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Super interesting mechanic, I loved the idea of the otherside.

On the other hand I found the clinging mechanic a bit frustrating, I would have preferred to just be able to jump on walls.

The graphics are ok, same goes for the audio.

Interesting entry!

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The idea is good, I had trouble reading the dialogue after you get killed by the pentagon in the first room, it was too fast but I got that I had to press a to kill myself.

I didn't understand how the jump worked, sometimes I could double jump and sometimes not.

The idea for the music was cool but the loop was too short.


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I like the idea but the gameplay was a bit weird, I killed 4 out of 5 soldiers in the first corners then I managed to get to the end just by avoiding the mines.

The graphics are good and the music fits the game well.

Nice game! Rated!

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Really fun game! It kinda have a "Worms" vibe to it which I personally love.

It's cool that the arena gets destroyed during the game.

The sprites are simple but cool.

Nice entry!

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This is really fun. I like the frenetic pace you gave to the game but I think you could have expanded the countdown a little bit, I had to replay 6 times to see most of the cool objects interactions.

The art is simple but solid and the controls are smooth.

I like the music too especially the main menu one.

Great entry!

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I really loved the idea that you have to die to blend in with the skeletons but I didn't really understand how you could go back to being a human after a while, in my opinion it would have been fun to incorporate some magic item in the dungeon that gets you back to the human form and you have to take it at the right time to solve the enviromental puzzles.

That being said, I found the controls and the collisions with the enemies frustrating and because of it I think the game is really too hard, especially if you're someone like me who sucks at platformers.

The sprites are cool and the music too. I like the lore behind the game.

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I agree with Rui Rosario, the idea of committing seppuku to keep honor and vital info fits the theme well and I can see that the story could be well developed but the gameplay is too poor the be engaging, waiting for an update to this.

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Really good game! I played all 9 levels and it was super fun, I want to see level 8 complete because the red slimes sprites looked super cool.

Even if the idea was a bit overused this jam I think your take on it is one of the most interesting because of the various mechanics you developed. I especially like the scared blue slime one.

The sprites are awesome by the way and I like the animation you gave to the enviroment when you change levels.

You just need to find a good soundtrack to this and you're good to go!

Great entry!

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Cool concept, we had a very similar idea in the beginning.

The game fits the theme really well, the gameplay is simple yet effective but I think you have to limit the number of times you can kill yourself otherwise the puzzles are too easy.

The graphics are ok and the controls feels nice.

I would love to hear a creepy music over this.

Nice entry!

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Thanks for the comment, your game was well made and fun!! 

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, we'll play and rate your game ASAP! 

The idea is not bad, you have to die in a certain way to proceed and the more you go on the more you get buffs. I was having a hard time trying to control the chatacter, there's too much inertia, sometimes the jump button doesn't work, sometimes you get stuck.

Also the sprites are a little flat and there's no audio at all.

Good luck for the jam, here's our game if you'd like to check it out

Killing innocent people in a game is always fun but I don't know if it fits the theme entirely.

I found it nice to have killed and injured people as a variable. 

I need a game over though and a challenge, if you can go on forever it's not fun. 

If you wanted to insist on the reverse theme of the self driving car trying to kill people I would have loved to see them escape and resist. OK now I'm being creepy ahah

Good luck for the Jam!

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I like that this game is so colourful even if the theme is dying ahah

A platformer where you have to find out how to die to procedd, the idea is not bad but I think you could have extended the concept a bit in terms of mechanics.

The music was good, maybe just a little too short for a loop. The sound fx were ok.


Good luck for the Jam!

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First of all, narrating a game is a double-edged sword, it can be great or it can be terrible. I think your voice-over was a bit cringy at times, I mean some of the humor was good but I really think that if you have to do a voice-over you have to be a good actor, otherwise it is just distracting, but that's my idea. Also the audio quality was really bad, I think you really need to buy that expensive microphone you were talking about and make it work.

The levels were fun and you managed to use 3 mechanics in the same game. I couldn't get to the end because I was stuck in the area with the big block and I didn't know what to do next.

The graphics are basic but they do the job.

Good luck for the jam!

Thank you, it really means a lot to us!

Thanks a lot, you're too kind! We are going to play yours as well as soon as we can :)

Thank you!

Thanks a lot to both of you :)

Innanzitutto grazie del commento, come ho scritto ad un altro developer c'è un momento per ogni cosa, essendo un puzzle game non si può usare tutto fin dall'inizio, se avrai pazienza di risolvere tutti gli indovinelli troverai il punto dove ti servirà essere altamente violento :) 

I had to watch the playthrough twice because at some points I totally didn't know where to go. The enviroment is gorgeus and the models too but it's kinda hard to see a path, also the walking speed is so painfully slow that sometimes you think you can't go towards specific directions.

I didn't like the games where you are given wrong instruction on purpose during the whole jam. In this game in particular I find it unjustified. It is not an arcade or a game controlled by an AI so why is the game giving me wrong instructions? I mean I can understand the maze with false obstacles but I don't get why is the game speaking.

In the end you know that another female archeologist was trapped in the maze by an alien civilization, and it is the game itself that tells this to you so why was it lying before?

The story is very unclear for this reason. If I had one of these aliens tellin me where to go and what to do I could understand it but like this it is quite a mess.

