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Suggestion Box Sticky

A topic by Dasius created Jan 19, 2017 Views: 71,727 Replies: 1,113
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Developer (3 edits) (+19)

Hey guys!

Please post any suggestions here so it doesn't get mixed in with other comments.

I really want to consider all of your suggestions.



new items and a litel easter egg story about the owner


Thanx Olinguito,

New Items are in the work and will be released on next update. A story would be interesting. If I get enough support I might consider it.

hi guys could you help me ive ben trying to get the game on here but when I open the files it wont fully open and I'm not sure why ._. please help


hey man for some reason whenever i try to launch the game its show this An unreal process has crashed: UE4-ShopSim

Please Help

Thank You

Deleted 5 years ago

youre game is excellent for a work in progress, i donated 10 dollars cause thats what it's worth to me


Hey Dasius, im willing to work with you to get a story, ill come up with some ideas and send them to you if you would like!

Would an Android version be possible in the future?


Hi i'm an italian 3D generalist and it will be very interesting work with you! Do you need any artistic hands? I can send you some.of my work.

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 how do you change what you make on my little blacksmith shop ?


Once you've heated some ingots, place 1-3 of them, heated, on the anvil, then hit (z) (by default) to bring up the radial.

1 heated Ingot - Dagger/Small blades (Daggers/Spears)

2 heated ingots - everything unlocks - Normal blade, small hammer head, small axe head

3 heated ingots - large blade, large axe (hit it again for pick axe), large hammer head.

Once something is crafted, most of them have alternate view models, some more than others.

Shift - left click looking at a completed STILL HOT item can allow you to add quality (not fully implemented)

30, 10, 1 are achievable, green 30, red 10, black 1 - The first attempt is the one that really sets the quality - extra 30s add roughly 3 points to stats, extra 10s - 1, and I don't think extra 1s do anything.  - It's better to hit 30 on the first attempt, than to hit 1 or 10 and later get 30

You must dunk it before you can attach it. - changing the model or style (pickaxe/large axe) will reset quality too, and restart the heat level - they can only be changed while hot.


make a option  button for the peapol that are haviing lag

what about schyte heads?  Like a gream reaper one or just to harvest wheath

Btw i'm stuck in 0.0.82 version and i don't know how to download 0.0.9b, can you help me?  Thanks Dasius, your game is amazing


Hey thanx larsgalanti, 

Ya i could possibly add scythes in the future. 

Also 0.0.9 is not available to the public at this time. It will be soon.

i dont want a story but being able to raise prices and lower them be cool if there to high they wouldn't come because its to expensive and if its low you would have a lot of people but loose money

i dont want a story but being able to raise prices and lower them be cool if there to high they wouldn't come because its to expensive and if its low you would have a lot of people but loose money

What if you make wildlife and hunting it for leather and meat that you can sell or make from leather the leather strips. And another thing: making grips 

I think having a story is a really good idea and can you change the mining back to how it was I think that it was better.


hey dasius canyou make a use for the crystels in the game?


Follow me on tumblr or facebook. I show sneak peeks of things im working on.

To answer your question, I do intend on implementing a use for the crystals.


Hey plz make the game for mac computers

I so much agree with that!

Ends the secret of crystals

maybe mac download?


multiy player

Fartface's Last post 馃槩


It'd be great to be able to make weapons with the hammer heads and the spear length sticks! Cool game so far. Looking forward to more!


Thanx Josh,

Ya those weapons are teasers for my next update. :)

can you please fix lagg issue

you obviously have a shit computer if you have a serious lag issue, try optimizing the settings or quit some programs while playing


Ok so I've tried everything but the people still don't see when I put a weapon on the wrack?? and How do you make hammer heads I've tried EVERYTHING!?!?!?!


Hey Pixel, still working on that part. Almost got it working. Hammer Heads, at the moment, are made while cycling through the swords on the anvil. So place a sword on the anvil and left click on it. Then it will change the sword design. From there keep going until you get a hammer head. Same thing goes with the large blade and hammer head. I'll be changing all that in the future.


Could you make a youtube channel and added fighting to the game and also make sure you can fight hehe.

I'm still not sure how to make a PoleArm Grip, I've figured out everything else though..


Should be able to purchase it from the store.

How to even make a pole arm?

Take a pole arm grip and small blade and smash em together until they combine.




Thanx NinjaFoxxy!

I'll think about it.


Expanding on their idea, it'd be funny to see a warrior just get mobbed by a group of angry animals right after the customer leaves with their weapon.


Lmao! That would be interesting..

Yeah! Background MOB FIGHTS! I`m really curious about what that Giant can do.


I got a mac so i cant play it :( pls add more platforms


put it in the complaint box

it would fit in both suggestion box and complaint box, he is suggesting that the creator of the game  make another platform


dont be rude


(3 edits) (+3)

Ctop (not me) made a video on this (credit goes to ctop):

He made lots of good suggestions so i suggest checking it out

I also want to make a video on it but i don't think i can play it due to having the wrong platform


Thanx Codyno,

I'm sorry. There is no way for me to make a build of the game other then for windows pc.



I'm sorry, my English is not the best, I hope you can understand it anyway.

My ideas are:

  1. A sales point like the mat on the counter, as a fixed point of sale.
  2. More storage space or a storage room where you can store more iron bars, gripguards or other items, behind the house would be a good place.
  3. The crystals in many colors and they can be dropped by customers (if they are adventurers and they can not pay with coins). Can be installed in the sword, hammer or shield with and get more money.
  4. Sometimes bandits should come who steal things that you have freshly ordered, if you do not allow them. This makes the stress a little more difficult to handle and stow away.
  5. You can color the various objects and customize them with special engravings, for example, by placing an altar or chisel station on the left side of the shop.
  6. The sales list remains the same, but the items do not come out of nowhere, a supplier comes and takes them (lasting 2-7 seconds).

I have more ideas, but this should be enough to implement it ^ ^


It's like you're reading my notes.

Btw, you're english is good.


I always wanted to make my own game and have so many ideas, but I can not program.

Phew okay then I'm reassured ^^

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

I was like you, pick up a program like Unreal Engine 4 or Unity. I use Unreal Engine 4 because of Blueprints, which allows people like you and me to easily code. It still has a learning curve but you don't have to worry about things programmers worry about. Of course it also has limitations but I'm now learning the basics of C++ so that I can circumvent those limitations and deliver better games thanx to blueprints.

So you are a noobie? Huh, it seems like only a pro can make this game how it was!



Ya pretty much a noob but thanx to the Blueprint system in Unreal, I don't need years of programming experience to make simple games.  Although, I would highly encourage anyone that wants to make games, to learn a programming language. The skills can transcend to other area's not just games. 

I really love your ideas for this game. I hope at least some are added to it!


3D support would be a good idea.


When you say 3d, are you refering to vr/3d glasses.

VR is definately something I want to look into. I do have Oculus DK2 for testing if I decide to implement VR.


IF your going to add VR support (which I really hope you will), please add HTC Vive support too. Thanks!!


Would be nice to have a button in the shop to reset your orders


hey love the game, but it gets old after about 10 miniuts. i relize it is still a pre-alfa game, but in a later update mabye you could add in like some stores for your parts insted of a note. in addition you could also think about making stores for other things, such as furniture for your shop and bedroom, or upgrades that help you make wepons quicker. another idea would be to have the wepons snap into the inventory place insted of haveing it just flop around

sorry if thats to much but its just some food for thought

love your game, hope you keep imroving it.

sorry for any spelling mistakes lol

You might want to double check your spelling there buddy.


It would be great if there is more than 1 building in the "city". Looks nice if there are houses in the background.


awesome user photo xD

I used to love fairly odd parents when I was younger :D

Right now he is focusing on mainly bug fixes and new content, the vanity of the game would probably have to wait until he has more content in the game so the game's overall quality is good



If you have not put this on the Gamejolt website I suggest you do, I know it will be really popular there.

(1 edit) (+5)

Maybe if you get enough money you can expand your shop?I know if this would be an update it would take awhile but maybe you can add npc workers a town something to do with those 3 crystals I found and please reduce lag,Overall great game so far.

I've been wanting that for a while now, there really isn't that much space in the shop.

The lag shouldn't be a problem, don't play on a microwave powered by a potato, play on a rig powered by gasoline



Make it on VR For god sake!!!!

He may not have the Virtual Reality headset meant for testing it, also he might not know how, and please, be modest.


P.S He said he didnt have the program to anyways


a one more page for the crafting. Is little hard to craft a items beacause you dont have a idea how make it


make the save game

There is an option to save the game in the pause menu, or it might save automatically when you pause the game


(1 edit)

I sawe my game but, whan i turn the game on next day it isnt saved!

this game is super big!

i was one of the first players and i played this game when it came out

(2 edits)

Thanks for the info. Good to see developers taking and replying to suggestions.

Speaking of suggestions, any suggestions for good linux games?


Hopefully in the near future, I can make a linux version. At the moment, I can only focus on a windows build.


Hey! Awesome little demo/beta thing! It would be cool to craft shields as well, maybe even Armour? Also, Maces and morning stars. They are amazing


so when i opened it it started steam vr (for some reason) but that made me think. VR support fir this would be awesome. ive heard that VR support in unreal engine is surprisingly simple, not sure though.

