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Thanks a lot Sir..I really appreciate you, taking time to check out my game..I's definitely play your game soon..


Hey man!

Thanks a lot for playing my game..This really means a lot ♡

you actually played the first build of the the game.. I've actuallly updated it..maybe try playing it ☺

Yes..Mostly limbo..I loved how simple it looks but yet feels so beautiful..Yes!..I'm definitely gonna make more games. I literally can't thank you enough for playing my game.. You are the best.. You, my friend, have earned another subsciber.


Your Welcome!

It's because your game was amazing(I still can't figure out how you made the game.. The path making system..That was genius)..


Heyy..Congratulationss.You got a pretty good overall rating.. Can't wait to play the updated version


Congratulations!...You got a pretty Good overall score (It's because of the singing)..🙊❤

Congratulations Sir!💗

Thanks a lot for your kind words Sir..Aaaand the Jam is Overrr..Finallyyyy🙊..Now I can upload the updated version.. I'll see you in the Next Community Game Jam..or maybe some other jam..Untill then; Goodluck and Goodbye :)

I think we both made our game a little too hard..However, I love the voice acting especially in the starting cutscene..

Hahahah.. I loved the background singing so much.. Good job!

Thankyou so so so much❤

I'm glad you played my small effort at making a game in a week..Reall appreciate it..I'm gonna play your game now ❤

Updated version would be available as soon as the voting period ends..Thanks for playing this one..I'll derinitely play ur game.

This was my first ever time participating in a Game Jam and I managed to complete my game..I learnt many things along the way

I guess we'll never know xD

HAHAHA!! I'm a puzzle master xD...I had sooo much fun playing this game...I mean WOW!!...

This deserves a win!


Damnn!!...This was really fun..Really...Just Amazing..Thanks for making such a wonderful game..


One of the best games I've played in this jam..Took me a while to figure out what to do..I just kept sending the enemies towards the base and I was like..hmm Something's wrong..Overall a really well made game..Can't wait to see more levels.


Hahaha..This game is amazing.

I  won't xD


Thanks..wiĺl definitely check your game out

Heheh..I admit..The game was hard.I couldn't playtest it properly due to lack of time...But, I've updated the game..U'r game looks interesting and I'll play it soon.


Thanks a lot for playing and rating my game..This was actually my first time participating in a Game Jam..So, I'm still learning...I've actually made the game better and will upload it as soon as the jam ends..I'm gonna  play your game  soon


I know.. It wasn't supposed to be hard but, I had do little time to playtest.. I'm just waiting for the jam to end so that I can upload  the final builD

You could use Rigidbody2D.AddForce () on the enemy when they get hit.

There is an actual ending of the game..But I rushed most part of the development due to shortage of time (was a busy week)..And yep..the anxiety part was very hardd.Although I've made the game better and would love if you try out the final build.

Anyways thanks for Playing my game..Really means a lot..I'll definitely check out your game.


The only problem I faced was with the combat..You should add an ability to attack while moving..keep working on the game and improve upon your mistakes..Cheers!

Good job... That healing pad looked so attractive..Even tho I knew it would hurt me I still kept walking over it xD...really had fun playing it :)

I'm spellbound.... I had so much fun playing this game.. If the game just had you walking to the data transmission pad and nothing else, I would still play it.. I mean, those animations..The way the player moves..I loved it.. THIS GAME SERIOUSLY DESERVES TO WIN!!! 5 stars!

WOW!!... I mean..just WOW!!...I had so much fun playing this game..The controls feel really smooth..Loved it..I got the bad ending though(ouch that hurts xD)..Overall a solid game..


WOW!!This is one of the best games I've played in this jam..Everything fits out together perfectly..The soundtrack is relaxing and so are the visuals..However, enemies felt a little hard to beat..Took me about 10 tries to get through the first boss..But, that feeling of accomplishment was amazing..

Please make this into a full game :)


Hey There!

First of All, I really loved the sound track..The graphics, especially the player animations are amazing.

However, I could not interact with anything(maybe a glitch on my side idk)..I just kept pushing buttons xD..

Other than that you should definitely keep working on this game.


Thanks for playing my game..I really appreciate it.. I'm a little busy today..I'll make sure to play your game soon :)

Thankyou Sir :)


Thanks buddy...Really means a lot.

Thanks for playing my game and Rating it..I've updated the game..made it better..just waiting for the jam to end..I'll definitely play your game :)