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Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by Dasius created Jan 18, 2017 Views: 138,955 Replies: 2,086
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Developer (9 edits) (+12)

Hey guys!!

Please post any bugs you find in here.

There is a new bug report form. Please fill this form out to submit any issues directly to me.

** To help expedite the process of solving your issues, i'll need you guys to let me know:

  1. What version of the game you are running.
  2. Description of any issue or error message
  3. An image(if possible)
  4. Steps to reproduce the issue(if possible)
  5. System specs.

Thank you!!


*Don't hold back, I can take it :) **


Great improvements! now just one more thing and a possible suggestion. when the ai walks they stop walking to reset to their original standing position and then continue walking. its only for a single frame (and it does not bug me) but idk how others would feel about it. plus if you could make it a goal in the game to run the shop and make the player have to pay bills that would be a really interesting touch.

Developer (1 edit) (+4)

Thanx Beedly,

I'll be continuing to perfect the AI and I'll do my best to address that issue. It bugs me a bit so i will for sure try to get that ironed out.

I like your suggestion. I just might put it in. :)


Sorry if this has already been answered but how do you fix the bug where the hammer ownt hit the bars?

Deleted 1 year ago

The game keeps crashing i want to play and it says that it crashed i have not got to play but i have been trying for hours please help i want to play very bad!!!!!

(1 edit)

my game my little black smith

is all dark and red and a little green and it wont go away


my game is just nonstop night and it is super dark

Turn up your gamma and change your settings. they are all set to zero for some reason

Clicking the reset button in graphics menu fixes the issue, but you might have to change resolution etc back

same with me

can you help me


Hey guys, go to your graphic settings. Turn up the gamma or press the reset button.

Let me know if that didnt help


reseting does the job, but turning gamma up did not really help. it helps me seeing things but some certain objects like walls etc. still look dark and moody.


K thanx vb,

i'll look into adding a brightness slider. Hopefully that will help.

But i cant click in gamma im in fullscreen and the mouse is deregulate to the screen what can i do?

try minimizing by searching what do you press on your keyboard to minimize the screen

Ah i been Playing My Little Blacksmith and Im Day 10 And One Time some one order a Polearm I cannot Hit The one Ingot But When I try two ingot it work So help me so i can progess more


Hey KayleMatthew,

Did you make sure that you had an option selected in the radial selection wheel?

hi my shield cant be attach im in the

My game reset the graffic options and now its a too high resolution and i cant get in the game


Go to your "(Drive Letter):\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved" & delete the config folder. Then re-extract the zip & decline overwrite as you are replacing missing files only. I had the same issue & this fixed it for me. You can get to appdata quickly by running (Winkey+R) this command: %appdata%

Hope that helps!

thank you so much i really liked this game and now i probably can play so thanks

I have this same problem but I cannot seem to find what you are speaking of. I downloaded the game through the application instead of just through the website. Could you help me?

in my version 0.0.72 there is a bug were , in sandbox mod , when i destroy a bolder, some of the parts float in the air and go white.


If the taxes and bill thing is added make it an optional difficulty thing please.

for some reason i'm stuck on the menu is there a specific button i need to press or does the game start on its own.


Hey RedwolfGaming

Should start right away. No need to do anything.

i dowload it. launch the game. doesnt work. i do it on the app to BUT IT STILL DOESNT WORK

it wont launch in ANYTHING. for the app the only info it gives me is "spawn eperm. I WANT THIS PLS HELP ME

The new version lagging very much!!

i have a bug i downloaded the game and when i open it it says The UE4-ShopSim Game has crashed and will close and it says Fatal Error!

i downloaded the most recent version of the game and 32


Hey ImaHacker,

Find yourself to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\ShopSim

and delete the folder. Run the game and let me know if that helps?

i delete the ShopSim folder?

I tried and it doesnt work


What are your system specs?

How do i know?

how do i know?


Please avoid spamming. 

If you are using windows 10, locate your Taskbar and the search bar, type DXDIAG in the search bar.  This will run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Take a screenshot using the PrintScrn button, paste it in Paint or any photo editing software. Then upload the image on here as a response by clicking on the "Add Image" button when replying.

I'll try my best to help you with your issue. 

Thank you!!

Ok sorry but im windows 8.1


if its on windows at all, and you've got a standard keyboard to go with it - hit the windows/brand button on said keyboard, usually between ctrl and alt on either side of the keyboard

Then hit R

Usually people will say it like "Win+R" keys. Hitting them at the same time (or holding one and then hitting the other) will bring up Window's run cmd-line - Typing dxdiag from there will give you the basic run down of your computer specs.

There's 2 pages (generally) of basic specs, the first page is nearly all basic except gfx chip/card - the second will tell you that one, along with some connective devices, sometimes. The other pages aren't generally useful in situations like this.

If win+R doesn't work for you, like Dasius was mentioning, you can simply open the start button, and then in the search bar, type dxdiag and hit enter, you don't have to way for it to actually search for dxdiag or find it in the list. - This feature should work on Most Vista+ versions of Windows... I think.. maybe one of the versions of xp had it... but maybe not.. I dunno. My memory isn't "great"

I have been playing for a few days now and have reached tin, but there's one problem, the customers don't appreciate the tin and order copper. I've already tried just making a tin weapon for the but they didn't take it they just stood there. Any Ideas on how to fix this?


Hello, I'd like to report a bug on when you try to upgrade your stats, I don't know if this has been mentioned, but every time I go to my stats, my character starts looking up which blocks me from being able to upgrade my stats I'm playing the alpha version 0.082 I think that's it, but I love your game and this is just a tiny problem I'm having.

i also have a bug with opening the stat menu , when I try to open the menu my character looks down, I'm playing version Alpha 0.0.82

i think the the item stats don't work i try click shift  click it did't work and the two hidden chest you can get unlimited ignite even platinum you just get 2 bar save and exit and do it like that forever unlimited platinum make a platinum hammer , pickax and a axe u can mine any think make any think   get gold making platinum item this need to fix  or it's chatting and not fun .i love the game thanks for all your herd work 

You do realise this post is a year old now, right? Go to the last page in this community post to find the latest ones, you're in the first page currently.


i ran into a bug while playing i tried to sell a weapon to a customer and the game started to spawn in  an infinite amount of hero gards then game started to lag. btw love your game keep up the great work.

Had that bug as well. Version 0.1.0 . If a customer asks for a specific gard, it starts raining that gard inside the house, filling the floor.. The game goes laggy as well.. Btw, is it not a bug that u can fly when u try to grab a shield that your standing on?

See other reply


It happened (for this patch) because You had a Specific Sword customer, they specified what grip, guard, and blade they wanted, and you didn't provide that.

Don't mess up a Specific Sword Sale, or, don't be holding an incorrect item while the specific sword customer is still there.


Just Dismiss them to begin with and don't serve them.

Don't serve Shield Customers either, as they will cause multiple customers. - just Dismiss them immediately (hopefully both are already addressed, as it sounds)

Tyvm for that! I didn't know multiple customers come cause of the shields.

I ll keep giving them shields though.. It's getting harder but more interesting and more profitable pre hour!

the screen goes black after the unreal engine logo goes away

i've extracted the game and played the game

pc specs:

processor: intel(R) celeron(R)  cpu n3060 @1/6- GHZ

installed ram: 2.00GB

system type: 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor

im using a laptop

(1 edit)

idk what appenned but it doesnt stop 

This Also Happened To Me,When I Held A Weapon,It Always Produce A Hero Guard Instead Of A Round Guard


Sir the new version easy and medium modes are litteraly broken and unplayable so bring the bug formula back please


you can steal shop items with out them saying (stolen) if you put them In a crate first

My screen is black and the game is running but I can't see anything

It keep freezing my game I can't do anything pls help


Hey Sean Nertic,

Not sure if this is the issue has you haven't given much detail but check to see if you meet the system requierements to run the game.

no just no

Okay umm... well i was moving my anvil around and accidentally put it exactly where I am standing. Anyone got a fix for it? PLS?


when I start a new game it seems like I am stuck in the floor but I can't do anything AT ALL only close the game (by alt+tab) please help me, I really like the game


The same happends to me.. it seems like the game window is not detected by the pc in fact even if windowed the input doesn't respond 


in one spot on hte floor the stuff you make floats thrue

Deleted 1 year ago

it was from the first version of the game there where nog bed


The coins that go in the chest start glitching out and bounce out or somehow get out of the chest at around 310$


Game crashes when i start it up. the music plays and i see "day 1" in the corner but then it fills my entire screen with black and then crashes. If i am missing something, please let me know


What is your computer spec?

(1 edit)

Kinda same thing happens to me, the Unreal Engine 4 Crashes, but my game doesn't even open up

How i know?

Dasius,PLEASE HELP ME,i want to install My Little Blacksmith Shop,i have done all that it needs,when i open it says i need Mincrosoft Visual C++ RunTime,i installed it,AND IT KEEP SAYING I NEED IT,WHY?



Please refer to the common issues post.

Still the same happened

Since something similar to this is happening and i cant submit a bug report provided above, I'll tell ya my prob here. I downloaded the windows 64 version and after following instructions I wasn't able to open the game. It gave me this code that goes like this: [Place Saved], [Name of download], then ..\..\..\shopsim\shopsim.uproject, and then Createprocess() Returned 5... I would send a screen shot but... didn't go so well. Think you could help me?

(1 edit)

yeah the my too i start it and are all my vision dark


This happens to me too I just go into graphics, and press reset then cancel, then it lights back up

  • Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit)
  • AMD 8350 8 core @ 4GHz
  • 16 GB Ram
  • Nvidia Gforce GTX 970

But i cant click on reset the cursor its disregular they cant click what can i do please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

try minimizing your screen by finding what keys you need to press in google



Deleted 5 years ago

The crystal bugs through the walls, but this is actually quite funny. The items are not included by the customers. There should be a direct sales point. With the oven you have also low performance settings, but this is not bad. My Computerpecs: i5-4460, GTX 1060 - 6GB VRAM, 16GB DDR5 RAM This should actually work well.


The house is placeholder until i make a better one where objects won't be able to bug through it but thank you for mentioning it. It's on my to-fix-list for sure.

What do you mean by the over has low performance settings? Is it causing perofrmance issues? Are you getting low frames when you use it or look at it?

Your specs should run the game butter smooth i believe. Let me know if you have any performance issues. Will help alot.

Thank you!!


Yes, as soon as I look at the smithy, I have fps drops from 100fps down to 20fps and that even on low settings. Something consumed too many resources.

I keep you posted when something like this happens in further updates.


Thank you for letting me know Storiie. I'll look into it and get it fixed on the next update.


not sure if you know this but I say what errors I found.

Sometimes the money is not taken for purchased items so I can order infinite free supplies.
When putting pre-made items on the inventory they do not pick them up, I have to take them off and put them back on.
It does not happen often, but sometimes the ingots do not heat up when on the fire, I have to remove them and start over.

Apart from that pretty good game, I already posted my gameplay but that video doesn't show the bugs it was a pretty smooth recording, again I look forward to any future version released.


Thanx for reporting the bugs. I'm looking into them. I should have an update with some of the fixes to these issues sometime this week.


el programa no puede iniciarse porque falta api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dll equipo. help :(

me too


I have a few bugs,

The first is when I start using the inventory wall, NPCs will enter the shop and immediately leave. Tried it on multiple games and once it starts happening it does not stop even after closing the game.

The second is that the crafting table frequently gets larger items stuck inside it. When crafting a greatsword in particular. The blade often tips into the table itself and gets lodged there. The polearm does this as well. Occasionally restarting the game will disassemble them and unstick it, but this rarely works.

Another is sometimes the forge will stop heating metal entirely. A couple of ingots will start to heat but not reach full heat. After this happens no ingots will heat. This persists through restart.

Almost from the start the coins start getting stuck in the chest lid or fall out entirely. Sometimes because of this when you order new supplies the counter will not go down, allowing you to order an infinite amount of supplies. This continues until the player moves at least one coin from the floor to the chest.

At lower resolutions the lighting is so poor in the bedroom area you cant see the bed and have to hop you find it. It also causes difficulty getting items out of the receiving area at later hours even if customers are still arriving.


Thanx Vanris, the next update has some fixes to your report.

With concerns to items getting stuck in the table, you can rotate the weapons out of the table. This is more of a physics issue but i'll continue to find a way to mitigate further problems.

I love the game, I look forward to the update.

(1 edit) (+1)

Disassembly on anvil is difficult, unsure of how this is written but detection for disassembly is spotty at best.

