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Sure! I was strongly inspired by Moirai and Dark Souls, so idk if its really that original.

Thanks for the kind words :)

Its not a bug, its a feature :)  If you could spawn gloo right next to the player you could glitch yourselfs into walls, so I added a minimal distance.

Great game, the controls feel smooth and the graphics are nice. Some of the jumps are so hard to pull off and the gate timers are very short, the dash is pretty irritating, its more like a double jump with a bit forward momentum. The music is fitting, but to have some sound effects would be nice.

I had a lot of fun playing this and found the ship easter egg and the weird sign at the end :)                  (you can jump past the gates btw)

Really great entry, all snake mechanics are well implemented, the glass cube makes it easy to spot the next apple, camera and movement feel both responsive, good job :)

Great entry, congrats :)

A few things to add:

- controlls feel good but a are bit stiff sometimes

- Tracer mechanics are well implementet but lack a bit of jucie

- great art

Good job overall, keep the hard work up :D

Great game, congrats, a few things I noticed:

- Movement feels good and responsive, but still challenging

- The art is nice, but a few sprites more would make the level more interesting

- some sounds would be great

I had a lot of fun, keep it up :)

my total score is 1231, I tried my best ;)

Well, congrats on your entry, quite a unique game and theme adaptation. This game is kind of confusing but still very fun. :)

The Camera feels very clunky and And the rotating view makes it very hard to collect all the seeds.

Anyway, Good job :D

Congrats on your entry, here are some things I noticed:

- I like the music, its subtle but fitting

- Great art, but the tilemap has weird seams sometimes

- The hook mechanic is well implemented, feels a bit stiff though

- I've managed to get through all levels, so it's not too hard nor too easy, good job

Great theme adaptation, a well made game overall, keep it up :)

Nice entry, the art is gorgeous and the music is catchy. The only thing I have to complain about is that the movement doesn't react sometimes, and you can get through most of the enemy's by simply walking against them.

Never played a rhythm game before, allot of fun for sure, well done :D

Thanks for playing it to the end, I appreciate it ;D

Very fun experience and a good theme adaptation. ;)

- Graphics are very simple but fitting, a few variations would be fine though

- the sounds are only a few, gets a bit repetitive, but well picked

- The game gets so hard, didn't manage to play it through tried like 10 minutes on the level with the three stages over each other, and gave up

- Some levels kill you in the first second and you have to restart a lot of times

- Movement and colliders are both well done

- the powerup feels intuitive, and satisfying

Thank you for your feedback :D

 A bullet, shot too close to the player, won't spawn a Gloo, because you could glitch yourself up or into walls, not that close to the player and a small Gloo will spawn, and beyond that a Big Gloo.

Really fun game and a great attempt on the theme.

- Love these glories kills

- Music and sounds are good

- falling down is very frustrating, because it kills you instantly

- The aesthetics of the levels are very repetitive some more graphics would be nice

Anyway, congrats on your submission, keep it up :)

Wow, thanks allot for kind words :)

I'm glad you like it :D

Thanks for your rewiew :)

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Nice game, well done, hope you don't mind some feedback:

- It's really satisfying painting the areas in the game

- Movement feels good

- Its very repetitive to play only one level, I would turn this game from this Highscore system into a level system, so you have different levels to overcome

- the paint feels sometimes a bit uncontrollable

- nice pick of the game mechanic, you definitely got the theme right

So, congrats on your submission :)

Nice Submission, a good attempt on a 3d flappy bird. Some tips:

- make smaller colliders, sometimes you die and don't even know why

- The camera shows a very small part of the level, I think bigger scaled levels would make the level design clearer 

Overall a nice game :)

Wow, thanks for your feedback :)

I agree with all your complaints, On my playthrough however, I never noticed that the bullets were colliding with the player, I know the movement is stiff, pretty hard to get a smooth one and the music was pretty much a last second addition.

Appreciate the complex review, thanks for your effort :)

Thanks allot for your review, I thought about different ways to display the remaining gloo, but it was the lack of time in the end :)

Thanks mate, congrats on your scoring too. And yeah, i've seen many people upvoting these comments about the dates of some files without even checking it themselves, so I hoped I could clarify it.

Well then, have a nice one and good luck for your next titles :)

Unity only changes some of the files, here is a good thread:

I've also added a screenshot of the top 2 games. (blue: actual date, red: wrong date) The red marked date is presumably the installation date of unity, and all the data of an new project are stored in the data file, so the others won't change.

In this case, its not the fault of the creators, but of unity.

Unity only changes some of the files, here is a good thread:

I've also added a screenshot of the top 2 games. (blue: actual date, red: wrong date) The red marked date is presumably the installation date of unity, and all the data of an new project are stored in the data file, so the others won't change.

In this case, its not the fault of the creators, but of unity.

Realy like those sprites and all the cute animations (and endings), music and dialog is good. A way to skip the dialog would be nice, so you don't have read it a second time. The background and UI is very minimalistic, it could be a bit more detaild for me (you had probably not enough time).

Anyway, great submission :)

I've allready played and rated your game. If you want ot here is mine:

wow, great idea, I had a lot of fun clicking through your adventure. I love the different music styles in the game as well as the graphics. Realy unique game design and theme interpretation.

Thanks for this submission, great game :)

That's for the player to think about.

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First of all, you did a great job on the pixel art, I know how much work it is to animate a 8 directional character. I love the music and your game idea overall, definitely fits the theme, but I have to admit, that I did not manage to get through the treasure room. Here you have constructive feedback (like you wanted):

- diffrent kinds of gameplay elements would be great, like some interactables, for example buttons or swiches, that activate something. That would courage you to search for more then fake walls and spikes.

- checkpoints (I've read below why you could not inplement that)

Don't have anything else to say. great work :)                                                                                              

(a hint on the treasure room would be nice)

Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm glad you like it :D

Man you have allready 74 ratings, why are you so greedy.

Very unique approach on the theme. The gameplay is working very good reminds me a bit of rollercoaster tycoon and the graphics are nice. I like the upgrades on the buildings, this gives the game more depth, although the limited building options.

I think you did a great job putting this together in one week, well done.

Such an interesting Idea, the mechanics are working greatly and the visuals are decent. Its nothing like any other submission. I think limiting the stones and makeing them collectable would make it more intersting, so you could not spam E the whole time.

Thanks for your great submission :)

Shooting feels very satisfying, the sounds and music are nice. The connection to the theme is visible but it could be greater.

I had a lot of fun. Thank you for your submission ;)

I realy like this one, the countdowns on the weapons courreges you to switch your weapon and take a different approach on enemies. The story is simple but still fits the theme, graphics are nicely done and the voice lines and music make the game more immersive.

Great submission :)

Thanks for playing my game through.

I've seen Moirai a few Months before the jam, so it was actually a inspiration for me, but I also generally like the Idea of cycles being in a games story, like in on of my favorite games and also inspiration, darksouls. So I wanted some kind of those repeating story elements in my game, and I came up with the story.

I'm glad you like it, thanks for playing.

Rated and comented your game :)

Do the same to mine if you like:

Quite nice game, I like the music and simple graphics, it obviously fits the theme. But it is very hard without any hints on traps or false platforms. (made me rage allot).

Anyway, well done ;)

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Allright, I've rated and comented your game.