It opens for me too :P

(1 edit) (+1)

Really digging this! Played 0.0.5v and I would say these are my top suggestions:

  • snappier placement for anvil and work bench - anvil especially as it's fustrating when placing 3 ingots and they all fall off
  • the ordering menu was not intuitive- make it more obvious that you can scroll and maybe support mouse wheel scrolling (might be tricky since you are using mouse wheel to move held objects)
  • make the default walk speed the run speed and then bump up the run speed- I felt like I was crawling everywhere. An alternative might be to have a toggle for run/walk
  • add some sort of indicator when hovering over an object to let the player know it's going to be picked up when they click

That's all I have for now, but keep up the good work! I'm a developer myself and still haven't published a game (not even early access), so good on you!


You need to add a brightness or gamma option. It's so dark I couldn't really see what I was doing ever.


maybe resource gathering, where you have to use your own creation, also gems and gold trim found during adventures to make more money on the items

(1 edit) (+5)

An idea that I have seen that I agree with is snap-to placement on the anvil so ingots don't fall of so easily.

Another one that i've been thinking of is add a small town around the shop where you can go out and buy ingots and handles from physical stores so you don't just order them from a screen behind the building.

Besides that fun little game, look forward to future updates. :)

(Just found the Trello page so nvm on my town idea XD Now that I see what you have planned for it I'm very excited for its future)

Oooh another idea would be the ability to upgrade features of you shop, such as upgrade your furnace to have it heat ingots faster, etc.


I think this game is a great game. Also I noticed that there is a girl that stands and looks inside the shop the a hello appears in the upper left hand corner. I also think you should have bandits or something. That would be a nice effect. Multiplayer would be cool too, but that a little further down the road i believe. Also i work with Unity and you're right about C# being a pain. This game really reminds me of the bee keeper simulator I'm Working on.


Also a starting screen would be cool.


Can you make this game available for Chrome and Apple products. Love the game though!


Maybe add in a mac version? Great game idea and hope to try it out.


Will this be available for Mac at any point?


Tables need a inventory space so the you can hold your handles and guards


make weapons that you make by combining other weapons like a battle axe from a great hammer and a great sword


You should make a multiplayer version where both players have blacksmith shops across each other and can steal or nicely borrow each others money or iron or swords. just a friendly blacksmith vs black smith. Max shop should be 1-4 with 4 players max for working together in one shop or 3 in 1 shop and 1 in the other and vise versa. so not a real vs but a fun roleplay / trickery game.


My main suggestion is multiplayer when you get the chance i think that one person making the orders and the other making the weapons would be a cool idea.


mybe upgrade for stuff like faster smelter, more room, more boxes because i like using them for storge and stuff like that


It'd be cool to have a sandbox mode where you can just tinker with weapons. Put a greatsword blade on a spear shaft without worrying about customers :P

More hilt types would be awesome. I could see a hilt with two slots for weapons, so players can build sword-catchers or mancatchers (if put on a long shaft).

You could just close the shop and mess around but money would still be a problem :P

i usally make a bit of money order a bunch of items and spend a whole day making stuff then open the store and hand out all the weapons i made previously


Before reading through, I tried to put a gap between each type of suggestion to help organize it. Hope these help!


Instead of whacking an ingot until it turns into the right weapon head, I suggest some sort of "wheel" to choose which head to use or change to if the head is already crafted, would be more organized. You could still have an x number of whacks, but it should be next to the wheel when choosing what to change it into.

Normally you would have a newly crafted head being too hot to immediately place on a weapon shaft and would instead have to cool it down in the water (which you already have conveniently). If the head is the wrong head and you need to change it. Back to the smelter! (Which should then turn it back into ingots)

Gems: I made a weapon for a rich guy, maybe he wants to look like a rich guy in battle. Adding a gem would lead to higher prices.

Mixed ingots make stronger weapons. Implementing particular recipes would lead to higher prices and better returns.

Shaft station, there's wood in the back, why not make my own shaft? Buy wood, create shafts, seems simple enough. (I'm not saying to get rid of ordering shafts, but rather being able to make more of a profit if you order wood and then craft it.


Armor? I mean... I'm a blacksmith, not only a weapon smith. Same idea as everything else, just with armor.

Tools? Perhaps they need a pickax or for that matter horse shoes

Shields? Also fits into armor, but worth mentioning


Stock: It would be nice to have a stock of some sense, like a place I could put say 30 ingots. I think it would be cool to implement carrying them as crates when taken out of "storage" like the delivery box.

Inventory: Say I have a little extra cash and I make a few weapons. (I already reported a bug that if I make weapon and sleep, I can no longer sell it or take it apart, just in case you don't see it) If that item is in stock, customers should be able to go over and buy it right off the self. Of course the customer would take the best first and work downward in quality of ore.

Bigger Map: Since a "storage system" hasn't been implemented, I have found that stacking crates with orders with one kind of item helps me be organized. (Also note to that would be a labeled delivery) I keep running out of room due boxes taking up a lot of room... oh... just remembered there is an upstairs... Well either way, bigger map leads to more fun.

Upgrades to house size, furnace size, (stock size ^^), delivery size (no size limit implemented yet), upgraded hammer ^ as mentioned above in tools.


Orders: There should be someone that on occasion walks in and orders x amount of x weapons within x amount of days. (Perhaps for the army or something). To send the order, there should be some sort of delivery crate in the back or something.

Picky Customers: I want this kind of weapon on this kind of shaft made out of this material. Closer you are to matching it exactly leads to a higher profit.

Time changes price: Giving the weapon promptly greatly increases both the likelihood of that customer returning and the price they pay you for it via a tip.

Returning Customers: I'm happy with what I was given and would like to return for more of it and am willing to pay more for it, ect.

Rejecting a Customer: It may not make them happy, but I have two ingots left and all I can make is a one handed hammer, but they want a great sword. Until they leave, I can't sell it and since I only get one customer at a time it's a pain waiting for them to leave.


(Extras including bugs, controls, and other):

Easier rotating; Customized controls (I like to use Ctrl to crouch rather than c); Weapons get stuck in the crafting bench a lot and you can't pull them out very easily; making a weapon then sleeping leads to being unable to sell or take apart the weapon.


How did I forget multiplayer? That's a must!

One thing that Jack said when he did his playthrough that I think would make a huge improvement, would be places for items to lock into place, for simple things, like storing the material, for hanging weapons on the racks, for crafting, it would make the game a lot easier to handle and it would fix a lot of the problems with things glitching and falling through the walls or floors or the shelves. I'm not a developer, so I have no idea how hard something like that would be to impliment, but I think it would definately improve this game, it's a really fun game btw, just a little frustrating at times.

This is a great little game. i tried making a forum topic but was unable to. says captcha is required but there isn't one.

anyway first i have made a content video of your wonderful little game. i would like to help spread the word about it. if you could put a link to this video in your games page i would be appreciative.

This is the link to the video

some suggestions.

1. work on performance issues

2. fix the lighting

3. perhaps instead of picking up items and holding them in front of you they go into a limited inventory slot (your hand) temporarily.

this would streamline alot of things.

3b. when placing items have them snap to the object (or snap to grid type placing) this should also help improve performance issues

Puffin on Youtube: click here
Puffin on twitter: Click Here
puffin on facebook: Click Here


When ingots are heated they combine into a larger one for better handling. That is it for now. I will think of something later, other than that the game is awesome!

(1 edit) (+1)

You could make a town(in which you are the blacksmith) and there are people around you selling furniture,weapon upgrades, ect.and then raiders coming to your town and you and your fellows have to defend it in which you can make an ultimate weapon for yourself.Maybe be able to dismantle/fix some broken weapons from failed defences.

Kevin12 :)

Hey Dasius, Just wanted to let you know something cool( if you didn't know already) but recently a youtuber named CrankGameplays, just letting you know cause i thought it was cool, also i thought you could use this as a sample vid. :)

Hey Dasius,

I feel like the currency system needs balancing. Higher quality metals should yield a higher profit as right now the weapons they make barely pay for themselves. An Iron PoleArm costs a minimum of $310 to make and sells for $330, making a $20 profit. Bronze PoleArms cost a minimum of $20 and sell for $40, also resulting in a $20 profit. It just doesn't feel worth it to use higher quality metal when I can just crank out tons of bronze weapons instead.

With this in mind, in order to balance the higher profit you could make the crafting times longer for more expensive ingots. Maybe more hammer strikes on the anvil until the weapon is forged (which would make the strength stat more useful) or maybe longer smelting times and add a stat to quicken it as you level up.

All in all I think this is an great start to an incredible game and I can't wait to see what it becomes.


ok 5 ingots for 1 chestplate and 3 for 1 boot they come in a pair btw so thats it thanks for the game mate i will donate later

im wondering what are the crystals for... my name is phoenyx and hope to donate 20$ soon!!!

They haven't been implemented yet ;0

It might be good to to have a cheat/debug menu, which include coin hack (maybe give 100 coins at a time), and a button to turn off day/night cycle (or a button to sleep, so I don't have to go upstairs).

I really like this game's concept, thank you, Dasius ^_^


I would like if the days were longer but its up to you

here are my suggestions

1. make the days longer they are too short this has already been suggested

2. increase the profit you get to more the progression is too slow

3. make the shop bigger it is cramped

4. something to do with the crystals

Please make the starting money higher.. :(

(1 edit)

I feel a Change log Thread should be made so that people experiencing certain persistent bugs can see when you have attempted to patch them before trying to download and play the new version. Also a plus for people liek me who love to know exactly what has been changed, to see if another playthough is worth wile yet.


ok here is a list I have thought of over the past 3 days of different things you could add

1. Enemy mobs and the ability to fight them.

2. Inventory slots and different tools.

3. For making handles use the wood that's in the back of the shop and chop it with an axe (more tools like the one above)

4. To make it more realistic add nuts and bolts and sprockets to hold the weapons together

5. bows and arrows.