Two-hand Grip + Two-hand Guard could not be disassembled on anvil. Large blade (3 ingot) could not be added to two-hand Grip + Two-hand Guard. Unsure of requirements to build "Greatsword", as Two-hand Grip + Large blade does not meet requirements. Would be nice to have a guide to terminology to make it easier to determine part requirements on customer request.

And Polearm grips have a nasty habit of clipping through the house walls upon delivery and getting stuck there.


if the items placing will be more simple then to manuver and try to place good enough to make it stay on the anvil, would be nice if it would just pop into place then just try to place with hight and accuracy

(2 edits) (+1)

A bug I just experienced:

A customer had just accepted the greatsword I made them and said thank you and I got paid. But then the customer began to run in circles on the spot and continuously turn to me and say thank you over and over. It amused me greatly.

Edit: (Don't know if the image works, if not I apologise)

Edit 2: He stopped the circles when I closed the shop and opened it again.


The AI is bugging out the game was working just fine i had almost no probloms... after a little bit the coins didnt go down when i bought stuff i fixed that by reloading the game. A few in game days later the AI walks in the door then turns around and walks out every single time non stop sleeping didnt work or reloading the game.

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't like to be rude, but, this game is ridiculously buggy and I cannot play it at all, period.

In my first attempt of playing the game, everything had ice physics and I couldn't place anything down on the anvil without it buggering off to the moon.

In my second attempt, customers didn't say anything , making it impossible to fulfill their requests.

And in my third and final attempt, The hammer didn't work at all. I heated two iron ingots fully, placed them on the anvil and tried to hammer them into a blade and... well... nothing. I tried rapidly clicking, nothing, I tried holding it down, nothing, I tried clicking periodically, nothing.

Additionally, the game lacked any audio whatsoever.


i had no issues, did you try reinstalling the game? or possibly using the app to install?

Developer (1 edit)

Hey MegamiOfWind,

Sorry to hear about your issues.

Could you give some details on your computer spec? Did you play the 32 bit or 64 bit version of the game?

(1 edit)

same problem! I was using the latest version and even tried starting a new game, same thing there.

x64 windows | computer specs are fine.. It's definitely the game not my hardware if the hammer doesn't appear in the weapon smithing cycle.

I'm pretty sure this has been reported but just wanted to put my 2 cents in!

First bug i ran into was the polearms was not celculated right (says 10 polearms for 1 coin, but actually charging me for 10 coins which im assuming is correct cost just did wierdly hehe)

Second after you make more then 200 coins the game starts running really choppy using alot of CPU and its because of the coins colliding with each other rapidly

keep up the great work! i made sure to donate (not much but its all i had :/)

Developer (1 edit)

Hey Alakeram,

Is this the lastest version(0.0.6) of the game or version 0.0.5?

not sure which version i was using, i just downloaded that day and played so, i guess .06?

plz help i cant look around


time= when a costumer comes and the estimated wait time is 1:40 minutes you make the weapon

but then comes the tiredness then they leave seconds after, and all the hard work and money goes away for a 5 second costumer, you turn your back for a sec and they are gone.

money= cmon, give a little bit more money for begginers, there aren't explanations on how to make things anyway.

how to= just a small paper that says that a small blade with one handed guard and one handed handle = dagger for the start of the game because it can be cunfusing sometimes for beginners and then restart just to get the 7 dollars back to fix what you have mistaken, it was kind of frustrating, sorry but the examples on the wall doesn't help really much.

weapon pops in/ fits in= what i mean is that when you want a great sword for ex, you take the things necessary but other things fit right in when you dont need that specific item. (ex. one hand guard fits in but the two hand guard doesn't which is the needed item for a greatsword)

as i mentioned earlier, if it is possible to fit the right things in then to just try to place it down and try to rotate it, maybe there is rotation option and i didn't know, because its frustrating that you make something and you believe it the right thing you need to make but isn't so all the work and money went into nothing.

being able to deconstruct= i dont know if that is realistic to be able to reconstruct items from what has been made already but if its a possibility then why not.

clipping= there is an issue with one handed guard and two handed guard being clipped together, very annoying.

hope you see this and make your specific approach to every single one of these.

love the game i really do! good idea man


there is a deconstruct feature, put it on the anvil and left click the anvil to deconstruct the items you combined, so if you combined the wrong items on accident just drag the weapon to the anvil and deconstruct it, i'm on day 10 with 400 gold and the only huge issue im having is the coins colliding with each other causing use cpu useage

thanks man

stuff go though the selfs

stuff go though the selfs some times

So, the bugs I encountered during about 1.5 hours of gameplay (this is surprisingly addicting :D):

- of course glitchy hitboxes, stuff going through every surface.

- The crafting table just not doing it's thing for specific objects, I had to try all my handles for one greatsword, and of course it took the last one. (I didn't get that order out in time xD)

- 300 dollars are pretty noisy. I'd suggest muting coins inside the chest.

- 300 dollars go a long way as well, (if your supplies are free, that is)

- probably unrelated, but at the same time my supplier started giving me 100% discount, all my customers started walking into the shop, turning around and leaving.

I don't think my specs are important in this case, but here they are anyway:

OS:Win 8.1 Home
Mainboard: Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 3
CPU: Intel core I7 Quadcore


I'm not sure if it's a bug or me just missing something, but I can't get the shop to open. I've clicked on the sign and added a name, but the inside of the door still tells me I'm closed. I'm on Windows 10.


Oh I needed to put something on the sign and then click on the inside of the door where it says closed.


ran into another bug/glitch, it was actually kinda ironic, i was trying to make a polearm for a guy, and i couldn't make the blade turn right so i used the alt mouse trick to rotate the blade, as i was rotating the blade it finally connected with the polearm... but it was still turning while connected! so i gave the guy a L-Polearm xD (imagine this is the weapon i gabe him ___| )


Hey there. I just started playing and every time I sell a tin greatsword, they only pay 26 dollars, even though it costs more than 300 to make. I had to work to regain 600 dollars because of this and I hope you can fix it. : ^)

the bronze one gives me 8, and it costs like 35 to make

i figured out that if it's a sword that you're trying to make put he grip on first then the guard then it turns into the proper weapon and you get the proper reimbursement


I just got the game today and when I was working on a one hand sword for a customer, after I put on the hand guard it wouldn't allow me to put on the handle. I was dropping them on top of each other and the customer eventually left which then ruins my business for the rest of the day.


After I pause (usually to change to graphics) and then unpause, the game window is enlarged almost like it is fullscreen. The only problem, however, is that the bar at the bottom of my computer is still there and my mouse can scroll over (which causes problems when I look down the grab items). I also could not put any points into any stats when I started playing, though my card did say I had a point in each stat (after leveling up only once and not using any points). When I restarted, I could invest the points. I do not know if the fullscreen glitch I mentioned above has anything to do with this (I was in fullscreen until I restarted).


1. The people get stuck on the door not allowing me to close it or they run circles in the doorway .

2. The people after a several days come in the door say what they want then immediately leave.

3. When opening a delivery indoors items will glitch through the ceiling and/or fly outside.

4. After detaching a sword from its grip, the grip then cannot be reattached or attached to another sword.

5. When adding a fancy grip, I don't think the price increased.

6. I can walk through the glass above the workbench. (i accidentally threw my sword through it thinking i broke the window, actually that could be cool maybe that could be good to add in and you would have to buy a new window, but it would only appear in the store after you broke a window.)

7. Suggestion: It would be nice if it were easier to get to the hammer varieties without having to go through all the sword varieties.

8. I thoroughly enjoy the game ^_^ and cannot wait to see what is in store for the crystals and what other weapons are to come.

(1 edit)

Pole Arm does not seem to assemble.


Hey RiseGearz,

It might be a collision box issue, ill make some adjustments and roll it out in a my patch. If not it will be addressed in the next update.


I've played the game for an hour or so now. Every time I level up I put the points into charisma. However, I've been looking at the prices I've sold things for and it keeps going down. With only one point in charisma I was selling war hammers for $50, but great swords for $28?! And I'm now only about level four, and war hammers prices have dropped to $18, and so on. But at this point it doesn't matter, because the glitch where the costumer comes in and then leaves right away started, so i cant sell anything anyway. I love this game and idea, but I'd love to be able to KEEP selling things, and selling them at reasonable prices so I don't go bankrupt. Keep up the good work, and I hope these issues are fixed soon!


Hey Thanx Damian,

I'll do my best to address this issue in the next patch or update.


I have a bit of an issue I've been playing for about 3 hours now and my customers now come in and walk right back out almost like the shop is closed or something also my money completely reset however i still have all my items please help I don't know how to fix this.


Hey Thoraxe,

I've been seeying this issue pop up several times. I'll try to release a patch before the week ends.

Sorry for the inconvenience. :(


it's all good just wanted to make sure you were aware of this issue. BTW I love the game is there a way to donate after I've grabbed the game I would donate but I'm broke right now but you so deserve the funds


I really appreciate that Thoraxe375.

I know on the App, on the right hand side of my page there is a tip the creator button. Not quite sure outside of that.


ok cool i will definitely do that


hey Dasius the customer coming in and leaving glitch is still happening even after your patch was the patch supposed to fix this or is it still an issue i would like to continue playing after day 14


i don't know if you know this already but when I go to save the game and re load it I lose all my money.


the same thing happen to me but i lose my levels too (btw i saw this commend after i wrote mine XD)


I have found a bug that is a bit annoying,

say I made a great sword and never sold it on the day I made it when I try to sell it the next day it doesn't work then I lose money,

you probably know about this bug but I still love your game. Thx


when i log in the game and get out than log in again i lost my money and my levels but not my items (i don't lost any object in the game)


Hey, when I tried to save, using the latest version, 0.0.6, I had around 200 coins when I saved, but when I reloaded the game, I had 0 coins in my chest


I can't manage to put a bladed polearm together at the table. I got a short blade and a polearm grip, but they just don't want to stick together. Tried many different angles.

(1 edit)

try to slap the blade again at the anvil and it will do it again atleast that was what happend in my smithy.

Didn't work :(

hmm then I don't know it anymore :( let's hope the developer solves it. I believe he will!

This also happened to me, Use a new blade or a new grip, one of the two is broken/glitched. I recommend using a new grip since it is a lot cheaper. Hopefully this helps

(2 edits) (+1)

I sold my 206 worth off stuff sword for only 20 moneys :( and that's how I lost my money....

(7 edits) (+3)

Okay looks like i got a couple of bugs worth mentioning.

- everytime i start the game, it resets the resolution and puts it back on windowmode

- loading a game resets the position of the help notes

- can't craft bladed pole arm. Using pole arm grip and short blade doesn't work as shown in blueprint and display. crafting new blade didn't work either

- while trying to craft sword the finished weapon got stuck in the table. saving and reloading the game break apart the weapon, so i was able to recover all 3 parts

- coins got resetted to 0 after loading the savegame

- my level up abilities changed from 1 strength and 1 charisma to 2 strength instead also after loading the savegame

- the shopname i set also got resettet after loading the game

- player info (P) keeps saying i'm still level 1 and i cannot press edit to change my name

/edit okay i give up. Reloading the savegame again resettet my level up abilities all to 0 and coins to 0 again

So the game is fun and all, but whenever i quit and reload the savegame it seems the whole data gets messed up

Using Win 64 Alpha 0.0.6 client on Windows 10


after the installation finished I can't run the game , and get this error message

here is the screenshot

did you take the application [.exe] out of the folder? if so put it ack in, it will work.



I don't get any coins in my chest, but as I it still counted my money it didn't affect the game all that much, but apparently when I restart the game, I lose all my money.

Otherwise amazing game, keep it up!

(2 edits) (+2)

Hey! I love your game but the save function doesn't work whatsoever for me. when I first played the game after a bit it crashed so I thought nothing of my lost progress. but after many attempts and resets of the game I've found that saving the game doesn't save your level, progress, money, items, or position of items. on another hand, the game wont save your money or level, but will keep some purchased items in your shop(never ingots though). I'm looking forward to future updates and your success, hope this helps!

using the Win64 alpha 0.0.6 on Windows 10


hi does anyone else when tryin to sell tin one-handed sword or tin greatsword run into issue that is sells as the same price as copper one?

Copper one costs to make 36 rougly but tin one 306 but when I sell it sell only for 40 :(

Developer maybe you know about this issue, but it is avoidable, when customer asks for sword you make it out of copper but it just an inconvenience. :)

Keep up the great work you have already done to this game.

also had it but I instantly gave him and I only recieved 20 coins :'( all my money gone.


