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A jam submission

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Can you locate Earth's end?
Submitted by kerbeks — 4 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#2463.1923.192

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Good music and graphics! Wish there was a little bit of an intro before it just tosses you in, but I enjoyed the game as it was. If it's infinite, then it's a pretty good use of the theme as another guy stated.


I really liked this game, especially the music and the day-night cicle. My record was 71.000 km :) 

Some suggestions:

- A tutorial at the beginning would be great. I only realized after three games that I can shoot :D 

- I have a 21:9 screen, so I can see more than on a 16:9 one, so I see when you put down the tiles.


Loved playing your game. Day night cycle was awesome, I died quite a few times just because I was busy looking at day night cycle and the beautiful art. If the game was endless and you cannot find the edge of the world, then it was a good interpretation of the theme. Enjoyed the music a few sound FX would have made it even more awesome (coming from the guy who didn't use any music or sound in his own game.). Overall a great entry in the jam. 


I really like the art style!


Cute game! I really enjoyed it! I like the graphics, but there is room for more sound effects. When you have time, please consider playing mine as well.


really liked the music and graphics! such a cute little game


Could've used a music slider to change the volume and maybe more sounds, but overall a nice game


Love water games!



I guess I'll never find the end of the world *cough*

Nice job!

Developer (1 edit)

I’m sure that you could *cough cough*

Thanks for playing, I hope you liked it.


My highest score was over 62000 kilometers, guess it will take some time to find the edge i guess.... but anyway I enjoyed your game! :D BTW the music is very nice! 


Wow, really good score, I myself never passed the 100.000km, and couldn’t find the end, I wonder what went wrong🤨

I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing.


Im sure that nothing went wrong, after all, earth is WIDE, am I right? XD


Rated - I like the pixel art style, and there is even day to night cycle very awesome!  Work on it some more after the jam,  it's a cool idea!  Great job!  Please check out my game if you can~ good day!


Thanks for the complements and for playing the game, I don't think I'm gonna keep working on it as I have a few other projects going on.  The day cycle was a little thing we really thought added to the game, in both variety and the overall feel of an endless quest, I'm happy you enjoyed it.


my review:

I liked the game! I had much fun to play it thougt i could reach the end because i was too bad :D

I dont know what this game is about the theme, but anyway

I love pixelart thats why its 5/5 for graphics :D

the music is very nice and fits to the action

At first I thought that you just had 3 shoots and you need to dodge the rest untill I checkt that these woden planks gave you more bullets, I think you should have said that at the beginning or something.

keep up the great work:D

ps: my english isnt the best 

pss: take a look at my game, but just if you want to :


Thanks for playing, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Answering what this have to do with the theme: I don’t think skill was the determinant factor in you not finding the edge 😉

Thanks for the compliment on the pixel art, it’s something I’ve done for a while, but this was the first time I really loved the outcome of my art, so I’m REALLY happy you liked it!😬

About the cannonballs, it was something we added late into the project so there were a few flaws with it, I’m sorry about it, but hope you enjoyed it anyway 😅

Ps: my English is also not the best hehehe


sure hope you will check my game out too :D


Sorry can't play because on OSX but looks interesting though. 


played and rated, nice game


Thanks man, it means a lot!!!


I reached over 54000 kilometers! Fun game, at first I didn't know I could shoot because I was using the keyboard only hehehe, then it became easier. Nice one, had fun!


I’m glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing our game!

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