6. a small mine shaft too get the super rare ores and ingots but you have to unlock it

that's all that I have for tonight I think It would be awesome :D

let me know what you think dasius :)

The Idea you just said is really what i want in the game. Plus, it would be cool if he adds bandits that can rob you and thiefs that, if you dont lock the shop, can enter overnight while you sleep and try to steal from you. Other than that, the game is neat.

1. The game isn't a first person fighter or shooter game, it's a game about crafting and selling, what ur looking for is another game.

2. This isn't minecraft, there isn't supposed to be inventory slots, it's more centered around the old times and as far as i know, they didn't have inventory slots. Though different tools would be cool as then you could use a tool to pick up the metal from the furnace instead of using ur hands.

3. I feel like instead of using the wood in the back for handles, he could make the furnace needing wood as fuel and so you need to refuel the furnace by cutting wood behind the building instead.

4. I feel like that would over complicate the game as of right now its already hard to learn how to play and so different screws and such would just be annoying to work with.

5. As far as i see it, the blacksmith is a swordsmith and so doesn't make bows/arrows. Though i believe it will create shields because of the teaser on the left wall in the shop with the shields.

6. Again it's not minecraft, you don't mine for ores in this game, you order them. You didn't mine for ores back then as a blacksmith, you ordered them like other shops while the actual mine's did it.

What i want to see is that the water bath at the right side of the furnace would be made to work so that you would have to dip the finished blade or hammer head into the water/oil to strengthen it (Maybe it would sell for more?).

(1 edit)

I agree with all of these. the game isn't minecraft or an RPG, it's about being a blacksmith. perhaps there will be mods at one point, but I'm not sure.

on the water bath: I'd love if a newly created blade were still hot from the furnace, and you needed to cool it down inside the bath.

maybe a little animation that switches out your hammer with some pliers, so it doesn't look like you're actually touching the white hot metal wih your bare hands.

maybe go a step further and require reheating a piece in the furnace to make it smithable again, like if you for example accidentally make a sword blade and dip it in the water, then later need a hammer head, you can just put it in the furnace and work it again.

(1 edit) (+2)

First suggestion: Please either make the ingots smaller, or the anvil bigger. There is little that's more frustrating than missing an order because it took 30 seconds to get the physics to let you stack all three ingots somewhere on the anvil. Ideally, skip the problem entirely and let us 'snap' ingots into place on the anvil the same way that we can snap weapon pieces together - this way, we don't have to worry about a problem I encountered last night where I was trying to make a greathammer, but somehow ended up making a regular blade and a small blade as one ingot began to tumble away from the others as I took the final swing.

Second suggestion: regular blades and great blades have some wonky anvil properties. Regular blades initially spawn on the horn of the anvil, and begin to tilt, but ultimately don't. However, if you hit that blade again, it respawns perfectly balanced in the center of the anvil. Great blades are a nightmare because they, too, initially appear on the anvil's horn, but are long enough that they always end up toppling off the anvil, requiring seconds to try to pick up, manipulate, and balance back on the face of the anvil so you can hit it again to make it a greathammer head. If at all possible, I highly suggest having the initial blade for both weapon types spawn in that perfectly flat, balanced position that they appear in if you start cycling through all the appearance options, because nothing gets more annoying than seeing "Give me a greathammer, NOW!!!" and spending five seconds trying to get the great blade back on the anvil to keep working.

Third suggestion: Don't make it possible to earn less from a sale than the cost of the materials that went into making it. I made a tin dagger out of curiosity. I got it to the customer within seconds because I already had it pre-made, and got paid far less than the cost of creating it. That's never fun.

Fourth suggestion: Take physics out of weapon construction entirely. It causes so many problems and frustrations, especially with unwieldy items like greatsword blades and polearm handles - it would be far easier if there were simply places on the table you could put the weapon parts onto that they would 'snap' to, with a button to assemble a weapon out of the parts 'attached' to the table. This would also likely help with the problem of having items become stuck in the table, or weapons 'merging' like I had happen last night (I had left a one-handed sword on the assembly table. When I placed a greatsword blade on the table, somehow the one-handed sword's grip and guard snapped to it, and I lost a sale while trying to get the monstrosity disassembled. Then lost a second sale on the one-handed sword because it was no longer counted as complete for some reason...)

Fifth suggestion: One way to add some strategy to the game might be mass orders. Let's say you wake up, go downstairs and find out an adventurer looking to outfit a new adventuring party has requested 2 greatswords, 2 one-handed hammers, a polearm and a dagger, all made with specific parts and appearances, before the end of the day. You have a choice: Do you take the order and skip out on possible greater earnings serving random customers - if you can serve them fast enough - or play it safe and take the mass order for less potential profit but more assured profit?

Sixth suggestion: Rather than repeatedly hammering to cycle through appearances, I suggest a radial menu that lists the appearance options before you start swinging. You use the menu, choose your appearance, and then start swinging, ending up with a weapon with the chosen appearance.

(1 edit) (+2)

One suggestion that I can think of is to be able to send a customer away if you cannot create what they want.

Deleted 237 days ago

Or maybe use the excess money to upgrade the building or upgrade the back or front garden to look better than random rubble everywhere.

(1 edit) (+2)

(I really like this game and look forward to see it get bigger and even hit getting sold on steam)

Here are my suggestions, I hope you like them: (Will edit this if I got more suggestions)

1- Add a use to the Crystals ( If there is already please add a hint as none knows what to do with them)

2-Add houses around the main building, it looks really lonely alone

3-When you are smelting the ingots, if you keep looking at them while they're being smelted and they are ready, the text won't change unless you look away then look back at them, fixing that will be a lot less looking away and look again

4-Add more things to craft such as shields/armor, crafting the same thing will get boring in a while, customers coming in and asking for ex: Leather Shield,Copper Armor,2x more fun and tedious than just 1 weapon for each customer

5-There is a bug when you save and exit and go back again, your weapons that are already made get disassembled and your coins go back to 0

6-You cannot chance the resolution of the game, its just an arrow with an empty space next to it

7-Add upgrades to your shop ex: Faster smeltery/Better anvil/Better hammers/Wider Crafting bench/Bigger shelves/Allow 2+ Customers at the same time

What i do about the ingots when i play is that i don't wait until it says (ready) instead i pick them up when they start creating sparkles, when i do so, then it changes to (ready).

Also, you can put all the ingots into the furnace and turn it on, even if you sleep, they will still be ready in the furnace for crafting. It saves so much time.

That doesn't mean its working right, you can always workaround bugs/glitches in any game, that doesn't mean they aren't still there.

(1 edit) (+1)

upgrades to your items like hammer upgrade so it takes less hammers to make an item or to the forge so it heats ingots faster and like maybe items to increase customers patience time by like 1% or so (also to make it clear not the level up to your character thats already in game like items that are with money to skill points like a better hammer a better forge some decos to make look pretty so they become more patient like that also maybe something extra on the blacksmithing)


Hey Dasius,

First off great game, but when i exit the game then load back in my coins reset to 0 and all the weapons i have made are disassembled. It would be great if you could fix that.


Perhaps add ax heads for differing handle sizes? Like the one handed would be a hatchet and the two handed would be a battleaxe and the polearm would be a halberd and so on. Maybe add thieves or bandits that try to steal your stuff and you can make weapons YOU use to defend? And maybe even hire guards?


Sandbox mode. for money! it would be cool to what you want. make literally a storage of ingots. I think that it would be cool to be introduced in the new update. some people may like it.


Maybe make races that pick up orders? I would love to see a wolf anthro-morph ask for a weapon and happily walk out with a copper greatsword.


make sheilds and things likr that also missions and quests would be a good idea I think.


I think a tutorial would be great also

Hey Dasius, I love your game! I am a coder as well, and I have a gaming YouTube channel. I tested the latest version of the game, and the lastest additions to the game from the previous versions are awesome! I would love to give suggestions, but there wouldn't be enough space on this post!!! If you could let me email you directly, I could give some feedback and suggestions every now and then for a new update. I'll also try to upload videos of your game on my channel for every new update, or just a video to have fun with it! Thanks for reading my post! :D

My email:

My channel:

Multiplayer would be cool.

Will you make mac support


I realy realy love your game, and it's super relaxing, but I think it gets REALY frustrating when you make nothing but loss. I think I barely ever get over 50 gold because I always make loss. I put all my skill points into charisma, but still make loss. I think it's realy frustrating.

If the amount of gold you get from creating something is random, I think it should be considered how much time you needed for creating, or anything for that matter. But it gets so so frustrating after a while


Great little game. I was wondering could you make it possible to have the shelves pull the ingots that are ordered, Or perhaps a way to sort them all?

(1 edit)

On the subject of item placement on the Anvil:

You could maybe make it so that the ingots/items you place onto the anvil snap to a position like the different weapon parts snap to each other. I'm not very savvy with the unreal engine (I've never used it before), but maybe you could create a snap-point node so that when certain items come near it, they snap to the pre-defined position/orientation and it shouldn't effect the items created from the ingots because you could leave them off of the list of items that auto-snap to the anvil.

But make it so that they can be taken off of the anvil in case you need to make something else.
EX, You're in the process of making a greatsword and a customer comes in and requests a one handed sword or a dagger and now you have to take 1 or 2 of the ingots off of the anvil to make the requested items.