Recently ran into a bug where at Day 13 customers no longer place orders. What happens is they will walk in the door, their order will pop up over their head for like half a second, then they'll just turn around and walk out.


Not sure if it is just me but in the settings I can't seem to lower the gamma settings, That is what is causing me to play at around 30 fps, Other than that great game man, Keep it up.


who ever does have the bug with the 13 day you can still sell stuff just use the sell table as inventory the customers will buy the stuff then but they can get stuck then.

I've found other bugs too...

1. when i buy a polearm grip and some other grips in the same box the polearm grip is bugging through the ground.

2. If someone comes online by steam or starts playing a game on steam it kicks me on to the desktop (options: fullscreen)

3. I can grap stuff through the walls and drag them through windows

4. I can jump through all windows

The game is still awesome. I have much fun with it and i would like to donate but for me its a bit hard to get a paypal but there will be coming soon a donate :).


Hello Dasius I would like to pint out that on day 13 for me the customers tend to walk in order then walk out as soon as they get to the counter, I'm not really sure why I was wondering if you could clarify it for me unless its a bug anyway Great game I can play it for hours :D


Hey Forgoten Legend,

Ya this is a bug, looking into the cause of it at the moment.


ok glad to hear because its difficult making money if nobody even walks in lol

Found a few issues

1. Stuff going through walls

2. Amount of money is not enough to step up the game (in terms of affording higher quality ingots and such) - just increasing the amount a bit may solve it.

3. Customer timer - at day 13, they come in and they immediately leave. Lower the amount of seconds lost each day, or better, make it so depending on customers mood, the amount of time will be different, but enough for the player to make a weapon.

4. Customer leaving at night - the last customer should stay until weapon given or time out after night comes, without leaving.

That's about it :) I really love this game, been playing it nonstop all day :D :D So I hope these things will be fixed, especially those customers :D :D


Sometimes customers will just walk in and say what they want but then walk out just after.


So far I've only gotten to Tin, but sometimes when I sell a great sword, it lists it as a "Greatsword" instead of a "Bronze Great Sword" or "Tin Great Sword". Which results in the item selling for 26$ instead of the intended price

When i start the game it loads for 5 seconds and then it crashes, well this is a problem :/

Can't get the game to run. Crashes and shows this error...

An UNreal Process has crashed: UE4-UE4Game

No matter what I do in game my great swords only sell for $8! Its making me go broke so fast. On top of that every 3rd guy seems to want a great sword. It takes me about $29 to make a great sword so its really weirding me out that they are only paying me $8.


Hey PhillipPurass, what version of the game are you running?

I'm also having this issue, I'm running windows 7 64bit and my greatswords are selling for 7$ to 10$ when using fancy two hands.

One handed swords also seems to be to cheap.

Win 64 0.0.061

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It's a great game, but whenever I try to open the menu after I open shop it crashes the game.


i cant look around with my mouse on windows 10 edition

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Version: Alpha 0.0.61

Description: Crashes on startup with error message (see screenshot):

Log File:

Steps to Reproduce: Attempt to start the game

Specs: 64-bit Windows 10 Home, AMD A8- APU w/ Radon HD Graphics 1.90 GHz, 6 GB RAM

I hope you can fix the game, let me know if you need anything else. Also, I just noticed something potentially off in my log file. When I downloaded the game, I got the 64-bit version, but the log file contains "LogInit: Compiled (32-bit): Feb 5 2017 02:12:27". Not sure this is supposed to be like that or if it's even relevant, but thought I should at least say something just in case.

Why is Greatsword prices and One hand sword prices so low? If I make these and put it in the inventory (Bronze sword, normal two hand) I get 7$!! but when i create the sword i pay about 37$! and so because of this, I'm slowly and slowly getting bankrupt. With the fancy two hand, i get 10$.

With the one handed sword, i get 17$ which is still a loss of like 10$.

Is this a bug or is it supposed to be like that because my profit keep falling, not rising. I do love the game though!

My specs are windows 7 64bit. I'm running the latest version at this moment of replying.

everytime i start the game i have no money...

According the the update thread, this should be fixed in the newest version (Alpha 0.0.61) but it appears to be crashing on startup for quite a few people (myself included).

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Keeps crashing the unreal processor says "You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash."

I'm using the as of now latest version- version 8

If you tell me how i will include picture

I just loaded up shopsim.exe

I have Windows 10, 16GB of RAM, and I believe a 1080 NVIDIA Video Card

Great game, but two major bugs I've encountered on the most recent version.

1.) Greatswords always lose profit. For example, my Charisma is 6, but a Bronze Greatsword with a Fancy Handle still sells at 13 dollars.

2.) At Day 13, people walk into the shop only to immediately leave, making it impossible for the player to sell anything. This carried on for multiple days, and is still an issue. I am currently unable to progress.

Specs: Windows 10 Home 64-bit, AMD FX-8370, 8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz, MSI 990FXA GAMING (MS-7893) (CPU 1), VX238 (1920x1080@60Hz) 2048MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (Undefined), 931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-08WN4A0 (SATA), Realtek High Definition Audio

i dont know if this is a bug but when i open the box with the items after buying if you buy too much stuff it explodes and go's through walls and i have to lose customers and resources... phoenyx

Hi! Sometimes when a customer orders a Great product(i.e. Great Sword) I seem to only be payed 6 or 8 dollars. This happens no matter what speed I create the item at. I'm running Win32 Alpha 0.0.6, I'm running Windows 8.1 64-bit , on an AMD FX-6300 Six-Core, 8 GB RAM.


Game runs fine, no texture glitches, no audio glitches nor any black screens. Here are my problems;

  • When I press save game then exit, it does not take me to my previous save but rather a new game
  • Customers don't recognise great swords, fancy-two-handed-grip + two-handed-guard + large-bronze-blade =/= great sword to the customers. Yes I am putting on the counter and yes I have tried putting it on the wall

Hello dear developer,i am running ver0.0.61 and it seems that if you close the shop then quickly close the door when you made a sell,the customer will just teleport pass through a wall and drop the weapon,allowing you to sell it again,and can you also fix the lighting?

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version: 0.0.61(64 version)

The final price of the GreatSword is much lower than the price to create it, all GreatSwords that I selled cost only $7 to $13, but to make one I need to use more than $33 (all other weapons look ok)

edit: one hand sword sometimes have this problem too(not always, when it happens it apears as One hand sword instead of Bronze One hand sword)

When ever you save game and exit, and when you log back in your current level is gone and all the money you've made

Version: Win32 Alpha 0.0.6

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Hello. There's a bug where...if the walkers pushes, or you push the person that will come into your shop, he/she will just stand there and look at you. I cant proceed through the game. he/she will not do anything. just, stand there and look at me. If you reply and fix this, I would greatly appreciate that. Keep up the good work and stay awesome.

Version: Win64 Alpha 0.0.6

The UE4 crashes when i try to play the game


Hey! I Just downloaded the game a couple days ago for Windows x64 and I absolutely love it! However, over the course of a 14-in-game-day gameplay, I ran across more than a few issues.

First of all, Saving and Loading games needs a bit of work. The only thing that I observe actually does save is the location of items and your perks. Most other things do not save which I think would be much less of an annoyance if they did:

-Your Location

-The Time of Day

-Your Level

-The Name of your Shop

-The location of the secret Crystals

-The location of the instruction panels

-The amount of money you have

-Whether you've erased the sales list or not, and how many sales since

-The binding of objects (I once came back to some pre-made tools only to find they had dissassembled)

Also another strange bug that I got was that after Day 13, Every single customer that walked in instantly walked out again without giving me any time to complete their order whatsoever. Saving and reloading didn't help. The only sale I actually got after Day 13 occurred was a sale on an odd customer who seemed to have had an error in its walking AI that froze it outside my door, which I managed to push them to the door so they could request an item and have me complete it.

I'd also like an option to turn the Instruction leaflets on or off, as they get annoying once you get the hang of things. An addition of the usage of the water trough soon would be experience-enhancing as well, I find it odd that it's not used yet.

Other than those things, I love the game, and look forward to your updating it.

Scratch what I said, I think that was for version 0.0.60. Maybe.


I found another bug that when you make a One handed sword and give it to the customer, there's a chance that the board where every sales are registered that the weapon will be displayed as "One handed sword", in this case it will be sold at about 11$ (with fancy handle) and other times, it will display as "Bronze one handed sword" where it will pay a descent amount of money (27$ with fancy handle) Though i bet it's less for beginners as i got like 4 points in charisma.

27$ Is still going in no profit because of the worth of the bronze, guard and fancy handle but of course the other version (11$) is just a plain loss.

Fatal error!

Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000008




What is this, i keep seeing it and cant play the game, it wont even let me launch the game.

When you quit the game even if you save items are on their place but money disappears

So I love the game and I am very far into it but I have run into a bug in your latest version on 0.0.61 alpha. After about day 12 my customers are now just entering my shop, telling me what they want, then leaving without even giving me a second to build their weapon. I have tried reseting my game but that did not help. I'm not sure what even caused this bug to happen. My guess is that it has something to do with either after ordering tin, or ordering a big shipment of supplies like about 6 copper, 3 single fancy hand grips, 2 handed hand grips, 4 one handed guards, and 3 two handed guards. I hope this helps and hope you are able to at least let me know how to fix the issues. thank you

It's not caused by ordering a lot of supplies, I can say that much. I ordered the max amount of copper a lot and it only started happening on day 13. Tin might be the cause but I somehow doubt it. I started ordering tin on day 11 and it only started about day 13.


I don't think it happens because of the amount of supplies. I think because the order-time of the customers gets shorter day after day it might glitshes out on day 13

I wouldn't be surprised if that if that were the case. I did observe that it was getting shorter as the days passed.

well i found something out. When customers come in the door under there name is always 60 and then the time like 180s or 60s but on day 13 you can see a short time 0s so i think there is nothing made for the day 13 and other days after. might be missing some timers?

Cannot load a saved game. Is there a special way to do that?

It automatically loads it when you launch the game, assuming you saved.

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First off im liking the game

The only problem im finding is the same as a few other people were the great sword not selling for the right amount

Another bug iv been having not sure if anyone else had the same problem were the sword's and dagger's have been cliping thought the table and getting stuck

( Plus whats with the 3 logs out back )

Average Duration - About half hour ( more like 2 - 3 hours for me untill bugs hit then have to stop )


you're not alone in the clipping.

I've found a solution to it, however: You can rotate the weapon until it becomes unstuck.

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As of 0.0.61, Apparently binding a two-hand guard to a one-hand grip counts as a one-hand sword and customers will accept it.

Also, Greatswords do not have an alloy registration, it seems and will pay for significantly less than they are purchased for. (EDIT: Adding a one-hand blade to a greatsword handle will apparently fix this.

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Version: Alpha 02

I'm on day 5 and i aparently have a friend now.... i named him joe

No idea how that happened.... it just did....

edit: joe left me in day 7 without a single word ;-;

joe had aparently something to do and left you but Alpha 02?

Sorry i'm new to this game community what i meant was 0.0.61


no problem i was confused about 02 :D

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I cant put weapons on the inventory rack

This is version 0.0.61

what do I do?!?!?!


there is no inventory rack any more. there schould be a window now

I'm having a problem with the version 0.0.61 on my laptop where i install all the prerequisites and i still get error 0xc000007b


Hello Dasius, i started playing your game today and around day 13 the customers started acting up, they would go in to the shop state what they want and then immediate leave the shop so i cant give them their items, this is a thing that bugged me quite alot because i lost a lot of money on it. I hope you find a solution to the bug :)


So far 10 days in i've seen: Greatswords selling for like 6 gold, AI characters stuck in the back of the field behind the shop, items disappearing, launching and teleporting through walls/floors. Also, if you sell an item to a character within a few seconds on the text box appearing then it undersells to all hell. If you have it on the shelves near the front of the shop and the automatically pick it up, it sells for like 10 gold even when its a 40 gold item.

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When I first started the game I really enjoyed it, but then I realized I wasn't making money fast at all. I even lost money some days. I looked at some YouTube videos and I was doing the same thing they were and they were making money. That's when I had another realization. On the log of deals that I made with people when I made them a tool, for every single time I made them a Greatsword they paid me only 6$ with charisma 1 and 7$ with charisma 2. That is way less than it is supposed to be. It should at least be 37 with a copper sword. (profit of 1$: 30$ for copper, 3$ for two handed grip, and 3$ for two handed guard.) After I realized that, I never made a Greatsword again and now I am actually making a profit. Over all there is a bug with the money from the Greatsword. Or this is some sort sick and twisted game mechanic. XD For a suggestion you should make the fancy grips give you more of a overall profit bonus. They do give you more money when you use them but if you calculate out the overall profit, it is the same. Thank you for listening, it is a great game and you will be a millionaire one day.

