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Forager (Demo)

Base Building, Crafting, Adventure & Secrets! · By HopFrog

this game is so good post suggestions here Sticky

A topic by luvgramy2 created Nov 10, 2017 Views: 7,047 Replies: 78
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we all just love this game im sure the developer wants to hear all of the support and suggestions for this awesome game


Possible way of auto collecting fish traps late game, and a buffer system for items to reduce lag, buffer system could be a right click on obj and items drop on the ground as they do now for a nice effect.


I would love to see added NPC's, villages, etc. to be implemented in the game in the future to assist the player in furthering their adventure. Also, create a story for the game. When expanding, make it to where expanding in a certain direction is cheaper and thus, furthers the story of the game. Lastly, make it to where the story doesn't end.

good creativity people keep it coming but mind the fact they can only do a little a 1 time


plz add a discription on bulding and items so that whe can see wat most of them are used for


I would suggest separating coins by value. 1=gold, 5=red, 10=green, 100=blue, 1000=magenta. This would allow users with lower end PC's to be able to play the game without lag due to excessive amount of entities  (coins) being shown on screen.


This is a great idea! Definitely works well with the Zelda aesthetic + reference as well. Going to consider it!

omg i just love your game just have to tell you [:


Awe thaaanks!

It's good I checked through these posts first because I was going to suggest something very similar. At least some way of stacking coins or large sums of items into a single item. I did have fun throwing all of my stone into the market at once through

I'm sure you are aware of this bug, but maybe not this variation of it. You can place a building half-way between tiles 

After breaking these buildings, you can walk over the water or whatever occupied that tile.

Also, at least 3 of the upgrades (Tactics, Resolve and Alacrity) require you to unlock at least one upgrade (Shielding) that is effectively useless.
For the purposes of the demo, is there some way that upgrades that aren't implemented could be bought for free?

I'm pretty sure the upgrades that aren't implemented yet will be implemented in the near future.

there is another glitch were a tree grows onto a rock (for ex) and when i destroyed the tree i could walk through the rock. pls fix. Also, Hopfrog  i love your game 

hey how much is the full game gonna cost

$20 on Steam. Release date is TBA.

Or you could have successively larger coins with x10, x100, 1k, 10k stamped on them.


when combat is in the game I will like to see magic there deals damage. stuff like Lifesteal and Fireball


A way to Be specific with the number of craftings; half or all is nice but when you've more ore then coal it would be nice to have some kind of fine control

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Great suggestion, would love to see this in the game. Maybe the "half button" could half the number of items created multiple times? So the first time you get half the number of items you could potentially make in that moment, then half of that, then a quarter of that etc.


I was able to continuously play for a good couple hours but then the respawn rate of resources and the fact that the expenetial price increase of land got outta hand kinda detered me. I will comeback when the quarry is complete to see if that solves the problem, but overall I love just about everything else in the game. P.S. A way to heal would be great too, keep at it, you're doing great!


omg all your support is awesome

This may be just me but after play for 8+ hours creating the ideal island. It would be nice if the market sold all the items and held an infinite stock so you can buy anything you want instead of waiting you the items you want.


Also conveyor belt and inseeters so you can do automatic furnace smelting.

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I'm back and I love to see all of your suggestions I do not have any the only complaint would be having no settings for graphics quality or volume but I know the developers will get to this in the future and I'm so glad it will be out next year!!!

hop frog can you say why i cant get quarries cause it says not yet implemented in this demo and im playing alpha 6

hi . I love this game. I think concept is really interesting. In this demo we can play in QWERTY mod but i can't play in AZERTY mod. Hope this desagrement would be patched later xD . By the way hope French language spawned to ^^ ^.

The Keyboard problem is a real problem to me ^^ thx for all man

maybe a way to sell multiple of one item

I feel like the game REALLY struggled rendering about 17,000 objects at the same time.... It crashed. Hop Frog, I hope you implemented the new coin system I suggested. It would REALLY help with game progression.

FYI, it took about a solid 4 hours for my computer to finally catch up with itself. I'm running a GTX 1080 btw...

someone else suggested the coin system


This is a very addictive and fun game, but...I would love an ability to add storage; maybe the ability to build chests.  You could maybe make building chests unlock after you pick a certain skill.  Also, i wish when you discarded items to make room you could stack them on the field.  These would be nice quality of life improvements.  I also wish you could see the skill tree ahead of time so you could start working towards abilities you want.  Thanks again for such a great game.


