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Absolutely Beautiful. As a game developer myself I can relate so much to this 🙌

Thank you brother

I love it. Really wish it could be longer😭❤

Simple yet effective.. Loved it! 😍

Hey There!

Sorry for the late reply.Is the problem fixed because the game is downloading on my end!

Are you making this for Mobile? 

I really like the controls and the simple art style is really nice.. Good Job

REALLLY HAPPY FOR YOUU 😍😍😍..Congratulations on getting first place

Thankyou..and Congratulations to youu too💜


Really glad to hear this Bro Oyster..broyser :D...

AHH I see.. Thought that was intentional :D

Short and Sweet...Really liked the responsive controls.Good Job!

The game is pretty decenr.But I got stuck on one of the levels.With some polish this can become more fun.Definitely keep working on it :)

I just love games with glowy things..My only complaint is that the game lacks some juice.Some visual feedback for when you killed enemies would've been nice.. Good Job nonetheless :)

Okay so I genuinely love this game..It is amazing and it deserves more ratings. Kudos to the team.. Oh and yes; " I DON'T HAVE RICE GREG 2.0!" xD

I saw this game a lot while I was playing the other games and I was hesitant to download it because I could not see any screenshots.. But A friend suggested it in the discord and I have to say it didn't disappoint.. I really liked the adrenaline pumping soundtrack and the visuals were simple but really nice to look at.. The game has good overall polish...Add more content and powerups and this would be hella-fun to play..One thing I want to note is that for some reason the player can go off the screen. Other than that really well done :)

Cool Game with some nice mechanics.. it lagged sometimes on my end but other than that It's pretty good.. Definitely keep working on it.I really like the idea of placing enemies. And also this game has upgrades which is Amazing.. ^_^

Thank you... I just downloaded your game :D.. Gonna play it..Look's interesting

Ahh Love you too bro 0w0

I sent you a request on discord

How can I add you?

Yes I'm on discord.

 rb.velocity = new Vector2(rb.velocity.x,  Mathf.Sqrt(2 * jumpHeight * Mathf.Abs(gravity)*Time.deltaTime)*gravityAngle);

I'm setting velocity whenever I press Jump Button.This is in Update method

Seems to be working Fine on my end..hmm 

In the Desktop Version?

Well you did a very good job with it :)

You were right Sir!.. I did miss the time value.. That is fixed now on the desktop build... Thank you so much :)

I think the game's pretty good. I had my share of fun playing it.It just needs more challenge. I see this is your first released game.I may be wrong but, If it is then It is pretty good. Keep Learning and improving your skills.. Good Luck ^_^

I agree too!

You Win xD

I was calculating gravity using a velocity equation.. I may have forgot to multiply by Delta time.. Thanks a lot for mentioning that.I'll fix it soon enough..Glad you liked the game❤

Thank you so much *sobs*

Ahh I'd definitely try that out :)

Pretty good for a first game. Good Job ^_^

Ahhha fun little game.. Really like the starting cutscene.. Good Job :)

This game is so simple yet so addictive.. It took me about 10 tries to finish it and it was so satisfying.. I loved it.. Good Job ^_^

The game is really good for a first game.. I dunno why I killed that poor guy. I feel bad now :/.. 

I thought the game size was too large and when I opened it I saw the entire project there.. I don't think It is needed unless you want someone to change your game..

Other than that good Job and I wish you the best of luck :)

I loved Playing it.. Would love to see more levels.. Good Job :)