After playing the game a bit more the one handed sword is now only giving me 7$ also. Maybe it is an error with the hand guard?

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when you save the game and then load it you have no money and the weapons you premade don't sell!! pls fix


Whenever i launch it i immediately get a unreal engine crash report

If the unreal engine is crashing, it means ur drivers aren't up to date, if they are up to date (And you've checked) then it's something else but if you haven't checked then you should (This have happened to be on other games, worked to update my game drivers)


Hey there is a "bug" or you could say an unbalanced about the greatsword the total cost for all the meterials to make one is 37 coins 30 for ingots 2 for guard and 5 for the grip however every time i sell one the costomer give me 8-10 coins and then just run off with my sword and the blood and sweat and love i but to make it. How the crap am i suppose to feed my imagenary family. PS love your game


Lol! Thanx bbbenbox.

I'm sorry this may cause you to go bankrupt. My next patch should have a fix for you and your imaginary families future. :)

Really appreciate your input.

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I have noticed that my game (version 0.0.61) began to have customers come in demanding an item, but immediately leaving. I'm unsure what the cause is. Nothing I did seemed to fix this, including: sleeping, exiting & reloading the game, and even deconstructing a couple weapons I had sitting to the side.

I recall seeing this happen a couple days earlier in the game, and when someone came in who wanted a weapon I already had prepared, they ran to try and grab it, they paid, then customers behaved normally. I entered day 13 and now customers seem to repeatedly come in and yell at me what they want then turn on their heel and march right out hahahah.

This is a short recording I made of the issue. You can see a couple items made, resting on the shelves. To save time, this was pretty much identical to the recording I made where the two items were disassembled completely.

EDIT: I did manage to sell someone something by chance, they came in screaming for a dagger but took a one-handed hammer I placed near the door. That is the only sale I have had recently hahah.

same for me


Hey Lostdragon7.

Could you double check the version you are running?

You can see the version number above your large window at the front of the store.

I want to be sure that the issue is still there after my last patch.

Thank you!!

I feel it is definitely version .61 because it is fully updated, but I will triple check above the windowwhen I get back from work (~8 hrs from now).

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Yep, it's 0.0.61 from the spot above the large window. It's an interesting bug. I'm curious to know what it is... hahah


Thank you for the recent patch and the work you put into it!

I'm no longer seeing the customer bug or problems with item sell values. Doing great so far!


On day 13 on all the characters walked in paused for 1 second and then walked out

(1 edit) (+2)

So, I began to encounter the impatient customer bug, where customers would leave immediately, but I'd previously discovered that customers will despawn inside the shop if you close the door behind them. I used this knowledge, and discovered an exploit, and hopefully I can describe it simply enough.

My strategy was to premake all items, then open shop, give them what they want, and close up immediately. Slow, but good for impatient customers. Very prone to the watcher bug, where the customer spawns and stares at you all day, but ultimately very relaxed.

So, day 13 begins, I notice two customers do 180s, and I decide to close the door behind them. I managed to do it, and the customer froze in front of the window. After offering him one of every item, he took my tin dagger and promptly walked into the wall, tossing his $122 into the chest. However, when he disappeared, he dropped the perfectly good dagger on the ground. Saving me the $100 for the tin.

TL;DR, close door behind customers, fill their request, they don't take the item with them. Profit ad infinitum?

Will test this exploit more.

EDIT: Also pointing out, customers will accept items past their time expiring, if you can catch/trap them. Also a bug.


Yes, it seems like the general bug works consistently; customers with no exit will disappear and leave behind weapons. Day 8 with titanium everything now. Sometimes one-handed weapons seem to confuse customers, but otherwise, stuff generally worked. Except for one lady who paid $10 for a titanium dagger. She's a terrible person. I mean, she didn't actually take the dagger, but still.


Haha i like that. Thanx Tallbrain123 for telling me. I'll get a fix on out on the next update.

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every time i try to open the game it wont open

i will help you by a pic so its easier for you :D


Hey strangely familar name :)

It might be because the version I updated the game to is unstable. Please try the 32 bit version ( if you havent already) and see if the game runs.

  • i did and it wont again same problem
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Realy like your game. But there are some bugs i found.

First: Sometime there are problems with the recognition of the Weapons Material. Then the weapon is listet without the material on the selling list and sells for less then a Bronze Weapon. Was realy depressing since it happened with my first Tin Weapon. Also i get the same prices using a fancy hilt as i get with a normal hilt. And once it even said it was a Tin Dagger on the board, but the selling price was 12 coins

Second: my Money was gone when i loadet my save.

And last but not least: the Lvl-Ups seem to don't do anything. Same selling price with 0 5 Charisma as i had with 0.


Hey Katoklysm,

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a patch to fix this issue for 32 bit version. Those issues you described are fixed in the 64 bit version, but it's unstable. You can give it a try.

UE4 keeps crashing when i start the game if you could let me know what my problem is that would be great, thank you


Hey NauticaNate,

It might be an issue on my side. I update the game to a unstalble version of the Unreal Engine 4. If you can, try the 32 bit version( if you haven't tried that already) which didnt get updated(thankfully) It still has the other bugs but hopefully, you can atleast try the game.

Hi Mr Developer,

I am finding I am unable to change settings for this game without it glitching out heavily.
It defaults to Windowed but when I change anything graphically it attempts to go full screen even though I have not selected that.

This prevents me from downgrading the graphics a little to run on my small Win 10 Tablet.

Version is (latest 64bit build)

To reproduce, close game and re-open (it defaults the settings I can see) and go into the Graphics, try and adjust settings and hit apply.

Tablet I'm using is a Teclast X80 Power, which is a Win10 64bit OS using an Intel x5-Z8300 CPU (1.44ghz quad boosts to 1.88) that has integrated graphics and 2gb RAM.

On a side-note, I cannot locate the config file that stores/saves the configuration, however the shopsim.log file appears to show setting changes. If I could adjust the config file (if you have it configured as such) then I may be able to bypass this issue.

Any response would be great :)

P.S. Not to dishearten you or anything, this game is glorious and a great idea, I just want to be able to play it everywhere :P


Thank you Nicholsonr,

I'm gonna look into that and try to get it out, ready, in the next update.

I see you have a lot of comments etc here so I'll keep this short.
I see a fair bit of potential for this game and idea.
Please consider, when you feel more comfortable of course, in putting it up for Steam Greenlight.
I personally would vote for it and definitely buy it.

Just a question, if I was to donate towards this game, would that theoretically (if the game/project continued) give me access to a copy of the official release down the track on whichever platform you choose to use?


Ive found something interesting. You can use the great hammer part on the One hammer tool and the customer's will accept it and give you the price of the great hammer even though they asked for a normal hammer. Makes it more worth to get great hammers instead of normal ones.

A really good tip if you are doing this legit is that every night, instead of instantly going to bed, stay awake as the timer wont change and nothing will happen to you if you do stay awake, the game will only resume when you sleep. In this time, what i usually do is to make every part (Hammer, dagger, swords) and order 5-10 of every grip handle and some excess ingots so that the next day, i just need to assemble the tools and give it saving so much time.


I did the same for 1-2 game nights, but because I had limited funds couldn't do it too often, but oh man it was glorious.

You want a polearm? *Reaches under counter*

Buyer: "Wow that was quick". Damn straight xD

omg so fucking pissed my game didnt save


Hey ItzMitch.

Sorry to hear that :(

What version of the game were you playing? (You can see the version over the large window at the front of the store)


i was just about to cheak but its updating now so hopefully it will save


Hey I love the game! but i have two glitches to report, first was said before but sometimes the customers will walk in and walk out right away and then the others will do it too. the other is that greatswords arent even worth selling because I only get ten coins from them when it takes around 35 coins to make. other than that great game!

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This is a great game and i'd love to see the final result.

Back to the problem. I am able to push the big statue in the backyard and idk if it's ok or not.

Version: Alpha 0.0.61 64bit


Hi Dasius!

I found a bug involving Greatsword price (atleast for Copper Greatsword).

Even it does cost 3 Copper Ingots, Two-Hand Guard and Two-Hand Grip to make, it only gives me 6$ back.

(1 edit)

HI, i really like your game,but in the last version the customers pay me the great swords only 6 coins,and this makes me lose a lot of money,i continue playing the game,but i dont make great sword

except this i didnt found any great bugs

continue this way tou are doing a great job ;)

(4 edits) (+2)

I have now found 4 bugs. I'm not sure if anyone posted them so i will write them anyway.

1st You need to have some swords or other weapons finished. Put them in the shelf under the bar. Save the game and close it. Restart the game and load the savegame. Try to give a finished weapon to a customer. The weapon will fall appart.

2ndSometimes a customer enters the shop and leave it immediately. If youre fast enough to read the order you can grab it fast and hand it over the bar. The customer then will come back and buy it.

3rd You can steal the weapons from a customer. Sell a Greatsword to the customer - Follow him outside - select a part from the sword (green highlighted) - Klick and hold right mouse on the highlighted part - then tilt the npc to the right (press and hold alt+ctrl) until he dissapear in the arc (you need to holt alt until the end). The sword will then fly back to you. This is how you make 5k until the 8th day. This works with all weapons. But its easier with the one which stay in the back or the belt.

4th If you save and load the game your money will be set to 0

Version 0.0.61 64 bit


Windows 10 64 bit

Intel 4790K


16 Gig RAM

I think the whole saving system doesn't work properly.

(4 edits)

i had a glitch were i made a tin (costs $100 to buy one ingot) great sword with a 2 hand gard and a 2 hand grip (not a fancy one) and the person that took it only gave me $33 not $330 so i couldn't even buy 1 tin bar afterwards. This only happened when i used a normal handle not when i used a fancy one.

I would like it if you, lets say, if you made a dagger not a hammer you could change the dagger back into the type of ingot it was. This would be really useful when you use up 3 ingots to make a hammer and the customer goes away before you give it to him and then you could change it back into ingots.

What do the crystals do because i have found 3 of them and i don't know what to do with them. Please do more graphics options because my PC can take a LOT more graphics-wise.

windows 10

16gb ram

64 bit

i don't know anything else about my computer


hello im playing on the newest version 0.0.61 and when ever i try lanching this game it just gives me a crash report from real engine pls help

Same. Don't know why.

Seems there is an issue with the great swords. They are sold as "Great Sword" , and not as "Bronze Great Sword"

3 ingots, plus 2-hand guard and 2-hand grip and the return is $7, seems really not right.

Picture of back to back bronze great swords.

(1 edit)

1. 0.0.61

2. bronse greatsword is 7 $ sells as greatsword


4. have charisma 2 and sell a bronze greatsword

Edit now a one handed sword

charisma 3 bronze one handed swprd

(2 edits) (+1)

I have a couple of bugs, some more serious than others. (0.0.61)

1: The infamous "Day 13" bug. Steps:

1a: Get to day 13 or 12, sometimes 12 works.

1b: The customers will come in and leave immediately.

2: When I take a sword apart and then the next customer wants it, I can't seem to recombine it.

2a: Make a sword.

2b: Take the sword to the anvil and take it apart.

2c: Take the pieces back over to the workbench and try to put them together (The grip and guard connect for me, just not the blade.)

3: The greatsword glitch.

3a: Get a customer who wants a greatsword.

3b: Make the greatsword and make careful note of how much it cost you to make.

3c: Sell it, and you get around 6 gold.

4: The "Building an item sometimes phases either fully, or partially through the top part of the workbench". This only sometimes happens so it's not the easiest to know if you fixed it. Also, this isn't a major problem, just a minor annoyance.

5: Even less of a problem, you can't change your name even though there is a edit button.

5a: Press "p" to bring up the character menu.

5b: Press the "Edit" button on the top right corner by your name (which is by default 'awesomeness') and nothing happens.

I sometimes only get 26 value of selling both Great and one handed swords.

(1 edit)

hey man! happy to be back to tell you proudly that your game is 10x better and playable!

thank you for that, just one more thing that will be great, when making a great sword aka 30 $ +2$ Grip and Guard

its around 35 38$. now, when i sell a greatsword, it costs 6 dollars, so im more loosing money then earning, which is a shame. if you could fix that the delivery is 35$\38$ worth of items and the greatsword itself costs to buy around double the cost? or whatever you like but make sence, i have no money because it all went for a damn greatsword and i get 6 Dollars in return. thanks man for all the effort and keep going im a fan of your game.

well i think its because of the time. I get every time 50 for a greatsword

I believe I am playing 0.0.6 32 bit edition on windows 10 but I can not seem to locate the version number.