Don't really know how you would do that though. I've never used the unreal engine. I've only ever used Blender, and I'm not too good with that.


On the subject of item deconstruction:

You could make an entirely new station for weapon deconstruction similar to the crafting bench.

To solve the bug where you deconstruct an item and then use it to make a new item and it doesn't allow you to use it or sell it. you could make it so that when you deconstruct the item it deletes the items and gives you entirely new ones altogether.

This way it doesn't conflict with the item ID's and bug the newly crafted items made with the deconstructed parts and let you make other items with the "deconstructed" parts.

Just a thought.


Maybe create a use for the crystals?


Hey Dasius i made a icon for the game in case you were needing one:

Here's the .ico file in case you would like to use it in the game :P

maby you should add places you could move to and make the hous upstairs inside the shop and the stuff the costomers buy should cost more money. Plz take this stuff into account


This may already have been asked but.

Item snap to spots.

E.g. I buy 10 ingots, I want to put them on the shelf nice and neatly and snap to a grid for example. :)




any chance of adding a leave my store sir option for the people with bad manners saying GIVE ME THIS NOW!!!!!

(3 edits) (+2)

it will be cool if you can make armor and can fight. but i know it says my little blacksmith shop but it will be really cool and can make shields

EDITED: and make a menu

and make the water usefull its useless and also make a youtube channel to know what is the next update :D


Add a download mirror like Zippyshare or something is laggy for me please @Dasius

Add a mirror please Dasius!

Hello Dasius, I just watched jacksepticeye's video about your game. It's looks very funny to play and I really want to play it. So I was just wondering some things about the game : what about crafting gear with differents metals (silver, copper, gold...) and what about crafting magic gear ?

there allready is a system now you can make copper, tin, iron etc.

(1 edit)

maybe that some adventurers also sell a weapon and they can be more or less expensive then how you make them depending on the adventurer.

some sort off dungeon wich you can get in too to get ores maybe.

(1 edit) (+1)

You should add upgrades to the shop like (these are just examples that i think would make the game cooler)

bigger furnaces, imps that give customers their weapons, local knight tournament(if the knight that bought your weapons or armor wins you get a 30% of the winnings, 2nd place 20% etc.., mines behind your shop to explore and get metals from, a blacksmith tournaments where you compete against others to become the ultimate blacksmith!

I think this game has a lot of potential and i cant wait to see the next big update.




Hey Dasius, it would be nice if you added some sort of way to know the time. Like a clock or something so you don't build something and waste resources when the customers come in and ask for something then leave when the day has ended :)

(1 edit)

a way to spilt items (take a part away from another one)


you can do that

just put it on the anvil and hammer it


It would be cool if using the metals you could make machines or something to automate the crafting/production or like an auto-buy feature. The machines might be a little ambitious though so I don't blame you if you don't add it :P


you should put some armor in the game and those shields can you even make them ? also you should add a food bar and or a food need / water need if too hard just put a well on the back of the house / blacksmith shop and make items sell depending on the time made

i cant open the game i dont know why i put it in the suggested location and i downloaded it again but it keeps saying unreal engine crashed

pls help if anyone has the same problem how do you fix


Hey I was wondering if maybe you can add like a skip customer type feature, because what if you don't have the resources to make a certain weapon for a customer, you lose out on a lot profit making whenever you have to wait for the customer to leave because you just don't have the right resources to create their weapons.


Another idea would be like special events or special customers that can give out just a little bit more money than most customers if you can provide them with a specific weapon type, Ex: I would like to have a one handed great hammer, customized with the model 3


That would also help with skipping the people with greatswords because as of 0.0.61 those are bugged.


Maybe, once the player starts using mithril, have a Lord of the Rings easter egg or something. Like having Aragorn come in and request a mithril sword.


I've got a few ideas in mind.

1) Perhaps instead of ordering, you could have a small town that has shops in it.

2) Blades are still hot after forging and need to be quenched in the water next to the forge.

3) add a grindstone out back, if a player sharpens a sword it will sell for more.

4) steel is blue at the moment. perhaps make it a lighter iron color?

5) I agree with DarkFlameWolf that a skip feature would be helpful.

6) I also agree with hesham62, i think shop upgrades would be great.

that is all for now.

i realize this is a small game but i think it could be an amazing game if it was developed a bit more. also if you were to keep working at it for a while i think this would be a great addition to many steam libraries (yes i know it costs money to put games on steam now).


Dear Developer

i have been playing your game and i love it but i think it could do with improvement

from what ive learned from playing is level ups take a tad to long and sould be slightly faster (BTW i'm not trying to criticise these are just my ideas for improvements) I also think that money drops should be in a more secure area, say instead of getting a gap of roughly $6 - $26 you should get a gap from roughly $15 - $26. these are my ideas and i hope you at least read my thoughts on the game :) p.s what are the little glowing gem things :P


I pitched the idea of a game like this on Reddit approximately 8 months ago and came up with all sorts of ideas. Maybe you'd like to take a look through my post and the comments. They might go well with your game.


could you please ad a co op mode.


My idea:

When selling a weapon, the faster you make it, the more money you get.


When I make copper weapons, they get sold as bronze weapons. Bronze is supposed to be a mixture of copper and tin. Maybe you can replace the tin ingots with bronze ingots instead. Also, I'd like to be able to purchase ores and smelt them myself. I'd also like to be able to smith my own grips and guards. Maybe in the future, you can add enchanting. The way it could work is you could smith some magical gems into your weapons. Other than gems, you could pay a wizard to imbue different quality enchantments into your stuff.

Making the game Multiplayer would make it interesting and even more fun. Also, reduce the price for tin and maybe iron, it takes nearly forever to get to the point i can buy full creates of tin ingots. Speaking of the crates, when you break them open everything inside is trying to be stacked like a tower and constantly makes a mess, why not make a pile out of the contents or have it stack them side by side in the space of the crate


plz make a use for the water



also bigger anvil


I think that crafting armour would be cool!

Co-op mode could bring alot to the game.

I think if you implemented a resource gathering addition would be cool. Along with ordering minerals, maybe opening up a mine in the world would be cool as well?

I also think the ability to order weapons/tools themselves would be cool.

Also more types of weapons.


This game is fantastic already, but it seems that making greatswords is a serious blunder that can cost you serious money. Now, if you could customize these weapons like you can the small and normal blades and hammer heads, maybe we could sell them for more. I assume this is already in the works, but it can't hurt to mention it.


Hey so i was thinking with the timer i noticed that you particually get about the same amount of gold for each item every time well if per say you ran the timer down to 10 seconds and you made them a one handed hammer they would give maybe 15 gold instead of so but if you were to hand them the same hammer to them at the 100 second mark they would give you 40 or 50 gold instead of 30 ? Just a neat little idea also you know how rust has a graphics settting adjuster before you start up the game maybe try doing something like that to make computer with bad specs perform better with a lowered graphic preset and pc's with higher specs perform better with a higher yet stable graphic preset. Also simple voice acting for the customers instead of the speach bubble sound everytime thrown in a grrr or a hufff every now and then for immersion. Also maybe it being possible to have a customer que (sorry dont know how to spell that) and have them wait with a emotion meter showing that a fast a well built order with correct parts would make them happy but a poor build wrong parted weapon make them angry or sad this could also influence the amount of coins you can recieve making the game harder or easier depending on how you look at it. Also enviroment noises sounds etc. to add slight immersion its the little thing that people like lol. One last thing maybe an inventory like on your person or a seperate room for storage would be nice to hold more things obvioulsy and maybe a more advanced crafting book with more weapon recipies and maybe backpacks or a place to upgrade your shop. Seriously very last thing maybe a very small story line or something to get you outside the shop and could potentially help get you more rare ingots or items to make the item more valuable and by the way if your looking for anything to due with voice acting I coulp help out and do it for free im not the best but its whatever just something to keep in mind. Great game Dasius keep on rocking see ya and have a good day! ( Sorry for gramatical errors or spelling errors)

Chekout the video I did on your game will be up on 2/13/17:


It is much easier to read if you divide your ideas into sections like

1. price


just a tip if you want your ideas to be seen :)


- A way to minimize the amount of a weapon so you don't get ripped off

-Make the wood outside a fail safe so if you run out of money you can cut up the wood and make wooden weapons with the wood

  • You can make wooden grips, guards, blades, and hammer heads
  • The wooden weapons would be worth a lot less then copper weapons
  • You can use the trees outside
  • Extend the outside backyard into a saw mill and tree farm and you can buy seeds off the shipment place
  • The more expensive the seed the more the wood it produces
  • Add an axe and you can cycle from axe to hammer

-Inventory slots for specific weapons

  • Hammers get two parallel pegs sticking out of the wall and you prop it up head up handle down
  • Polearms get two hooks that are far apart from one another and you can prop it on the hooks blade facing left or right
  • One handed and Great Sword get the same pegs as the hammer but closer together, the pegs hold the guard with the blade facing down and the grip facing up
  • Daggers get one peg, but at the end of the peg is a hole in the style of a Lego Persons Hand

make a hachet and war axe andsry english is not my main language


Weapon Repair Orders. Simple enough. Adventurer wants a weapon repaired, you heat the metal in the forge and then you hand it back.

