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OFFICIAL TEAMS / HELP WANTED: Post your skills here and find a team Sticky

A topic by angrysmile created Aug 18, 2020 Views: 8,735 Replies: 371
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In need of a team? If you are looking to team up, please feel free to post below and find a home for your skills. Also feel free to meet up and chat on the Beginner's Circle discord 

There are more than one page, make sure to look at all the pages


Hello there! i'm a developer new to Godot, but i have already made a "full" (it's kinda short and buggy) game on roblox! I'm mainly a programmer.

Hey! You used roblox too? Nice! Me too!

ive been using roblox for 3 years and godot for half a year, i can help ya out!




i am a beginner and looking to do my first game jam that i here most people suggesting me to join them to gain experience and get to meet people

are using unity?

yes im using unity

I want to help ! I have sme exprience with unity how can I contact you , discord ?

can use some unity


I´m a beginner, know how to program and have a musician friend, some artist here?


hey I can do pixel art / 2d art but I am looking to participate to do some coding as well as long as that's fine with you I'd enjoy being part of the team my discord is zoo#4125 if you want to contact me!

I'm beginner too. I'd like to cooperate. I'm mostly 3D artist but I can make some 2d.


Hey beginner here as well! I work a lot with 3d art, I usually fall in the technical artist area. Would love to work on something together! Unreal is the engine I know the best

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi, I am very new to all of this and would love a partner to help me learn and create.  I am a very fast and efficient learner I just need a teacher.

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Hi! Im Bill Cipher( just kidding XD ) and I can teach you the secrets of the universe( mostly how to make good games using the godot engine )!

Im currently working on a cricket game for mobile and next, I plan to make devkits for people who want to be designers using the godot engine, to make games without code!

My discord ID is : SoalReaperCaptain#7773


Hi again,

I would love for you to help me but I do not ad cannot get discord.  If we could talk on here that would be much appreciated!

but it is hard to teach here. You can just simply make a discord account.

but it is hard to teach here. You can just simply make a discord account.

No, I am sorry to mess you around like this but I just can't get it.  

If you have any more ideas please let me know.

how about zoom?

Ah! No my stupid computer doesn't have enough room.

I am really sorry about wasting your time like this  :(

If I can get those things soon then I will contact you again.


Uh...zoom and discord both are on websites...


Huh, weird whenever I click on it, it says that I don't have room.  Sorry!

I am terrible with computery things!

Anyway I will not waste your time anymore.  You have already helped me!  I now at least understand what discord is! :) Thanks so much!

Glad I could help 😃


? any problem? Go ahead share, ill help :)

hey dude I am also a newbie in game dev with unity game engine we could team up if u like....?

I am avalible how can I contact you , preferably discord , I use Unity as well

Hello, i'm new to the game jam univers, i work in general in Love2D, SDL and Unreal Engine, but open to Godot.. I'm new to this world but i'm dev since 30 years now! I want to put my gaming passion to a new level! :) I want to participate! 



If someone is in need of my skills I’m keen to join a team. I’m more of a programmer than anything else but I can possibly do some other tasks if needed.

I have experience with C/C++, Assembly, Java, Objective C (Mac, not iOS), Allegro, SDL, C#, VB.NET, DirectX, OpenGL, Android, Unreal Engine, Phaser, Wwise, FMOD, HTML5, Javascript, Cordova, Photoshop, Sketchbook, Maya, ZBrush and Logic Pro.

We can make team together. Im artist.

Do you think you could make a text adventure with some basic visual effects/quirks?

I'm a writer, can help if you'd like to team up


Hi, I'm a composer and sound designer. Can I help you out?

i work with scrach wana make a game together

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Hi im a student for Computer Science, I am Junior developer in Unity 3D, please review my prototipe projects of my last job. I have experience in basic 3D motions and mechanics, 2D motions and mechanics. Calculus 1,2 and 3 . POO , singletons and basic game design. I can use GIT and the services of GitHub, GitLab, etc. We can use Trello for the organization :) 

We can co-op. I'm artist.

Oh great, add me on Discord:  ED#3028 , Im peruvian, but i can speak a little english

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Hi, I am a little developer and I am good with Unity and I know a lot of things in 3D; Move player, camara following player, trigger things, etc.

I can also handle Consruct 3 and Ddevelopment too (both websites).

I can be in your team!
Add me in Discord: Federico#6128

(I also speak Spanish but I can speak English well) ;)


Hey! Im Nahuel Pavano, from Argentina. Im a musician/songwriter and begginer programmer and godoteer. Looking for people to work with! I can do FX and Music but i would love to work on the programming part.


Hey Nawelus, nice to meet you!
Your skill, musician and songwriter, is just what my team needs. I also want someone else to help with the programmers of my team but we are basically using Unity instead of Godot. Are you still available and interested in joining a team?


hey!! I would love to participate, contact me.


Buenas! Yo también soy de Argentina. Tengo 17 y vengo estudiando dibujo y animación hace un tiempo ya. Me interesa mucho el diseño de videojuegos, hacer narrativas interesantes con mecánicas creativas.
Estos son algunos de mis trabajos:

Este es mi discord, porfavor escribime 😁
(Pablo Chamber#5034)


te mande solicitud de discord! Tremendo lo que haces! 


Hi, I'm new to game jams but I have made some simple games before, and I would love to make something in a team.

I can do coding and some design/assets, and some music if needed.

Atm I'm mostly using Unity but I'm open to try anything else!



I'm new to game jams as well, but i'm currently working on a simple wave based top down shooter with abilities.
My weakness is music.  It would be nice to work in duo. Here's my dc: NightM#6427

Contact me if you are interested!


I can help with graphic stuff :)

Hi, do you want to join us? If so, what's your Discord #? :)


hey there:) i'm a composer/sound designer looking to collaborate on my first game jam, do y'all need some sounds??


We'd love to have you on our team as well :D do you have Discord?

If so, send me a message at JuulH#9361, I'll add you to a group chat.


i'll send you a message for sure:) 


sent you a friend request on discord :) 






Hey 3d and technical artist here! I do a lot with model creations and texture creation! I usually use unreal but I’m up for learning more about unity if you’re interested!

Hey, sorry but we're most likely going to be doing a 2D game for this jam.

Anyways, good luck, and I hope you can find a good team! :)

I have some simple prototype, im doing mostly programming unity/c# so if you need me feel free to add RoiBoosh#3223


Hey! I'm on a team of two. We're both trained programmers and I also create music. We're looking for an artist to complete the team composition! 2D or 3D is fine. If you're interested contact me on discord: BlackCat#3831


Heyy! I can do some basic Pixel art and animation and I also wanted to learn a bit if coding, I've sent you a request under the name of Bloodwing, let me know if you're still open!

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I'd like to co-op

Deleted post

I'd like to team with you, i've been programming using Unity for about 7 months. I sent you a friend request i'm AJCooper88!

Deleted post

can i join too?

Deleted post

i do programming my programming language is python with pygame

ps just letting you know pygame is for making games for python

Hi there. I am an experienced sound designer looking for a team to work with. My experience is in film, television and radio. I have also designed and recorded/edited dialogue for games but never been involved in the whole process. Hit me up!