The first bug I encountered was when I close the game after saving, then open the game back up, I have $0 in my chest even though i had about $150 before saving and closing.

2nd was I made a tin one handed sword for a customer and I only received $20 for the sword, maybe it was supposed to be $220? But that is definitely a negative profit with the tin ingot costing $100 each and the grip and guard together being $8?

This is more petty than anything but I have problems with items glitching through the walls and floor of the shop.

Other than those this is a great game! I do thoroughly enjoy playing this and I cant wait for future updates!

Fantastic game, but when I got to day 12 the people stopped buying. By that i mean the walked in and immediately walked back out after demanding any weapon. On Win 10, but I'm not sure what version I have, but I found this in the manifest 2017-02-10T14:21:20.905Z.

Another bug i found, when I'm in the menu, my cursor is actually about an inch to the left of where it shows. Same everything else, just a different bug.

Another bug, at day 15, the person who came in first immediately left (as usual) but instead of leaving, just stands outside the door. Despite the customer having left the shop, the game does not count my shop as empty so no one comes in. Basically, it's unplayable.

Newest Version

Doesn't start up (api-ms-win-crt-string-l1-1-0.dll is missing)

Sorry, no image.

uh. 1. start game. xD

um. My graphics card is a gtx 970. that's all i know but if you actually do need the system's specs i can google how to find them :P.

I am playing Version Alpha 0.0.61 of 'My Little Blacksmith Shop'


1- When assembling weapons on the table sometimes the finished weapon can get stuck in the table

2- After saving and exiting to the desktop and closing the game then relaunching the game three things happen

  • First, all assembled weapons are all disassembled (This glitch does help when you get a weapon stuck in a table)
  • Second, all melted materials are converted to be solid (Not melted, I had no idea how to word that)
  • Third, all your coins that you had are deleted and the coin chest is reset to 0

3- Sometimes expensive to make weapons can sell for astronomically low prices

  • I made a One Handed Hammer made fully of Tin costing me 303 coins, the hammer sold for 18 coins
  • I did not make the customer wait a long time but it still resulted in a bad sell cost

4- Sometimes Impatient Customers will say that you were 'Too Slow' even if you give them the requested weapon in under 3 seconds

  • Just a disclaimer: I am not saying they will say you were 'Too Slow' in specifically 3 seconds, I just played and they said it to me when I premade the weapon and it's just a rough estimate
  • This does not apply to all the Impatient Customers #NotAllCustomers

5- Customers will get stuck outside and stay still or get caught on a background NPC

  • I only saw a Customer get stuck on a background NPC once and they did get unstuck and got to the shop successful
  • Going to sleep will despawn the stuck Customer

6- Sometimes Customers will enter the shop but leave immediately

  • When the glitch appears customers after the first will do the same repeating pattern: Go in, leave immediately, new Customer spawns, repeat steps 1-3 until the player decides to make a new game
  • I cannot tell you anything after day 12 if the glitch keeps going because I sadly restarted the game on day 12

7- In the morning and night time it is hard to see due to lack of lighting

8- The 'You Feel Tired' text is sometimes cut off and see through on the bottom left side of the screen

9- The holding mechanic causes objects to sway and fling around while moving with them

10- Parts to a weapon will sometimes not connect

11- The disassemble on the anvil can sometimes cause the blade/hammer head to be completely useless because it does not sell to the Customer even if the requested item is correct

  • This is true with the guard or handle but mostly with the blade/hammer head \


I cannot provide evidence for these bugs/glitches because i could not find a screenshot button if it is there


1- N/A due to random chance

2- Fully assembling a weapon and not sell it, melt copper/tin/iron/ect, get coins in your chest, save the game, exit to desktop, relaunch the game

3- N/A due to random sell chance

4- Premake weapons, Wait for an Impatient Customer, Give it immediately, Random chance

5- N/A due to random AI chance

6- Go to day 12 and open shop

7- Stare at the workshop table in the morning or night (The Workshop Table is the best place to show the lighting)

8- Glance at the bottom left part of the screen at night time

9- Hold on to an object and look around with the object in hand

10- N/A due to... Something?

11- N/A due to something again


Version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393

System Type: x64-based PC

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Version: Alpha 0.0.61

Issue: It says something about not enough video memory.

Picture: Picture Link

Steps to Issue: Launch the game.

System Specs:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2330M CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.20 GHz

Installed memory (RAM): 6.00 GB

System type: 64-bit Operating System

Someone please help!

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i need help

i cant open shopsim and it says error :(

Hello, how do i detach a grip or anything by what it is atached. Sorry for language.

It says it on a piece of paper, you just have to bring it to the anvil, and left click the anvil itself.

when i install it and click on play the game says you need microsoft visual 2015 and when i click yes it says i need to install unreal engine 4 and when i try to play is again that there is a uninstall buton for unreal engine 4

Hi there! I`m glad i can help you with your game.

There`s my bug/glitch list:

1. Level up page. - if you pres P many times your page will be invisible(you can see just the red +)

2. Low shadows - if you select low shadows everything flick very dark and very bright very fast.

3. Main Menu no cursor. - some times when you enter the main menu(escape) your cursor dissapear,it only appears if you press left or right click.

4. High and Epic Post-Processing - everything is very very bright,cant look at it.

5. False virus detection (Bitdefender) - ShopSim.exe is detected as virus if you use Bitdefender.

6. Bad optimisation - everything on medium make the game laggy,i can play GTA V better on medium settings.

7. When you reach the map limit grass,sky and mountains (or rocks) become blurry.

8. When you restart the game (saved it first) you will have the default graphics settings(so,it doesnt save the settings)

9. When you restart the game (saved it first) your shop name will be default size.(so,it doesnt save the size of the shop name)

10. You caracters body parts (especially feet) will glitch inside small rocks and trees.

11. Jump on the furnance.If you move you caracter slowly on the furnance border AGAIN everything becomes very bright then very dark.(i think thats a shadow issue)

12. Put a crystal near a window.Drag it from the other side and you will see your magic crystal going thru the window.(works with wooden logs and wooden crates too if you try harder)

13. "Place Order" text is in the air.

14. I can move that really big stone guy who is in the back.I can make it jump too,and glich him inside trees.

15. You can block other characters and they go crazy.

16. If you throw a crystal high,youre not gonna have it again.

17. Crystals can be glithed inside trees and rocks.

18. Downloaded the game for 64-bit but it runs in 32-bit.

I think thats enough for now.

Here are my important pc specs:

CPU: AMD A10-7850k 3.7 - 4.0 GHz

GPU: AMD Radeon R7 250 1GB 128Bit GDDR5

RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz


Game version: 0.0.61

I apologize for my bad english,im a romanian guy.

Hope that game become big.

MaxINFINITE brought me here.


Por favor me ajudar quando eu abro meu jogo ele crash e aparece um erro de UE4-ShopSim, por favor como corigir?

Email :



Translation: please help me: my game crashes and gives an UE4-ShopSim error when I try to start it, can you help me fixing it?

Email :

Thank you!

(no specs given)

It's great! I love the game, the only bug that I have encountered is when I make a greatsword, it gets stuck in the table and kind of makes me go out of business... Sometimes it will glitch back out the next day but almost every time I make one this happens. I have the newest update. Great work on the game, very creative!

*when i don't open in time or not getting to the shop in time buyers just come and leave

*some of the costumers come for only 30 seconds while some other come for 130 seconds approx.

*PoleArm and copper glitches beneath the world,they "freak out" or just fly away out of existence

1. I am using the latest version of the 64 bit, 0.0.61.

2. The issue is that the great sword cost me 36 gold to make, but they only give me 6 gold back, I loose 30 gold from the sells... isn't it suppose to be the otherway around? I make more gold from great swords compared to what I payed to make it?

3. I don't have a pic

4. Just make a great sword in the 64 bit, 0.0.61 and sell it to someone asking for it without any charisma points, you gonna get only 6 gold instead of something like 39 gold or something of the kind that makes you profits.

5. I don't think its needed, its not a graphical bug, or my game lagging or anything that has to do with the spec, its gameplay wise, probably in the coding.


Great game dude really love it but after a certain amount of days though the A.I walks in then walk out instantly without a time to make anything, it starts usually on day 13, if you have any idea on how to fix this plz tell me, thx.


After around day 8 the NPC's start entering and leaving right when they enter. Also the time for NPC's to leave gets progressively lower and lower to the point where I can no longer make anything but a dagger in time.


Hey SolenFilms, try the new update. That issue should be gone. Let me know if it's still there.


What version of the game you are running.
Running 0062 - Windows 64 bit

Description of any issue or error message
When ingots snap to anvil it often doesn't recognize how many are attached and will produce a small blade, and leave one ingot attached.

Doesn't always happen.

An image(if possible)

Steps to reproduce the issue(if possible)
Prepare 3 ingots, snap all 3 ingots to the anvil, hit with hammer.

System specs.
Most likely unrelated, but i7-6700HQ 24GB of ram.


Hey Willbee55,

Just to get a clearer understanding of the problem;

  • Did you do anything else other then put the ingots on the anvil?
  • How many times have you used the anvil before the issue started?
Thank you !!!

The first thing that was requested was a Great Sword, so the first thing I did was put all three on and try to make the great sword.

The only thing I've noticed after playing around with it a bit more is it sometimes snaps and then unsnaps kind of. It'll stay in that one spot, but the anvil won't recognize it. It happened early when making a dagger. If I right click the ingot it moves a little bit.

In my honest opinion, the old method was good. Maybe just increase the size of the anvil or something.


Ok so first off great game i love it but when playing on 64 bit the shadows on low quality just bug out when looking towards the furnace and next whenever i try and play the 32 bitversion it crashes when i have everything necessary to run both version but one runs and the other crashes


Hey Vigilante Lotus,

Thanx for the report.

What are your system specs?

Im running this game on a laptop but the specs are

processor: AMD A8-7410 Apu with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics


Cool! Thanx Vigilante Lotus.

mhm np, oh also i used to be able to run the 32 bit version but not 64 bit now its the opposite anyway i can run both or no??

Developer (1 edit)

Not quite sure why you cant run the 32 bit. Are you updating the old files or installing a fresh version?

You should be able to run both especially if you can run the 64 bit version

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ok thankyou ill try and doing waht you said and also your awesome keep it up dude ill be sure to ask everyone including you if i need any more help :D

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I'm running 0062 Windows 64 bit

1. Anvil is pretty broken now, I cant get past a day as when people needs a one hand sword, and so I put 2 ingots on the anvil, it doesn't recognize that there is 2 and so it makes a dagger instead. This also happens to Great swords/Hammer so sometimes it'll create a dagger and sometimes it'll create a one hand sword instead of a great sword.

Only a fraction of the time does it actually make the item I'm asking for. And also if its 2 ingots on the anvil and the other gets made into a dagger, the dagger itself can get stuck inside an ingot.

2. Another bug I noticed is that sometimes the ingots wont snap on the anvil and so you will have to keep fiddling to get it to snap. This also happens if you try to un snap it from the anvil as sometimes it doesn't pull the ingot away.

I miss the old way of doing it, even though it was at times a hassle to get them on the anvil, it was more immersive and fun. Though I know you will make the right decision as I still love the game and its concept.



3. I also noticed that if you start a new game, gamma goes to 0 and so does resolution, atleast for me. Made the hole game black until I realized the issue.

4. I tried to assemble a one handed sword on the workbench that had some stuff on it (not sure if its that what caused it or not), I had the handle and guard ready and I had just aligned the sword with the rest and then what happens is that instead of creating the one hand sword, it creates a dagger and the notification goes crazy (I got like 6 messages telling me I had made a dagger).


The same thing has been happeing to me as well


Hey SplicedUpReaper

Just to get a clearer understanding of the problem;

  • Did you do anything else other then put the ingots on the anvil?
  • How many times have you used the anvil before the issue started?
I'm thinking of adding an option in the options menu to enable or disable anvil snapping.

Whenever I got a order of a great sword or great hammer or a one handed sword, I just snapped the ingots on the anvil and hammered it and then I didn't get what I was trying to make.

