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The Expensive Tale of Mr. Henry CrabsView game page

Experience the tale of a man down on his luck in the form of a puzzle platformer
Submitted by tsuyoung — 23 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#2333.2283.228

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Definitely a great game, with simple art and sounds. 

For me, after collecting the money I wasn't sure where to go next. I would waste money moving around until I found the exit. Maybe a sign posted in the game would help.


The ending was a nice take on the theme. Though, the last level was pretty difficult. Perhaps you can add some music and polish the art of the environment. In the last level I managed to get multiple mr. Crabs in one level (bug). I think it happened because I hit two obstacles at the same time.


Hi! :D Wow, super impressive game! Once I got to the end I just had to start it up again to checkout the lie :P! I think the concept for your game is so creative and fresh! I had a lot of fun playing :)! My only suggestion would be to add background music to the levels but I completely understand with the time constraint of the game jam and also with only two people - this was a massive project and it truly came out beautifully! :D Nice job!

Amazing concept and very innovative art. Thoroughly enjoyed playing it.  Kuddos on your very first game! :D :D

This is an interesting idea. I was wondering what was the lie through the whole game and I knew I had to do something else to really win. Maybe it was a little bit too subtle to understand, I don't know.

The story is cool and I like that you literaly turned the metaphorical obstacles of life into obstacles of the game, really cool design there! 

The art is childish but in a good way, I liked the character design and the hand writing panels, I didn't like the flashing dialogue though, it made it harder to read and didn't fit the style of your game in my opinion.

The sound fx are ok, I liked the punchy sound when you take damage.

This is a fresh and inventive take on the theme, good job!

It would be great if you'd check out our game too


Cool Game! The concept of the game is very interesting and the art is especially good and looks like a cartoon. The only thing that could be better is the character movement feel and maybe you can add music to make it interesting.  But nice game though.


Very innovative concept. The graphics are good, but I think that the sound is very important too and i missed the music. When you have time, please consider playing mine as well.

Has that cute DIY charm, love it


Nice, I like the mechanic, I like the message.  Feels very homemade.

You could work more on audio. Moreover, if resolution is not wide enough, then you are not able to use the exit door.


Such a nice little game. I had more fun then I had expected.  I like the idea of input costs.  Now I get the name of the game.  :D 


Played and rated! I really liked your game!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Thank you so much for playing the game! Will surely be playing your game now!


This is by far the most honest game in the jam!  By that I mean it is a very accurate reflection of real life problems.  Everything we do has a cost lol!  Anyway, I really like the concept.  I eventually realized that it would cost me more money to try and get the bag of money than it was worth.  Awesome ideas here!  Hope you'll check us out too!


Hahaha! You really did get us XD and thank you so much for your compliments! Really glad you liked the game and enjoyed it! 

We're glad you noticed the bag expense! It is one of the lies the game makes you believe in :P

Anyway, thank you so much for playing the game and we'll be heading over to your game now! Cheers! :)


my review:

the game much fun and an innovative idea!

I didnt playtrough cause I was too bad. so i didnt understand the theme.

the graphics were ok but the audio is amazing.

things to improve:

marc the exit better. And when you press "w" the player will move left in the web version.

keep up the great work!

would be pleased if you check my game out too!


Thank you so much for playing the game! We couldn't really focus more on graphics as it was our first jam and we didn't realise the intensity of the time crunch :P

Yes I do agree that we should've marked the exits betterr.. we'll surely improve it post jam.. Also, the reason why the player was behaving in the way it was is explained at the end of the game 🤫

Anyway, Thank you for playing our game and we're so glad that you liked it! :)


Innovative idea for the money costing movement but I gave up very quickly: The exits weren't marked anywhere and I got stuck on the level with the yellow pillars. Replay button doesn't work. Had to play the web version because my 5:4 screen didn't allow me to travel until the exit at the tutorial level. Additionally, even though the mechanic is innovative, in the levels I played you don't exploit it at all. It costs a bunch of money to get to the bags so Im not sure there's much point getting to them. In general, finishing a level can be done without thinking about your money which defeats the whole point. Renders it all to just a fun coin animation when you change direction. I dont see the art really fitting together: you should have opted for that black and white style for everything thing: not just Mr.Crabs. Finally, Id say some music could do.
It's a really cool idea but lacks the right execution. Maybe try and expand on this after the jam? Make it playable and full and maybe ill play it again if you message me!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Liked the idea if limiting movements! Art could be improved and some music will help improve the game a lot!

Don't know if I missed something, but at first I had to try every key on keyboard until I know I use ENTER to play. If you did put the instructions anywhere please do tell me because I really didn't see it.


We have actually mentioned it in the description. There are a couple of dev notes that we have provided. We suggest you to read them first before playing the game. It has been mentioned there that the Enter button has to be pressed to proceed to the next screen :P

As it was our first game jam, we didn't realise how the time crunch would be and art isn't really our strong suit :P so we tried our best and we didn't really have any musician on the team so that led to the lack of music in the game. 

Anyway, thank you so much for playing our game! Glad you liked it :)


Seems like I've missed it, I see it now. :D


The game lag on loading screen. I will try play later on different pc later.


You actually need to press enter on every screen that has text on it to proceed. It has been mentioned in the description :P Please try the game out using those controls on any PC.. we also have a web version that you can play, the link is in the description too.. Hope you enjoy the game :)


I like the papa art(or how you call it) anyways, I was surprised there is so much content and fun to play. Well Done


Thank you so much! :))


The idea is not bad! The idea that to limit the movement using limited resources is quite challenging to complete the game! Very unique and it is fun!


Thank you so much and we are so glad that you enjoyed the game! :))


I liked the idea, but I wish you have used the effectors on platforms, because jumoing from an inch left or right made me lose money and that frustrated me. I suggest if you are making such game where every move costs, then the controls should be snappy and accurate otherwise it may frustrate the player. Im a bit confuse about how it fits the theme. Loved your game had fun playing it.


As it was our first game jam, we didn't really realise how bad the time crunch would be.. which gave us very less time to polish the game.. but we tried our best to do so :P We'll surely consider these points for our second game! Thank you so much for your feedback! Really appreciate it.  Glad you enjoyed the game! :)


I can't believe this is your first game! Great job, had a lot of fun playing it! : D


Thank you so much for the compliment! Really means a lot and boosts our confidence! Glad you enjoyed it! :))

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Hi tsuyoung! thats an incredible first game and a good way to start off! Then again, you will only get better! Rated! <3


Thank you so much!! Glad you liked it! And we hope to get better with every game :)

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