Hello. We're a team of three members we are looking for a Sound designer tell me if you want to join our team    Mohammed Almustafa#9248

Hi there,

I would love to. What do you work in? Do you have any previous games? Where are you based?



Hello, You seem very excited 

Our team is made up of two programmers, one artist and now a Sound designer

Here our group link

Hey Mohammed. The link expired I think. Can you send another one. Sorry. Thanks!


Hi! I am a sophomore in college and know quite a bit of C++ but I am not sure that I can turn those skills into a game yet. I am looking to be apart of a team that is willing teach me. I am a fast learner :)

hi there! i only made a few games so far but i still consider myself new at it. I mainly know Unity and C#. I am also a 3D artist! let me know if you're interested in working together!

Hello :) This would be my first game and Im willing to team up if you'd like. Im a sound designer and music composer so lmk if you're in need of that.


Hey I’m a 3d and technical artist with a pretty decent grasp on unreal! If you’re interested in workin together just let me know!

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Hey! I'm a computer engineer and I've been working as a programmer for the past 5 years, but I'm a newbie on game development. My experience is split in several languages, C, C#, Java, Node and so on.  Terrible at art related tasks. Reply if you want to team up to build our first shitty game.


First shitty game with pixel shit. I'm in.

Hey! this is my first jam, but I've been doing sound design and foley projects for film and tv for a similar amount of time as you. Is there any space for an audio guy in your team?

My discord: Kopero#0421

Sent, my name there's RobRomo :)


Hello, I have a background in software engineering, and I am looking to get into game development. I have been working with Unity on my own for a couple of weeks now, and would like to team up with some creative people to help with my first game jam.

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Hi there! Im a sound designer and music composer and this would be my first attempt at a game. If you're down to team up let me know :)


Hello, if you are still looking for a group to join we have a few people getting together on discord

We don't have a music or sound designer yet, so we would love to have you.  I

Sweet! That sounds great. I'll get in that discord right now :)

Hi I'm looking for a team to join, do you need help?

Hello. I still consider myself a beginner in making games even though i finished a couple of games on here. However I have a good amount of knowledge of Unity and the C# language. I am also a passionate 3D Artist. let me know if you want to work together. 

I will be happy to cooperate. I'm 3d artist. My portfolio:

Hi I'm looking for a team to join, do you need help?


Hello. I just graduated college and have a full time job. But I really want to explore my passion in Game Development. I consider myself a fast learner and would really like to learn Unity very much. I have a background in Computer Science Engineering  and can code in several languages. Would really love to be a part of a team in this Jam considering I have a job as well. Thanks alot in advance!

Hi I'm looking for a team to join, do you need help?


Sorry I found a team. Good Luck though!

hi everyone. My name is Tyler. New to game jams and developing. I’m a composer and interested in sound design. I haven’t learned much of the programs just yet for implementing audio but really want to learn that. If anyone is willing to help with that or steer me to good learning content that would be great. I would love to give this a shot with someone. 

I have some music here to listen to.

Hi Tyler! I've made 2 games before, both on itch. I'm pretty bad at sound design and music making in general and I would love to work with you.

Hi I Am Aryan And I Am Working On My First Indie Game... I Am A Good At Coding And GamePlay!! So...

Deleted 3 years ago

which game engine do u use

unity game engine

Hey everyone! I am a sophomore Computer Science student, and I know some C#.  I have been familiarizing myself with Unity these past several months. This is my first game jam (and actual game), and I would love for creative partners to join me in this jam. Please respond if interested. Thanks!

maybe i can help you? i can do music, levels, 3d modelling. but i need help in c# code. i do have a few ideas, but no problem if your looking for someone else. 

If you add me on Discord, we can chat. My tag is Batpenguin#8748.

i'll try.

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ive sent you a friend request in the name of icyfire4352

Hey, I know you have a music guy on this team, but do you need a general audio guy? Ive been doing film and tv for years and have gone through a bunch of WWISE & FMOD projects myself if that helps

Yeah that. Would be useful

Great, hmu on discord (RobRomo#8225) if you'd like :)

actually we're going solo

hi i need help with 3d art, i was just wondering you could make me some art

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I'm very new to making games using unity 3D. I can do a little bit in level design and blender. i can do a bit in music to. but I need help, texturing and I still depend on tutorials. So help is very, very appreciated.

(Oh and I still use free unity)

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I am a beginner(but not that bad) at 2d pixel art but it's my dream to make a game. If someone can help me with programming I'd be very happy. Discord:

Hi! I've made 2 games before are art and sound are my weaknesses. Would love to work with you.  Sent you a request on Discord, my name is Rain.

anyone looking for a composer/sound designer?? here's some sketches of my recent work :

Hey guys I'm new to the gameJam space and want to gain more exp. My focus is 3d modeling though I find myself working on environments mostly these days.

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Hello, I'm a newbie game developer and have been coding with Unity using c# for about 6 months. I have some experience with game jams but would like some help with coding, making a game look better, or  be more smooth! I would also love to have a pixel artist on the team!

Hello we already have a programmer in our team but you can come too. says it's been expired

I'm a pixel artist.

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Hello, I'm a recent graduate in a Masters for Sound Design for Games and I'm looking to start getting involved in some game jams and this feels like the perfect opportunity. I have strong knowledge in audio middleware such as FMOD and Wwise, a good grasp on game engines such as Unity/UE4 and a basic understanding of programming. I have had some in-house experience too. I do both sound design and composition and I'm looking to join a team. You can hear some of my work on my website:

My discord is Zensor#5713

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Hello! I'm looking for a team! I'm a moderately experienced composer/producer/sound designer looking to dive into the world of making audio for games. I've recently been learning to work with orchestral music but have done plenty of electronic/ambient stuff. I'm going to be attending school for film/game audio in the new year. I'm brand new to sfx, but really excited to try it out working on a project with some other newbies. I'm hoping to have some fmod/wwise implementation skills to work on as well by the time this jam starts. Get at me!

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Hello. I study Sofware Engineering and dip my toes into game development to see if I am any good at it. Overall, I am somewhat experienced with Gamemaker Studio 2 and Unity. (preferrably pixel-) artist would be much appreciated. I write music myself, but sound designer/composer would also be welcomed.

Hi there! I'd be really interested to work with you as a sound designer. Please see my above reply and let me know if you'd like to work together for this jam.

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Hi everyone! I am a sound designer and musician looking to join a team that doesn't mind this being my first attempt at a game. Also I am interested in learning how to implement audio into the game with wwise or something similar. I'm a quick learner and very passionate about audio and video games so let me know if you're interested :)

I'm a writer/director type person. I'm still in high school yet I have a pretty good grasp at making stories and characters. I think that, with a good programmer who is both willing to listen and willing to critique me, I could also weave the story and character in with gameplay in a meaningful way that isn't annoying. 

Anyone looking for a music composer? I have a lot of composing experience, but have never made music for a game. I'd love to be part of a team to get some experience!

