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I was able to continuously play for a good couple hours but then the respawn rate of resources and the fact that the expenetial price increase of land got outta hand kinda detered me. I will comeback when the quarry is complete to see if that solves the problem, but overall I love just about everything else in the game. P.S. A way to heal would be great too, keep at it, you're doing great!

So I had thought that the shipyard was to get resources( like loans and stuff ), so about 3 hours after I could have beaten it, I look at this forum and see that you have to build the ship. So all in all I won with an island that was about 40x40 with a 2 archer tower thick wall around the perimeter, 5000 wood and stone each, 70,000 food, and 850 people. Would suggest a higher percentage of resource tiles, lower percentage of water tiles, upgradable structures, the ability to make useless land fall, or more types of structures

I had my graphics level low and i tried to turn it up, well now i cant even open the game without it crashing soo....

You've probably gotten this alot but the AI keep getting stuck infront of my shop, infact I was waiting for about 30 minutes with no customers only to walk outside and see some with a text bubble stuck on some rocks. Besides that bug though, the game has been running fine for me, I'm excited to see how far you'll be able to take the game in the future, I like the concept : )