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Take on the roll of a mother trying to survive the apocalypse brought on by the rogue planet Nibiru.
Submitted by JoshBurleson (@Josh_Burleson) — 12 minutes, 12 seconds before the deadline
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A-m-a-z-i-n-g game. I Really liked it and had fun. The fact that there are voices gives so much more value to the game. And the post-apocalyptic theme was awesome!


Damnn!!...This was really fun..Really...Just Amazing..Thanks for making such a wonderful game..


Developer (1 edit) (+1)

You're very kind. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with the game. Thanks for checking out my submission 😃Cheers!


I love the story and the art style.Good job.


Thanks for checking out my submission!


Very simple game but still have good details! Easy to understand. Fits to the theme. Rated!

Don't forget to check my game and rating it, please.


Thanks for playing my submission. I'll be sure and checks yours out.


I can see the perks of being old and having a family! You really thought out the screenplay and the story (wish it was longer). Sometimes it felt slow-paced, and maybe it's for the better (I don't really enjoy super fast reflex games where you have to have 120 fps attention). The graphics are gorgeously simplified! Keep making games like this, and with a proper amount of content, you could even monetize it!


Thanks, Greenworks! Hahah being old has some perks I guess😛  Really glad you enjoyed your experience with the game. I'm considering expanding on it in the future and comments like yours make me feel encouraged to do so. Really appreciate your time.


You have some talent and deliver it in your games. These jams are great exercises and you can get a lot of feedback, just put them to some good use! The world needs meaningful games, not just call of duty. Of course I offer time to refined games such as yours. :) Peace!


Wow, really impressed you made this in a week. The graphics are op and the music is fitting for that apocalipse, survival vibe. The voice acting is really good and cute. My only complaint is that the game doesn't appear to fit the jam theme. Besides that this is one hell of a good game. The shooting mechanic is cool but it would have been cooler to add ammo too. The reloading takes a long time, especially for the pistol and speaking of the pistol it does wayyy to little damage and the enemies are scarce, but for a jam this is one hell of a good entry. Well done!


Thanks, Freaky for trying out the game and leaving such a supportive comment. To be honest I didn't like the theme and decided I would only apply it thematically and not mechanically to the game. I feel it's bad practice to obscure gameplay information from the player. Many others in this jam have pulled it off but I'm just not that creative :P That said, I agree the was I implemented it is cliche and borderline lazy. 

I was attempting to make the weapon systems more like RPG abilities rather than the traditional collect ammo systems. I wanted the combat to be slow and methodical, forcing the player to use all the weapon at their disposal. Obviously I have a lot to balance here.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave such great feedback. Cheers!


The game is really cool, the movement is nice and the voice acting is incredible, i was starting to wondering where did it fit to the theme but then i reached the end. Really cool game congratulatios :D


Hey thanks, Termack! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the experience. 


The game was cool, it is like "The Last of Us" 2D. 

After dying one time I just used the shotgun, I think the baseball bat is pretty useless in the inventory, you can simply shoot, run or roll away waiting the cooldown and then shoot again. The gun can be useful because of the different rate of fire. I would have added the stronger weapons efter every encounter with the monsters.

Also shooting with the spacebar is weird. I tried to jump once and I almost shot my daughter.

The art is nice, I love the background with the red sky.

The voice acting stood out, is probably the best one of the jam and if that is your family is even cooler.

The ending for me was a bit of a letdown. I usually never like the "and then he/she woke up" ending, especially if what was happening before was really cool.

But  I get that you had to comply with the theme of the jam, maybe it's just that al lot of the dev in this jam chose to end their games with the "it was all a big lie" finale so I'm tired of that.

Anyway, I liked your game, it's a nice entry!


"The Last of Us 2D" is a huge compliment, thank you. 

  • I wanted to do something new from collecting ammo so I decided to try out a "cooldown" type of system for the weapons. The idea is you would need to manage/use all of them like RPG type abilities rather than the traditional weapon systems. The bat was kinda the "last ditch" weapon and its role in the rotation is kinda muddled. I for sure have lots of balancing to make a system like that work.
  • Complete agree and something I will change in the future.
  • Thank you. I was actually calling the game red skies during development.
  • The voice work was really fun and seem to be the thing that makes this game standout. Couldn't be prouder of my wife and boy for delivering such great performances.
  • Honestly, I just didn't like the theme and went with a cliche trope to avoid making something deliberately obfuscated to the player. I do feel it still fits the theme but only thematically and not mechanically. 

I appreciate you taking the time to leave such a detailed comment and helping me make the game better in the future. Cheers! 

Love the profile pic btw 🤘


Nice game. It would be repeating what everyone else said, but the voice acting stood out the most to me in this game. It was on point, not only the voices but expressions in them. Just amazing. Graphics were also cool part of the game. I was expecting LMB to fire but it turn out to be SPACE, I wish I was told that in advance as many players have this tendency to spam shooting buttons upon the mere sight of the enemy. A really really good entry, I wouldn't call it a single person entry as your whole family chipped in. You should expand this game beyond the jam.  


That's great feedback on the players expectations for inputs. One of the many things I didn't have time to flesh out better. I'm considering continuing development on the game and really appreciate you mentioning you believe it's worth pursuing. Thanks for the great comment!