Oh and btw, if you hammer an ingot on the anvil for half the duration it would normaly take to craft a dagger but then put another ingot or two and continue hammer it, you would expect to get a greatsword but instead it creates a dagger and leaves the rest of the ingots alone instead of using all of them. Also if you one ingot on the anvil, you can change its position and then if you try to hammer the anvil, nothing will happen, no sound will occur and no crafting will either which means you need to reattach the ingots on the anvil.

I used the anvil when I first start the game after the ingots are smelted.



I saw Blitzkriegsler play this game and thought I would enjoy it. I tried downloading the 64 version, and after a few seconds it told me there was a network error. I resumed it a few times after it paused. After a couple of resumes, it told me the file was forbidden. I don't know how to fix this, but if you can help, I would appreciate it.


Are you downloading it from the app or from the website?


I am using the most recent, being 0.0.62 but I can't make greatweapons. When I put 3 ingots on the anvil after I hammer it, it turns into a sword piece.


Hi, I'm here to post a bug. In version 0.0.62 (I think that's the name, there might be one more zero) there is a chance that your customer will get stuck, forcing you to reset the day. This happens when two NPCs walk across the path of the customer while they are on it. If they squish the customer between them, they will be forced to move to the side, but will keep walking. However, I had a customer get stuck behind a pillar, and now I have to reset the day. This is simply because of the angle at which the customer approaches, aswell as the placement of the pillar. Here is a picture: . Unfortunately, there is no way to easily reproduce this bug, as it was pure chance. This was in the Windows 64bit version.


Its happened to me a lot, where the customers would come from a certain direction then get stuck on a prop or entity and just stand there, Other times, NPC's will walk into the customers and then they wont be able to get to you, but most of the time, the customers start jumping out of the way and then they get to the shop. Its such a hassle that the waiting timer doesn't start until they get inside the shop and so ive had to randomly choose a weapon and keep going back n forth to give it to them.


Hey, great game idea! :)
Here some bugs i've found (in 0.0.62):

1. Customers not accepting greatswords (Already happened in .61)
Reproducing is kinda hard because it sometimes works, sometimes not.
2. Customer struggling with getting out of the shop (see video below)
Only happened this time, didn't happen again after that yet.
3. When ordering items: they explode when opening crate if it contains one polearm or too many items.

4. Black bar on 2nd screen when in fullscreen.
Disappears when minimizing and reopening the game. (
5. Saves not working properly. Day count, the shop names font size and color aren't saved.

My specs:

That's all for now, keep up the great work!


Thanx Buson94,

For 1 and 2. I had trouble reproducing that bug on my end so couldnt get it fixed. This helps me narrow down the issue better. I'll aim to fix it for the next path.



I can't seem to make Great anything i put 3 ignots on the anvil but it just keeps only using two....


I just found a huge bug that made me reinstall the game.This bug happend in the version 0.0.62.When I wanted to put a name at the shop,I couldn't press the done button.And then I pressed ESC to save the game and then rejoin.When I rejoined the game,everything was black and pixelated, I could se only the cooper ingots.So I rejoined and rejoined , but the same thing happens.So I reinstalled the game.

Please fix this bug!


Hey NicolasRO,

Try looking into into your graphics settings and hit the reset button. Let me know if that fixes the everything being black and pixelated issue.


It worked!Thanks a lot !


I like how the ingots lock onto the anvil (sometimes), but when ever i try to take a ingot off and it keeps getting locked on and eventually get it off, that ingot doesnt combine with other ingots once i put it back on the anvil, and it has caused me to make many not needed blades.


Hi I'd like to start by saying i love your game, but i keep getting an issue where sometimes when i put 2 ingots on the anvil it only recognizes one and makes a dagger instead of a one handed blade. im running the newest version as 2/14/ seems to only happen if i put an ingot on before a customer walks in and then the second after. not really game breaking if thats the cause because that can just be avoided , but its something that is a bit buggy.

P.S. I love your game and can't wait for the next update!!!:)

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Hey, great game so far keep it up. Currently playing Alpha 0.062. Playing on laptop windows 10 from ictch app I7 8GB ram lenovo Z51 AMD graphics

When in and near forge and crafting area I get lighting gliches where the light would flicker from being bright to dim it doesnt affect game play but just for the epileptics out there ;) , sorry its vauge only explanition I could give - Did some more testing i find when post processing isnt on epic the bug happens(so far).

Additionally you can create a ... copper dagger hammer thing ??, i created a dagger ( usual way) and i had a spare one hand hammer lying there as im dragging about they both combine to make .. that ? - just another bug i guess, thanks keep it up

Couple of bugs for you man to look into so i can stream this game.

1. When you mess with graphics options i.e. set to full screen instead of windowed sometimes Gamma will set itself to 0.
2. Still unable to edit name in the Level paper-thingy
3. If you move ingots whilst they're on the anvil, they refuse to work after i.e. they cannot be hammered in to anything.

Dasius, your new anvil does have some bugs. I like the way how the ingots fit in place but if i but 3 ingots on it won't work it only makes a normal one hand blade and i ran out of mony so i restarted the game and tryed to make a one hand sword and it dosn't work. I hammered many times on the ingots but nothing happend well then i took the ingots of and placed them again and...

i took the picture right after it happend.

I still realy like your game and it's probably hard for you to see so many bugs and you have probably much work to do so i aprecheate it. I'm excited for the next updats.

In the latest version of the game 0.0.62 I'm playing on windows 10 64 bit. I have problems with bars not being recognized on the anvil correctly. daggers are always 100% chance with 1 bar, but everything above, like 2 or 3 bars on the anvil, seems to not register properly and I end up making alot of dagger blades although there are more on the anvil (and it didn't matter if they are snapped into place on the anvil or not) I also had it a few times with 3 ingots that it would only make recipes with 2 ingots :/
Another problem I encountered, after quitting the game after going to bed and I load back in in complete darkness inside the Blacksmithing room and the lights are all messed up aswell as the resolution, could workaround by readjusting gamma and resolution scale. (It was as if those 2 options were put to 0) I encountered this bug on both fullscreen and windowed mode.

Also, when i first time clicked on the shopsign to name it, I used an apostrophe in the name and adjusted the color and after that I wasn't able to click the done button nor able to close the window, so I had to restart the game to get rid of it.

somtimes when i heat up a copper ingot the game dont let me punch it with hammer on the anvil. i place it on the anvil and punches but this isnt turn into a blade and didnt play the saund of hammering.

I don't know if this is a bug or something in the game but I sold a Great Sword and I only recived 5coins so I losed about 29 coins! please do something so you can't lose money like that.

Version: Win 64 Alpha 0.0.62

hello dasius,

i really love you game! it is so awesome, and the way to make weapons is cool.

How big is the team that is working on the game? or are you working alone?

I myself am a beginner in 3d modeling, at it would be cool if i could help you in any kind of way. That would really be so cool, i understand if it is now possible or something, or if you rather work with your team/alone.

If you want to contact me. my e-mail is:

Have a nice day!


so the countdown timer doesn't stop at 60 seconds it keeps going down im at 40 seconds on day 15 help if this keeps going im not going to be able to make anything in the alotted time frame

TIP from me to you: When the day is over, instead of instantly going to sleep, create tool parts for every weapon (Hammer heads, daggers and swords), and create some finished weapons to have on the shelf. So whenever a customer comes in, give them an already finished weapon, then create a new one from your parts. When someone else comes in, you've already made another weapon. Give, create anew repeat.

This will allow you to continue to even 10 seconds or less if that would be the case.

I'm running version 9 on windows 64

hi I was playing the game for a bit and i got to day 4 then i saved an exited the game when I reloaded I was back on day 1 and all my progress had gone. so I deleted the game and downloaded it to again make sure it had downloaded correctly after I unzipped it I started the game and found all the starting item had gone other than the unknown crystals. Sorry I don't have an image and I can't test for repeatability because I don't have anything but the only thing that I did different to other players was that I downloaded and played it off a memory stick however I didn't turn off my pc or unplug the memory stick between playing it the first and second time.

Also I had another bug while playing I had a copper ingot that I heated up so it was ready then I moved it over to the anvil I then tried to hit it with the hammer and it wouldn't let me hit it I tried moving it to the other snap spots and taking it off and putting it back on but nothing worked I also tried putting another ingot on the anvil but it was just ignoring the glitched ingot and making daggers.

System specs windows 64 : intel I 7 :16gb ram : Gtx 970 2 way sli

Hope this helps looking forward to playing the game while it develops. ill check for reply's if you have any questions.

When naming my shop after i had named it once. The GUI for naming the shop actually stayed on my screen. This froze my mouse and it wouldnt let me click done. I could get mouse control back by hitting ESC. But the GUI stayed on the screen.


Restart your graphics settings- in game - other people ( including my self) have done the same and it gets rid of the GUI for the naming of your shop, after u can then re-adjust.. i assume Dasius is working on it

When putting all the settings on low when your in certain positions in the shop the shadows glitch out and also whenever i run the 64 bit version it runs properly but when i run the 32 bit version it crashes without loading up anything


when i closed off the game, my previous svae was gone and when the game restarted everything is gone and i can't even start the smithing


Same strange ingot glitch being reported. I'll try and give any details I've encountered.

Snapping ingots in order (closest to furnace, middle, farthest; 1, 2, 3 from here on) seems to work consistently, though it's difficult to get them to snap in that fashion. If you snap them on opposite sides, leave them; moving either to 2 will likely turn that one into what I'll call a "ghost ingot". Ghost ingots can be hammered (silently), though they display very peculiar properties. I haven't noticed enough consistency to say for sure what's happening behind the scenes, though. The silent ingots do seem to add to the hidden counter; hammering a ghost ingot 7 times may not turn it into a dagger, and stacking three other ingots may make a greatsword on the first hit. It's very peculiar.

Moving ingots between the three slots seems to be the root cause of the issue. If I drop one on 1 and 3 and hammer them once, it plays the 2-ingot sound, and if I swap them, they both become ghost ingots. No sound when hammering. If I place another two ingots on slots 1 and 2, it plays the 2-ingot sound once again, and the 2 ghosts are restored to their usual sounds. I've noticed it's possible to have both ingots on the anvil treated as a pair of single ingots, and in general, removing a problem ingot for a forge or two should fix the problem. Rule of thumb: don't move the ingots.

Oh, and the telekinetic hammer bug, where hammering a heated ingot while another is on the forge will act like you hammered the one(s) on the forge. No matter the distance.

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I love this game to death. Even with the current state it is in, with the few bugs there are, I find it still enjoyable and relaxing to play. I can't wait for more updates to come out and want see this game fully furnished. I terribly wish to gush about what I love about the game, but I'll wait until the end, that way the problems are presented first.

The first bug I would like to mention is the greatsword glitch. I have seen another person mentioning this, but I thought I'd share all the problems I have, regardless if anybody else has it, to show that multiple people have these bugs. Whenever I sell a greatsword, it always sells for 26 gold, much less than the original price. Just once I got it to work, but in the process created another bug.

Next is the trait tree glitch. In my save, the traits and skills you can increase don't work. I've tried putting points in charisma and strength, but I see no change in the outcome. I don't know if they have been fully implemented, but for me these don't work.

I've also had a problem with money. Whenever I save and exit the game, I loose all the money I had when I left the game and start with no coins. To counter-act this I spend all my money on items so I have no money to loose. For now I can deal with it, but it would be nice to be fixed.

Lastly, the experience glitch. Somehow my experience bar became 0/0, and every weapon I produced leveled me up. After shutting down and re-opening the game, it fixed, but I figure I would mention it just to tell you that it can happen.

I've also come across people bugs. For example, one person got stuck in my backyard and created havoc. The only way to make him get out was by restarting the game. Also for some reason the giant in the backyard actually started walking around and got stuck in the tree. I believe that isn't supposed to happen. People also would get stuck on my doors. Another thing I found is that when I get around Day 13, people would instantly leave the shop. I had to start a completely new game after trying a variety of methods to fix this.

Those are all my bugs, otherwise it plays just fine. I believe they are all program based, because they have nothing to do with my computer specs. I love this game though, it's very relaxing to play and I enjoy making a variety of weapons. I think the customizing part is genius. It makes it so you can create different weapons instead of making the same weapon over and over again. I also enjoy the atmosphere. It just seems so cozy, working by an ember lit fire, hammering weapons to sell. It feels like I'm actually running my own shop, which I love. Keep up the great work! I'm heading off to put in my ideas for improvement. I'd put them here but I feel it'd make my message too long!

