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Thanks for trying out my submission, Miniguy! I know it's kind of an odd take on the theme so I'm glad you cold appreciate the concept. My 7yo is indeed already better at it than I am. 🤣  Cheers! 

A fun take on the theme and nice graphics to too! Thanks for your submission :) 

I walked around as a hat but I didn't really understand what to do? The graphics were nice though. Thanks for your submission :)

I WON! Thanks for your submission :)

I reached the end but I have no idea what the games about or what I was meant to do? I threw some berries though so that's neat.

I'm a bit confused about this submission and how it fits the theme but I got to level 19 so that's something.

Honestly, a very intriguing take on the theme and great presentation for a jam game. A jam game based on Socratic debate is very ambitious and I give you props. Unfortunately, the game ran very poorly on my browser (chrome) event in full screen mode. I believe the games resolution might be a higher than it needs to be for a browser game? Otherwise one of my favorite submissions.

Super trippy game but I loved it. Wonderful art and very unique gameplay. Thanks for sharing your submission!

Super interesting take on the theme and great UI design. Thanks for sharing your game!

Props for making a jam game with multiple endings. Nice submission! 

Nice graphics and a clean design taught me I'm bad at math. :P 

An interesting, albeit difficult puzzle game. I really enjoyed the low rez graphics. Great submission!

Thanks for taking the time to check the game out, Dovii! Glad you enjoyed the gameplay and appreciated its premise. Cheers!

Thanks, Tomatohorse! It was indeed a lot of work. I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement. Cheers!

I was excited to play this just because the thumbnails looked so interesting. It reminds me of that iOS kingdoms game a bit. I really do like the concept but without any satisfying feedback it was hard to stay engaged. Some feedback and reaction to the players choices would go a long ways to making the game feel more like a game. Love the art. Thanks for sharing!

You can tell lots of work went into this submission. Aiming was little off for me but not unbearable or anything.  Great execution and creative take on the theme. 

I liked the presentation and hope to see more next year :)

Cheers! Appreciate you taking the time to check it out. 

Thanks for the kind feedback and so glad you enjoyed the submission. Cheers!

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the submission. Cheers!

All 5's from me. While some juice would go a long way to making it feel better to play the potential here is huge. Great use of theme in the mechanic, nice looking art assets and not bad audio either. Nice job on this one! 

What a fantastic use of the theme with such charming aesthetics. My only critique would be it feels a tad slow paced when the word is drawn back for you but otherwise a great submission. Cheers!

A very fun submission that I didn't have very high expectations from initially. The whole "its just a rock" thing really subverted my expectations and that was a nice surprise. A simple jam game but very clever and actually doesn't feel bad to play. Well done!

It was SO nice to play something that had some polish to it. I loved the art direction and cute stylization. The fact that the game is guaranteed to only last 5 minutes was nice as sometimes jam games drag on for far too long. I loved it but honestly tho, it wasn't until around half way through I realized the connection between ants. This aspect lacked in communication to the player how they were "Connected Together".  Just my meager 2 cents anyways. Thanks for your teams great submission and be proud to have such a polished project. Cheers!

"have you tried getting good. You learn that stuff from playing the game and practice." - xa44

Those are great compliments, thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to play the game and leaving feedback for it. Cheers!

Hey thanks for the compliments! Since its a vertical slice of the game it doesn't really have a smooth learning curve as your just kind of dropped in. Something I would fix on expansion of the game for sure. Thanks for checking out the game and leaving a comment. Cheers!

Fair enough. During the development you play the game so much it gets hard to judge difficulty on your own. I hope you still got some enjoyment from the graphics and fluid movement. Thanks for playing. Cheers!

Feeling like a badass is exactly what I was going for so I'm stoked you felt that way. I actually had a time delay like you mentioned but it made things feel worse so I made the delay like 0.5 secs and now it's barely noticeable. For a jam game I figured it best to err on the side of less challenging? Anyways, thanks for the great feedback and taking the time to play the game. Cheers!

Thank you for playing!

Glad you liked the game overall. Ya, I only had time to put in a few tutorial popups crammed in the last few minutes of the jam. With a project as ambitious as this its hard to find the time for a proper tutorial. Thanks for your feedback and taking the time to checkout my submission. Really appreciated :)

Hilarious and fun game that made me actually laugh out loud. Shallow gameplay of course but the fact you can purposely toss your cat makes it a 5 star game from me.

As someone who always choses a pet class, this game makes me happy. Love the art style and presentation. A little loose on the theme connection but otherwise  great job!

The screenshots look great so I really hope to see this continued being developed :) 

Thanks for testing out the game! I also find the dashing to be fun. Cheers!

Finicky to get packed together but otherwise a fantastic game with a beautiful presentation. Great job!

I just got a pink screen and only the UI would load. Looks fun though.

Great job on the gameplay and aesthetics of this submission. A little more juice would've gone a long ways here. Everything just felt so static and that's a shame cause the graphics are excellent. Cheers! 

Lots of work went into the graphics and presentation. Mechanically a little underwhelming but otherwise a great job by the entire team!

Very cute little game and I like the mechanical ideas that fit with the theme. The controls were rage inducing though. They felt just exact enough that I couldn't blame the game for being unfair but just loose enough to be super hard to use. Otherwise a great submission. Cheers!