I think that if it wasn't for the theme of the jam this could have been a game with an interesting story but it came out all twisted because of the lie theme.

As I said the walking speed is extremely slow even if you run. The other controls work good.

I liked the music in the temple, the one on the planet and in the ending is a bit annoying because of the lead synth sound, also I think that the melody could have been expanded a little.

In my opinion this was a pretty immersive adventure but I feel that the theme of the jam was forced into the story, especially in the dialogue parts with the game. The graphics are awesome though.

Good luck for the jam!

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This is a really well made rpg, congrats! Unfortunately in the town where you find xemel, I came back in town from the zone with the fire monters to rest and then I couldn't go on anymore and I was stuck at the end of the road. It's a shame because the game is really good. I don't particularly like how you used the lie theme here, it's annoying when the controls don't do what you think, especially in an rpg and then after the first time you use an ability you know what it does so it is not a lie anymore. But this theme was not easy, especially if you want to make a game like yours.

For a game jam though is an impressive job. The graphics needs to be improved, even if you want to go with 2D pixel art style.

The music was nice and fitting, it is hard to recreate the feeling of the original JRPG's soundtracks.

There's an issue when you switch between characters in fight the arrow remains on the last item in the menu and doesn't resets on the first one.

Overall it is a relly good game!

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Nice game. The story is cool and well made. I'm really bad in this games so I killed an innocent, I thought I was right after hearing all the suspects but I must have missed something.

Tha graphics are cool, the sound fx are good too.

Nice entry!

It would be great if you'd check out our game too

Going to play and rate yours ASAP, here's our game

This is an interesting idea. I was wondering what was the lie through the whole game and I knew I had to do something else to really win. Maybe it was a little bit too subtle to understand, I don't know.

The story is cool and I like that you literaly turned the metaphorical obstacles of life into obstacles of the game, really cool design there! 

The art is childish but in a good way, I liked the character design and the hand writing panels, I didn't like the flashing dialogue though, it made it harder to read and didn't fit the style of your game in my opinion.

The sound fx are ok, I liked the punchy sound when you take damage.

This is a fresh and inventive take on the theme, good job!

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The spotlight mechanic is interesting and fit the theme but I've seen it in too many games to think it is original anymore. The controls are weird at first but If you keep W pressed and just use A and D to steer they do the job. The graphics are ok, they are kind of retro and I like that, the music also has a retro felling so I like it but it is a bit dissonant at times.

Good luck for the jam!

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This game has a some interesting mechanics. I like the idea of having a platformer level combining two different rooms that you can switch. It is also interesting that you can't jump but you can walk on walls.

I didn't particularly liked the torch thing. I would have been an equally interesting game without it in my opinion.

The graphics are ok, the background sound fx fits but I would have added some elements to make it less static.

Nice and interesting entry, rated!

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The idea for the final twist is nice. The game itself is a bit short to be entertaining. I died twice in the final section because I didn't understand that those were crushers. It is hard to tell because they have that red background both when they are open or closed.

The music is nice, the graphics are a bit basic.


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I want to say this first, I'm not a fan of rage games. That being said, I think the level design was pretty good but the Medium level was way easier then the Easy level. In my opinion the jump animation was really slow and made the game feel weird. The graphics are ok, the music is not bad but too low in volume, the voice in the levels was the most annoying thing I've heard in my life but again I don't like games that deliberately make you angry.


playing it now, here's our game

That's one of the biggest questions on earth, who are we, where are we from but most importantly what's after the start screen of tales of the cursed word? ahah

Ahah not at all, thanks again! 

Thanks for the comment mate! For the violence level, as a wise man like Prof. Oak said "there's a time and a place for everything". Sorry for the bad pun. I think you're not the only one who didn't get past the start screen ;) If you didn't get every mechanic in the game is fine, I understand puzzle games require patience, I'm glad that you gave it a try in the first place!

Except the "find X" level I found the riddles kinda boring and uninteresting. I mean, the am I a liar and the will you rate this game are not even riddles at all. I think that making the last level impossible to beat is not enough to justify the theme of the jam. The UI is pretty barren for a game made almost of questions. I'm sorry, as Freaky said I don't wanna be too much critical but it seems that this game doesn't have an idea behind it.

Thanks, I'll surely rate yours!

The graphics of this one are cool, you even got a cinematic intro. I like the low poly models. It is impressive for 7 days development time.

The movement feels really strange having this cool 3D enviroment and moving just forwards and backwards. I got stuck several times and overall the game has several glitches.

I'm confused with the theme here, is the fox a liar and tells a fantastic story when in reality he just took a walk into the forest? Or is the game incomplete because you had no time and he really had an adventure?

The music is nice and fits but the loop is not seamless. I found the voice acting overly cheesy and cartoonish and sometimes is barely audible because of the music volume.

It would be great if you'd check out our game

I like the visuals  of the game a lot and the parallel between negative emotions and your levels.

I think that for me this game is too hard. I quit at the anxiety level because even if I knew what to do for most part of the level I still died like 60 times half of them in the spikes part. I'm really not a fan of pixel perfect jumps and even less a fan of rage games.

The controls are good and the game is well made but I didn't have fun at all after short time, I was just angry.

I get the lie theme here because this is no key to happiness at all.

Good luck for the jam. 

If you got time here's our game