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Have you wanted to participate in a game jam, but don't because you're too nervous that you're not good enough or might get discouraging, mean comments?


Have you participated in a game jam only to have no one respect you enough to play the game that you worked so hard on?


Are you sick of other game jams made only to promote themselves? Manipulating you into inflating their website or social media traffic and/or clicking their monetized video links? Where the host has no intentions of playing your game and made their game jam with the selfish purpose of taking advantage of your hard work and time spent?

If so... This is the game jam for you!

We don't use you to make a brand but help you in becoming your own... Unlike the other game jams

The goal of this game jam is to bring together a group of beginners to form the next best start-up community on One full of positive, like-minded individuals of all walks of life who work to make each other better within a comfortable environment. Although there will be motivating prizes, this jam will not focus on winning, but rather helping each other to improve our skills; a game jam where we can work together to help participants go from Level 1 to Level 99.


As your wholesome host, my goal is to provide each of you with a safe, organized, fair and equal game jam event. I ask nothing in return, I do this for you, the creator, not to promote myself. I will play every submission in full and give all of your hard work the respect it deserves. I will provide feedback in private and comment on your game with a screenshot of your ending screen, and will even create a non-monetized video file, made custom to you and to give you the satisfaction of seeing your art play out! No favors, no subscriptions, no likes, no links to click... NO TRICKS! I'm here for you! Only requirement is an account

From my brief experience on these jams, I’ve noticed that some hosts have alternative motives to create a game jam. It’s often created with the intention of helping the host inflate their own social media or website traffic, solicit donations for prizes but keep most of it, advertise their game or watch their monetized YouTube videos. This negates the whole point of a game jam, which isn’t to promote oneself, but to help the community of! Let's start our own place that is free of all this.

We are here together as one! This game jam is for a new community and to help you, the participant, create a brand for yourself!

Let’s start a new day! A day 1 for all the underdogs, a new start and fresh beginning in these strange times we are currently living in.


As participants, your goal is most importantly to practice, learn new skills and have fun. Secondly, it is to create a full game (as close as you can within the timeline) around the set theme while being original and creative.

THEME (Click)

RULES (Click)


- *Free* Prizes will only be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. There will also be an honorable mentions section to highlight the games that did well, but didn’t make it into the winners circle. No prize will be awarded to the honorable mentions.

1st Place - ONE purchase valued up to ~ $19.99 ~AND~ The title of Champion and placed in our Circle Of Fame, with a link to your profile along with the amount of successful consecutive wins as Champion. Consecutive Champions will receive higher prize amounts and/or surprise rewards!

2nd Place - ONE purchase valued up to ~ $7.99

3rd Place - ONE purchase valued up to ~ $2.99

*All out of my pocket, free for life, no favors necessary or donation tricks like the others


1) Originality - Be original and creative with your entries. If you have to watch a tutorial that’s ok, but make it your own. I really do not want to see a bunch of Udemy or YouTube tutorial copy submissions. Be inspired by others, but don't steal!

2) Use Of Theme - Use the theme in a unique way within your game.

3) Fun / Engagement - A game is supposed to be engaging or fun! Don’t just submit a completed game for the sake of simplicity, let’s make fun, engaging games! Visual novels and C.Y.O.A types MUST be fun / engaging too, and they’re usually a harder route!

4) Community Spirit - A game jam is nothing without the community. This doesn't mean kissing ass will get you extra brownie points, but going around leaving vague and useless comments that go against the grain to try and passive aggressively knock your competition down will not be tolerated. Also, posting "Play my game" within community posts, post bumping or similar excessive advertising will not be tolerated. I will personally play every submission with the full intention of completing them, don't worry!

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