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time= when a costumer comes and the estimated wait time is 1:40 minutes you make the weapon

but then comes the tiredness then they leave seconds after, and all the hard work and money goes away for a 5 second costumer, you turn your back for a sec and they are gone.

money= cmon, give a little bit more money for begginers, there aren't explanations on how to make things anyway.

how to= just a small paper that says that a small blade with one handed guard and one handed handle = dagger for the start of the game because it can be cunfusing sometimes for beginners and then restart just to get the 7 dollars back to fix what you have mistaken, it was kind of frustrating, sorry but the examples on the wall doesn't help really much.

weapon pops in/ fits in= what i mean is that when you want a great sword for ex, you take the things necessary but other things fit right in when you dont need that specific item. (ex. one hand guard fits in but the two hand guard doesn't which is the needed item for a greatsword)

as i mentioned earlier, if it is possible to fit the right things in then to just try to place it down and try to rotate it, maybe there is rotation option and i didn't know, because its frustrating that you make something and you believe it the right thing you need to make but isn't so all the work and money went into nothing.

being able to deconstruct= i dont know if that is realistic to be able to reconstruct items from what has been made already but if its a possibility then why not.

clipping= there is an issue with one handed guard and two handed guard being clipped together, very annoying.

hope you see this and make your specific approach to every single one of these.

love the game i really do! good idea man


there is a deconstruct feature, put it on the anvil and left click the anvil to deconstruct the items you combined, so if you combined the wrong items on accident just drag the weapon to the anvil and deconstruct it, i'm on day 10 with 400 gold and the only huge issue im having is the coins colliding with each other causing use cpu useage

thanks man