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The packing motive gives a hidden object game a new meaning imo XD It's pretty fun to look around someone's room to find where they put their stuff.

Pretty neat concept, I totally didn't expect the eggs can bounce off the sombrero and you have to keep them from falling. The UI style looks really good too. It runs really laggy for me however, but from what I can see the game looks fun :D

Really cute graphics and the soundtrack is pretty cool as well. I also like that there's a upgrade shop and leaderboard XD

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Hope you enjoyed it xD

have you tried using 7zip or other similar tools? :)

hi, sorry for the late reply, may i know which platform you are trying to play on? You can try refer to the installation instruction below the description if u haven't already. :D

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Uploaded the Mac ver! :D

Sure! I will post it in a few days :D

Played and Rated!

Played and Rated!

I like the puzzle design and the idea itself, it is very interesting where you need to switch between alternate rooms in order to solve the puzzle in that room. The idea of the character has the ability to attach the walls for climbing and jumping purposes is actually quite refreshing! 

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The gameplay is very fun and interesting at the same time! It gives out a very creepy feeling. Keep it up!

Played and rated! Go check it out!

I really liked the jumping mechanics that you've implemented in the game, it just makes the game more unique and fun, the graphics and music are pretty good! 

Thanks! Really appreciate your feedback! :3

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a detailed comment! It means a lot :D

Yes you can win with team cake :D 

Hi there, thanks for playing the game! There are different endings and certain events require you to defeat a specific number of enemies :D

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed :D

Rated it, nice graphical design :D

Played and rated! :D

I enjoyed the little puzzles you made for each level, really makes me think outside the box. :D The big timer did kinda ruin the fun by having to start over again, but not much time is wasted for getting back on progress after I know how to solve the previous levels. The voice acting is pretty awesome too! XD

The graphics and the audio is outstanding! It's hard to believe that you made this in 1 week. However, I'm not sure if it's my computer problem but the game is kinda laggy for me and i believe the lag causes the control to be a bit late and I didn't get to enjoy the game that well :(. But overall it is a decent game! Keep it up! 

Played and rated it :D

Cool concept! XD The art work is pretty good as well :D One minor problem is that the menu button text color, being dark on dark background, it's kinda hard to read. Great job anyways!

Played and rated! Really cool platformer!

One of the better platformers Ive played in this jam :D The controls are very responsive and the player feels satisfying to move around. The levels are challenging but not frustrating, and the mechanics you introduced are really awesome!

Hi there, thanks for your feedback! Im glad that you enjoyed it :D Regarding the hold to attack feature, I didnt implement it because there are ammo with limited shots from the shop, so I would prefer if players can control their fire rate. Hope you understand! XD

Already rated it :D

Played and rated! Nice mystery game!

I really like the design of this game! It feels kinda weird that you interact with objects in the room by hovering over them and the time limit kinda ruin the fun. The artwork is amazing btw, especially the map. Awesome entry!

Rated it! Quite fun XD

Wow this idea is great! The criminal talking voice is hilarious, and the game feels intense! Love the clean artwork and the sound effects too! Randomizing the answer and preventing the player from clicking on the wire when closing the tutorial would be great. Great design nonetheless!

The drawing style is really cool and the animations look great! Im not good at platformers, along with the jump bug, I cant proceed much into the game :(  However, your placement of the platforms isn't too hard and does not always require precise jumping, so I like this part of the level. The music suits the atmosphere too! Nice work!

Thanks for the review! :D

Im sure that nothing went wrong, after all, earth is WIDE, am I right? XD

Rated yours! I like it a lot!

Nice and responsive controls, good puzzles and great visual and audio feedback! The art style is very cute and I like the mechanics. Great work on this game!

Rated it! Died a lot too!