Hi!I'm nick and I'm an (newbie) artist, I would love to be invited to a team so we can all learn together. I have little bit more experience in character and concept art (mostly backgrounds and props). No code knowledge at all, but can learn anything we may need in the art department.

Hey, Nick! Would you like to team up with me? You can find my introduction several posts higher. My Discord is chertkov#4545.

(1 edit)

sure! I just sent you a friend invite through Discord.

(1 edit)

I am working with untiy for 3 months now and this is my first jam. I have done a 38 hour unity tutorial and doing another one for 2d. I already have some knowledge that might be useful. Can I join you guys? My name on discord is Astro. I sent you a friend request. 

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Hello! I am a Peruvian programmer
I worked with classic web programming for a long time, but I always wanted to program a video game so I started practicing with unity 2d in these months.
Also I like the art, i draw sometimes, but on my pc i oly made some pixel art
My English is not the best, but I try to understand.

Deleted 3 years ago

Want to join my ?

Hello. I have done a 35 hour 2d  game development course on Udemy. I also like 3d very much.  This is my first time joining a Jam. I would love to have a team to communicate with.  Does someone have a team i can join?

Yahp, the name's Bosh and I'm mostly into simulators and have been making a few in unity for the past month. I'm fairly well versed with coding (coder before gamedev) and that's about it. I'm mostly interested in getting to know people who also like to code and thought that a game jam would be a good place to find cool people. I'm down to do anything but I'm most comfortable with coding systems and overarching frameworks but I'm not bad at the finer details either. Not asking for a single partner but rather as many people as possible to get acquainted with. Message/comment if you wanna learn and hang with me.

-|--> ONLY INTERESTED IN 3D GAMES <--|- (for now, but I can be convinced)

hey I can help if you want....

hey everyone... I am a newbie to game dev and am good in coding and gameplay mechanics... but I need help in art and music so I would appreciate it if someone helped in art and music... thanks in advance :)

Hi! I want to help you with the art. I am very good in 2d art :)

ok shygurl... so how do we contact


Hi all! I'm a composer looking to get my feet wet in game music - have worked for a long time in TV/Film and as a bandleader/concert composer, but not much game experience! My specialty is in live performance-based music (I play a handful of instruments) combined with processing and electronics. I'm a quick learner and love diving into new tech/software. Linking my portfolio of recent music and my website - let me know if you're looking for someone new to create and learn with!

Submitted (1 edit)

Hello my name is SpiralFlip, I'm a musician that has been steadily teaching myself music production and music composition and would like to work with anybody that is in need of some music. I don't have much expericen with sound design but I'm open to exploring that avenue if needed. Here are a few of the tracks i've done:

Wow that sounds really cool. Mind to join?

Submitted (1 edit)

Sorry i've found a team already :( but thank you for the kind words.


Its okay

Hi, I am Federico and I am 11 years old, I know some things as:
- Unity (Move player in 3D and camera following player, Hirarchy, Collisions, trigger and no trigger things).
- Program in C# (Medium level)(Not my fortress).
- A bit of HTML5.
- Construct 3 (Medium level).
- Gdevelopment (Medium level).

I talk in Spanish, but I can speak English well ;)
I am new in Jams and I want to learn, so I will try to contribute as much as I can, but I am here to learn.

Discord name:
Federico #6128

Hi, I'm Zaki. I'm almost as skilled as you. Would you like to join me?

(1 edit)

Ok, thanks!
What´s your name in Discord or Skype or Whatsapp?

(1 edit)

Myayam#8444 This

Edit : Friend Request is pending...

I just accepted you ;)

que carajo tenés 11 años amigo te felicito 👏🏼 Estás re loco jajajjaa

Hi, im'in your same conditions, can i join your team? my Discord name is: OfficialCroma#3334 , i will send you the firendly request

I am very sorry, I have to leave the Jam for personal reasons.
I am sure you will find another mate with all your skills.
I wish you luck, guys.

programmer,  writer, n composer looking for an artist! i use renpy and working on learning godot !

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Hi, I'm currently studying game dev. My strong point is programming in Unity and C#, but I also have some decent knowledge of C++ and UE4. Looking for other coders and/or artists. 

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Hey I'm a coder/programmer in Unity. I know how to code in c# and do many other stuff in Unity. I also know how to use Blender. I have 1 year of experience in game developpement. I would be happy to join you. My discord is dArKhAcKs#7713.

Hey, I'm a pretty good Python programmer, but have literally  zero experience with the GUI. I also program on Scratch

hey mee too! I can help u with unity... I have 6 months of experience

Hey Scratch can be posted on here.  

 When I was younger I would make scratch into .exe all the time. I hope this video helps you with your game.

what? I don't use scratch, I use unity. thanks tho

Hey what's up! I'm super new to game jams and have never participated before! I'm not really a programmer. I'm much more of a concept artist, but I can also make assets for games themselves (2D only, and I have the best experience with pixel art!) I guess hit me up if you're looking for someone like me!

(2 edits)

Hey egg, I'm in need of art (Especially 2D). Would you like to join me?

I'd definitely be interested in seeing what's going on!

Well if its a deal here's my Discord Account : Myayam#8444

Are you guys looking for any more coders ? I have a year experience in Unity and coding, currently studying game dev. You contact me on discord: COgnjen#3394

I am noob, can make a simple game at Clickteam fusion 4. Lol

Hello there!
I can make sound design and compose music, and I'm just beginning to learn sound implementation in unity!
If anyone is interested, I'd love to join a team for my first gamejam!
(Feel free to ask if you want to listen to some tracks)
Thank you! 

hello i am new to pygame  whats this game jam for?

anyone want to team up

(1 edit)

Hi i am a more or less new dev (i've been making games for ~2 mojnths now) and i always work solo normally. If anyone wants to team up with me tho i would be glad to team up. My skills are basic coding (c#) (which i want to improve), 3D moddeling with blender and making music.

I am mainly using unity

Hmu if anyone is interestet
Discord: Reshicrom #4750

I have coded on unity for 4 or 5 years now, im 14. Hoping to get an artist or a sound designer on my team. I might already have an artist but not sure yet.

Hello! I'm a 17 years old 2d Artist living in Argentina. I've been studying drawing, painting and animation online for a few years now. These are some of my works: 

Mostro (character for a short film)

Hector! (character for a shortfilm)

The Memory Broughter (shortfilm)

Work in progress

I hope we can chat and make some games!! 👋🏽😁
You can check more of my art on Instagram 
Send me a discord invite: (Pablo Chamber#5034)


Are you looking for a team for the Beginners Circle Jam #3? I am a beginner programmer myself who, so far, has only worked with Unity and C#. I have done two game jams so far but never worked with a team! I'm looking to work with an artists this time around and thought your stuff looked great! 

Hey, I'm a game dev student, I've been coding for about a year now in Unity and C#, wanna team up ?


That's some great work for a 17yo beginner! Keep it up!

