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So I love the game and I am very far into it but I have run into a bug in your latest version on 0.0.61 alpha. After about day 12 my customers are now just entering my shop, telling me what they want, then leaving without even giving me a second to build their weapon. I have tried reseting my game but that did not help. I'm not sure what even caused this bug to happen. My guess is that it has something to do with either after ordering tin, or ordering a big shipment of supplies like about 6 copper, 3 single fancy hand grips, 2 handed hand grips, 4 one handed guards, and 3 two handed guards. I hope this helps and hope you are able to at least let me know how to fix the issues. thank you

It's not caused by ordering a lot of supplies, I can say that much. I ordered the max amount of copper a lot and it only started happening on day 13. Tin might be the cause but I somehow doubt it. I started ordering tin on day 11 and it only started about day 13.


I don't think it happens because of the amount of supplies. I think because the order-time of the customers gets shorter day after day it might glitshes out on day 13

I wouldn't be surprised if that if that were the case. I did observe that it was getting shorter as the days passed.

well i found something out. When customers come in the door under there name is always 60 and then the time like 180s or 60s but on day 13 you can see a short time 0s so i think there is nothing made for the day 13 and other days after. might be missing some timers?