I do have an suggestion or rather something for my personal ocd with islands, bieeng able to get dirt and place them , for exsample, when you dig with the shovel first grass go's to place crops, second time little deeper third its slowely starting to get muddy fourth small layer of water 5th compleet water, and to place 1 block to an other place you need 5 dirt that way ocd people can actually have a full green square xD other then that i was wondering how can you remove bridges


boats would be cool :) to access lands you cannot buy. maybe in that un-buyable island there could be like some items of sorts :D

Yeah, I was thinking about that too. :D

after some time playing at this game iv noticed a few things that could be ajusted/added, the main thing iv noticed is you cant access the menu button in the menu IE settings, im figureing this is becuse this is just a demo. the second thing i noticed is if you have the auto miners up and you let the world get enough items on it (( stones logs and everything else )) it starts to slow down the game a little. best way to counter act this would be to stake items of same type. that way theres not so many intatys on screen. need resipies for eggs, and more resipies for flowers. past that 10/10 on this game. iv been enjoying the demo. and wish i had the money to buy the full game when its out its addictive. (( one small thing to think of seeing as it will be on steam is to add in multi player up to 4 people and eather have them all start on the same islend or have them start on 4 islends side by side. or 4 random islends scattered across the entire map. just a thought make it co-op or pvp )) 

When the magic is implemented, i would love to see any spell that had any effect on resources, since its a "farming game", some examples are ore generation (at high mana cost), overclock furnaces/forges/etc, a freezing ray (or smth like that) that could freeze water to make temporary bridges (mana regen should be a thing, because the player could softlock himself, like going to a island without enough wood to make bridges and without extra mana apart from the mana used to create the ice bridge, and waiting till the ice bridge is gone), spell for transmutate ores into gems, a spell that would give temporary speed to your pickaxe and hammer, etc.


chicken drop chicken meat, no beef

lol didnt even notice that


oOh please make a Multiplayer feature! I would like to play it with a friend or 3 more.

Something that would really help in the late(r) game would be someway to chain furnaces (and other machines) together, meaning that they would balance whatever they have in them. Currently if you have a bunch of one item that you wanna distribute between 4+ furnaces it is extremely annoying. It would be cool if you could for instance colour the furnaces and that would link them, or it could just be if they where next to eachother they would chain. Alternatively this could be a skill that would come after automation or engineering skill.

Another thing that might help, would be if you could somehow choose more precisely how many item you wanna put in / use at a time in a machine. A tool tip that somehow tells you how much your items sells for might be nice, kinda like how you can see what they cost (this might already be fixed with the new UI showcased in the dev video?).

As someone who enjoy some more "organised" farms, it would be nice if you could somehow designate areas. Or at least make it so natural growth doesnt happen there. For example: I wanna make a berry farm, so i designate it so only bushes can go there. You could then also add berry seeds or a way to move the bushes, so i could actually make a berry farm. If there was also a more specialised "mining pillar" that didnt destroy the bushes that would help even more.

Some other nice to have things could be a structure that sucks item in and store them (for the mining pillars, to decrease lag). A "seedbag" or something similar that lets you plant 2x2 etc. Landfill acts like bridges but they look like land, so you can essentially make a large island. Landfill should be expensive, 20 stone?

Well thanks anyway for a nice game, even if it is only at the demo level currently :) Keep up the good work.

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I think you should add wateringcan to water the crops and it should make them grow faster and if you don't water them for a while they will get dry and die.

You can actually already do this with the bottle, it can be filled at the sea and will then make crops grow twice as fast. But having a watering can that covers maybe 2x2 would be cool.

When the magic is implemented I would love to see  a spell that will turn coal or iron in to gold maybe the name of the spell could be alchmey


Hey, awesome game right here, with an enormous potential, cheers for making this game :) here's a suggestion: you could add a chest or a capacity in the upgrade menu to have more inventory spaces, because later in the game when you've progressed, it becomes difficult to take everything. Also, adding a description to structures could be a good idea. right now i am asking myself what does the generator do?

There is another bug i noticed that i accidentally left the game on and stuff grew on top of each other. once i destroyed one of the objects i could walk through the other. Hop frog pls fix this 


a discord maybe?  updates could be posted and the community could discus things more easely

Deleted 3 years ago

Can you please make and Android version of this game.

multiplayer would be amazing in my opinion

I love this game, I finished the alpha version and I'm waiting for the full. Did you think to release this game for phone too? I kind of see more like a pocket game. Keep up the good work.

Royal Clothing should be - Royal Cloth 

I know several people have mentioned wanting this game on Mac.  I tried to run it via wine and as far as I could tell everything worked fine except for the graphics.