To have a repair mechanism that fits the style of gameplay, you'd want to have a process such as:

  1. Disassemble their weapon on the anvil
  2. Move the blade to the forge, heat it
  3. Bring the blade back to the anvil and hit it a couple times
  4. Reassemble the weapon and hand it back to the customer

Or for simple replacement part style repair:

  1. Disassemble their weapon on the anvil
  2. Replace their broken part (handle, blade, guard) with a new one from your supply
  3. Hand the repaired item back to the customer

Still, repairing would be something to change up the mix, rather than just;"Give me this new weapon".

Agreed, it would add a nice variety to the game

i've found a bug where people walk in give me there order the timer says 80 seconds (ish) and then they walk straight back out.

if anyone has a way to help me please say something


Hey, Dasius, really enjoying your work! Really happy to see there are still fresh minds willing to explore other avenues, and I'm not the only one who can see you've got something great here :) I apologize for some of my bullets that I know others will have mentioned before, but I wanna be sure to hit all the check boxes

  • Forge
    • The simple design is effective, and with a bit more modification I think you can make one of the most important parts of blacksmithing more fun :)
      • Quenching metal! Definitely seen this one mentioned! And I was very curious about the concept of it myself, and I'm sure you've got something in the works, but I'd also like to see different kinds of quenching, like doing so in water, or oil, or other methods I know exist to maybe strengthen the blade in different ways? You could refill the substance in the basin next to the forge (the one with the blue crystal within), and when placed in water will sizzle, when in oil will make brief flames, and if you've got magical sand or stuff, you could get really creative with what it can do
      • Introduce a bellows! Keep it pumping every now and again to make your flames hotter, maybe? Extend the life of the flame so the igniter button doesn't have to be pressed in intervals, or possibly just cosmetic and fun to play with as a little side. Maybe make wood a fuel?
      • Also something I'm sure you have ideas for: combining metals! Having separated ingots is awesome for variety, but there's a depth of challenge that can be added by forcing us to discover and explore how mixing and combining metals can work. Definitely some more weight on your end for something like that, and I wouldn't be surprised if it couldn't be slipped in until later, but definitely an idea
      • Different shapes of metals! I have to assume you have some degree of knowledge when it comes to blacksmithing, so we can perhaps see more that just ingots to use as a foundation for our weapon metal in the future? It'd be more of a challenge to shimmy around our forge and figure out how and where to put our blanks, and ultimately more fun. A surprise shipment with a railroad spike? Bam, free ingot, or two, of iron
  • Anvil
    • The sound of the hammer blows in the updated version, especially when working three ingots, is so damn satisfying. I am happy with its utility, but I think the breaking feature could be moved to another blacksmith tool, which I assume you also are working on alongside things like tongs for managing the ingots, perhaps.
      • The placement is a bit wonky with the physics, but I know quite well that's just the nature of the engine and alpha games :) Something I'd like to see, if this framework is being kept, is after smacking a bunch of ingots into one solid shape after a couple swings, we should have to start aiming at the rear or the front of the ingot, or perhaps towards the sides to start making the edges of a blade, or a hammer based on what we need. In my opinion, shaping the metal is every bit as important as smelting it
      • Kind of a continuation off a note in the last bullet (that doesn't really have to do with the anvil..): a tool belt/apron with belt! Being able to look down at our feet is perfect opportunity to give us a belt to look at too, to switch between all our crucial blacksmith tools on the fly
      • Since chipping away and losing material is a concern with real projects, maybe after each ingot has been pounded out a bit of soot collects around the floor? Don't clean up after yourself enough and eventually catch fire, losing some stock and a customer who runs away in fear/on fire?
That's all I've got for tonight, but I'll definitely be back soon to keep dishing out feedback, and I'll certainly drop by the bug thread later.

I love the game and the concept. I think that a good addition to the game would be being able to make armour and shields. Also being able to employ AI to help with the work.

Love the game and can't wait to see where it goes.


It may not be possible at this point, but maybe VR eventually? I miss being in my own forge back in Maine ;-;


remove/restart npc/AI



Hello!I have some ideas to share!

1. Add a mine

2.Add the please the coins in the chest back.

3.Add furniture to buy and upgrades for your shop



Hi, what about armors and axe weapons? :)


How about replacing the button of the forge with bellows?
And a hanging sign above the entrance door of the shop instead of right behind/next to the door? :)

Hey Dasius,

I saw this game being played by a bunch of youtubers, and once I heard it was free and on, I wanted the game really bad. So I tried to download it, and realized because I have a Mac, I can't. I was wondering if you were gong to make a version for the game on Mac anytime soon. As a basic programmer, I do understand how hard it might, but in the future It would be great for all those stuck wit apple with no idea how to duel boot. I would really love to be able to play, and since I like to program, I want to make something cool like it.



I may repeat some that have been mentioned, but a suggestion repeated must be a popular one, so hopefully no harm, no foul.

  1. Materials
    • As nice as the instant ingots are, some method of spending time to save money (mining or buying ore, for example) might be fun. Ore may require a separate furnace for smelting, but if the smelter let you melt blades down into their component ingots, it'd be more than worth it.
  2. Crafting
    • Some method of improving weapon quality would be nice. Maybe I heat ingots, hammer them into a sword shape, then heat that and hammer more, quench, assemble the sword, and take it to a whetstone? Basically, just more with the theme of spending more time to make more money. This could lead into an easier way to cycle weapon types; first forging cycles between sword, hammer, etc., and you can change design by reheating it, or something. And maybe if you make top-tier weapons, you get a reputation? Which leads to...
  3. Shop
    • Less with the theme of balancing time and money, I'd like the ability to "advertise" specific weapon types; maybe my shop specializes in the highest-quality daggers only? This one is more of a pie-in-the-sky one for me, I'll admit. Less of a sky pie, I like the idea of a storage chest or the like, and shop upgrades, though I can't imagine what they might do at the moment.

How about flintlock firearm building?


Why don't we add the ability to go into the forest to search our own ore?but at the forest we would also meet monster where we will use our own forged swords to defend ourselves,and weapon coloring would be cool too

Why don't we add the ability to go into the forest to search our own ore?but at the forest we would also meet monster where we will use our own forged swords to defend ourselves,and weapon coloring would be cool too

Start Screen Would Be Nice

It would be nice if we could have a bigger variety of text when the customers walk into the store.

Make it so that customers will ask for a certain weapon variety like a dagger pole or hammer pole and so that every different sword/hammer/pole variety costs more or less depending on who asks for it.

Also, what about adding customers who already have armor and swords? you keep seeing them in the background but the only one's who asks have nothing, would be cool to see actual adventurers come and order from you. Maybe add so that the more you play, the more experienced and popular warriors comes.


Perhaps, if you don't like a customer and how they treat you, you can give em the boot! Literally, kick them out! Of course you'll lose business but I really don't like asshat customers.

Yes, them saying;"GIVE ME _ NOW!" is quite rude.

*customer: GIVE ME NOW *us: coming right up *puts on iron boot*

Could you make a better collision box for the dagger display. Most of the display items fall thru, the only way things stay up is if you put them at the very back

upgrade buildings for scrap. passers will dispose of scrap, which can burn in a steel mill which will be next to the stove. Ironworks also to create the amount of money. difficulty may be such that it rarely passers will dispose of scrap, and in 20 out of scrap copper one. Level 1 upgrade will be available from 5 lvl, lvl 2 from 10lvl bad english sr ;c <3

(6 edits) (+1)

Dasius try now to repair problem with anvil and he wanna add new items on next update , your idea is good so its hard to make it now ( my english is bad too ;) )

i think you should put pistols in the game not those modern ones so the old ones like in Assasins creed and that would be good too if you would put bandits in the game like they still your stuff and attack you and everything(sorry if my english is bad)

i think its called flintlock just please add them

How can I put my old save to the new version?

I have another idea you could add multiplayer too so more customers can come in at the same time and you and your friends could do things faster

and about the crystals you could go out and find more of them and that would be good if you could craft magic staffs with them for wizards

stands ? :D ClickHere!


It would be nice if the items locked into place when you putt them on the shelfs (or maybe an button for that).

Really great job on this game. I really like it and am very impressed with the progress already. The stuff I am suggesting is probably farther down in the development process but I would like to see it come to life as the game progresses.

I would like is maybe a smelting ability. That you get iron ore from the mine and you have to smelt it. Having to combine copper and tin a certain way to get bronze and such in the effort to make a ingot.

A couple of things I would like to see is more of a progression type system for the tools that we can use at the start. In the beginning maybe if you can only stat with only making daggers and have to buy better tools or such to increase the ability to make larger items. Also if you decide to make the smelter you can add so you get more ingots out of ore you place in the smelter. Make it so you can interact with you shop more. I feel this would be fun but a lot of work on your end. Also I do not know if this would work in game. Might be more fun to just imagine then in game.

Stoning the swords or hammers with gems maybe to increase value. I feel this would be more of a late game implication. I dont know if that would be good since it is more of a gemest or whoever does that stuff for their job.

Inserting like axes and maybe arrow heads. Just insert a larger variety of jobs to possibly do. Maybe they don't have to focus on just war jobs either. Insert some like horse shoes or lanterns. More sword variants if possible but you have a good selection right now so I am not to worried on that.

The ability to buy other smitherys. This also a later game but able to buy a new building for your shop so it can be bigger.

Over all I really like your progress on its current status. Feel free to ask me any questions on these that don't make sense or I did terrible to explain. Like I said up front I am not sure if most of this stuff would go into your system well because you could have a different picture for the future of the game. Very well done though.

