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Thanks as always Jupiter for your amazing support of indie games.

Thanks for taking the time to play it Le6barbare. And actually the weeds appearing when you go to plant was a bug but became a "feature" when I ran out of time lol. Appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for taking the time to play it Jack. That's by far the most prevalent feedback I've got and I completely agree. You don't generally want to spend more then five minutes reviewing a game jam game and I should've streamlined everything more during design. The controls were meant for a controller when I started and that was a big mistake as it led to them feeling odd. Next time I'll focus down more. Appreciate such great feedback!

Very awesome and a great point. To be fair I would've used my army of chickens to take over the world so I'm going to pretend my ending was different.

Looks great man! What a fun concept. Look forward to seeing the update in the future.

A very simple concept with excellent execution. Game had great "juice". I'll also echo that a mobile version would do well imo.

Thank you as always Jupiter! Really stoked that you seemed to like it.

Appreciate that Max. It is indeed slow but that was part of the concept. Was kind of a personal challenge to see if I could hold someone's attention long enough to play through. Thanks for the positive comment.

Thanks for playing the game and your detailed feedback Kahz. You're not the only person to give me feedback about the difficult controls. I'm currently working on a "Post Jam" update to address that and much of the other feedback received. Really appreciate you thinking it has "real" game potential. Makes me want to keep working on it :) Cheers!

Very creative way of re purposing a health mechanic. Nice job.

Beat the game and enjoyed it bunches. The mechanics are kinda like Portal and Contra boned. The portal ability feels satisfying because you can damage enemies but it's risky as it might put you into a dangerous spot. Wasn't till after I beat the game I realized I was killing the animals so now the voiceover/blood animation makes sense. Very fun.

Thanks for giving it a go man. Appreciate the feedback and if I work on it further that'll be one of the first things I address. Cheers!

Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to try it out.

Ya it can be a bit finicky. Something I hope to work out. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

Thanks for looking at my game. I'll look into balancing that "easier" aspect. Cheers!

Thanks for taking the time to play Rickety Rocket Fraser. I left feedback for your game in Discord and also left rating.