Thank you so much 😅


Our team isn't really looking for another artist, I just wanted to pop in and say I really like your work, and to wish you the best of luck!

aw thank you so much man 😄🥰 that's so nice, you too man! 🤜🏼

(1 edit)

Hey yall!
I've been looking to join a game jam for a very long time but never did, although now that corona is in town I figure now would be a great time to do so! 
My interests lies within programming and level / world design. 
I have used Javascript the most within web development but i also know a fair bit of C#
I have varied experience with Unity, Source Engine, Cry Engine but open and interested in using whatever
I would love to find a team of people to develop something with so feel free to reach out to me :)

Deleted 3 years ago

I've sent you a friend request under the same name as here :)

Deleted 3 years ago

Sounds really good! I have tried to sent you a invite but it says the username is wrong so you can add me instead her -> JakeTheDane#3731

ok I sent request to u ;)

(1 edit)

My skills: 3D level designer, Unity, Unreal


Looking for: experienced team that cares about level design!
Timezone: GMT+3.5
DM me if you are interested 

Hi. i'm looking for an artist or a composer to help make my game for the game jam.


kushlungsmcbone#7716 I'm a composer, 2D artist, and writer. I'm already teamed up with one other newbie developer (mostly Unity with some experience with JavaScript and C+). If you're interested in joining our group, discord me

Hello everybody! I'm a composer looking to get my feet in game music - have worked for a long time as a bandleader/concert composer, and I want to add some game experience! My specialty is in live performance and compose instrumental  music (I play a handful of instruments) . I'm a quick learner. Linking my portfolio with an idea of videogame music and some instrumental Stuff on Guitar- let me know if you're looking for someone new to create and learn with!

(1 edit)

Hey all!

I'm a recent college grad with a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. Most of my project experience has been in full-stack web and mobile dev, but as of late I've been exploring game dev more seriously. I participated in my first game jam a few months ago and had a great experience, and would love to find a team to work with for this one.

I have a little experience with Godot and UE4, but I'm open to using whatever technology the team is most comfortable with. My main languages are C++, JavaScript, and Python, but again, I'm open to working with whatever stack we deem appropriate.

Hope everyone has a great jam! 😄

(1 edit)

I’m a professional musician with lots of experience recording and composing. I’ve done some sound design too and have a little experience playing around with Godot. Just trying to gain some more experience, so hit me up if you’re looking for a newbie team member! You can check out my music on my website

Hey! If your are still interested DM me! nikofon#0395

hello ,someone need's a level designer or 2d.

if anyone is interested here an example of my work

Hello, do you want to team up? The team have a 2D-artist and Unity programmer. It would be great to have someone who knows something about level building. My timezone is UTC+3. I am #5090 Owlmoss at Discord

Hey' im a begginer gamedev using construct so if your an artist intressted just hit me up on discord Plague.Octor#5431

I am an unity developer looking for an team mate

can i join to :D


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Может делать простые и глупые игры с Clickteam Fusion 4. Так что я ****.But i can Do cool figures and animation

Hey you want to team up with me?

(1 edit)

Im interested in getting some practice in group projects through game jams, i've studied sfx, got some microphones for recording and i use reaper and FMOD for making soundscapes. Im mostly versed in unity, but also very interested in working with unreal, i pretty much just about know how the audio map kinda works. Im not good at coding though, just the audio part.

I have written a chunk of story for a swedish text based roleplaying game called Midgard, so im interested in game writing too. But haven't written stuff in english for quite some time.

I've worked on 2 shorter game projects through my studies and looked at other disciplines work during them. And now that my studies are done i want to learn and see more. :)

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 3 years ago

Hey, I'm a newbie developer for Unity, however I have some experience with JavaScript and C+ before. I feel a lot more comfortable with programming and game dev software compared to art and music production. From looking through your deviantart and bandcamp, it seems that you have a lot better grasp of art and music compared to me. (great stuff btw). Is it cool if I teamed up with you for this jam?

Submitted (1 edit)

Absolutely! I'm Patrick, nice to meet you! ^u^


Hey, nice to meet you Patrick. I'm Carlos. Do you want to work together over discord?


Sure! kushlungsmcbone#7716



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My name is Greg and I am a musician and composer. I have worked on creative projects that span an array of mediums including video games, animation, and podcasts. 

I am always creating something- looking to craft a sound that evokes a sense of emotion or purpose within my music. I enjoy creating soundscapes and melodies that reminisce on a feeling of nostalgia and wonder.  Below are a few links to some of my works.  I am currently looking to expand my scope of work and lend my talents to new and exciting projects! 

Else Walker

Supertry Studios



Pretend Friends

Pretend Friends Season 2 OST

Discord VidaZen#3177

i would like to join a team which works with unity im a beginner

Konijn#2973 on Discord


We are a team of two newbies looking for a third person. Preferably either a level designer or an all-arounder. Some Jam experience would be nice, but is not mandatory.
I'm a 2D artist, composer, audio engineer, and writer. My partner Carlos is a developer mainly in Unity, with some Javascript and C+ experience. If you're interested in joining up with us, join our Game Jam Discord here ^u^

Hello everyone, 

I am a beginner Unity developer, you can see some sample works on my profile. I am looking for an artist and a musician.

Hey! I can do the music :)
You can listen to my work here (There are a lot of old tracks but I'm working on several new ones)

hey Issam, im also a beginner, i use godot but i could do art, i have been doing pixel art for some months now, reply and i will link you my discord

Hello guys!

I really like video games / indie games, and I want to make games with fun or wise ideas.

I make electronic music for 5 years, and most of them are pop music or electronic music. I composed several music tracks for a game 3 years ago, and now I want to make a game myself.

I don't have any art or program skill but I can give idea and make music.

If u want to team up with me or have question, feel free to contact me :D

... there are some demos I made 3 years ago:

Deleted 3 years ago

Do you think you code code a text adventure with some basic CRT effects?

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Yes, I Could Do It

Cool! Send me a DM on Discord if you'd be interested in doing the game jam with me. I can do all of the writing/worldbuilding. We just need someone who can do sound work. 


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Hi all! I'm a music composer new to game jams and looking for a team! Here's my VGM playlist, updated very recently (mostly orchestral, with some influences from the 16-bits era, jazz and traditional music from Africa, Brazil and the Balkan area ):

I listened to your music and it was pretty good. If you want to participate with me and another person (he's a coder) in the game jam, contact me on Discord! 


I Am A programmer And Want A Team / Friends For Graphics And Character .

Pls Help 

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Your music sounds great! If you'd like to make a text adventure team with me, all we'd need is a somewhat experienced programmer.

Looking to make a text adventure with someone for the game jam! I can help develop the storyline and write all of the dialogue, characters, item names and descriptions, ect. Looking for someone with basic programming skills-- or someone just very experienced with Twine or any other text adventure engine, and someone who can develop music! 

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edit: TEAM FULL 

Good Luck with your games!

Hi Everybody!

hi doctor nick!

