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Submitted by Cedricx04 — 3 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#4792.6672.667

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Very good game. Please check out mine and rate it as well when you have time.


Nice audio!


Very nice music! The game was a bit short , though, and the game felt like you were playing in slowmotion + on walking on ice. I'd suggest making things a little faster next time, and decreasing the amount of deceleration.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

didn't really see it fitting the theme, but overall good first try!

please be sure to check out my game :)


I really like the difficulty of the 2nd level, sadly there was no third level :D 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

played and rated your game. I really enjoyed with the smooth controls but can't say fits the theme. anyway, well done!

Please, don't forget to play and rate my game:


Didn't understand the interpretation but a nice game nonethless :-)


Rated- Neat game! It was fun in level 1. So level 2 is kinda a lie or trick because it is too hard?  Good job completing a game.  Hope you learned a lot.  Please check out my game when you have time~ good day!


Thanks for your comment.

I'll check your game out after school!


I didnt understood the connection to the theme

if you can explain me it would be great!

and level 2 was too hard

the music is pretty good and gives a good vibe to the game


Thanks for your comment!

The connection to the theme was that in the first level the game says that the game is over and you can restart. While he says that, a portal opens to a different room, when in this room the game starts shooting at you. I understand that it's not too obvious and I'll make it a bit more clear that you are fighting against the game(With voice overs and the sorts) in a future version.

And if level 2 was too hard, wel... PRESS "R" TO RESPAWN.


Level 2 was so hard, I almost gave up.

The music was good and you interpreted well the theme. The only trouble was with movements, when I did not touch the keys it was unpredictable: sometimes the cube kept sliding on the platform while occasionally it just stopped where it fell.


Good game! I almost beat stage 2 (100% failed to reach portal). If you were to update the game I would add a settings menu for the audio and, tighter controls. Well done!


Got pranked after clicking on the quit button several times in stage 2! I almost beat stage 2 (was at 90% in my best run) but i stuck at the side of the wall when i tried to jump over to the left edge and got shot. I had a good time though!


Nice job! (:


Fun game! Maybe add some audio other than music and it will be even better.


That level 2 difficulty spike is intense! Great game though


I like the idea, but the second level is too hard for me :)


The first level was super easy whereas the second one was really hard to beat and I think that's because of the physics. I usually like the games with weird physics but if you have to avoid lasers it becomes very hard. 

Also if you jump on the side af a platform and keep the direction pressed the cube doesn't fall down like there's too much friction between the cube and the platform.

The graphics are nice and the music is cool.


A good game ... but the second level was really tough .... Music was nice and perfect for the game .... Also quit button didn't work in the  game.


An interesting - and after a bit challenging - platformer! Ok, so first I thought - what does this have to do with the theme of the jam? Then it became clear - clever devs!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks Fun!

PRess R to RestaRt


100% best game of the jam. Controls perfect, Graphics perfect 100% worth it. 


The controls are not very suited for the kinds of movements you have to make and you get somewhat stuck on walls (cos of the physics materials having friction) too often

Developer (1 edit)

PRess R to Restart!


I know, but if it's a try and die game, the controls need to be more reactive, else it totally puts you out of the flow, I think it's the same for some of the stuff in my own game but here it was really not fun to play, and it's not a question of mood cos I played a harder game just before, and I enjoyed it in its generality :/

Not trying to blame you, I'm just saying you should maybe give more importance to the controls, tho don't spend 80% of your time on it like me ^^


pRess R to Restart, pRess R to Restart