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The Jail BirdView game page

Jam theme: The game is a liar.
Submitted by DragzalFR, Aclips, Mdkmdk151, Sky Master, TallDwarf, Hell Bringer 419 — 2 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#3083.0773.077

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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your game is interesting, the music is fine too! but I wish it had the ability to look over a longer distance to figure out where the guards are coming from!


I can't find the last key! >.<

I think I've picked one before and didn't count, is it possible? 

Apart of that, i love the intro graphics!


Thank you for playing our game and even more thank you for the comment.

It more than possible, it should happen.
When the pick-up "miss" you should be able to see the new position of the key in your screen.

Their is no random, so when you try again, you can use what you learned on your previous try. If you play enough you start to remember the map, at some point the challenge become to speed run the level.


I'm not sure why the main menu and graphics of the introduction look so much better than the actual game part, but maybe you can improve upon that. As I was playing the game, the main thing I wanted to know was, how I could interact with the doors and keys. So perhaps you can mention that somewhere on the itch page.

It would also be nice if the character can be controlled with wasd and if you have a 1 sec delay before resetting the character back to his cell. I also didn't see how you incorportated the theme into your game, but perhaps that's revealed when you get all of the keys.


First, thank you to try our game, and even more thank you for your feedback. Detailled comment by the community is really precious for us to improve.

  • Busy artist and bad planning don't let us the time to have the level of graphism quality we wanted. So we can definitly improve that.
  • The key, you just have to walk on them, and the same for the door when you have enough key. Number of key needed are given during the instruction, and the key color is also here to help. I agree we should be better to convey it.
  • For control, I also agree. I think we could even make a pad controller and why not mouse.
  • You have actually a 0.5s delay before the caracter reset to is cell, then 0.2s more after the reset before the game keep going. I don't know if 1s would be better. But more test and adjustement on that could be done.
  • For the theme, yes, you don't have it from the start. It may be a problem for a jam to make a difficult level and make you need to progress to see the theme. None of us have experience on Jam, no experience in game making in general.

I like the mechanics of your game, it was fun to play. Maybe the guard spot you a bit too easely tho


It's really fun to play, I love the mechanics.


I tried to help those poor cellmates :X Anyway great entry! :)


Of course, I saw "BIRD" in the title and it instantly caught my eye (can't help it, sorry)

So my first run didn't end up well: kept getting spawn killed in my jail cell because I first got caught right beside it's entrance.

Then I had a more serious run, but the guards are a bit too hard to dodge. Once they are on you, they ARE on you and they won't let you go until you get caught. Didn't reach the end yet, so as of now, I didn't see where the jam theme came into action

Apart from that, I liked it!

If you've got some spare time, come check out my game too and rate it! This would mean a lot to me!


Thank you for taking time to try our game and even more thank you for your feedback.
I will go try and rate your when I have the time for.

Guard are here to be avoided. You will need to be patient, take your time to analyse their path.
The game is planned to be challenging and create some good frustration. If the guard are easy to escape, we loose this.
Don't overreact one the death, it's only a game, you can die a lot of times, you only need one success to make it worth.


Thank you for the feedback, it's really appreciated. 

I'll admit when designing the level, my choice of guard placement and routes may have been a little dickish. I've found that running around corners can throw them off, also moving diagonally gives you a little edge. 

Playing your game now and so far I'm liking it :D 


Very cool concept.  A bit challenging, but worth playing till the end.


The game is fun to play! I love the music by the way