I started to teach myself C# and Unity during the pandemic this year and have so far participated in two game jams solo. I am looking for other programmers, artists, and musicians to form a team and create something cool for this game jam! I am easy to get along with and a hard worke so if that sounds good to you reply here or DM me on discord!(even if you just wana chat about games) coolhotdogguy#4788

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I would like to team up with you  : ) But this is my first game jam and I am new to game  development .If you are interested my discord Dashig#7794 . Hope to see your reply : )

Hi Scaryredgorilla,

I am a composer with a tiny bit of experience. I did a few pieces for some small demo projects a few years back that unfortunately disbanded before anything was released. I've never participated in a jam before so looking to learn alongside other people who are as new to this as I am. If you would like to work together please just let me know. I'll put my email and instagram link where I've been posting snippets of my latest work below.

Hi people!
I am a intermediate unity developer, looking for a partner/ team to work with in the jam. I am looking for an artist to team up with, and pixel art is also a ok! 

Here's my itch page if you will be interested

DM me on discord if interested! Eden#6746

I've never done a game jam, but I'd love to help with the art.


Hello, I'm a professional music composer, I want to meet passionnated people :) Here's a demo : 

Feel free to speak to me! Thanks, I will be looking for teams to in comment too!

Hi! Are u still looking for a team? If so feel free to DM me! nikofon#0395

Hey there!

I'm a 24 years old software engineer from Spain who's into game dev as a hobby, the main issue i find is that i don't have an artist with whom to team up. Also, it would be nice to have a musician in the team since i don't have any particular experience in composing music

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Hey there! has the role for a musician been filled yet? I've studied for two years and I have experience with music outside of those years of study. I'm looking to expand my experience, as I've not composed much video game music. I await your reply! 

contact me via discord: Isonzo#8015

or gmail:

well I am totally new to game jams. I just started out with godot need someone who could help me learn game development 


Deleted 3 years ago

Hi guys, im looking for a 2d Artist/Musician/Composer, i'm in a team of 4 people all of us are programmer, so i need an Artist, if you are interested contact me on discord OfficialCroma#3334

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Still looking for a music/sound guy? I can do most of the stuff in the sound field including composition/production and try myself in sound design

Discord Snil4#1467

Yeah! I'm still interested! i have a team of 6 people: 4 C# and Unity Beginners and 2 pixel art Designer, with a little bit of experience

Im a 2D/3D artist who can help with concepts and animation if you guys need :)

here's what I'm working on right now to get a feel of my work :


I am a beginner in Unity engine, and this is the first game jam I`ve ever joined.

I have gained some experience with scripting in Unity, but I can`t do the art, scence & level design part of the game on my own.

I am really willing to team up with sb who is interested in game art and design!

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I could help with design. I really love designing characters and stories! I don't have Unity yet, but I can download it if need be.

My discord is: SwordsOfTheCourt#8621

Hello, I'm pretty new to this sorta thing. A friend pointed me in this direction so that I could gain some experience.

I just started majoring in computer engineering and am fairly new to programming. Right now I'm pretty familiar with Java, but I'm getting myself acquainted with C++ and I'm tinkering with Godot. I draw in my spare time, and I have some experience with music production. I'm looking for teammates or a team to join.

I have studied 3 years of sound design, worked in two projects making sfx and one project as a game writer. I'd gladly team up with you if you need sound/text. Started learning unreal and have exp with unity (only as far as sound implementation goes though.)

Hi Chris,

I've never participated in a game jam before and am fairly inexperienced when it comes to working in a team setting. I did a few demo projects a few years ago that didn't go anywhere unfortunately. I'm a composer. If you end up needing a music guy, I'd love to be apart of the team and learn and work together. 

Feel free to reach out if you need me. Thank you! 


Here is an old SoundCloud account I used to post my music to if you would like to listen to some of my work:


Hello, everyone!

I'm a rookie c# programmer and I have been studying 2D games in Unity about 9 months (Unity Learn and Udemy, mainly). I'm looking to join/create a beginner team with some 2D artist and game musician to improve our skills together for this jam and to get lots of fun. I'm currently unemployed, so I will can invest quite much time in this. Finally, I'm spanish, and in spite of my writting skills aren't so bad, my verbal communication could be not the best in this language (I prefer to be honest). Anyway, I'm open to join an english or spanish team.  Let's create something together!

Thank you all and good luck!


¡Hola a todos! 

Soy un programador de C# novato (aunque tengo algo de experiencia en Java) y  llevo estudiando desarrollo de videojuegos 2D con Unity unos 9 meses. Estoy buscando crear o unirme a un equipo novato para esta Jam, para mejorar nuestras habilidades y divertirnos. Actualmente estoy en paro (aunque estoy cursando otros estudios), por lo que podría invertir en la Jam unas cuantas horas al día. ¡Creemos algo juntos!

¡Gracias a todos y buena suerte!


Hey! I'm a musician also looking for a team. In addition to music, I also have a bit of experience with SFX. I am also learning sound implementation in Unity through Wwise! You can check my Soundcloud if you want ( My Discord is
Además, yo hablo un poco de espanol (soy portugués).  


Good morning, Miguel. I would be glad! I have listened some of your tracks are are awesome! Really nice for RPGs.

I will contact you by discord and send some of the mini-games I have programmed.

I'm glad to meet you

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I am new to the game development part but if want cool new ideas I can help , I can do what you tell me to do just that I am no experienced so I need help but I promise I will try my best to be a good teammate. I am using the Unity Game Engine.     : D 


Hi everyone!

I'm Unity developer looking for a good 3D designer.

target 1st place

Hey All!

I am a new hobbyist dev that uses Godot, but also does Art and Sound Effects. Here is my first game to see what I can do:

Please HMU if you're looking for a team member for Godot or want somebody to make some sound effects for your game!  I'm alright at pixel art, but I am better at programming and sound design.

Deleted 3 years ago
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I am a game maker "medium advanced" programmer and I need an 2D animator and an musician

P.D: I am really good working in team

EDIT: I already have a musician, I only need a 2d animator

Hey I'm a 2D artist, if your still looking my Discord is audrey#3029 and I would be happy to create with you. I have experience using Untiy and GameMakerStudio2 as well.

cool! I'm Azter#5350

Evening All

I'm a backend python developer in my day job who made made a few games for fun back in 2014 with GameMaker (mainly with the WYSIWYG editor). Am working from home during lockdown and am keen to get back into the scene, meet new people and have fun making games.

I'm looking for a team that needs a programmer. I've got limited experience with game scripting (Unity/Unreal/Godot) but am very keen to improve my knowledge here there are lots of fun problems to solve that don't come up in my day job writing business logic XD. 

I can also do basic pixel art  and sound editing. I played tabletop rpgs for many a year so also have some experience with storytelling (provided you want a story about murder hobos =P).



Deleted 2 years ago

Hello, Pedro! I'm Pablo, a coder. I have been studying Unity for  about 9 months, focused on 2D games. Our team, at the moment, is based on a musician on me, so I guess a pixel artist would be fit so nicely. In addition, we are spanish speakers (I suppose you too cause your name). If you want, we can keep talking by Discord.

Hey, im an Australian IT student who is brand new to game dev, im looking for someone to learn from/with and would be interested in taking part in this jam. Hit me up!

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Hi! Im new to game development and I can't wait to start! I specialize in art and writing. I personally love kawaii and wholesome games! 

