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Thanks for playing our game, please wait up for the next game update!

The music creds goes to @Langurlucid, he is really good. As for the game, please stick around for the next update and as always thanks for playing !

Thanks for playing our game and giving us your valuable critique, really sorry  about your experience with the game though. we are fixing some of the glaring flaws the game's got which we couldn't fix because of time management issues. Please stick around for the next update!! and while writing is something we cannot fix as of now, we'll be sure to keep that mind for our next project!

Thanks for checking out our game! we had to cut back on lots of feature we had initially planned because of time management, but we fixing the game as we speak and adding some of the most needed QoL changes among other things, please stick around for our next update and let us know what you think

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well you to have read stuff around to figure that out, its all there. As for design choices, yeah the game is not even complete to be fair with you, we couldn't implement a lot of things we had on the drawing board, even the notepad was a last minute addition to relay information into players. That said we are obviously working a /better and close to the original/ idea version of the game!and thanks for checking us out!!

Thanks for checking us out dude! the game has like 10% of the vision I had intially, so we are obviously making it as close as our original intentions, that said you can follow us on twitter or bookmark us for future updates. 

And if you are planning to expand upon your game, let us know we will glad to help you here and there <3!

 here you go!

followed you buddy, you desperately need more followers lmao, try to be more frequent on twitter I think that will do the trick(wish I could apply that advice to my life T-T)

good luck <3

interesting, are you going solo or you have a team working alongside?

the name alone makes it so interesting, good luck <3

there is a cryptid game jam about to start, we were planning to put our cgj game's full version there but obviously thats against the rules and there was a J-horror gamejam too, idk if it has already begun though.

thats 2020 dam! so what kind of mobile game are you making? any hints? also good luck on that too <3

man your game is great for a solo venture,  hope you pick it up and work on it!!

thanks man, if you liked it you can bookmark us for future expansion that we are working on <3

visuals are solid , so is the character design!

well shit your game deserves more ratings than ours, good job!! If you dont expand on this you are commiting a crime against yourself!!!

so what will ya'll be doing once the gamejam is over, it was a great experience for me and my team since it was our first jam but we will focus more on our game and give a full version that it deserves.

But what about you? are you planning to go separate ways? any other gamejam you are planning to join? what games are you planning next?

lets have a fun closing celebration this thread <3, it was fun participating with you guys!!

rated!, please give our game a bump too:
and the other games in this thread <3

rated buddy, the controls are very good overall a fun entry but the visuals could've been better but its okay!
if you can check out the other games in this thread!

the controls are the best bit of this entry, great job. The aesthetics needs some tweaking, hoping to see more from you.

rated! music is kinda icky but its a fun game anyway, 

Please rate our game too if you havent already:
and leave us a feedback!

rated, the level design is great!

please check out our game too:

the graphics are very cute I like it, I absolutely love the way you handled each level. Good luck!

rated! please rate the other games in this thread check out our game too:

your game is interesting, the music is fine too! but I wish it had the ability to look over a longer distance to figure out where the guards are coming from!

its okay man, its my first gamejam too, misdirections happens all the time. That said goodjob on the game, 
we sort of went for the same aesthetics, so I'd love it if you check out my game too:
give us a rating and some feedback :) and good luck!!

I dig the aesthetics especially since our game goes for something similar too! but congrats on your first gamejam submission anyway <3 hope you work on this and make something bigger out of it

rated! and good luck <3

please rate our game and other games in this thread:

I like the DIY aesthetics to it, needs some design alternations otherwise great job!

Thanks for feedback man. As for the visual look, well my intention was not to go the cliched 90s hacker/deep web/spooky red room stuff, the color palatte and everything that went with it was directed towards a more soothing vibe, so that the game can ease you in and then sweep the rug under you. Obviously we spent a lot of time on the graphics, so much so that we couldn't deliver our own intended vision, we are already at work on a /complete/ version of the game. If you are interested then you can always stick around ^^.

rated! please check out the other games in this thread our game too:

done, after check it out the comment section I am totally dumfounded that you did all this in 2 days. Great job!
please check out our game too: 
I'd love to hear your thoughts on it <3

some interesting concepts here there, for a game made in 2 days you did a astounding job, congrats!!!

rated! and good luck( please check out other games in the thread too :) )

rated! please check out our game and give us a feedback, we'd love it <3

I dig the thematic implications, the visuals easily could've better but a full-fledged game material right here!

I wish you innovate a bit further but other than that good job!