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it was a game that's for sure

(not in a negative way im just stunned man)

no problem!

no problem!

riveting masterpiece

this was awesome, but one recommendation is that in the part where you have to show your project off, you actually make door graphics, I was a little confused since the entrances to the project hall (i think that's what it's called) look like just regular walls.

godot you can use this to export as an exe!

The towering tower is a small game created by yours truly which features a kid named Dylan. Dylan participates in a new competiton, where competitors climb up a huge tower to claim a wishing wand at the top! Complete tight platforming challenges, meet friendly and not so friendly competitors, and win the prize!

This game is an early prototype, so only a small snippet of area 1 can be played at the moment, and none of the story is in the game currently.

Link to play:

Also, you could learn git if you don't like unity

Unity has a collab system.

mac support would be nice

atleast, that's what worked for me!

Actually, it may suck, but you have to use 6.0.0 instead of 6.1.0 :D

i get new hardware in may.



More info:

Ct.js v1.6.0 😽 (packaged)

NW.JS v0.51.2

Chromium v88.0.4324.182

Node.js v15.8.0

Pixi.js v5.1.2

WebGL available

WebGL vendor ATI Technologies Inc.

WebGL renderer ATI Radeon HD 5750 OpenGL Engine

OS darwin x64 // Darwin 17.7.0

Here's my details:

CT.JS Version: Newest


OS Version: High Sierra

If you need anything else, lemme know.

unity got NOTHING on this

self explanitory

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I have tried the built in runner and chrome by uploading it as a draft, but both have the same problem. I am using the latest ct.js and mac os high sierra (i know the latest one is big sur but i have a mid 2010 mac) but never tried windows (chrome/built in runner) or firefox, i'll get back to you once i try those! And oh yeah, it's a regular build, not nightly.

The platformer example starts lagging when i move horizontally and verticaly. The only thing i changed was instead the for loop changing the character's x and y, i used What's going on?

Dev&Jam community · Created a new topic hmm interesting
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this will be cool

that's what i intended but it didn't work


PQ93 community · Created a new topic Scripting languages?

Are there any other programming languages planned? To me, Moonscript just looks.. confusing.

Hey, for some reason, it's not resetting the platform at all! Here's the code, lemme know if i used it wrong.

    if (
        Sup.setTimeout(1000, returnPlatform)
  function returnPlatform()

So, how do i make superpowers wait? Simple as that. I just wanna make it so that the game drops a platform using gravity, waits a few seconds, and then bring the platform back to it's original position, and then finally lock it. What function can i use for the wait function?

I'm a godot programmer.. and that's about it. 

what is foss?

oh, thanks!

one time, i was looking around in a bunch of catmod desriptions and documentations (why? dunno) and i found It looked perfect for the platformer tutorial, but it wan't there. why?  was not made yet? was it too complex? what was the reason?

PSA: not everything on is a game

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For me, in my opinion, the 2 things i NEED in a game engine is a map editor (pixelbox, good on that!), and collision detection. Right now, the only way to detect colisions is through variable comparing. While people might like this, I don't. So, if that was an option, that would be amazing! 

no offence

"Note : You will receive replies faster in the discord than this itch page"

or QUESTIONS, even lel

I can't give you a definitive yes or no, but if the theme's similar, and the other ones allow it, i think it should be fine. but take my answer with a grain of salt.

Just asking, cause i have one WEIRD story. Now, i won't spoil it, but still

i fixed the resulution for web players