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A member registered Nov 02, 2016

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not sure which version i was using, i just downloaded that day and played so, i guess .06?

ran into another bug/glitch, it was actually kinda ironic, i was trying to make a polearm for a guy, and i couldn't make the blade turn right so i used the alt mouse trick to rotate the blade, as i was rotating the blade it finally connected with the polearm... but it was still turning while connected! so i gave the guy a L-Polearm xD (imagine this is the weapon i gabe him ___| )

there is a deconstruct feature, put it on the anvil and left click the anvil to deconstruct the items you combined, so if you combined the wrong items on accident just drag the weapon to the anvil and deconstruct it, i'm on day 10 with 400 gold and the only huge issue im having is the coins colliding with each other causing use cpu useage

i had no issues, did you try reinstalling the game? or possibly using the itch.io app to install?

I'm pretty sure this has been reported but just wanted to put my 2 cents in!

First bug i ran into was the polearms was not celculated right (says 10 polearms for 1 coin, but actually charging me for 10 coins which im assuming is correct cost just did wierdly hehe) http://prntscr.com/e6rhbf

Second after you make more then 200 coins the game starts running really choppy using alot of CPU and its because of the coins colliding with each other rapidly

keep up the great work! i made sure to donate (not much but its all i had :/)