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Thank you!

Yep... I would love to add more details and enviornment, characters and that kind of things to this jam games but lately I had no time to work on it (to be honest, I thought that I couldn't do it for this one) because of a new job and all that kind of things, and I'm doing them in like one morning... So they're more like a prototype or a minigame than a real full-game itself.

Thanks for this review and be sure I'll try to work harder on the next ones!

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Wow, thank you so much!

Sharing the video right now!

Thank you!


Wow actually I've been so focused on the Community Game Jam that I completely forgot to rate...

Well, at least there was no price and, if it means something, yours could be the first easy. *and more if we think it was js...*

Anyway, thank you!

Cute pixel art!

I like the idea over this classic game!

Cool idea! 

I've been playing several runs.

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Thank you! The compensation wasn't added on the first version but it made too complicated.

For the music I've made the loop on Audacity using parts of free Royalty-Free music.

The voicelines are so funny xD

The game is cool and I saw your problems with the deadline, but if you keep working on the 2d art and maybe more levels it could be even better!


I guess I'll never find the end of the world *cough*

Nice job!

Sadly I don't have a second player to play with, but tryed it alone.

I liked the idea and the controls. Graphics are cool too!

I think that with a second player, it's a nice game!

Gosh is it possible to defeat the 3 boss in normal mode? I can't! >.< I don't wanna know how it is in Hard mode...

Managed to kill Hermes on the first run and Loki in my 3 try on normal mode.

I like it!

The game is cool!

Sometimes I had  some fps drops and was a bit laggy, but that's probably cause I have a potato pc. Probably it would run better in a toaster xD

Amazing game!

The job you did with the music is incredible aswell.

Amazing artwork. 

Did several runs and what I most miss is some kind of checkpoint. On the first double-path where you can see the frog it's not a problem because it's a short way and repeat it is simple, but as you go on it's a bit tedious. For the rest, incredible!

Wow this one was hard!

At the start I didn't know what to do, maybe the first sqares take too long to spawn. Then I got it.

It looks cool and if you keep working on it as you said after the jam, it could be a cool game.

Some music would be cool and maybe sounds when you kill or attack. I've only heard the sounds of the gun.

Another cool thing would be some kind of tooltip for example on the gun. I've been walking around it and didn't find that I can use it till I tryed to use the hammer there.

So keep going, it can be a good project!