I specialize in Photoshop but I can download Unity if need be.

I would love to help in a team in anyway I can. 

Hey! If u still searching for the team this is my discord: nikofon#0395 (I'm not really a team, just a single person but still :))

Cool! I just sent you a friend request! My name is catattack. 

Hi! Do You need Another Programmer?

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well why not! Dm me nikofon#0395

Hi Leoniju!

I don't know if you are already apart of a team, but if you are in need of a composer, I'd love a shot at it. I'm a fairly novice composer. I've done a few small demo projects a couple of years ago, but the teams disbanded before anything could be released. This would be my first jam so I am looking to just have some fun making a game and learn along the way. 

Please let me know if you'd like to work together. Thanks!

Here is my instagram where I've been posting snippets of some of my latest work:

Hello! I wanna take part of this game jamwith a team! I'm a composer with a couple of years of experience, and I would love to get some experience composing music for videogames, as I have not done a whole lot of that yet. I've gotten into programming with Godot recently, if you have no need for a musician and instead need a programmer (though I must admit I'm still quite clunky on that front). You can contact me on discord: Isonzo#8015

Hope to hear from someone soon!

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We are currently looking for a composer! Feel free to DM me if you are interested nikofon#0395 !

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Hello everyone. My name is Cody Mitchell. I'm very new to the world of video game composing. I've done some work a few years ago for a couple demo projects but their production's stopped before anything could be released. I'm getting back into it and I thought some game jams would be a great place to get my feet wet (again). I'm a composer, but wouldn't mind trying my hand at some sound design too. 

I'd love to struggle through a jam and develop our skills together, so if you need some music for a jam, let's do this! -


Im using gamemaker studio 2 to make my games.  Im also not very experienced i have only used it for about 6 months. Im also not very creative when it comes to ideas. But I always feel bored when im not working on a game so if anyone would like to create something just message me. 

Hello Daddysucc5000 - I'm looking to participate in my first ever game jam. I see you were possibly looking for some people to make something with. I'm a composer and could do some music and possibly even sound FX if need be. I've done some small demo projects in the past, but they unfortunately disbanded before anything got released. I'm just looking to learn and grow by participating in some game jams so I would definitely be up for working together if you wish. 

Here is my Instagram where I've been posting some of my newer stuff -

I'm programmer but i'm really bad at drawing and make sound effects. I need someone to help me with design. I have a 6 years experience with Unity, but i never take a time to really learn it, i only download things aleatory on the Internet and make some random scripts hehe, but i want to make something original, i want to make different. Please if there's some graphic designer here to help me

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I've studied 3 years of sfx, worked on 2 group projects in unity and some basic sound implementation in unreal. I have some game writing exp and picked up some game design from other student friends, im not great at those though. I want to blast through game jams to grow my sound library and hopefully learn more of other disciplines. Cant do any graphics or code though.

You can find me on discord Thylmar#7066

Hi all!

I'm an Australian voice actor. I'm happy to provide my services to you for free for the jam.

My demo and studio specs can be found on my website:

If you need a voice, efforts, etc. feel free to e-mail me at with:

  • The name of the jam
  • What you need from me for your project (any examples similar to what you're after is useful)
  • When you need it by
  • Links or samples of your previous work is a plus!

and I'll do my best to help you out.

Good luck, everyone!

- Nina

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hey wanna join me if yes hit me up

my discord:randon boy#1175

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Hello, I work as a Unity C# Programmer.  I have worked on projects such as a Flight Simulator, VR Aim trainer, IO game, 2.5D Platformer, Tower Defence Game (All of which I can show on Discord)  Here's a public game I recently programmed in 48 hours (I programmed AI, Pathfinding, Wave Manager ect...) 

My Discord: imtrash#9516

Hi I'm Audrey, I saw you were looking to do the beginner game Jam and would love to make a team with you. I am mostly an artist with experience doing both 3D and 2D work (although I'm better with 2D). I also have made a game in GameMakerStudio 2 and am currently learning how to use Unity. Coding is definitely not my strong suit but i can help for sure. Let me know if your down and I'd love to make something cool with you for the Jam! I friend requested you on Discord, hope we can make something cool!

hello there I'm a new to making games and I chose to use unity, I can make great 2d pixel art (16*16) and i am a sound artist, i am looking for  permanent team

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I am a unity programmer who has three years experience. I released a game on Steam called Badminton Warrior, and did the animations, music, and sound effects. I know how to use FL Studio, Animate Pro, and Aesprite. I am currently looking for teammates. It would be great to find a good pixel artist and composer to work with. Also, if you are an expert at unity, that would be great too since I am still a beginner/intermediate.

 If you want to know more about me, checkout my KreatorBus profile here: 

Contact me if you are interested.

I want to be on a team. But the one conditon is that I need to be in full charge of whatever game we make. I'm the best, and I have endless skills. Hit me up guys, looking for 3-4 person team

hit me up soon guys, last chance! i may have to raise my rates after today, just a heads up

Hey i need a team i have been coding for 4 years! I believe a team will make me better if you want to join me pls reply!(I USE UNITY)

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maybe looking for a music/sound guy? I can definitely help with both composition, production, and maybe try some sound design

Discord Snil4#1467

ye i was looking for a guy like you! tell me whenever you free hit me up

Hey man i think your discord tag is not correct kindly send me correct username

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
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hello, I'm trying to get into music production and I want to improve my skills just before I get my hands dirty in music college. If anyone is in need of music or sound design I would be glad to join your team, also I have little knowledge in unity just for the sake of implementing sound.

Edit: Sorry but found a team already.

see i replied you but give me your user    so i could get up with you

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Heya ^^ Im a computer science student starting in game development , mainly interested in the programming part. The stuff I've done so far has only been Unity (C#). I'm looking for someone that wants to do videogame art in general . I'll adapt to anything you want to do, I just want to practice, we can make whatever ideas you have. New artists take this as an oportunity to improvise and do whatever you want , I'll adjust

My discord is Reina is Bae #5469

Hi Reina, i can't find you on Discord with that username but I would love to team up with you. I am a 2D and (to a slightly lesser extent) 3D artist. My own discord name is audrey#3029 you can see my work at


I would like to be lead game designer but I've dabbled in pretty much everything. If there are any teams recruiting feel free to contact me on discord.  BurnerReborn#9931

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Hi I'm Audrey, and I'm looking to join a team! I am mostly an artist with experience doing both 3D and 2D work (although I'm better with 2D). I also have made a small game in GameMakerStudio 2 and am currently learning how to use Unity and C#. Coding is definitely not my strong suit but I can help for sure. Let me know if your down and I'd love to make something cool with you for the Jam! My discord is audrey#3029 hmu

 Hi audrith! I'm Croma,   i have a team named 7Dust, we are 5 and we are looking for a 2D artist! You can be Expert/Intermediate or beginner, no matters! The only important thing it's that we will enjoy this Jam! If you are interested accept my friendly request, and i will invite you on my Discord Server, where there are the other guys! Thank you for paying attention to me!



I'm Soham .

