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This feels just like a better version of Cave Johnson is talking to me and I love it x) Also  prop climbing lul

Very fun, funny and inventive 

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I  really like the mechanic you introduced (I loved the space goo in Celeste so it's to no surprise), however I got really frustrated towards the end, I think that if you were sucked towards the ground/gelly/goo/whateveritis when you're close to it while pressing W it would feel better and alleviate the pain of   these - pun warning -  sticky situations.

Visuals and audio are both very well-polished.

Great game, had a lot of fun, very interesting concept in general, attention to detail (the sound is even muffled in the pause menu!), ...


This is so cute and fun lmao/aww I'm in a state of superposition of amusement and fluff

Very nice questions, dialogue and whistling. However I have ONE issue with the game and it is the sound when he's angry, it really hurts my ears and my brain. Other than that it's perfect :3

I believe so. It's hard to react in time, especially knowing that your velocity varries (btw the acceleration curve has jerk in some cases I believe which isn't... great...) I still played the game enough to get over 100 tho, the concept is nice and the execution is I think as best as you could do in the time you had and still made the game enjoyable (the floating numbers too xD), so good job :)

Alright I played it and I have to congratulate you on the choice of the sound effects and music, but most importantly the graphics and the simple but effective respawn curtain. When it comes to the gameplay, even though I raged a bit as per usual with platformers and I really did not like the keybinds (why Z and not the up arrow?), it was nice in general, with good variation in the levels. The bat was annoying however, but another thing is that I would have liked to see more inertia in the character and maybe a   larger   possible   distance to the wall     on the wall jump because I missed a lot of them because I barely missed the wall and turned right too soon.  And finally I'd like to point out that the removal of power at the end was well-integrated into the story   and didn't feel bad which is great. I like how you're strong first but then not as much anymore. So yeah that's what I thought of the game.

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I didn't finish it because I accidentally tabbed out but it's fun once you understand how it works

Also the graphics didn't bother me, it was maybe even more in theme

My antivirus couldn't decide if the game contained a virus or not and since it asks the permission to  access my memory I'll just wait for my antivirus to report me back on the safety of the app ^^

I believe the delay you're feeling comes from the acceleration being too slow (or the lack of an initial velocity  perhaps) on the horizontal axis. It's interesting, thanks for sharing that.

And yeah the skateboard allows me to get away with not having any animations x)

I will (sorry for the delay by the way)

Also I generally didn't want to embark into something I hadn't done with Unity before and audio is one of these things so I didn't take the risk of taking precious time to figure out how it works. But you're right it would have made it better.

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Since I made the level design last and had to do it fast I couldn't make anyone playtest it, I just hoped my hints would be enough to guide players to make the right actions, however just like in your case when I made someone play it yesterday he had trouble figuring out how to build and unleash momentum.  Clarity was indeed one of the major problems of this game. Thanks for trying for so long and I'm sorry for the frustration it must have caused :/

Thanks  for telling me about the jump, that is something I wouldn't have thought about. When it comes to the amout of levels I ran out of time so that was quite limiting unfortunately. Glad you enjoyed the game though :)

- I wanted to make simple models for the players but I did things in order of importance and I was alone with limited time (parents...) so I kinda had to stick with these crude shapes

- same thing :/

- you have to move to aim, it's supposed to make it riskier and more skillful to attack enemies but their small hitboxes didn't actually fit really well with that idea unfortunately

- I tried to find somewhat ergonomic settings and assumed the starting window generated by Unity would be enough to choose other controls in case of need, that's not the case apparently and I'm taking note of that

- I'm not that good with Unity yet so I never used sound or particles yikes

- I tested the game with the "maximize on play" button on quite a bunch and I apparently must have missed the text cuts upon trying the built version (I was in kind of a rush)

- I like the fact you enjoyed the toy aspect of the game, that's a good retribution on the fact I spent most of the development time on that

- It's ok, I have no issue with criticism that makes sense, and yours does, you're 100% right, and feedback is important. I'm a beginner and it really helps a lot to have a detailed list of issues so thanks :) And thanks for taking the time to play it

- It's true I didn't get to add incentives to playing more carelessly, also it's probably not fun at all when you play alone since it's supposed to be played by two people

- Okey there should be more polish on the values probably

- Yep time constraints and I tried to have working controls first :l

- Definitely, but it's still tough for me to assess how much time I need for a particular thing

- Thanks! I did the level design at the last minute so it's nice to see it's not too bad for you

I know, but if it's a try and die game, the controls need to be more reactive, else it totally puts you out of the flow, I think it's the same for some of the stuff in my own game but here it was really not fun to play, and it's not a question of mood cos I played a harder game just before, and I enjoyed it in its generality :/

Not trying to blame you, I'm just saying you should maybe give more importance to the controls, tho don't spend 80% of your time on it like me ^^

The controls are not very suited for the kinds of movements you have to make and you get somewhat stuck on walls (cos of the physics materials having friction) too often

Hi, I didn't finish the game cos I don't have that much time and I'm bad but the controls are nice. I played through the thing without interacting with the environment (refusing to do what the game tells me to do) and I suppose it has an effect at the end but I couldn't get to see it. The level design is very frustrating with spikes forcing you to execute very precise movements sometimes but the enemy trajectories are good imo. GL with your ratings c:

Amazing, 420/69, would play again

"Show, don't tell" has been shattered. Sowwee :c

OK, thanks for the answer, it just didn't appear the same way my games did in previous jams so I was worried ^^

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I uploaded my game but it doesn't show up in the drop menu in "submit your project"

The page:

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too slow

Great game, had a lot of fun

Hi, here are my remarks:

- nice aesthetics and juice as always, with clear informations and good vfx and style

- the difficulty doesn't seem to go up, a ramping respawn rate and enemy speed would be nice

- the barrier is kind of op, maybe it shouldn't clear the entire screen (tho a new powerup to do that alone can be nice) or even any enemy at all, in that scenario it should be replaced, for example, with a freeze when it's broken

- I still don't understand what the chain reactor does

- you can make the missile go out of the screen and preemptively clear enemies you can't see yet

- there's no reward for directly hitting an enemy, maybe it's intentional tho

High score: 12410 cos I was not attentive xD

Interesting idea

You wrote my comment for me

Hi, several issues I noticed:

- the music is way too much on the left ear and the sound effect on the right

- the sound effect should play mid-swipe, not when you let go of the mouse button

- no reward for taking the risk of doing a combo

I think if you took as much time as you already did to fix these problems, the game would be way more enjoyable to play :)

Thanks for the compliment ^^

Okey, I'll do :)

Well, I mentioned it on the game's page: I didn't have the time to finish it before the deadline, and it's far from completion. The tetrahedron was supposed to chase you but I added pi instead of 180, good job meeee.... The rest wasn't even started to be implemented.

So that's just a proof of concept. For more details refer to the game's page ^^

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Yeah I know but I was away from home for these two days unfortunately

Thanks for the follow by the way :)

Are your restrained by your job at Riot when it comes to advertising your own projects ? I'm curious.

Really enjoyed the deep connection between the narrative and the mechanics, and the amount of 4th wall breaking amongst many other things. Great job :)

It's cool :)

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Edit: nvm it's just your icon that confused me really hard

Yeah maybe

I unzipped it and the only executable doesn't work and seeing its name I suppose it's in case the game crashes, the only thing that looks like a launcher is the dll file but that's not an executable ^^'

Why tf didn't you make an executable?

Sadly it's way too overwhelming xD