Update: This is all for the last version. I wasn't on my computer for the last couple of days so I missed the latest update. The one day I don't check for an update XD. The only problem now is that every time I try to open it, it says the unreal engine has crashed. I've restarted my computer, downloaded it multiple times, but I can't get it to work. Guess I can't play it for the time being, because I copied over the old version of the game. If I can't get this to load I'm stuck not being able to play it. I don't know how to fix the engine from crashing.


There is a strange glitch where occasionally better ingots (Iron and occasionally tin so far) won't change to weapon ends. i keep hammering and nope. I just got the game today: 2/14/2017. The version is alpha 02. i dont really know how to reproduce it. it seems pretty random.


Hi! I'd like to report a bug. This bug is simply a game crash that occurs when you put your PC into sleep mode. I had another tab on main while I turned my PC into sleep mode, and when I turned it back on I had a crash message from the unreal engine. I'm running Windows 64bit version 0.0.62 .

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I have just tried this game for the past 1½ hour and it is great... very addictive :D

But here is what i have found of bugs in v0.0.62!

I heat up some copper ore in the furnase till they are ready. If I want to make a hammer head I place 2 ingots beside eatch other on the anvil and start hitting them with the hammer, but 8 out 10 times I end up with a small blade for a dagger. The second ingot do not get used and it's still connected to the anvil, so I can't even get past day 2 because I have used all my money on ingots. I hope this will soon be fixed, because it breaks the game for me!!!

The second bug is that when it start the game it's very dark and i can see nothing, but I have found a tempoary fix for that. Just go to Graphics options and hit reset that fixes the issue.

The third bug i found was when i load up my save game my money is gone.

Otherwise great game and i look forward to see what happens with it in the future :D

Kind regards

My system specs:

Intel Core I7 3770K @ 4.4Ghz

Asus Z77 Sabertooth

16GB of Corsair DDR3 RAM

Palit GameRock GTX 1070 8GB

All running on Windows 10 Pro x64 up to date


I just got this game, so maybe there's something I'm mising, but when I try to make a hammer head it doesn't work! It makes 2 dagger heads :(


I boot up the game, its 4k, I have a 1080p screen, I can't change it back, it crashed whin I click.

(2 edits)

creat shortcut and add on end this : -w 640 -h 480 ,or ur resolution it's doesn't matter ;)

thanks, i figured it out. I alt entered then selected 1080 p


The shadows glitch out on low quality but i cant run on medium quality due to laptop restrictions


So I played a good while until like day 6. Then I attempted to Name my shop but it would not let me out of the text screen for naming a shop. So I tried exiting out of it and back in and it opened up but I had no money and no materials to make anything. Not sure if before leaving a game all the time to click save game or not. I downloaded the 64 bit version so not sure if that matters. If you need more info let me know. P.s. This type of game has been a type of game I have wanted to play for a long time. You have done a very nice job in setting it up. I hope this goes a far way in development.


Absolutely love this game, although it is pretty buggy I still enjoy it. But I have a recurring problem.. after about a day or two, in game, the game slows right down and then freezes, and surely enough every single time this happens I have to start a new game because my save wont work. would really appreciate some info on this please???

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I launch the game and I never know, which bug I gonna catch this time. The most annoying one and the only one I can't solve by myself is when I exit the game and start again: all progress resets, there is a text "day 0" in the corner, and I have no items or money, so I have to start new game. Also, in 13th day customers enter the shop, order and leave at once without waiting for the order. Sometimes they could take an item on the shelf, but very rarely. I hope, it will be fixed soon, because I still absolutely love this game. I'm on Windows 10.


I can't craft something with "great" in the name. I need 3 ingots, i place it on the anvil and then i craft a dagger.

That's with 2 ingots too. I'm only craft dagger.

PS: sorry for my bad english! i am german :D


Hello Dasius, when I start the game, this happens:

I waited 5 mins and nothing happened.

Tell me if you know the bug. Thank you.

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Hi change on graphics , Resolution Scale to 100% and gamma to 50 ;)


I've ran into the same issue as a few others above.

I sleep the night, get to day two and find myself unable to make anything above 1 ingot. Even when 3 are on the anvil it keeps making short blades. If it helps, the hammer sound stops too so you don't even know if it's working and you're just swinging silently.

Which is a shame really, I was in the middle of recording a video for you :(


I'm having the same problem I think it might be caused by the snapping to anvil mechanic that got introduced as i had 2 ingots on the anvil snapped at opposite ends which only allowed me to make a dagger blade. and the other ingot became unusable. Having said that you can still make short swords with a dagger blade but you get a funky message that says you created a dagger and one hand sword at the same time.

My suggested fix: Remove the snapping to anvil.


Just downloaded the game, as soon as i start it up the whole screen is black but i can hear the music starting. If i try to go to the options to mess with graphics the screen freezes

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Hi try upgrade graphic drivers or create shortcut on end add this : -w 640 -h 480 , i think this will repair ur problem when try change gamma 50 if hat black screen ;) sorry bad english



bug: I created a dagger and was going to sell it to a client, but the day finished before he picked the dagger, then I saved the game while I was with the dagger in my hands, when I continued the dagger start to float in the same place

Hi gubidubi , game didnt save time if your character is tired game know now to save units on map u buged game SI didnt know when u save and what u have on hand he save data sold its 1 of 2 bugs of this u can create 2 sword on 1 and give SI he got 1 not 2on1 and got without weapond ;) ( sorry for bad english i cant help u -.- xDD)


When i put 2 (ready)ingots on te anvil, one of the 2 isn't registered. When i try to hit it, it makes a one ingot blade instead of a 2 ingot blade. One of the 2 ingots stays on the anvil, but when i try to hit is there is no sound and nothing happens. If i then pick up the remaining ingot and place it back, it still doesn't work. So this means the ingot is rendered useless, and I am only able to make one ingot builds.Any quickfixes? This game is already fun, and shows a lot of potential, keep it up!

best fix is to revert back to the older version and wait for the next patch or simply make one ingot items. you can still make one handed swords with dagger blades.



Please HELP!


there he doesn't have such a mistake .....

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I am using the 64 bit version, sometimes when placing ingots on the anvil they will not all be used. example: I place 3 ingots and only two are used making a regular sized sword, attempting to make a great sword. the third ingot cant be used with any other ingots and will often not be able to be used for awhile. I have tested it a bit and it seems to happen when ingots aren't placed together when snapped to the anvil, as in the first one being placed on one end then the second being placed on the other end. (I belive prioitizing the middle spot for placing the first ingot should fix this issue)

use only 2 ingots 3 didnt work and 2 give u this same ;)

had the same issue

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Good morning, I'm here to report a very, very annoying bug. When I put the ores on the anvil, for example: 2 Titaniums on an anvil when I try to make a one-handed sword a knife always leaves. And with this bug, people are sorry but I can not play, I hope for alpha version 0.0.63. I do not know if it's only for Tutanium or copper ingots (it was only with these ingots that I tried)

The current version of my game: Alpha - 0.0.62

I'm on Windows 10 - 64bits

Sorry if the translations are not correct, I used Google translator

can I just say u r fine on the tran

I suspended my pc and thesave game gone.

By closing and opening the game, the game continue to load the saved game, but if you suspend pc the progress is over. I cant prove this is 100% correct because it only happened once. If I find something else I say.


Hi Williotam , game got broken Save data if u start on day 0 need to do delete save on : C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ShopSim\Saved\SaveGames and del SaveGame.sav open game and save new game , problem will still work so u can play ( sorry for bad english )

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I'm not sure if this is known already or not, but there is a lighting or graphical issue. I got the bug where one of the anvils won't make anything, so I decided to start from scratch. Everything went pitch black dark, minus the light around the torches.

Edit: Redownloaded the game, and the problem persists...

Edit2: Figured out the issue, gamma was turned down to 0 for some reason.

Hi MeisterBehr , graphic save have bug and didnt save all stats , Dasius still work on problem with anvil and he will repair problem soon (sorry for bad english )

Game version: 0.0.63

Hi, I discovered a bug now 1 minute ago and I'm here to report this bug, this bug consists of using 2 ores instead of 3. Example if we put 2 ores in this position: (Are titanium ores) We can do 1 GreatSword or GreatHammer. With the ores in this position, we are not willing to put the third ore to make the Great Sword / Hammer

Put an ore to the left of the anvil and another ore to the opposite side (can not be in the middle)

Windows 10 - 64Bits

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If u go to esc I can't click and thing under graphics in any menus or anything and I can edit my graphics cuz I can't save them and if I click on say graphics I can't exit with out using task manager and sometimes my computer will freeze and then I have to restart i


1. Alpha 0.0.63

2. Sometimes the greatsword wont be sold by the customer even though it is a finished correct greatsword

3. (Idk how to poste a image)

4. Its by random chance but just make the great sword and try to give it to the customer, theres a small chance this happens.

5. (idk what specs is)

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hey dasius great work on the new update I love the new scenery but that's not why I'm here, I was playing it to see what changed and I noticed that when I went to right something on the sign out front it wouldn't let me out of it, the menu for the sign was still there even when I walked away and when I tried to reset everything stayed super pixelated and dark not sure if its a bug or just me.

good luck in the future :)

version alpha 0.0.63

Everyone seems to be having the same problem with the ingots on the anvil not being used (place 3 on, make a blade with only 2). I noticed this on occasion too, but it only seemed to happen when I removed/repositioned ingots that had already snapped to the anvil. After removal, those ingots were "broken" and unusable. To everyone having this problem: once an ingot snaps to the anvil: leave it alone and you should be okay.


That bug should have been fixed by the newest update anyway

when i click the launch button on app it say to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime but i ahve already installed it.My pc specs are:Operating System Windows 8.1 pro 64bit;Processor AMD Phenom(tm) II x4 955 Processor (4 CPUs),~3.2GHz;Memory 8192MB RAM.

Please see this: CLICK HERE!

I did that but nothing changed.The error its still there.


Hey Nuamnume

There might be some files you dont have that are required to run the game.

Make sure that you're MV C++ 2015 is updated.

Try running windows update

or you can try manually download and install from Microsoft.

Also try uninstalling and reinstalling if it still doesn't work.

Deleted 5 years ago
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Thank you very much for fixing the "day 0" bug in 0.0.63, this is REALLY helpful! But now there is another two bugs: ingots keep stucking in the floor texture, and the sky and the light are messed up. It looks like the day and the night are changing too fast, a hundred times for the actual day. It's light for a few seconds, but then the darkness came for a few seconds and so one. But this is way better, than resetting all progress, so thank you for 0.0.63!

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I'm using 0.0.63 64bit

I noticed that the lightning was brighter this time then it was before but then I noticed some bugs.

1. The moment I got out of the bedroom, all the grass textures only rendered like two-three feet away from me, and so if I went backwards, it would derender and if I went forwards it would render again. I did not notice that Pre-patch.

2. The lighting in the shop and the sky outside keep changing and so at day time, it feels like at multiple points that time is going way to fast as I've seen sundowns (orange sky etc) at day time and other times, the outside gets really dark for a short period of time. Even at night it feels like a new day has just started then it's back to normal. The lighting inside the shop keep changing aswell.

3. A really annoying bug that I've found is that when you order a shipment with lets say 5 or 10, the ingots will glitch into the floor when you unpack it while Pre-patch the ingots would just fly upwards.

4. If you put materials on the workbench to craft with, there's a chance that if it glitches through the workbench and if there's other parts on the workbench, the sword/hammer/dagger will leave the grip and guard it was made for and go to another material like a pole or one/two hand guard and so I've had to go back n forth to dissemble for example a greatsword that kept going for one handed guards. Also made a mess which wasn't fun to clean up.

5. A bug which is EASY to recreate is to take 2 pre-made swords or poles and then put them on top of eachother, doing so will trigger the notification to tell you that you've crafted that item, and so this is basically spammable. This also happens on the workbench.

6. The anvil still has some issues, as if I still add 3 ingots, theres a chance banging it will make no sound or any crafting whatsoever and so I've had to take an ingot out and replace it to make it work.

7. The anvil also somehow (idk how yet) has been able to disassemble a sword I put in the shelf infront of it probably due to me disassembling the great sword I talked about earlier.

Any news if the alternative option to make it so that you can use the old anvil to be added? I for one miss it dearly.

Oh and 8. Greatswords only produce One dollar now as profit, its better than before but it's not really a lot (I used a fancy two handle).

My specs are: Windows 7 Home Premium Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU 3.40Ghz 16GB RAM


when i go to fullscreen i get stuck there for ever and no options allow me to click accept so i can go back in windowed pls help im stuck at low graphics fulscreen plsps,ppslo[ssl


my game is stuck to fulscreen but at the same time only allowes me to go as far as the windowed my screen shows fullscreen but im stuck at setings and cant press apply or resset pls help

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Hey Dasius, Loving the game and it has great potential but there's a bug that's interrupting my play enjoyment (I've lost a few hundred coins worth of ingots).