We could make a team. I am using Unity Game Engine and C# for making games. 

I've studied 3 years of sfx, worked on 2 group projects in unity and some basic sound implementation in unreal. I have some game writing exp and picked up some game design from other student friends, im not great at those though. I want to blast through game jams to grow my sound library and hopefully learn more of other disciplines. Im hopeless with graphics and code though. :)

You can find me on discord Thylmar#7066

Added you on discord so that we can talk more ;)


Yo Guys!

I make games using Unity and C#. I would like a teammate for this Game Jam. 

I'm a godot programmer.. and that's about it. 

Hi, I'm a music composer and sound designer based in the UK, looking for a team. I have some implementation experience, and you can check out some of my previous music work at

I know this is a bit late, but are you still looking for a team? We use discord for our communications and we have a team set up and we only have one composer. If you have discord, here is my discord: PanaCanadianDevPeep#5799 otherwise I'll see what I can do


Im a beginner game maker. And also a 3D artist. I can make some low poly 3D models for the game jam. Im also ok at pixel art.


Hi, I'm a Unity programmer, I'm ready to team up with you :)



Hi! Im a 3D/2D artist looking for a team ! :) I worked on a few teams before and I can work with git to import assets. Mostly wanting to work on a 2D game if anyone is interested! Here's a preview of what im working on right now to get an idea for what I make, I made the skybox/background as well :

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I've been coding for more than 15 years; and recently began using unity and learning how to code vgs.

Would like to help and be part of a team <3

Hi Klaha. Would love to team up with you for the Jam. Usually i'm open for anything but for this jam I have a particular vision. I want to make an easy-to-play but hard to master strategy game inspired by Euro board games, deckbuilding roguelikes and Zachtronics games. The game will be matched or 'run' based and have ton's of replay value as the player learns more about the system.

If that sounds good then I look forward to working with you. Also nice Dino game clone!

ABOUT ME: Hello! I'm have basic skills at Unity and Art/Sound design. My strongest skill is game design and as a producer (i.e being able to complete a project by a set deadline). I have successfully participated in a few game jams in the past which you can check out of my page :

VISION: For this Jam I want to make an easy-to-play but hard to master strategy game inspired by Euro board games, deckbuilding roguelikes and Zachtronics games. The game will be matched or 'run' based and have ton's of replay value as the player learns more about the system.

LOOKING FOR: A more experienced programmer in Unity or another engine or another game designer who is passionate about system-based strategy games. Once thse positions are filled, I would also be looking for an experienced artist and sound designer.

Reply below if interested!

Hey everyone! I'm a composer specializing in acoustic/folk instruments (everything from fiddle to nyckelharpa to igil) - I have a ton of experience as a performing and recording musician/composer, looking to get my feet wet with games! I'm also down to do SFX and other sound design, new to that as well!

My composer reel is here:

Let me know if you're looking for a composer!


I need a Team for my game, I have a little bit knowledge about Unity and stuff and yes i need a partner :D

So we can work together!

My discord: Da Magma#1040

Hi Game Jammers, 

This is my first game jam. Please get in touch if you are looking for a sound designer. 

Here is an example of some of my work:

My Discord Is: ALittleNoise#1856

Hi all!  I am 3D and 2D character artist and animator, and I would like to join a team!

I have examples of my work that I can share on my Discord.

Discord: FatFoot#1309

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Hi! We are a team of 2 software engineers making a 2D platformer game for this Jam and looking for a 2D artist of any level!

We are not after any specific skills, so you can be a beginner and learn with us no problem!
This is our first jam so we have a lot to learn! We started coding today and we made this so far:

The game will be about a frog traveling different planets and facing its natural predators!

We also have a Discord server and a Trello board with a description of all the assets we currently need, so we can stay organized :)

Hey guys. Would love to work with you on a future JAM. But sadly booked up for this one. 

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I'm a high school student who started with Unity about 2-3 years ago. I've never really participated in any of these game jams but would love to try this, and would love to get to know people and team up with people. I would preferably do this via discord. Please keep in mind also that I'm in high school so I may not have much time but I'll try and decidate as much time as possible, and never really done one of these things before, so may not finish it, but I will try my best to finish it. I'm looking for perferably a team or I can get a team together with an artist and a composer if possible. Yo hablo un poco de Español tambien.

Don't hesitate to talk on discord:

Discord: PanaCanadianDevPeep#5799



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I am a composer looking for a team!! If your team needs some music, please contact me here or through my discord Starstruck#4956 =)

Hey everyone. :) New to Jams but I've made a few games before (see my profile). The game I'm doing for this jam is a bit like aliens, where a team of marines go to a planet and scavenge for loot. It's cartoony stuff. I'd love to find someone to work with who would do the music. If that sounds good, hit me up or email tomarmstrong1 AT thanks!

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Hello everyone, I'm an intermediate level game developer (Unity/C#) looking to participate in my first game jam. I want to broaden my skills and become a better game developer as well as make a connection with others, so we can learn together. I have made some basic games before for my university projects in which I implemented some basic GUI, character movements, AI behaviors, sounds, and lighting in Unity. I am eager to find other people of any skill level participate in this jam and even continue working together beyond the game jam. 

If anyone is interested, my discord is Ent#6828 just add me and we can team up!


edit: found a team

Hello I am new Unity Developer, wanting to participate in my first Game Jam. I had some experience with Java programming so I understand intermediate level of programming quite well. I have published my first micro game on android and implemented Google Games Services with Leaderboard.
I would love to join some team and start developing with other people. 

If anyone is interested here is my Discord:


Hello. I'm new to game jams, but quite experienced in coding and working with unity engine,  would also love to work on sound and music for a game.
Looking for a team!

Hi I am a programmer who is 18 years old! I have multiple years of experience with programming. Since about half a year to a year I have been learning Unity. Last 2 months quite a lot. I am at the moment in computer technologies college but I want to switch to game programming and I would like to build a portfolio through gamejams!
I hope there is a team that I can join!

Heey dude I also have a little bit of knowledge with unity!,  I dont have a team, but perhaps we can make one? question mark? I'm 20 years old, I'm a front end developer 

Hey! Can you add me on Discord? President#3642


Hi! I'm looking for an artist and a sound designer to help me upgrade the game  i created for this jam.

The game is not totally ready, but already playable (meanwhile, i improvised the designs). 

My discord: elroi#8624

Hi lroy! I'm a sound designer/composer interested in participating in my first game jam! I've sent you a friend request on discord :)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Hello! We are a team of 2 software engineers making a 2D platformer game for this Jam and are still looking for a 2D artist of any level!

We are not after any specific skills, so you can be a beginner and learn with us no problem! This is our first jam so we have a lot to learn! We started the project a week ago and we made this so far:

The game will be about a frog traveling different planets and facing its natural predators!  You can work on any type of assets (characters, platforms, backgrounds, etc!)

We also have a Discord server and a Trello board with a description of all the assets we currently need, so we can stay organized :)

I'm interested. I sent a friend request on Discord.

Deleted 3 years ago

Actually, this thread was for the  Beginners CIrcle #3, which concluded last week.

