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Lol! maybe next time....

Hi, I made a submission and would love to exchange feedback. Anybody interested?

I made 2-3  at that time. wanted to keep things simple. I participated in Extra Credit Game Jam and hence had roughly 4 days at max :-)

Rated! You deserve to qualify. I wish you all the best:-)

Amazing art as well as audio. Must've been difficult to complete such an ambitious project

Rated1 One of the finest interpretation I've seen till now  ;-)

Noice! the narration kinda reminds me of There Is No Game.

"Got tricked by a game"_IGN 10/10

Rated! Makes of a good casual game ;-)

Rated. A bit development in audio will take it far :-)

Nice game! I like how the design, aesthetics and music go hand in hand . Good concept. Overall a great time killer :-)

Nice game! I like how the design, aesthetics and music go hand in hand . Good concept. Overall a great time killer :-)

A fine idea. It was a fun game. Though I would've loved some background music :-)

Rated. Congratulations on your first game:-)

Lol! A kawai little game. I like that you decided to make a game with such cute music. I would say that the game recquires more game feel. Killing the enemies did not give me a splendid satisfaction, specially knowing that it was an illusion everytime. But a funny little cute game nonethless. Cheers!

looks cool. I'm definitely trying your game. I Hope you try my game as well πŸ˜„

thanks! Now I'm back from work . let's give it our best😎

Wow! Would love your feedback 😊

Nice game! Just asking little dark for my taste. Would love it if you turn it into horror game where you're haunted by and corrupt game. All the best πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Icbelievethat your game is on the better side of the spectrum. Good music, Good aesthetics and also fine idea. Enjoyed what I played 😊

If your game is low on ratings or doesn't have enough feedback, post them here and I will contribute my best.  

Also if you're kind enough to check my game, I'd be delighted 😊

Lol K

My case is similar. Let's help each other out :)

You, sir/ma'am, are a kind one :-)

I hope you play my game as well. Some feedback would help a lot :-)

Cool! i like the look of your game. Rated it. I hope you enjoy my game as well :-)

Would love to rate your game. I'd appreciate your feedback as well :-)

I'd say it would be good to have a clear aim while making the game and focus on it. All the bestπŸ˜„

Played and rated! I hope you'll play mine as well

rated✌ Would love to know your feedback on my game

I would love to exchange opinions :-)

I like the artstyle, it's Kawai πŸ˜†!! Also like the overall interpretation of the theme. Well doneπŸ‘

Hi! I would love to exchange feedbacks 😊

Would love to exchange feedback :-)

Would love to know what you feel about the game :-)

I made my first RTS prototype. Never thought I could make one but gave it a try in jam. Hopefully I'll be able to add more value to the game later on :-)

It's not submission in need of ratings. You need to click on it. It comes in a list format. You're just watching random submissions

Nice! Would love to exchange games :-)

Very organized :-)

Would love to exchange games :-)

I rated your game. It was cool! Hope yo'll enjoy mine as well :-)