You should add sandbox mode which gives you infinite money so you can test things and you should also make it so you can expand your shop or hire people

1. You should make a Sandbox mode where you have infinite money and the customers will take any weapon you give them, like a GreatHammer PoleArm!

2. Spear weapon would be made by putting 2 ingots onto the anvil to make a sword blade, then you would bash it until you get a "Spear Head" and then you would put it on a PoleArm.

3. Bow and Arrow weapon would be made by taking the logs in the backyard and switching to a "axe" tool to chop the logs into a couple of sticks so you can then use the "hammer" tool to form it into a bow. and how to make the arrow is to take a stick and by making a arrow head by putting 1 ingot onto the anvil to make a dagger blade, then bash it until you get a arrow head, stick it onto the stick to make a arrow and then give the bow and arrow to the customer.

i love how you make everything, its so easy i hope it doesnt change a lot.

i feel like the game can be multiplayer. any chance of that happening kind of lonely here at 'COME GET YOUR ARMS'

Dasius, pls make a queuing customers and specified order thanks

the best thing id say is to fix the bugs and do some more re-balance the Pricing a bit. and most of all make the saving more Optimal. as well as it would help to make all of the UI a bit more friendly as well. like if i hit ESC i should see my mouse with out having to click after opening the menu, Can tell me how many times I've accidentally clicked on something i did not wont to click on.

Hey, if you want to make it a little bit more authentic I'd suggest rotating the anvil 180 degrees.

I'm a blacksmith irl and that's the way an anvil should be oriented if your righthanded. The reason for it is that you hold the thongs in your left hand and you don't have to move about as much if you need to use the pointy bit on the anvil. (haven't the foggiest what it's called in english)


(1 edit)

Please please please tell me you're gonna make the black weapons on the racks intangible and automatically grab the matching weapon type into its place when approached with one, similar to how ready ingots lock to the anvil... Getting weapons on the racks is kind of difficult right now because they don't have any auto-placement feature (and in the case of daggers, potentially impossible since they're so small they just fall right through the rack with certain heads)

Auto-placement might prove entirely useful, both for the player and you as the developer, in determining when weapons are already properly stocked in the shop so that NPCs can be shown to take weapons off of the racks and buy them directly -- and certainly a lot more reliable than the area check at the counter, which I often struggle with when weapons are premade for some reason.

edit: Okay, I just noticed that when you load a save, all of your assembled weapons fall apart too. @_@ You having trouble figuring out how to get the engine to treat them as a single item or something? Is that something in the way hampering weapon rack development? Gah...

Just a few ideas from me after playing until I got $10k. Great game, by the way. Absolutely loved it!

- Cycling through the weapon heads can be time consuming, and strength upgrade doesn't help reduce the number of strikes, maybe have a selection wheel or bar for the intended output of your hammering before you begin (you can still cycle, but you choose which one comes out first).

- Since the main focus of this game is "make money", the experience mechanic doesn't fit well. It would make more sense to buy upgrades with your earnings. Like a bigger/stronger hammer that takes fewer swings, more storage space, new blade/hammer designs (which means you'd start with just the basics), better shoes for speed increase, the ability to use the more expensive materials (you really shouldn't have the ability to forge steel stuff the moment you can afford the ingots). You could even have an "order requester" upgrade tree such as more orders per day (you'd have a limit at the beginning, forcing you to stock up ahead), the ability to buy better materials, etc. I'd say remove the experience mechanism and make people spend their hard earned money on making the shop or your character better.

- The money really comes rolling in after you're done with copper, but the distance between copper and tin is a factor of 10 and it's no more than a factor of 2 between all other materials. I'd say make tin a little cheaper, and make the other materials even more expensive. I didn't spend much time with iron at all, moved right into steel/mithril after tin.

- I noticed the papers all reset to default locations when loading up the game. First thing I do is move them out of the way and they keep coming back. I understand the need to instruct new players by strategically placing the paper instructions, but maybe save their locations for returning players.

- The snap-to feature on the anvil is wonderful! This would be helpful for other parts of the shop, such as displays that the customers can take from. I gave up positioning weapons and just handed things to people as they requested them. Also, the pole arm displays above the door are a little hard to reach, the zoom doesn't always get you far enough: you have to drop the weapon, step away from it, then pick it back up. Maybe replace the decorative shields display wall with stuff for sale as well.

Well, that's probably enough ideas to keep you busy for awhile! Great work so far! Can't wait to see how awesome this can get!

The decorative shields aren't decorative, they are an omen for blacksmithing to come. ;)

Multi save games slots please!

Hey Dasius I have bought your game a couple times so hopefully now that I have an account I can get on with it. Anyway I am 15 and I actually do real blacksmithing as a hobby and soon to be job. I have a lot of ideas and would like to try to contact you through email or something to go through detailed steps and offer assistance free of charge.

I didn't go through all of the suggestions, since there's 140+, but I've got a couple of ideas to make the money in game mean more to the player than just making better weapons to then get more money.

I wouldn't be surprised if this had been suggested already, but I think there should be more levels of grips and guards. For guards maybe add some things that look like THIS or THIS. I also think fancy grips should cost more since by default when I start out I use them for everything to the point there's either no point or the other ones, or no point for the fancy ones.

I think there should be upgrades to certain elements of the shop. Maybe upgrades to the forge so it smelts faster, upgrades to the anvil to allow for different heads, upgrades to the shop front to entice richer customers (see next suggestion), and upgrades to the inside of the shop like chairs to make customers sit down and wait longer for the item, which would be necessary later in the game if you don't like to rush.

Another idea that should go along with both the last one and the next one, is a grinder/sharpener. You'd be able to buy and upgrade a sharpener to sharpen blades. The sharper the better, meaning the happier the client and more they're willing to pay. Also a higher rating which I get into on my last suggestion.

I think there should be different levels of wealth for clients. Perhaps they come in with a budget or wearing a certain level of clothing, like royal robes for people that are very rich, and burlap for people that just want a bronze dagger. It's kind of easy right now to just server customers with the richest of metals to keep making the most money. This also kind of segways into my next and final suggestion.

I think a cool way to have a popular shop would be with ratings. Obviously in the age we're set in people aren't posting on Yelp with a review and a 5 star rating, but people would talk about it. If it's a really nice blade people would want to come get their own from you.
This would also combat people just skipping lower tiered customers because they'll get a bad rating. There could also be upgrades to your shop to help with rating, like posting signs around town, making your house look better, and things like that.

Obviously I know this stuff will take a while, but I figured I've got stuff in my brain, may as well share it! :)

More grips and guards
Upgrade things in shop
Add a sharpener
Classes of customers
Rating/popularity for the shop

if its a black smith shop shouldn't you need to make things like horseshoes?


material proficiency skills (novice/apprentice/master/legend) the more you are proficient the better and more expensive the weapons you make

going between materials is too easy right now as well. i recommend to have to upgrade your forge and/or level up strength skill grants you access to new material


Hey there im kind of a rookie programmer i would like to help you with the game, i mainly program in C++ (i guess your game its programmed in Cpp. since i havent seen the code yet im not sure. would like to get an answer, not interested in money.


here are some of my ideas:

-add the making of shields

-add the making of Mage staffs (maybe it could have something to do with those three crystals, mora about that later)

-Add the option to deny a customer an order and also add a communication option that makes the customer pay more for the weapon they order

-Add the possibility for bigger, higher paid orders(as in customers ordering more than one item)with a longer time span

-add fancy finger guards as well as the fancy handles that you already have

-give a point to those three crystals other than just lighting up the store sometimes

-Add maces

-add armour(this might be a big ask but make it so you could maybe make individual plates and they snap together on the purple table

-add bows, arrows and crossbows

-oh and sword sheiths

-maybe make the tree crystals have elemental powers an the customers can ask for special weapons with magical enchantments for specific battles or needs

-do absolutely nothing I ask of and tell me to go away if you wish as this is only some suggestions from a thirtee-I mean random person online, but I really do love the game and can't wait for any new features to be added in the future. Also some of the stuff I suggested might be ridiculous or would take a very long time so it's cool if you say no:


would like to see bronze swords like the Khopesh, Apa, and Hallstatt D. maybe by adding a copper and tin on the anvil?


Suggestion: make a main menu and there will be multiplayer wich has a town with 4 blacksmiths and there will be a server list and you can get games at max 4/4 and if you press tab it will show the player list there names and there money and you the blacksmith guy it will flash on your name please read

Thanks Dasius if you read this plz repley


you can add shields, like the one in the shop, with a new ore: wood. Also some armor like helmets ect... and more weapons


You should make the crystals increase the value of the Weapons.


or for doing enchanted weapons!!



i really think that you should make like an arena where you make your own sword and fight others and if you win you get 1,000 coins that'll be very cool

P.S this game EPIC

(1 edit) (+2)

Suggestions: Option to make axes, maces, and shields

Other metals and different guards?

BTW Loving this game. Feels really relaxing too.

Time limit seems just right for each customer!

Edit: As time goes on, it seems that time is getting less and less so that it's nearly impossible to make great-weapons


It really bothers me that when I look at either a torch, or the forge, everything gets dark. Could you please add the ability to disable it in the graphical settings?


About the logs in the back. I dont know what they are used for but the idea i had was.

Press 2 to pull up the axe left click to cycle through different weapon heads, Logs respwan every day. Thats all


i have a good idea but it might making the game more complicated due to the selection of weapons you need to create.

i was thinking of an expansion in weapons. like once you have made all the types of melees you then unlock a new weapons catagory.

an example of that is flintlock weapons and ammo.

basically just more stuff to be sold to customers.


cool game, i think an add on like these would be cool (someone might have written some of these since ive only skimmed through the suggestions):
-pickaxe? maybe for mining and smelting you own ore?

