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Rated! Congrats on 20.

5 stars on the atmosphere, wow! I seriously love the way this game is presented. However, though, I found myself getting lost really really easily. Like another reviewer said, there are way too many places to look for a key. I found myself just clicking random spots eventually until something worked. If there was a more clear explanation for things, I think this would be legit great.

Thank you!

Good audio, especially on the ominous voice! I didn't manage to get really far (got stuck on the part with the 'void'), unfortunately, but the character himself was pretty alright to control. The fact that you take a moment to actually start running was a bit jarring, but I got used to it fairly quickly (speaking of which, the animations for him were quite nice).

I think the amount of particles (?) was causing some weird lag- I was getting drops probably into the 20s on the bit with the spikes. I noticed it only seemed to happen when there was a lot of fog onscreen. Additionally, I wasn't entirely sure what the text on the top left (about the health/taking damage) meant, but that might be a fault on my part so I dunno.

Overall, though, I really like the atmosphere of the game! If you polish it a tad (and fix the particles lol) I think it could turn out swell as a full thing.

Very well done! The art and music were superb, and the voice was kinda funny to listen too, too. The only gripes i have were the 5th level being a bit of a chore to trial-and-error through, and the camera feeling a tad constrained.

Thank you so so much! Checking yours out now :)

We're at 19 rates, one more would be really appreciated haha

hey, nice game!
we have 18 ratings. so close!

Heyy, I remember you! Void's still good.

All 3 would be great.

Hello! We're really close- 17 ratings rn.

I got you, dude! Congrats :)

Could you check out ours too? We're at 17.

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WOW, this one was fun! The voice acting was funny (even if i could hardly understand it) and the platforming was really smooth. The platforming was so smooth, in fact, i managed to use the walljump mechanic to skip a few levels. This game is really fun to speedrun!

The only complaints I have are, again, the voice acting being a bit hard to understand, and the jumping sound being a little loud compared to everything else. Well done!

EDIT: Forgot to mention the theme. At first, I really didn't see it. It caught me off-guard at the ending, haha :)

No spoilers, but this game plays a bit of a long con. It definitely fits the theme imo.

Checking out your game right now! Mind checking out ours too? We're at 16 right now:

Overall a pretty solid game. The controls were tight, the music was alright, and the graphics were a-okay.

The only thing that really bothered me was the
sudden jump into the game (the intro could be a liiiitle longer), but the game itself is nice! Good job.

Thank you! Best of luck to you too :^)

as of writing this i'm at 15:

Very nice music! The game was a bit short , though, and the game felt like you were playing in slowmotion + on walking on ice. I'd suggest making things a little faster next time, and decreasing the amount of deceleration.

15 now!

Thank you!

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Yikes- sorry about that. I don't know if the game can be updated at this  point, but this certainly teaches me a valuable lesson haha. Thanks for looking anyways.

thanks for doing one of these! we're at 13 ratings right now.

Really, really good! I liked the feeling it gave a lot.

The voice was very fun to listen to, and the music (although simple) was good too. My only real complaint was that the music/sounds can get overlaid over each other, like how you can get up before the voice finishes talking and it starts saying another sentence at the same time. The same thing happens with the music at the end.

It was a little short, but it was a good experience.

Checking out your game as i type this

hey hey, 13 here


Good music and graphics! Wish there was a little bit of an intro before it just tosses you in, but I enjoyed the game as it was. If it's infinite, then it's a pretty good use of the theme as another guy stated.


Interesting little experience. The art was pretty nice, however I found the game itself felt like a little bit of a chore. The lie/truth options felt a little random- pointing out the obvious lies didn't seem to give anything towards my lie meter (and played the "denied" sound?), while accepting the lie tasks just punished as expected. Doing the regular tasks and lying about them seemed to be kinda random too- sometimes you lie and they'll just call you out on it for some reason, which would make more sense if the stuff you did was really able to be called out on. Lying about the club makes sense, but lying about the delivery (and then giving it to the requester as the lie?) seems a bit odd. What I'd suggest is maybe having specific things, like "they went to X Pub (Lie)" and so forth, so it makes a little more sense as to how you're actually going to do  whatever (and if you're gonna get called out) Also, i read the earlier review about the minimap and one thing i'd say to improve it is to zoom it out a tad. Right now, it seems like it's just a copy of the view you have, but with less space since the edges are cut off.

Overall, though, good concept! Good luck on your expansion.


Really good level design! Reminds me of a mix between Super Meat Boy and Geometry Dash. The only thing i didn't jive with too much was the music (it didn't loop all that well). I enjoyed this one a bunch and i really liked how the difficulty was really in the "hard-but-fair" category.


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Great game! I really like the mechanic, artstyle, and music- it's just about hit everything for me! It has a surprising amount of detail in the gameplay- maybe i'll see if there's anymore extra animations for a 150+ combo lol. I really appreciate how it's in the "very doable if you take the time to learn it" category of difficulty.

EDIT: One more thing- If there's any criticism I'd give, I'd say that the note animations (the text coming up when you hit a note) is a little bit too sluggish compared to the rest of the game. Toning down the fade-in of them a little bit should make hitting notes feel a lot snappier.

Fun game! Submitted.


Quite fun to play, though as the guy below me stated earlier it is a tad annoying to deal with enemies you don't notice. The game is very simple and easy to get the hang of. The music is nice, too. Graphics get the job done but they could be enhanced a little bit.

The game's pretty good as a standalone thing, though i dunno if it really fits this theme. I found the 'game' talking to me really easy to ignore lie-wise.


Pretty nice. The sound effects and ambience rather than music really give it a zenlike feel. Although I've starting to see the "game lies by using hidden platforms/items that can only be revealed through a circular aoe effect" crop up a bunch, I think it was used well here. The zenlike feel i was talking about earlier really contrasts with the difficulty lol. It's the good kind of difficulty that mainly makes you feel like your failures are your fault. The only real issue i have difficultywise is the lack of invincibility frames on the player (getting gibbed in 3 frames for standing too close to something sucks) and the tiny bit of input lag on attacking from what i'm assuming is the sword animation.

Game is, again, well done, though! The backtracking sort of progression is nice, and the artwork (especially the backgrounds) is very good.

Ahhh, that makes more sense. Actually, that fits the theme very well! Nice job.