Wow super cool game! the game really had a scary apocalyptic dystopia vibe to it. I liked how the art was detailed and clean. The Music and the alarm of the voices also put a good feel to the game. Overall good job.(:


Thanks for checking it out and the kind comment 😄


For now developer and only a week to create this game, you did a great job! 

Looks nice, plays well (weapons reload time is a bit off), and sounds nice. The theme for this jam was a bit difficult, and I can see where the theme fits into the story, but don't feel it was really used effectively in the game. 


Thanks for checking out my submission and I'm pleased you enjoyed it. The theme is meant to fit thematically and not mechanically.  While cliche, I feel it the game fits the theme well and provides an alternative to the many submissions with deliberately obtuse mechanics. Appreciate your time.


Overall the game was pretty nice. The voice acting was suprisingly decent; I guess it was by your family. The art was also good and the background music nicely sets the tone of the game. However, I do have some points of critique.

My main issues are with the gameplay. The weapons have a slow fire rate and take forever to reload. So guess what's the best tactic? Running away and leaving your child behind, until they have finally reloaded. The guns also don't shoot any bullets, making it hard to see were you're shooting. This works alright since the enemies have impact effects, but I would still like to see my bullets.

The game also didn't fit the theme. "It was all a dream" ain't gonna cut it man. Though, it was nice playing a game that wasn't all obscure and unfriendly to the player; just to fit in with the theme.


Glad you liked the game overall. Something tells me that's not so easily earned from you.

  • Weapons are slow/recharged to force the player to manage swapping and changing weapons. I wanted the combat to be deliberate and methodical. If you panic it all goes to shit.
  • The child is meant as an intrinsic motivation. You can ditch him while you wait for the weapons to recharge but it feels bad. Most players I watched try to dance around so they can stay close. Are you the kind of person who ditches a kid under attack or will you risk taking a hit so you can stay close to him? It's all meant to make you feel that way. That said, if I had more time I'd add mechanics to mitigate that to some degree.
  • Bullet tails are a great idea and something I will for sure add to the game if I continue development. This is useful feedback.
  • The game fit the theme just fine thematically, albeit being a bit cliche. Applying the theme mechanically was never a requirement as far as I know? The theme promotes bad practice and I have no interest in making a game  that deliberately hides information from the player. (as you noted yourself, it makes the game obtuse)

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to leave a comment. Cheers!


woah.. that really nice. love the audio/sound actor. 




Enjoyable game. One of the best I played.

The time to charge up the bat is maybe a bit long. I think it could be better if it was faster to charge it, making the other weapons with limited ammo that we can find hidden in some places on our way.


Glad you liked it! I kinda agree with you on the bat CD. I'd make it a little shorter in the future. Not sure if I want to make ammo a resource or not yet. I'd originally designed it that way but changed my mind at the end. Thanks for your input. Cheers!


I realy like this one, the countdowns on the weapons courreges you to switch your weapon and take a different approach on enemies. The story is simple but still fits the theme, graphics are nicely done and the voice lines and music make the game more immersive.

Great submission :)


I'm so happy that you understood the weapons mechanics. A few other comments here didn't seem to understand the long CD's were meant to force you to change weapons. I appreciate that someone got it. Cheers!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I loved it, one of my favorite jam games! The story is so immersive thanks to the voices and the graphic style in my opinion is really good with the theme of the game. The only flaw I think is the shooting because it's really heavy, especially with the keyboard. Great job for one man!! :)

this is my game, if you'd like to try it: Superhero Academy


Appreciate your kind comments and I'll be sure to checkout hero academy. 


One developer?  Awesome job!  I really liked the game and the voice overs.  The game is pretty tough, but then again I'm terrible a playing games lol!  My favorite weapon was the shotgun, but I was very sad when I ran out of ammo:(


Lol I'm also terrible and just bad at games so you're in good company. My favorite weapon is also the shotgun. Appreciate your time! Cheers! 


my review:

I really liked the game, the grapics were amazing, but the voice acters were the best it felt so real.

the theme is ok I mean the hole thing was just a dream so yeah oke it fits.

I had much fun playing it, just one thing, I think you should delete the funktion to press "k" to box with the fists, that makes the game too easy, I could spamm it and all enemy could do anything against me. 

keep up the great work. maiby you can have ah look at my game too :D


Haha! You found a mechanic I forgot about when I was developing the game. I meant to take out the "push" (k) mechanic and forgot about it till now. It's sad I even made an animation for it and didn't plan on using it. Nice job. I'd say you win for finding leftover over developer stuff 😆Thanks for checking out the game!


sure :D


I wish I knew about the cheat code lol




Wow. This is a well made game. The environment is spectacular, the music goes so well with the game and I haven't connected to characters of a game so fast. The voice acting is brilliantly done. Love the story. Overall a very fun game with good character build up. You should continue with this game, it has all the elements for success.


Your comment was so encouraging. I read it aloud to my wife and boy (who did the voice acting) and they were so excited. Really glad you liked it and appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment expressing your enjoyment.  Your comment makes me want to continue working on this. Thanks, Kamran :) 


Interesting experience and great voice acting with a special twist for dodge rolling.


Hey thanks for checking out the submission. Appreciate your time 😀

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