-smelter ^^ turn your raw mined ores into ingots. ( i think that would add abit depth to the game)

-more weapons varieties like armor, accessories like rings, etc

-shop expansion pls! my stuff is so messy since its super crowded in there >.<

-haggling ability (get in extra moolah from what you're selling!)

-special orders (something like "i'd like a TIN dagger!") or something along those lines

-rare ores/ingots that you cant purchase but have to mine by yourself? maybe crystal ingots :D

-crafting expertise. maybe at the start even your copper weapons arent the best but the more you make a certain thing the better quality it is and its more expensive?

thats all i can think of right now. hope anyone finds it interesting >.>


Release this game in Steam Greenlight, I think she will be claimed momentally :)


Can You Add A Bow And Make The Game Less Laggy


That it's laggy is not his fault, change the graphics to low, it should help. It helped me.

(4 edits) (+2)

What I want to see:

1. Armor and shields

2. A way to temper the weapon after it's been made

3. Able to chop wood and mine stone/ore. Wood can be made into handles and stone can be used to make decorative statues for your shop that will make the shop look better and have customers pay 5% more

3. Katana being its own type of sword

4. Fancy guards and knife guards (smaller than one handed guards)

5. Specialized Engravings, completed at the customer's request

6. Orders that are sent to you and can be completed after hours

7. Labeled storage boxes for ingots

8. Bows maybe?

Just giving my opinions on these suggestions:

1. Shields, I agree but armor I do not. It would take to much space for all the new items and would be more of a hassle than fun. Also because of the many types of armor aswell + the blacksmith is focused around weapons, not armor. Shields though has been a teaser in the shop for a long time now so I'm pretty sure it's gonna be added.

2. There is a water bath in the store though not working of course. Having to temper the blade would be such a amazing addon to the experience. However, it's sad though that you don't actually use water to temper the blade but oil. I know right? I thought so too but then I watched series like Man at arms/Man at arms: Reforged. And it's true, its oil. So for this to be added, he would of changed the color from blue to like grey or black. Maybe making it so that if you temper the blade, they pay you more?

3. This game isn't about mining or farming. It's about a man/woman crafting weapons to be the best blacksmith there ever was. Idk why people keep believing that this game would be an adventure game where you fight monsters, mine and farm. It's not minecraft lol. And also real blacksmiths or old time blacksmiths never mined for ore or chopped wood unless it was for winter or warmth.

Maybe you can buy order statues instead of creating them. And instead of increasing the price of the items, you instead increase the speed in which customers arrive (which would be your reputation) and/or more famous customers with a more pricy order?

3.5 Can't you create those already? Like its not a official katana but if you create a two handed sword, I believe theres a variety which is thin and looks like a katana though with the non polished look like all of the other weapons, I might be wrong though. HOWEVER this game isn't set In the era where it's about Ninja's or Samurai's but instead it's set where demon's crawled surrounded by magic and where people believed dragons roamed. Or so it seems.

4. Fancy guards would of fit perfectly, for the other though, not so much. If you didn't know, people used to call them daggers, not knife's. A dagger is something you CUT with while a sword is something you SLICE with, so there doesn't need to be a Knife.

5. He could add so that if you level up to a certain point, you gain a new rank from that you started with all the way to master.

Amateur - Journeyman - Master

And for every rankup you gain a new perk like as a amateur you would only be able to make normal swords while as a journeyman you unlock shields and then as a master, then you can gain the knowledge to create engravings when asked for them, would of made more sense as it's sort of a master thing to do make engravings, usually fresh of the back blacksmiths wouldn't be able to do that.

6. What about instead of that, they can order multiple swords/hammers for a certain time and then you can deliver it. That's probably what you meant.

7. This is a little unnecessary as right now, if you upgrade from copper to tin and so forth, you don't really store anything, you just put them on the furnace and craft whatever and then give them to the customers, there isn't really a need for organizing anything OTHER than parts because the fastest way to do orders is having weapons on standby same thing with crafting items.

8. You don't create bows as a blacksmith, Maybe arrows instead?

Thank you for your criticism. Your ideas are great and I learned some things at the same time

Instead of armor how about just helmets


List of things I would want:

- Tutorial/Free mode, learn the basics or just have fun, not about the money, but learning

- Expanding the shop, it's kinda cramped in here...

- More weapon categories (Melee, Long Range, Armor, etc.)

- Auto-Snap, if you would put something, say, in your "inventory", you wouldn't have the struggle of it not falling.

Please Move the New Game Button away from the Save Game Button PLEASE!!!


Love this game, just had a few thoughts.

Would be cool if say, you ordered something small, like a guard, that it would come in a smaller box so you could store large quantities in small boxes or so they could fit through the door easier.

Once again, I think the quantity of each item should be reflected in box size, say like 3 and below is a small box, 3+ is a medium, and 5+ is large or something like that, especially when buying ores.

Possibly put a smelter in the game to reclaim ores already crafted into swords/hammers?

Maybe make the water bin "un-readify" hot ores.

And Im in LOVE with the whole forest/mine idea, so just go at your own pace, this game is fantastic and I would love to purchase it if it gets greenlit on steam or has a full release.


There seem to be a lot of requests from everyone for new weapons and armor. This could prove confusing when customers start asking for obscure things. Perhaps the customers could request specific items by picture instead of text? We already have a nice reference sheet for this on the blueprint. It would make the game less English dependent, and the customers wouldn't seem as rude and demanding.


Maybe add in some looks for the weapons from anime's and maybe other types of swords like a katana or a longsword

NO ANIME WEAPONS. Even though this is a video game, this isn't the type of game to blow things to unrealistic proportions and have weapons that would be terrible in real life. This is a game of making simple and effective weapons

I dont mean anime weapons like that i mean just like simple swords that have the shape and design of them like ichigo's sword its just a sword with a cooler design

The great sword is hopefully as close to anime as this game will get.

Is it possible to add vsync to the game, i am suffering from screen tearing on max settings

Does anyone know where the red crystal is? i cant find it anywhere.


inside a torch, near the back door in the shop


Hi, I'm here to ask a thing, Unreal Engine 4 have support for android platform too, so, will you bring the game for android? Trust me, it's a good idea!

To match yesterday's rather long post in the complaints thread, I have a few ideas that might make some things a little better. Here goes nothing (again, in no particular order:)

When you put a weapon together, it looks like the pieces are moving together, but otherwise remain the same. Rather than having them be two objects that follow each other around, is it possible to actually make them one item? Like, when you look at the grip of a fully-constructed one hand sword, it says one hand grip, and only the grip highlights. Is it possible to make it so hovering over any part of the sword displays "one hand sword," and highlights the entire thing? Using the anvil to separate connected items was a great idea, and it works perfectly with my idea. This should also fix the problem of weapons falling apart when you exit and reload, since the parts would load in as pieces of a whole. However, I don't know how possible this whole thing is, because I don't know how your engine works.

If the previous idea isn't possible/feasible, I think it should be fairly simple to make it so parts only connect if they aren't already connected to something. Grips obviously have two connection points, so they'd need to account for that, but I don't see it being a huge problem. Again, though, I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, so I don't know how much control you have.

Now, about snapping (like how ingots snap to the anvil.) I think it would be lovely if weapons snapped to the display racks, though some of the racks need to be moved (customers try to go upstairs to get the polearms and they stop half-way up the stairs for the greatsword.)

I thought long and hard and...I can't think of a particularly good way to store grips/guards. I'm currently using tipped over/angled crates. There's gotta be a better way.

This may be the cause of my storage woes, but light things are way too bouncy. I throw a knife blade from the anvil to the workbench and it bounces off and slides almost all the way back to me. I toss a grip onto the workbench and it flies across the room. But then I can't even throw a hammer head two feet. There's gotta be some middle ground.

This is probably on your to-do list already, but make use of the water trough! Make it so blades/hammer heads are all hot and glowy after you make them and you have to dump them in the water before you can stick 'em on a grip.

Also, have you considered putting the smelter in the corner, moving that little tool rack (with the tongs and stuff,) to the right side of the smelter, and putting the water trough underneath the tool rack? That would free up some space under the window. Then, if you moved the sales record over by the counter or front door or something, you could put the order form where the sales record used to be and a table or something under the window. Maybe deliveries could be delivered through the window, and land on the table (or maybe there is no table, and they just land on the floor.)

Pricing! I've noticed that guards don't factor into weapon values, but that's gotta be a bug. If we pretend that guards do count toward item value, I could sell three greatswords for a profit of $12. With the same amount of ingots, I could sell nine daggers for a profit of $36. I think item value should be the production cost plus some percentage. Charisma might increase the percentage, or just add a flat amount, or maybe both. Either way, the current system just doesn't feel right.

I think the coin chest would be better suited to the bedroom than the workshop. Yes, it makes sense that you'd just toss your coins in the coin chest after a sale, but it takes up a bunch of space and the workshop is pretty cramped as it is.

I won't make any suggestions about the golem, crystals, monument/pillar, or the mirror that I find highly suspicious, both because I'm sure you've heard enough about them and because I want to be surprised :)

Is anyone else having the problem where when you hit escape, the mouse disappears and you have to click to get it to return?....Yea try not to accidentally click exit, because you'll lose any unsaved progress....can a confirmation for exit window be added?