I'm running windows 10 version 64 bit alpha_02 (I think, I'm afraid I Cant find the patch version,,,, ).

When I bring in a create of ingots (more than one) and open the crate in the shop, i have ingots jump out, normally i loose at least 2-3 ingots under the floor and the rest are around the shop but occasionally ill open a crate of 5 and they fly out (glitching off and thru the floor) and vanish leaving me with maybe 1.

left the game before I could get a snap shot but im sure that if you bring a crate of 5-10 ingots (copper at least not sure about the others, lost too much money to advance to tin) into the shop and place it on either side of the forge and open it you'll get the glitch.

Perhaps if you program an ingot array to stack them as they spawn rather than what apears to be a single locatation spawn causing a ridged body push apart,,, just a thought!

Great job on this game by the way! (add in tempering to make a few extra bucks per blade and it'll go a long way!)


Not possible save game in different slots, could you please tell us where we found the save files? Me and my brother are "fighting" for the game hhahah

One glitch I'm getting is that after day 13 the NPCs enter and then immediatly leave. so I just restart my game to day one because I can't get past 13

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When I attempted to edit the sign's colors, the sign editor GUI got stuck to the screen and wouldn't close. Perhaps it re-opened from left clicking while it was already open or something. I ended up able to walk around with it covering my field of view an awful lot and had to restart. @_@

Time of day is not saved, so if you "feel tired" and save and quit, when you restart it, it will be as if you're waking up at the start of day 1 again, but with all of your money and levels.

It also does not save weapon parts which are "bound" together already, eg. every weapon stocked on your shelves will fall apart when loaded.

And, if you are staring at an ingot when it turns "Ready", the UI text doesn't update until you look away and back (but you can tell it's ready because of the particle effects)

I am also seeing the main pause menu not un-hide the mouse until you click, meaning you might accidentally click a button before you can even see what you're clicking... Maybe that's just in fullscreen mode, though?

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For some Reason it's linked to Steam VR?? I restarted my computer, made sure steam was closed and then started the game and it still launched Steam VR and if I exit Steam VR it exits the game, the game still displays on the screen but not in the Vive headset (not that I was expecting to, didn't figure it was a VR game) but that's a bit odd of a bug there..

Edit: So It was a UR4 issue I found out how to disable the auto VR Launch here

Bugs I have Come across:

1) Ingots fall through the floor when i open a Delivery inside the shop, i am unable to pull them out of the floor.
2) Relaunching the game the Graphics are all blurry

nocliped Ingot and Blurriness

OS: Win 10 Home
Mobo: Somthing Gigabyte
Processor: Intel I7-3770 @ 3.40GHz
Ram: 16GB


To get the ingots out of the floor you can rotate them, It's not that effective but you might get lucky as if you get half of it above ground, it's pretty easy from there. The rotate controls are a little inverted, its not that easy to use tho.

Hey, Dasius. I have a pretty bad bug that could probably be fixed quite easily. I had just assembled a Tin Greatsword on my crafting table and the blade just snapped through the crafting table, and I am unable to move it, making me lose 330 dollars. It could be fixed by allowing disassembly of an item anywhere with three hammer blows, or so. I have no idea how to get a screenshot on Unreal and using "prt sc sys rq" isn't working with imgur. My specs are as follows: ASUS Strix GTX 1060 6GB, Intel i7 4790S, 12 GB of Kingston RAM.


Its a common bug known for a long time, its not completely fixed, but its being worked on. He haven't fixed it yet but it's slowly getting improved and better. If you want it to get unstuck, you can rotate the sword out of it being stuck. It's a little wonky to rotate but it works. You could also tap right click to edge it towards you, this usually only works if you rotate it first to get half of it above ground then tap right click.

Thank you very much. Just did it and it got it unstuck.

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My whole screen turns black when I look at a light source. I'm running the latest update, I simply loaded up the game for the first time. Everything was fine, saved my game, quit the game, 2 hours later loaded the game up again and everything is black.

My specs: 8 gigs of RAM. GeForce GTX 960 2GB. Windows 10 64-bit.

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I think it happens around day 12 but I woke up, went into my shop, the noise for a new customer would sound, I'd turn around and they would just walk away strait after the walked in, so I've restarted my game and I haven't noticed it happening again(I haven't got back to day 12 yet) so it might have been a fluke, but t I was just wondering if that has happened to anyone else? Also I think the pay for great swords should be higher as I spent $308 on making a tin one and I only got paid $9? And just as a question, do the times you get to make weapons shorten deliberately or no? Also I'm sorry if I have posted in the wrong place for my issues.

(edit) don't mean to be annoying but I'm posting this at nighttime so I can't check my computer, I will in the morning, but I don't know what spec my computer is, I know it has 2 terabytes of space, I do not have any photographic evidence and I do not know what version of the game I am running. And again sorry for seeming or being at all unhelpful but if you would like to know anything, ask away.

Wow that was quite a mouthful from me:)

I would buy some stuff but when i open the box everything glitches through the floor. it causes me to spend a lot more money than i have to. Also, in the options tab I can't turn off the sounds. Is that a glitch in my game?

Alpha 0.0.63 the patron gets and never makes an order sleeping in your bed dose not fix it you cant even sleep in your bed to try and fix it you kinda push the patron around don't know if you can push the patron into the shop.


Hey Kieran,

I'm looking into the issue and should have a fix for the next update.


My problem is that my game is blurry whenever i decide to play. It's like in big pixels and no, my resolution isn't wrong. Specs: CPU Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3540 @ 2.16GHz GPU Intel(R) HD Graphics + Nvidia GeForce 820M 8GB RAM and Win 10 64 bit


Hey Krylemar,

1: Im using Alpha 0.0.63
2: After I saved the game and closed it, reopened it everything looks VERY pixelated and very dark. So I uninstalled the game, this did not help, then I accidentally changed my resolution, so much so that i cant change it back. So I reinstall the game, again this did not help. Please tell me where the settings are located :(.

4: I really dont know, I saved the game straight after going to bed, maybe that's why it happened. I think i can fix it be deleting the files the game saves in a different location, which have to exist because my settings dont reset by reinstalling. But I wouldnt know where they're at. :/
5: windows 10; intel i5-6600K; gtx1070


Hey Husky02

Ill refer you to this link, hopefully it will help you.

The save game file locations is referenced in there.

I play for around 10 minutes and the game turn off my pc instantly , is it me or is something that other players experiens?


Hey Evilarlekin,

What are you computer specs?


So I've ran into this glitch five different times and my only option is to restart the game and it's starting to frustrate me. Whenever I open the pause menu I have no mouse cursor and I have no idea how to fix it, please help me.


Hey Voveno,

Try right clicking or left clicking. If that doesnt work, ill look into the cause and get it fixed for the next update.

It wont let me play im on x32 but it wont let me i keep crashing please help now or as soon as you see me!!!!!!! plz


Thank you so much! I didn't realize that all I had to do was a simple right click!


Sweet! Glad that worked.

I'll still look into fixing it as I believe a lot of people are having the same issue.

I have an issue when I bring the box inside with ingots, it explodes and all of the ingots are stuck in the floor, also you cannot seem to unmake a weapon you did not mean to make, and they sometimes get stuck in the table, I have a i5 6500 @3.2 Ghz, a GTX 1060 6 GB, and 8 GB of RAM (DDR4 2400 Mhz)


For anyone frustrated about losing things in the floor, I've found a couple of techniques to help with this.

1: I'd open the crate on top of the forge, a counter or the workbench
2: I'd open the crate outside where it's delivered and carry things in one at a time.

If you do have things stuck in the floor, spam right click on it until it pops back out. I've had this work for me 100% of the time.


Hey Willybee55,

Thanx for posting this solution, i'll put in in the common issues the help other players until I get it fixed.

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Version .63

Just downloaded the game, having a lot of fun and makes me want to play RPGs again, but to get to the point in windowed mode when I named the shop I couldn't exit the naming, I could move and interact with things with left and right click but I was unable to use my mouse, so after a bit I exited, came back in after saving and I was on day 1 again, though I still had all my money and premade items from the last day so its no biggy

AMD 6300 GTX 720 1gb 8GB DDR3 OS Win10


Hey Jackarchbeam,

Thanx for letting me know, i'll look into the issue and get a fix.


1. Alpha 0.0.63

2.i was able to push the guy into my work area and he wouldn't leave after

3.wasn't sure how to put up image but i have one

4. look at #2

5.Didn't think needed since it wasn't a computer like issue more of a game issue

Note: i dont know if this counts as a bug i was just playing around with it and that happened so idk


Hey HunterHacker14,

Thank you for reporting the issue. It is a common problem i'm looking into.


1. Alpha_02

2. I have issues crafting weapons, when I do so they clip through the bench and get stuck.

3. N/A

4. Craft an item on the table in various ways, it happens to me about 50% of the time

5. Laptop (MSI Apache Pro GE62 6QF) GTX 970M, i7-6700HQ 2.60 GHz, 24GB RAM, 64-bit OS, Windows 10.

Hope this helps. It breaks the game for me so I can't play, but its really fun!


Hey Tripster124567

You can rotate objects when holding with Alt(Ctrl. You can rotate them out of the table.

I like that greatswords are fixed now but their prices are still to low. I got like 42 for a bronze greatsword with a fancy two handle.

30$ ingots, 6$ handle, 5$ guard = 41$ cost. ONLY 1$ profit.

Happens every time I craft it.

Developer (1 edit)

Hey SplicedUpReaper,

Please reply if its relevant to what the person posted, please. Thanx.

To reply to your issue, the One Hand Guard is $2 and the Two Hand Guard is $3. Unless the game is bugging out with the prices, but on my end, those prices are the same and I don't see how they would change without me changing them. Can you double check and make sure that the prices are $2 and $3 respectively?

Hopefully next update, I can implement a method for player to see details of every transaction . This can help finding errors in a transaction.

(1 edit)

Other than this forum is about bug reports, my reply doesn't have anything to do with his reply. I did it purely because it would be easier to get a reply if you reply to the creator yourself.

About the issue, I was a bit wrong. You are right, two handle guards are 3$ not 5. I've just checked about it.

With no charisma or any other abilities upgraded:

The profit wasn't one dollar but two dollars. its still low though.

fancy two handle = 6$ two handle guard = 3$ greatsword = 30$ = 39$ to make, 41$ to sell

Oh and i just noticed that you don't get any profit on daggers.

Copper dagger = 10$ copper, 5$ fancy handle = 15$ make, 15$ sell meaning no profit.

You mostly gain 5-6$ with fancy handles on every weapon other than daggers, greatswords AND one hand swords.

Also, you don't have to use the normal hammer heads, as customers accept great hammers as one handed/two handed and polearms.


Lol, that is true, you did get my attention. Sorry about that. Managing development of the game and attention to peoples concern is difficult with so many issues that need to be addressed. Not trying to ignore anyone.

Ya the mark up is pretty low. I am tweeking the numbers to get it just right. I have to consider how much Charisma will affect the end price as the player levels it up. In the end, if I increase the mark up then I have to increase the prices for everything else so they are still challenging to obtain while taking into account charisma. Balancing act.

The copper dagger is probably bugged and ill look into the possibilities to why there is no profit.

Ya you can totally use a greathammer head with the one hand grip and sell it as a one hand hammer. In the end, it is a one hand hammer just with a really big hammer head.. So you'll get more for what you would normally sell a regular hammer head. The idea is you can make any weapon and sell it based on what the customer requested even if its non conventional. Still working on it though. Its definitely not where I want it.

(1 edit)

Yeah, normal hammer heads is basically a waste of time now as its much faster producing great hammers.

Btw when checking the prices up, I saw that all weapons I had premade last time I played was disassembled and so I had to reassemble them.

You are looking into the case that ingots get trapped underground if you order a too large crate? And that lighting changes the time of day when in reality the time didn't change? (At one point its dawn and on another point its night time then day time).

About notifications: They seem to spam the messages a lot when you either craft them or bump two of the same on each other.

And lastly, I love the new crate for the polearms but what I've noticed is that when you unbox one with a lot of polearms, they still glitch and bounce around. Would be really cool if they spawned in a sort of stacked laying position like you would put logs in on the floor.


oh OK great thanks!


No worries Tripster124567

I cant play it wont let me i am on x32 but it wont work please help me.

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