I'm pretty sure if the dev offered a dx9 instead of dx11 version of the alpha that wine could handle it no problem, as unity games on dx11 are currently unplayable with wine.

Update: Turns out I was wrong about wine.  The problem was with wineskin (a wrapper) but not wine itself.  I followed these instructions and they worked fine for me:

I just hope that u never stop developing this game and releasing content, fixing it and working with it and on it... this is getting lost over time, companies this days develop a game, release it for 60$ and abandon the game after they make tons of money... i bet they are on some caribean isle drinking margaritas and laughing about those times... Anyway, keep doing your thing you are nailing it so far, i wish u the best of luck!

I've been watching several people (FuryForged, KatherineOfSky, Zebra Gamer) play Forager for the last few weeks. This game is amazing, so I must give kudos where kudos are due! I do have a few suggestions, just off the top of my head. 

Shovel Upgrades - These would allow higher chances of digging up rare objects and jewels

Story Mode might be a cool thing to add, as there are tons of Quest Givers available on the map. Maybe finishing all the QGs main quests unlocks a quest to take on a Big Bad, say... a Dragon?

Adding Plums, Apples and Peaches, as well as Plum, Apple, Peach, and Pumpkin Pies. This will add some variety to the tree drops and could even allow for specific fruit to drop in different biomes.

Building Upgrades - By Upgrading a building, it not only works faster, but even has additional slots to do work in (forge, vault) or more items for purchase (market)

Allowing access to special buildings, like the Druid's Tree; and access to already finished Dungeons so players can grind materials (Finished Dungeons would yield no Experience)

I hope these are some good suggestions :) 


A few ideas:

A path block that could increase movement and prevent rock, trees and so on from spawning

Fence: to the animals that have spawned also needs a fence gate for you to acces it

fedding tray to heal animals

Mountain biome with more stone and ore spawning and a mine entrence to a undergroung mine biome with higher gem drops and monster spawn

magical fores biome/island with new trees that drop hardwood that could be used in crafting. mobs in the biome could be gnomes that could drop usefull stuff or be befriended and help with mineing. on the island there could be mushroom log that spawns mushrooms with 3 stages 1. where it's just a log 2. 1 mushroom drop and 3. with 2 or 3 mushrooms dropping.

Sakura Asian inspired biome/island maybe like a zen garden

and last a log cabin to heal you through the night and speed up time

Hope some of it could be of help or inspiration :D

i would also have an idea and a wall or something so that you don't accidentally shoot things down or protect yourself from monsters


Not sure if this was already discussed but during the skeleton dungeon area, you're given some choices in that Boon chest area. I couldnt figure out how to NOT choose one of those, which decrease your max health. Now I'm down to one max health. I die so frequently, I'm debating scrapping my 3 hour game and starting over :*(



We want play with our friends this game together!

First of all, I love this game! Every time something new pops up I get excited for what it will be used for in the full release and I can't wait until we're able to fully invest in all the different skill trees. 

A few suggestions (some may have been posted previously - sorry):
Market - Maybe we could some coins to have it restock immediately? To make it fair perhaps the cost could increase for subsequent restocks, with the amount resetting when it restocks naturally.

Storage - I'm not sure if this is actually already into the game as I have not tried every perk yet, but some form of item storage (like chest or something) so that I'm not constantly having to sell things to pick up new things. This was especially relevant when in the Demon Land I chose to get potions, and had to clear out a lot of inventory and make a new backpack just to pick them up.

Forging - I think that it would be cool if there was a way to cancel creating items in a furnace/forge/sewing station etc. without having to break the building. Maybe like if you pressed "X" or some as of yet unbound key to cancel production. Also if we could add things to production as well (eg. if we're making coins in the forge and we have at least 1 gold bar and 1 coal in our inventory, we can use them to add 1 more coin to increase the total by 1). This would just make it easier so that we don't have to wait for all of the coins to be done until we can make more (although the cancel production ke would also help with this).

Finally, I'd be happy to contribute to any wiki, but I'm not sure if there is one yet.

P.S. Please don't abandon this game like all other games I've ever backed. 


Maybe some Kind of path block that stops things from growing/appearing on certain tiles

(Unless this already exists except I haven't  found it yet)

Im stuck at level 10 :(


Found out the Chinese translation is only in Simplified Chinese and would like to help translate it into Traditional Chinese.

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Love the game but it needs Paths!

Paths would do one thing: stop plants from growing on them!

Have them one block wide made of sand or stone and allow buildings to be placed on a pathed area that destroys the path under it.

