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Sold the game as I have been working with them for a while and they liked the idea so they have the exclusive rights now. 

Hey, so I made the game public for a while. Once you play and record please let me know. A website asked me to give this game exclusively to them so I can't keep it active here.

I marked it as private, since it was only for the jam. 

Okay so I don't have anything against those games which are in top 20. They deserve to be there, but isn't 20 ratings bare minimum to be considered for rankings?

Thanks a lot for the kind words

Thanks a lot

Thank you so much for playing the game and feedback. 

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked it.


Neat! Loved the idea of cloning yourself and killing aliens automatically. I loved the graphics but somehow I felt that rather than having a top camera, an isometric camera would have highlighted your work even more, just my opinion. Apart from that had fun playing it. Having a cool soundtrack will boost the experience if you are looking to expand post jam.

Thank you so much for the feedback. Initially I snapped the player with cursor position but that movement felt jerky , so I smoothed it out with some delay, I guess it was too much of a delay :)


3D models, Music and sound FX are awesome. The gameplay is chaotic but a bit fast and a tad bit confusing. I wasn't sure why I was being teleported to different levels, but it was definitely fun to shoot drones. Good job

Fun and chaotic gameplay. Enjoyed playing it. Enemies felt a bit over powered, killing them was more grinding then challenging, apart from that it was a fun experience. Best of luck

Rated. Now you have 20 :)

Unique and interesting idea. Enjoyed playing the game. Some items weren't clear where they are meant to be put. I guess I cheated on my tests :)



Interesting idea and a fun game. I loved the idea of a red and a blue pen. Enjoyed playing it however I always got caught :(


Neat idea. Had fun to play, caught me off guard in the first attempt and figuring out what to press was chaotic even if it had only two buttons for control. Sometimes when it switched direction when I was mid air killed me and I couldn't do anything which felt unfair, but apart from that loved playing it.

Thank you for playing the game and yes I am planning to have a color code for each letter once the jam ends.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I think in later stages sometimes all the words are 3 letter words, which makes it easier than previous levels.

Thank you so much for the feedback. Yes it gets boring after a few levels, my idea was to have power ups and bonuses for completing the list in order, but I got imprisoned in my own design and didn't have much time to restructure everything, so I had to work with what I had. I have plans to rework the whole game from scratch post jam. Im taking notes from everyone's feedback. Thanks a lot again.


Nice game. I hate that witch already. Unique concept and enjoyable throughout. Best of luck.




Fun, unique, chaotic and AWESOME. I really loved the typing mechanism of the game. Definitely it was easy for JKL, then meh for 789, then woah for FGH and then pure havoc for the rest. I was running my fingers all over the keyboard (a better way to say I was just mashing buttons). 

I loved the way the game starts, making the user type the letters, it eased me into the game and didn't even need of a tutorial. Sure you could right a few lines of what to do but that would be rather boring, this was executed way better. 

If I am to nitpick something is I wish there was maybe an "Easy mode" where the guide letters will stay on the screen that way I will only need to find the appropriate key, for now I had to somewhat guess and then find the key (involved some trial and error), but the current approach fit the theme, so it works as well. 

Overall really fun game and a solid entry for the jam.

Definitely a unique idea and can be an even more fun game if explored more on this idea. I enjoyed playing the game and loved the game mechanics like dying to get a bullet and then avoiding lights as ghost. This mechanic made both living and dead states feel important. Also I loved the attention to detail that is when player dies, enemies stop chasing you. This is something so small but when not implemented gives you a feeling on unfinished game and sometimes may annoy the players. A few nitpicks I have is that game play feels a bit slow especially for the chaos theme, and it took me a minute to figure out that the gray square in level 2 was actually a light source, so maybe some rework in art could make it look even better. Apart from that unique, fun game. I hope you expand this post jam in to a full web game.

I have nothing new to add to what others already mentioned. Yes it fits the theme of chaos but some sort of game play element would have been nice. I hope you learned a lot by following the tutorials and making this game. Best of luck.

Fun game. I loved the mechanics, but I felt there was no goal or say win state for the game.  

Thank you so much for the kind words.

Thanks, maybe you are not bad maybe the boss is really a douche.

Rated. No matter how many submissions will be here, I like to play all of them. Also I encourage everyone who post here to play each other's games, this way you will not have to look for more reviews and learn a few things from each other.

Had fun playing the game, the dagger swinging animation was so satisfying and thank you for the mini-map it helped a lot.  


A unique concept and fun game. The game is difficult a bit but I guess that's what makes it fun to beat (like super meatboy). I didn't appreciate level 3 though, for a person with motion sickness that level was night mare to go through and I almost gave up after a couple of tries. If you plan to expand the game post jam, I would suggest working on game art a bit. The music was fantastic and matched the mayhem. Overall a fun game, enjoyed it quite a bit.