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Thank you :) 

I had that idea about 2 hours before deadline :D 

Thank you :) 

nice concept, I liked it :) 

I liked it, especially the voices :) 

Some suggestions:

- on the first level it's a bit boring that everytime I die I have to wait for the "tutorial" voices

- on the second level the platforms are so close to each other, that I can simple walk through them

Thank you :) 

Thank you for your feedback :) 

I wanted it to be challenging, that's why I didn't put any checkpoints. Maybe in the last level it would help a bit

The time was too short, I didn't have time to put some subtitles :/ 

I've already played yours, and I really liked it :) 

Thank you for your feedback :) 

I thought of checkpoints, but I didn't want it to be too easy, so I left without any chackpoints :) 

Thank you :)

Yes, I wanted it to be hard :) 

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed :) 

Thank you for your feedback :) 

Thank you :) 

Thank you :) 

Thank you for your feedback, I'm glad you liked it :) 

Yes, I figured that out :) 

But can I win after that? I always have been killed in ~1 minute, but I didn't find any changes

Check out mine if you haven't seen it alrady :)

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :) 

Thank you :) 

Firstly you didn't lose keys on diing, but I felt that it was too easy that way.

Thank you :) 

Yes, I wanted to do that as well, just the time was too short

Thanks for the detailed review :) 

I wanted to make some subtitles, but sadly I didn't have any time. 

I didn't notice the particle issue, but now I can see it, thanks for that as well :) 

Thank you :) 

Please check out mine if you can :)

I really like the moving windows idea, but I couldn't figure out what to do :D 

I enjoyed it, great game :) 

Please check out mine if you can, I need only 3 more rates :)

Here is my game, I need only 5 ratings for 20 :)

It was fun :) 

Please check out mine if you can :)

I liked the puzzles :) 

Please check out mine if you can :)

check out mine as well if you can :)

I like the voiceover :) 

Some suggestions:

- the mouse sensitivity was too low, a higher value would be much better

- the jumping was too low, should be increased as well

Really liked the graphics :) 

I like the game narrator :) 

The game was interesting, but a bit easy :) 

Graphics are really nice :) 

Some suggestions:

- the camera following could be a bit smoother

- I really miss the audio, with some sounds / music it could be even better

It was a fun game with increasing difficulty :) 

Check out mine, I have 14 ratings right now

Here is mine :)

I really like the audio :) And those boards was nice :) 

I think the character is a bit hard to control, so it was a bit hard to do the jumps correctly.

I like the graphics, especially the dash animation, but couldn't figure out what to do on the second level. :/ 

It was interesting :) 

my favourite part was the moving button :D