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this game is so good post suggestions here Sticky

A topic by luvgramy2 created Nov 10, 2017 Views: 710 Replies: 20
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we all just love this game im sure the developer wants to hear all of the support and suggestions for this awesome game


Possible way of auto collecting fish traps late game, and a buffer system for items to reduce lag, buffer system could be a right click on obj and items drop on the ground as they do now for a nice effect.


I would love to see added NPC's, villages, etc. to be implemented in the game in the future to assist the player in furthering their adventure. Also, create a story for the game. When expanding, make it to where expanding in a certain direction is cheaper and thus, furthers the story of the game. Lastly, make it to where the story doesn't end.

good creativity people keep it coming but mind the fact they can only do a little a 1 time


plz add a discription on bulding and items so that whe can see wat most of them are used for


I would suggest separating coins by value. 1=gold, 5=red, 10=green, 100=blue, 1000=magenta. This would allow users with lower end PC's to be able to play the game without lag due to excessive amount of entities  (coins) being shown on screen.


This is a great idea! Definitely works well with the Zelda aesthetic + reference as well. Going to consider it!

omg i just love your game just have to tell you [:


Awe thaaanks!

It's good I checked through these posts first because I was going to suggest something very similar. At least some way of stacking coins or large sums of items into a single item. I did have fun throwing all of my stone into the market at once through

I'm sure you are aware of this bug, but maybe not this variation of it. You can place a building half-way between tiles 

After breaking these buildings, you can walk over the water or whatever occupied that tile.

Also, at least 3 of the upgrades (Tactics, Resolve and Alacrity) require you to unlock at least one upgrade (Shielding) that is effectively useless.
For the purposes of the demo, is there some way that upgrades that aren't implemented could be bought for free?

I'm pretty sure the upgrades that aren't implemented yet will be implemented in the near future.


when combat is in the game I will like to see magic there deals damage. stuff like Lifesteal and Fireball


A way to Be specific with the number of craftings; half or all is nice but when you've more ore then coal it would be nice to have some kind of fine control


I was able to continuously play for a good couple hours but then the respawn rate of resources and the fact that the expenetial price increase of land got outta hand kinda detered me. I will comeback when the quarry is complete to see if that solves the problem, but overall I love just about everything else in the game. P.S. A way to heal would be great too, keep at it, you're doing great!

omg all your support is awesome

This may be just me but after play for 8+ hours creating the ideal island. It would be nice if the market sold all the items and held an infinite stock so you can buy anything you want instead of waiting you the items you want.


Also conveyor belt and inseeters so you can do automatic furnace smelting.

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I'm back and I love to see all of your suggestions I do not have any the only complaint would be having no settings for graphics quality or volume but I know the developers will get to this in the future and I'm so glad it will be out next year!!!

hop frog can you say why i cant get quarries cause it says not yet implemented in this demo and im playing alpha 6

hi . I love this game. I think concept is really interesting. In this demo we can play in QWERTY mod but i can't play in AZERTY mod. Hope this desagrement would be patched later xD . By the way hope French language spawned to ^^ ^.

The Keyboard problem is a real problem to me ^^ thx for all man

maybe a way to sell multiple of one item