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interesting, it followed the theme pretty well, but the sound was really annoying :/ graphics would have been better if it wasn't just a cube xD but overall good game: :)

please be sure to check out my game :)

Uhm, my computer didn't like the game, kept saying it was a virus -_- once i allowed it i was able to play, good game! :)

please be sure to check out my game? thanks :)

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didn't really see it fitting the theme, but overall good first try!

please be sure to check out my game :)

Just a head up! we're aware of the invisible enemies in the tutorial, we were unable to bugfix it so it'll just have to stay :/


I liked the puzzles, sound was a little boingy, and i got some stanley parable vibes from it,

overall good game for starting late xD

Rated! took a little break from rating games xD

  • Okay, so a few things I didn't like: enemies were too easy, level design was lacking
  • things i did like: ambiance was nice, voiceover was good, lighting was good

I felt a portal like vibe, which I guess would be the game is lying, so okay for theme, but the innovation to me was not there, just felt like a 2D splintercell mixed with portal storyline

overall good game :)


i was confused the entire time... was that the lie? xD


interesting game, the characters faces made me laugh!


the meat! must eat the meattttt!

Already rated your game xD


It was, interesting, i didn't feel like it fit the theme though, a spirit lied to me not the game xD good concept though, and art was unique


i was laughing my butt off how i felt like a torpedo with a sword xD music was a little annoying, graphics were decent, didn't really feel the theme, but i had fun being a human torpedo xD

Rated! loved the music and story :)

nice music, good storyline, but i didn't see anything regarding theme? really well thought out, overall good game :)


More of a memory game imo, have to remember where traps are and things like that, i don't like using my brain xD other then the controls messing up with me (they would get stuck walking right for some reason?) i had fun :)


i was laughing through the whole game, using a nose to launch yourself around xD


just a standard RPG, didn't really see any innovation to it or anything regarding the theme sadly :/ 

Rated :)

ahhh i didn't see a chatlog option guess im blind x

yeah, it must have been a bug then :/ i did user pc1 and pc2 and did journal and files in both pcs and nothing showed up :(

amazing you did all this by yourself! i was able to glitch through some of the barriers, and saw a few spelling errors, other then that once of the best i played so far xD (was i a cat in a space suit? -_-)


Ahh, that would be an issue xD should use github in the future, made collabing so easy :)

i tried, i looked through files and journals, and got nothing showing up to open or see, maybe it was bugged? i'm not sure

imo gameplay is a little too easy, just gotta keep moving, the graphics were decent, theme was okay, it had a hint of game lying, and the intro was way too slow i think, overall good first game :)

I tried to like it, but couldn't even play it cause i couldn't find anything in the computers -_- also small bug on the note pad :)

i couldn't hack anything, when i finally figured out how to hack the port, i would use all the commands on the computers and it returned nothing... i did enjoy the old style key sounds and mouse clicks, and the graphics were really nice, felt like a good old fashioned PC :)


the win sound sounded like something from Super Mario Bros. xD i think you should make the scrolling on the dialogue faster, i i couldn't scroll down to look through it unless i super scrolled it, pretty good job, i didn't see much of the theme in it, lying to someone isn't really game related(per the theme the game is a liar)

Ah, i saw the rules about getting fake powerups but it wasn't really represented until the end scene, but even then i wouldn't have known cause it doesn't show me the health at the end xD i only noticed stat changes for the most part xD