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A few ideas:

A path block that could increase movement and prevent rock, trees and so on from spawning

Fence: to the animals that have spawned also needs a fence gate for you to acces it

fedding tray to heal animals

Mountain biome with more stone and ore spawning and a mine entrence to a undergroung mine biome with higher gem drops and monster spawn

magical fores biome/island with new trees that drop hardwood that could be used in crafting. mobs in the biome could be gnomes that could drop usefull stuff or be befriended and help with mineing. on the island there could be mushroom log that spawns mushrooms with 3 stages 1. where it's just a log 2. 1 mushroom drop and 3. with 2 or 3 mushrooms dropping.

Sakura Asian inspired biome/island maybe like a zen garden

and last a log cabin to heal you through the night and speed up time

Hope some of it could be of help or inspiration :D

i would also have an idea and a wall or something so that you don't accidentally shoot things down or protect yourself from monsters