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Hey dude, Amazing look in 0.7 much improvement many awesome... so just a suggestion... the chest placement and the placement of the reccent transactions scribe thing ( the thing above the chest) is in kinda a bad spot as it is mostly obstucted by the furnace door i would suggest moving it to either the bedroom or somewhere where it had more space to view thanks

Restart your graphics settings- in game - other people ( including my self) have done the same and it gets rid of the GUI for the naming of your shop, after u can then re-adjust.. i assume Dasius is working on it

Any time sir - cool idea concept i look forward to it o_O

Hey not to be an ass.... ok well when you order copper from the 'orders' its coppper but once its smelted and then crafted with its called 'bronze'.. sorry its small but it bothers me (bronze is only copper and tin combo)

Also once i crafted a greatsword and i wanted to turn it into a hammer really quickly i found every time the great sword was crafter it would spawn always adjacent to the anvil which cna be fustrating when you want it to be a quick process (again sorry if that sounds rude or hash just a sort of suggestion , good work though) - suggestion being get the great sword to spawn above the anvil (any sort of hight) and let the physics have it fall so it falls straight on ??

Thank you for putting up with us, we appreciate it:P

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Hey, great game so far keep it up. Currently playing Alpha 0.062. Playing on laptop windows 10 from ictch app I7 8GB ram lenovo Z51 AMD graphics

When in and near forge and crafting area I get lighting gliches where the light would flicker from being bright to dim it doesnt affect game play but just for the epileptics out there ;) , sorry its vauge only explanition I could give - Did some more testing i find when post processing isnt on epic the bug happens(so far).

Additionally you can create a ... copper dagger hammer thing ??, i created a dagger ( usual way) and i had a spare one hand hammer lying there as im dragging about they both combine to make .. that ? - just another bug i guess, thanks keep it up