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It's not caused by ordering a lot of supplies, I can say that much. I ordered the max amount of copper a lot and it only started happening on day 13. Tin might be the cause but I somehow doubt it. I started ordering tin on day 11 and it only started about day 13.


I don't think it happens because of the amount of supplies. I think because the order-time of the customers gets shorter day after day it might glitshes out on day 13

I wouldn't be surprised if that if that were the case. I did observe that it was getting shorter as the days passed.

well i found something out. When customers come in the door under there name is always 60 and then the time like 180s or 60s but on day 13 you can see a short time 0s so i think there is nothing made for the day 13 and other days after. might be missing some timers?