liked the art it was really good!
Well done!

Yes, 48 hours are not enough,  everything is extreme!

You're welcome! I am definitely rusty when it comes to playing games, making them took all my time lol :)

You're welcome, I'm sure a lot will wait, it's worth it :)

I really glad to hear, same as me :)  Those things compressed down to couple of days are super fun

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Thank You so much! so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Honestly, I had a hard time reading the font but I'm not a native speaker so I thought it will be ok, Thanks!

I liked the idea and concept!

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The game isn't working...

Cool graphics! I had fun not sure how it connects to the theme tough 

I liked the idea, the game could use some polish but it's fun! well done!

Excellent idea!  I liked the art and the gameplay, it's really fun playing after getting the hang of it, good job!

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Cool idea, I liked the graphics and the goofy physics, the camera seems to zoom way too close sometimes and some levels dropped my FPS but other than that good job!

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Great game, really liked the art and the music, the gameplay was fun, and the enemies hit could use some more polish but I had really fun with this game, good job!

I really liked the art and wished there were sounds and music, the gameplay was fun although I didn't understand how to win other than that I had fun, good job!

Really cool game! I liked the idea I thought it tied really well with the gameplay and aesthetics, it was really fun and I liked the music and sounds, well done!

Really cool idea, the controls were a bit too harsh but I really liked the gameplay the idea was very clever and the puzzles were fun, the art was nice and the sounds were good I wish there was some music but other than that good job!

Really good game, I really liked the art and the music, very high quality, the game was very chill and I think that the waiting time for the plants to grow was a bit too long for a game jam, really liked the village, the cave combat was good and polished and the UI was amazing for 48 hours jam,  good job! I had really fun!

cool idea, I liked the graphics and sounds, there were no indications when I hit an enemy so half the time I didn't know if my attack actually dealt damage or if I should get closer to the enemy also the goal wasn't super clear but other than that I had fun! good job!

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Wow, super cool game, so polished and fun! the idea was really good, I love the art, the starting cutscene was so good, and the music and sounds match the game feel, I got stuck in the room with the red mark on the floor, really had fun with this one, good job!

Cool game! I liked the weird art style it tied with the weird controls of the game and I liked the music, the game was a bit dizzying and very hard to control but it was part of the fun, good job!

I liked the idea and the reference to "some game", the music was cute and the sounds and art were really good, the interaction was hard to control because it was confusing that you need to be close to the object but use the mouse to move it anywhere on the screen, overall had fun, good job!

I liked the art the character was a bit hard to control, too bad you didn't have time for sounds but I liked it overall, good job!

Cool game, I really liked the art, the music, the sounds, and the gameplay was really fun I think the game is a bit too hard but maybe it's just me, the idea was really good, well done!

First of all great idea, I liked destroying everything around me, I liked the low poly graphics, and I liked the graphics, the fish was hard to control and the game could use some polish.

I had fun, good job!

I didn't understand what the goal was or how it related to the theme...

Music Soooo good! can listen to this just for fun really got me to the vibes of the game, I liked the fact that the game gets harder as there are more combinations to remember but getting to the last stages I just couldn't remember the latest cocktails and just relaid on the simple ones to help me continue, maybe a pop up of the right way to make a cocktail once you failed could help, overall well done! had a really good time!

Wow, clever and cool game, Liked the visuals a lot and I really enjoyed the game design, great Work!

Wow, really cool visuals, I really like the vibes and the concept is really cool!

enjoyed very much, a very good fps, great graphics 

Thank you!

Excellent Game, had a ton of fun, the graphics were really nice

Can't play :(

Really excellent and polished game! loved the graphics and  the story

Excellent chill game, the graphics and music were amazing

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Really good and polished puzzle game liked the graphics and the idea was super cool, good job!