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Aryan Dev Boss

A member registered Sep 06, 2020

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what? I don't use scratch, I use unity. thanks tho

hey mee too! I can help u with unity... I have 6 months of experience

ok shygurl... so how do we contact

hey I can help if you want....

hey everyone... I am a newbie to game dev and am good in coding and gameplay mechanics... but I need help in art and music so I would appreciate it if someone helped in art and music... thanks in advance :)

hey dude I am also a newbie in game dev with unity game engine we could team up if u like....?

awesome game!

really good but maybe make the controls and acceleration a bit easier

amazing but maybe make it a little longer

unity game engine

is it just me or is that download button looking kinda thick!

Hi I Am Aryan And I Am Working On My First Indie Game... I Am A Good At Coding And GamePlay!! So...