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that bug you encountered I fixed in a recent bug patch which ironically was an easy fix lol thanks for the gameplay video :)

such.. an interesting game, i couldn't quite figure out what the whole objective was (is that the point? xD) graphics are really good, audio is nice, but honestly i don't really see it matching with the theme? its got the love part down, but not really blind? i could be misinterpreting it overall really good game :)

game design was interesting, if there was more strategy to the point and click it would be more enjoyable, just ended up spam clicking everything until i won level 2 xD SFX are wayy too loud it overpowered the background music(BGM) so i don't even know if the BGM was enjoyable since it all mushed together

overall i liked the concept of the game, a little bit of punishment for the player "spam" clicking and stuff and turn down the SFX volume a bit (or add a volume slider :P) and it would be a pretty decent game

Really hard gameplay, i would have liked it alot more if it didn't constantly flash, or maybe flash a little slower since its a mechanic in your game? the constant flashing hurts the eyes after awhile, or maybe a future suggestion is to have difficulty levels, so have easy a slow flash and hard being really fast flash with slow re-flash? just an idea :)

Looked and played really well, story was okay  it was enough information to tell me why i was doing what i was doing, the soundloop was a bit annoying after the 20th loop cause it would fade off, should be more consistant with no fadeoff unless the game was over :P

but overall good game :)

Thanks for the feedback! ;)

Have fun, its way buggy since most of the work was done in only 8 hours xD

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If your down for a little bump and grind check out my game xD

Them not matching up is an accidental feature, wasn't intended but adds to the whole matchmaking of "ew i don't wanna be matched up with you" :P

bumping into them blindfolded is a feature, as cupid doesn't want to be "seen" and bumping into them takes their blindfold off, so you lose a heart in the process xD thanks for playing!

the main menu has a how to play to tell you the controls just fyi :) thanks for playing!

thanks for the heads up, i'll try to build it in webGL and upload it, i was having issues with the webGL when I intitally packaged this the first time and have to upload it as a regular package, thanks for playing :)

sound is wayyy too loud, need to make sure you can give people the option to turn sound down or turn it down yourself to a decent level, my ears be bleeding -_-

A+ was not expecting that

It was insanely hard, but interesting mix on the "love is blind" theme

Pretty good game, fall bug was a little annoying cause i had to reset browser, but overall good game (sound was super loud needs a volume option xD)

pretty good game :) my only real issue was the cursor blending into the ground and not knowing where im shooting xD i died after the "survive" phase and when i respawned i kept respawning into the ground so i couldn't finish the game, i will say though a lot of levels for such a short time xD

not sure which version i was using, i just downloaded that day and played so, i guess .06?

ran into another bug/glitch, it was actually kinda ironic, i was trying to make a polearm for a guy, and i couldn't make the blade turn right so i used the alt mouse trick to rotate the blade, as i was rotating the blade it finally connected with the polearm... but it was still turning while connected! so i gave the guy a L-Polearm xD (imagine this is the weapon i gabe him ___| )

there is a deconstruct feature, put it on the anvil and left click the anvil to deconstruct the items you combined, so if you combined the wrong items on accident just drag the weapon to the anvil and deconstruct it, i'm on day 10 with 400 gold and the only huge issue im having is the coins colliding with each other causing use cpu useage

i had no issues, did you try reinstalling the game? or possibly using the app to install?

I'm pretty sure this has been reported but just wanted to put my 2 cents in!

First bug i ran into was the polearms was not celculated right (says 10 polearms for 1 coin, but actually charging me for 10 coins which im assuming is correct cost just did wierdly hehe)

Second after you make more then 200 coins the game starts running really choppy using alot of CPU and its because of the coins colliding with each other rapidly

keep up the great work! i made sure to donate (not much but its all i had :/)