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Dasius, your new anvil does have some bugs. I like the way how the ingots fit in place but if i but 3 ingots on it won't work it only makes a normal one hand blade and i ran out of mony so i restarted the game and tryed to make a one hand sword and it dosn't work. I hammered many times on the ingots but nothing happend well then i took the ingots of and placed them again and...

i took the picture right after it happend.

I still realy like your game and it's probably hard for you to see so many bugs and you have probably much work to do so i aprecheate it. I'm excited for the next updats.

are they even doing something yet those crystals?

this thing is alive... you can push him/her and if you come close to him/her and look at his/her had he/she looks at you. its strange. maby he/she does something if you bring all crystals to certain place

I downloaded the 64 bit version and i don't have any problems to run the game. could it be helpful to find the problem Dasius?

well i found something out. When customers come in the door under there name is always 60 and then the time like 180s or 60s but on day 13 you can see a short time 0s so i think there is nothing made for the day 13 and other days after. might be missing some timers?

why is the golem alive?

no problem i was confused about 02 :D

there is no inventory rack any more. there schould be a window now

joe had aparently something to do and left you but Alpha 02?

I don't think it happens because of the amount of supplies. I think because the order-time of the customers gets shorter day after day it might glitshes out on day 13

who ever does have the bug with the 13 day you can still sell stuff just use the sell table as inventory the customers will buy the stuff then but they can get stuck then.

I've found other bugs too...

1. when i buy a polearm grip and some other grips in the same box the polearm grip is bugging through the ground.

2. If someone comes online by steam or starts playing a game on steam it kicks me on to the desktop (options: fullscreen)

3. I can grap stuff through the walls and drag them through windows

4. I can jump through all windows

The game is still awesome. I have much fun with it and i would like to donate but for me its a bit hard to get a paypal but there will be coming soon a donate :).