This way I can make a path square to place a building i'm collecting resources for without it overgrowing while i do that, or I can make a path through the squares without having to stop and chop trees every time i want to walk through.

This would also allow a player to organize their square, set up the place they want random things to pop up, rather then the resources impeding your movement randomly XD

This is an awesome suggestion, I hope this gets seen and added.

It did!
It's in the carpentry table called "Road" :)

:D :D :D Thanks for letting me know!

i LOVE this game.  been playing a while, and i have all the islands unlcoekd, and i'm almost done with upgrades.  that being said, i would LOVE an online mode like in stardew valley, so you can play with friends.  (and when you get one of those permanent upgrade things and downgrade chests, if it effected everyone, but not food or crafted things, and the auto collect thing going to whoever's closest with the upgrade)  that would probably up the replay value a bit.)  other then that, possibly more islands?  that's all i can really think of, cause i have no real suggestions other than the online one.  (would love to play this while chilling with a friend)

the game is so cool, please make a possibility to supply the druids and the seals so that you have some space, otherwise you don't have to do anything yourself anymore, and then the game would theoretically be over.

I would love to see these 2 droid features added to the game

1) A menu tab once you unlock droid to see what droid are on what types of buildings (and what that building is working on)

2) A button on that menu tab to call all your droids back to you because sometimes its impossible to retrack them down with so much going on

Be nice to have an iPad version 


It may just be my play style or my skill choices but I found that once you get multiple islands and stop spending nearly 100% of your time collecting resources they spawn too much and fill almost every space on the islands.

Could the spawning speed of resources be adjusted either manually or automatically depending on the number of resources on an island so you can still walk? As has been mentioned a few times paths would help a lot with this. Spawning speed might also be something to consider when multiple players are in a game.

The game is still great regardless.


100% agree with Yume. I found the spawn rate for resources too fast. I'd clear one island out and start working on another, just to come back and have my first island filled with resources again! Great game, but the resource spawn speed seems much too quick. Maybe this is only in the Beta version. That is the only version I currently have since the Mac version has not been released yet. 

The game is amazing the pixel art is amazing but the trees and ore spawn is a lil' over whelming but everything except that is amazing!!

i feel like a great addition to the game would be a way for the community to add mods to the game, i personnally would love this addition and play forager way more

I have a couple of suggestions

More islands to explore such as mountain regoin forest jungle swamp

I would love if you made the desert boss fight harder or had multiple diffucutlties in the game so you could choose if its Super easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Insane

I would love if there were path blocks added in that stuff would not spwan on top of

Fences and fence gates would be good for keeping animals in

Animal breeding or some kind of way for you to get more sheep and chicken without waiting for them to spawn also a way to lure animals into fence gates

more worlds to choose from such as a  world were its always night and different monster come ore a world were you are and a tropical island and islands spawn far away so you have to build bridges to get to them

A way to configure how many recources spawn in settings

a way to build houses

a juke box such as what is in minecraft

A way for the community to Mod the game

A charater customazation thing

more bosses

more enemys

more ores


Im still going trough my first playthrough but one thing I would enjoy (and maybe it exist and I havent unlocked it yet) would be a way to add 10 or 100 when doing something at one of the station like 100 gold bar like ctrl + click for 100 and alt+click for 10 when clicking the arrow.

Hello everyone. This is a very dead thread but I neeeeed to try as a hard as I can to get seen by hopfrog. My suggestion is to make it. Possible to edit controls on mobile forager.

And also there are a couple bug with placing fences of some open unobstructed surfaces and it won't place

Make all Versions of it Free because while its Paid on Microsoft Store and Play Store...

It is Free Here

Like Why is it Free Here but Everywhere Else is it Paid?

Extra Content? More Polish? i Wanna Know pls Respond :P


mac support would be nice

With around seven hours of gameplay under my belt, here are some things I'd like to see added:

- A way to get all achievements without loosing the giant beets! They're just too cute. Maybe let us find/make an item that can resurrect the beets and we can get both the "Monster" and a "Beet Necromancer" achievement? But as long as they can be my buddies on my island while still getting all achievements I'd be so happy.

- Auto-collecting for fish traps. This would be a real quality of life update. (I personally would not find it overpowered if this was unlocked along with auto-collect for crafted items.)

- A beet-themed hat! Maybe we get it for the "Beet Necromancer" achievement if that is added.

- Cheaper but less expensive bombs. Or make the bombs a little cheaper.

- Make seeds a bit more worth it. (Up the crafting ingredient to seed ratio.)

If any of these have been suggested before I apologise. I did not want to read through all the comments under this post as there are so many.