Begginer here.. looking for a team.

I have some coding experience with Godot and Renpy. I can also do some basic graphics and/or sounds.


This thread was created for an already finished game jam. You probably are looking for Begginers Circle #4 or something.

Oh, thanks. It still shows up on the official jam page.

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hi i want a team but MY english is 1/2 and i am 1/2 pixel art 1/2 programer.if you want me tell me

(1 edit)

if you want to test me go to my profile and try the prototype i made and draw.ONLY ME in about a week.

Hi! My name is Anniemay and I'd love to work on a team to make something super fun to play! I'm mainly a writer, (story, dialogue, etc.) but love designing and drawing art! I'm happy to learn and use any system though have had prior experience on Unity and Unreal. I also use Blender for 2D work, 3D modelling and animation!

hello everyone, total newbie to game jams here. Musician, audio engineer, complete beginner in coding GML, and massive gamer. Looking for anyone that needs music for a game and/or take me on a journey through the coding process, hit me up!

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It's my first jam too

I'm a coder, know godot pretty well, and somewhat begginer artist.

You can see my game Phaser here! (it's still work in progress)
I'm totaly down if you wanna team up for this jam!

Hit me up on discord if you use that: DPM#0461

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you mean Programer or story things


I have experience programming (I am a french student in Computer Science) but I am a beginner at game making. I only recently started learning and using Unity and really want to improve by doing a first real game during this game jam. I am looking for anyone interested but particularly someone with skills such that we will complement one other (for exemple an artist). If you're also a beginner please do not hesitate, we can learn and improve together through this game jam (:


If you want a music composer and a sound designer, me and my friend work together and we are looking for our first game too, so no pressure and we want to learn and improve working with others 

hi i to want to inprove my coding skill in unity and my art do you still need a artist 

Hi Solarisu (je suis aussi étudiant à bordeaux en production) I can help you producing games and would like to team up for the next beginner jam :)

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Hi! I'm looking to join the beginners game jam for UX/UI and looking for a team to join. I have previous experience in games in a different role 

Hi I am looking for a team  i have had expereanc in a game jam before and i am willing to do art for the game and sound to

What’s going on guys! I go by the name Kavelos.

Looking to join a team and bring my skills to the table. I am a songwriter, sound designer, and audio engineer.

Absolutely love making soundtracks and SFX for games. If you’re looking for someone with experience in music and sound design don’t feel shy to reach out.

Looking forward to collaborating with you!

hi i am an 2d / 3d artest do you need one ?

I don’t. Mainly just a music guy.  I’m in the same boat as you. Looking for a home.

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Hi, me and my friend are looking for a 2d artist and a sound designer, we are two programmer, this is our first game jam. I'm actually working on a game just to practice (you can find a gif  on my profile). We are here if you want to enter in our Team.

Hi I am a 2d artist and can do sound if need be can I join you team?

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I sent you a friend request

Hi I'm a producer, can I help you ?

Sure :) Give me your Discord.


Hello, I am a Unity programmer/Pixel Artist looking to team up with either a programmer or an artist and also a composer. I participated in the previous Beginner Circle Jam and had such a good experience, I thought I would do it again. You can checkout my previous work and find out more about me here:
I pretty much work in the 2D space. Also, I would prefer working with people in the EST, CST, or PST timezones to make meetings easier.
For anyone interested, I can be contacted through my email address:


I am i need of a team , i know the basics with unity any help is welcome , Diacord is my main way to comunicate , if anyone wants to help me I will tell them my Discord name in the replys thanks

Hi ! I'm beginner and have producing skills in cinema. Would like to try producing video games. Can someone help me in small hyper-casual projects ? :)

I want a team that can program, and I don't mean with game engines, I mean actual scripts, if anyone would like to join please let me know

What's your role inside a team?

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Your choice, here is a list of what you can do -
programming graphics

programming AI(if needed)

programming player controls(if needed)

testing the game

also the game will be made in html5 with js and css

But my question is what's YOUR role not mine :)

oh im going to be in programming  player controls.

Beginner narrative designer/game writer here! I can write for a game, and I have some minor programming knowledge, so I'd love to learn more. Anyone know would be valuable for a narrative designer?

I'm Lucas,a 16 years old Brazilian. Trying to learn pixel art for games. I study pixel art for a month, but I want to try to take my art for a game.

hi i have some tips for beggining pixel artist 

you prob dont need it tho

Of course i need. I'm sorry not answer sooner, I was speaking with a team that want me to participate with them. Can I get your discord?

yes it's d13thgamemaker#1189

I've joined a couple game jams now and I'm very interested in joining this one as well. I am a 2D artist that mainly does character art, however I am also able to work on backgrounds, covers, and concept art. You can see my works here

I only have very basic knowledge on coding- but I'm willing to learn to help out.

Hi,  my team has 2 programmers and one 2d artist that have a lot to learn, if you want to enter in the team write me on Discord: 3RADY#7336

looking for an artist to team up with for the jam! Urgent!!! I’m a developer and I use Unity both 2D and 3D. If you’re an artist and you’re reading this... reply!

I do some art but one my pc nor flash drive has enough storage to have unity two i do not know much unity or how to make art for unity assets {i do not know if it is some special conversion or some thing like that.

Hi I am looking for a music composer, I need different remixes of gameshow music!

hi planet_games are you ok with  8-bit music?

Sure that works.

ok grate my Discord is cup-is cool#5599

Ok mine is: Planet Games#0001

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i am getting use to coper cube only used it for two days i know how to make 3 D and my number keys one two three four seven eight nine and zero do not work so if you need the key to work it may take longer cuz i use on screen key board

Hey! I'm a musician looking to make music for a game. Some examples can be found on my profile. I can do a fast turnaround. Hit me up if you're interested. Thanks.


I'm interested in helping! I'm a beginner at coding and game making, but I might be able to make art for your project. If your interested, dm me at JayAltDel#2547 on discord and I'll gladly help!

Sounds good. I don't know how to program so we might need one of those. 

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Hi. I am a 3D artist mainly specializing in organic characters and a game designer.

I aim to improve myself every day reaching more complex and realistic qualities. 

I usually work with UE4 for personal preference but I am learning Unity too.

I'm looking for a programmer who could be interested in joining forces in my latest project. A mobile arcade obstacle run game that differs from the usual concept.

The main assets for a prototype first level are ready and I need a programmer to put it all together. If you had any knowledge of vfx that would be nice too.

Here are some character animations:

And as qualification here is something more complex I've made a while ago:

I'd like to build a prototype to eventually release on the main mobile stores. If you are interested contact me on Discord: Drako#9688

Hello, im in college and learned 2D and 3D art, now i'm studyng Game Design. I really like to join a team for this Jam if there's still place in one. Thanks!

I'm not to talented when it comes to much, but I'm stronger in my programming class (Which is still not that impressive to say the least. This would be my first, I'm using this as a sorta learning experience.

i want a team mate but due to the tools i have all my game sre solo

I need someone to help me make a game im new to unity and dont know how to script

sorry i only know copper cube