Yes, many people have reported the same issue (I've had the accidental exit click happen to me too). The dev is aware of it and we'll hopefully get a fix in the next update.

I love watching people play this game I was wondering if you were ever going to realease it for Xbox one or are even considering it. I would love to be able to play this on my xbox

i only put this link new weapon?

and this

and this :p

and this?

I don't know if this has been suggested before, but a button to disconnect parts would be great. I somehow attached a two handed guard to a pole arm grip. I can't make anything with it and I can't take it apart.


Place the offending assembly on the anvil, then click on the anvil (not the weapon) and your weapon should break apart into its components.


could you possibly add a one hand battleaxe a two hand battle axe and a polearm battleaxe

I was thinking more ancient weapons. (These are all real btw) 0.0.63


Polearm Grip + Regular Sword Blade.


One Handed Grip + Regular Sword Blade (NO GUARD)

Butterfly Sword:

One Handed Grip + One Handed Guard + Dagger Blade


Two Handed Grip + Greatsword Blade (NO TWO HANDED GUARD)


Pole Arm Grip + Greatsword Blade

Dasius please make it for xbox! I don't have a computer, but if you made this for xbox i would buy it in a instant.

(1 edit)

A new system to spice things up, players could melt metals down in a furnace and put it in the mixing pot to make combined metals like 35% iron 60% bronze 5% mythril. Adding more metals wouldn't change the quantity result but quality. It would go indefinitely from a rating of 2-infinity per additional ingot after the first 3 ingots. It starts at one of course. This would make a new metal that the players can name with 6 characters or less and the value is set automatically by the values of the metals put together then + charisma value bonus. You can then use that metal to make weapons with customize-able colors depending on the first 3 ingots because of the hex/rng coloring for each ingot in order starting from the first. Would take the H from iron E from bronze X from mythril and mix them into a new color for that metal.

Second suggestion would be mold casting as a substitute for the players who don't find hitting an ingot in 3 strikes to a blade very fun. This could be set as an optional change in settings.

A system where you can take two paths, one would be the route the game already is at while another would be an optional extra path to play as the apprentice/child of the blacksmith and have a blacksmith mastery level which determines the end quality of each product. Also, you would only be able to make certain weapons once the master blacksmith bestows to you that blueprint which unlocks the parts necessary for it.

When connecting parts together, add a popup to confirm combining the parts or not please and the result of the action. <--- :D

My last idea would be to add mastery levels of each weapon and the more you craft them, the brighter the weapon glows. The mastery level would also add variables towards valuation of the weapons and of course if below the standard, you may even receive less than purchasing price (Set difficulty levels).

One more thing, I've worked with blender for a few years now and I would like to know if you would ever need help, I find it a really fun hobby and I have quite a bit of work. The low poly style appeals to me too as i'm a bit tired of working on full edged high quality stuff. My skype is camerenwalden if you would like to see some of my work or would just like to chat, thanks for reading.

Not to bash on your idea, but I think this would make everything way too complex and there would be hundreds of combinations and it seems like it would be too overwhelming. Also, it would be be lot easier if instead of combining stuff to make colors you can color temper it

(1 edit) (+1)

A freeplay mode, where you have full skills and unlimited money to buy and create anything. Battle and war axes would be cool, too.

(1 edit)

Any thoughts about adding the ability of keybinds? I would like to try the game out except I can't because certain letters on my keyboard doesn't work such as my W button and until I get an external keyboard I have to copy/paste some letters :(

Few things that could be improved/added

-one day late order: simply just somebody comes to you lewes you a request on some kind of order board and then he comes tommorow for his weapon ( that's kinda how real blacksmith shops works irl)

-higher Furnace: make borders of furnace a litle higher so ignots wont fall off when you are in hurry

-ignots coming in packs; it's a knowwn issue you open the box with a lot of ignots and they fly all over the place like crazy, you could give them something like palette and them beeing tied to it o you can move it whenever you want and open it for example above your furnace

-burning up boxes: right now they just vanish, i think it would be nice if they could be like the ones left in backyard opened with one wall you take what you need and burn box on the furnace, to form charcoal wchich will just burn after another time you use furnace (speeding up the process of heating nearby ignots)

-making weapons of diffrent ignots: simply divide the area that will be used by each ignot on the weapon so you can get rid of useless throwouts in no time, or create ultimate weapon that will whitstand every epic battle

-heating blades and cooling them : that will be a hot selling point and a cool thing to add (ok i'll stop with the puns) Simply you can heat the blade to reuse it(cannot do it for 3 ighots weapons) for example you created dagger but nobady wants this dagger, you heat the blade, put it with another ignot on the anvil, and you create normal blade or put 3 daggers toi make 2h blade etc. Cooling is the way that real weapons would be done, you put th red-hot blade in the water to cool it down, and then you asspemble weapon

-(that will be more of a complain but whatever) Extending time the customer stays in your shop for his/hers weapon: It quickly goes so far down that you just make 2 or 1h weapons because you don't have time to fix it, i'd like to just make it something like patience of certain person, so somebody would come and he would be very patient giving you 4 minutes to finish the work, later on somebody hot-bloded would come and he would want his weapon in 60 seconds (that or 40 seconds should be minimal time considering cooling and heating will be added anyway) it would add varieity to the game and would eliminate issues with clients coming for 2-h blade and then when you are just finising it they go out, and you are left with useless 2=h weapon on which you probably spend much more money

that will be i think everything, For now

I might think of other cool stuff soon and i'll post it here

sorry for possible typos my english isn't too good and i still need to get used to my new keyboard

Love your game and have nice day

I think we have a problem with the crafting table. it should have a fixed angle for the weapon that appears. The forge could also uso some lock just the way you did with the anvil.

Weapons made the day before can't be sold, you have to change the handle to sell it like a fresh weapon.

We could have a stand to place weapons that we already made so they can just be sold easyer. A lock on the stand would be good, so we can store up to 3 weapons of each kind.

When I go back to a saved day it always start as morning. This way instead of going to bed and starting a new day I can just save, open the game again and keep my day counter low.


sup Dasius could you add the ability to mix metals and get better prices when you sell weapons using those "new" metals and a scrap system so when you craft an item any metal scrap can be turned into ingots this also works with my mixing metals idea also add fancy grips and polearms and make it so you can raise the price of what ever you sell but if you go to high people will just straight up leave

Crystal Weapons And Volcano Weapons and Thieves in the store. (This is going to be epic)

Please no thieves. This game is supposed to be a more casual game and thieves just seems like it would ruin the game

The idea could work as an optional game mode. It could even be something as simple as making sure your orders are brought indoors and that your front and back door are closed and locked before going to bed. I think ideas like this are near the bottom of the priority list, though, as they don't add much to the experience currently.


I would like to see customization of the Character (in the mirror for example) and/or the blacksmith shop.

Great Game so far!

um... dasius, could you make the price of the ingots less because its really hard to develop in the game


Hey Nateset,

I do make adjustments to the prices every update but so far, I'm not seeying everyone complaining about the prices being to high.

Also, if you increase your Charisma, it will help you get more from each sale. It's not a major difference now but it can help.

Thanks dasius

I like the prices personally but what I have heard of is that you don't really earn more if you get to the maximum material or even if you go up from copper to tin. sure you earn more because you have to pay more but you don't earn any more than if you used copper.

Also im hoping there's plans for making the swords more...lets say appealing. getting to the next material is basically only changing their standard color. Would be cool if the color was more shiny than a simple fill color.

Make the greatsword more accurate and proportional. The blade should be about half as thick but the length is good

In the world of fantasy gaming, realistic weapon proportions take a backseat to aesthetics. Think about how cool (yet impractical) all of the Final Fantasy weapons are.

When I look at the great sword, I don't see a great sword, I see a anime sword, Cant get enough of those super insanely thick and long anime swords.

(1 edit)

I guess the weapons are good if getting your arms ripped off from the force of swinging you sword is what you like

(1 edit)

I appreciate the edit, FishyFish136. I agree that some games do go overboard with weapons that are too large. I guess we'll just have to leave it up to Dasius to see how fantasy or realistic he'd prefer his game to be.

(edited for civility)


Hey Ayrios.

Aside from the silliness. It is a fantasy game so technically anything (almost) goes. You might be right on the thickness of the blade. None of these weapon parts are final. So i will do another review of each part when I get the chance.

Thank you!!

This is a great video for proper sword names and terminology. You can use it for correcting some stuff in your game and also for future ideas


Honestly, I feel like this would be an amazing game to also be on virtual reality consoles, such as the Vive.


Hey DHero,

When i have enough funds for the hardware. i'll definately start working on it.

Could you set up the controlls for ps4 and xbox one controllers.

Could you please make ingots lock onto the anvil when you place them because ingots falling off can be frustrating.


This has been a feature for a very long time, Are you using the newest version (0.063)? Me personally want the ingots Back to when they where falling off as of right now its really bugged and not as fun as it was.


I wasn't using the newest version. I just downloaded it

Yo, dasius i found a bug. It is impossible to change my name

(2 edits) (+1)

I have 2 Suggestion

1. Being able to set prices would be great

2. Make ingots smaller and a lot closer to IRL Ingots like this

Great Game i really enjoy it!

(1 edit) (+1)

hi i think you shod be able to be visited by a fellow blacksmith who can give you items if he had too much or ask for items if he was missing items

(items like ingots, maybe like a short blade, hammer head, grips and so on)

(1 edit) (+1)

I think it need able to change control key

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