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Damn, that is a speedrun tech.

I think the collison is broken on some of the tiles, but this bug is actually pretty fun.

thanks for noticing.

which bug did you find. I played the game countless times and never found anything. Thanks a lot for the time you took to report it.

well, thanks for playing and for tweeting ybout my game, I appreciate it

Thanks for your toughts on my game :)

Great idea and execution, control seems a bit weird in the beginning, but when I got into I did some Matrix style dodge maneuvers, really satisfying

I didn't know in the beginning if this would be an endless game or not, an Indication for that would be nice ( I still managed to get to the shore)

Nothing to complain about other than that :)

Glad you like it :)

Thanks for your opinion, I hope you enjoyed it :)

thanks for playing, I appreciate it :)

I'll probably to expand the game in the future, thanks for playing :)

damn, thats a good entry, implementing the missing controls into a puzzle game is working great.

All the levels are extremely clever designed and challenging. Every puzzle game lover would love this , great job from you :)

appreciate you playing my game and droping your opinion, thanks :)

You're right we went down a similar route for this jam, I definetly like your take on it, well done!

Thanks a lot for your review, I thought making the errors negate the button press would cause a more controless feeling, but I understand why its frustrating and I'll probably think it over again. I made the spawntime in the beginning espacially low in order to help players who havent memorized the controls yet. A light or anything would be a good way, next to the beeping sound, to indicate an error, thanks for that idea and for your time.

I hope you enjoyed it :)

Nice game, seems really polished all in all, it gets pretty hard though. I think making the player faster then the bigger enemies would allow for a bit more tatical approach.

Other then that, gorgeous visuals and sounds, great work :)

thanks for stoping by and playing my game

thanks, I appreciate that

I modeled the controler in blender and animated it with a combination of custom handmade animations in Unity and procedural animations using the addon DoTween

I appreciate the feedback, I might drop a rating on your game later :)

I might expand the game after the jam, thanks for the ideas

thanks, for dropping a comment :)

thanks, for your feedback, I appreciate it :)

Those are some great ideas, I'll definetly keep that in mind, and yes I messed the timing on the waves up.

thanks man

glad to hear that

thaks for your feedback.

I designed the remote control intentionaly chaotic to give it a more "controlless" fell. The same with reload time, its actually randomised :)

but I can think of ways making this a bit less frustrating.

yeah, I was going for that, it gets a lot eisier tho, when you learn what the buttons do :) thanks for playing

well, you tried :) thanks for playing

I'm a big fan of the graphics and the generated rooms and transitions. The appearing and disappearing rooms give you a really nice feel of the hallucination of character. Ive noticed some smaller things on the way:

- some enemys would find themselves trapt outside the rooms

- its extremely hard to aim, and the punch animation has a weird hitbox.

I had real fun with this, great work :)

(and is there an ending btw, I've ran through that for a while didn't find an exit.)

thanks for your feedback :)

got trough the giant eye boss this time :)

but those jumps at the end of the stage before are incredible hard.

thank you so much for that :)

That is a experience.

reminded me of futuristic, apocalyptic setting, what I really like.

I was thinking that with a bit of polish and adjustments this could be turned into a beautiful visual novel like game.

Enjoyed the story, well made :)

This game is gets out of control real quick ;)

I like the variations of the stages and the fast movement. This gets extremely hard though, maybe you can tell me the trick to that level with the three buttons so I can retry that thing.

Liked the overall (and those glitch effects are lit)

thank you for your feedback, I had a lot of trouble balancing the difficulty (I make usally to hard games). But I'll keep in mind to raise the difficulty on the middle and end part of the game in the postjam version :)

I would say its only noticable on the attack animation, the character snaps into a weird pose at the very end of that animation.

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Glad you liked the art of my game back then ;)

Fun and well designed platformer, the movement is very responsive, gave me even a speedrunable fell.

The concetion to the theme is a bit far fetched, but can definetly see it ;)


thank you for your feedback