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VSync is when the frame rate of the game and monitor are synced which does not create graphics tearing artifacts. In fast paced game it becomes noticable which is happening to me. So giving an option to enable VSync would make the game graphics clearer and will fix the issue in my end.

KARLSON community · Created a new topic VSync On Option

Awesome game! Really enjoyed playing it. May you give an option to enable VSync? I am having tearring issue with the graphics because  of the VSync being off.

This is a very fun game. Enjoyed it a lot. Kinda reminds me of PS1 Croc game when the player wins or loses. Awesome game OP. Keep it up! :)

No worries friend. You will get there through practice :)

No problem friend. It happens. I should have also given details that it required winrar or 7-Zip to unzip. :)

Ah. I apologize. 7-Zip is an open source file compressor like winrar. Have been using it for years that I forgot most people probably don't use it. My bad. I guess installing 7-Zip will allow you to unzip.

Wow. This is a well made game. The art work and the game play was simply fun to play. Liked the humours as well. Overall a well made game and fun to play. Keep it up.

Nice small game with good puzzle. The idea is really good maybe add a bit more puzzles and some obstacles for the puzzels. Overall a well made game.

This is a nice little game. I reached level 5 but then couldn't beat the time anymore.  The idea is good but maybe also allow a slight increase of time as well to make it a bit fair. Overall a nice game.

This game is awesome. It has some really good visuals. I really like the idead that the light colour changes when you flash it over the other colours. My one advice would be to let the enemy orbs collide with the colour obstacles as well then it makes the game fairer. Overall a well made game and really really catchy.

The game idea is kool. The art work here is good as well. I got the idea of the game. I messed around and figured out that I can destroy the astroids by clicking at them and that also allows me to collect materials. I really tried to get the organisms and plants to generate in a planet but just couldn't figure out how. May be give a small arrow like indication beside the planet material/gas info which says if those materials/gases are too much or too low. Then it would easier to know what to do in a planet. Overall a nice game with a really good idea.

The idea is good for this game. I can see what type of game you were aiming for. For first time it is actually a well made game. Keep it up.

This is a well made and thought of game. The game was really really fun to play. Liked the music and the art work looks really kool and goes with the game. The idea of the game is well thought of. My only advice would be to give separate keys or mouse buttons for selecting and attacking/linking because most of the time I had problem selecting and linking and would end up linking a lot. Overall a well made and awesome game.

The game idea is kool. Really like that when you jump it switches the gravity direction. A bit more of stages would have been good. Overall well made and a good idea.

The game is good. Unfortunately didn't have one to play against. But the controls are really smooth and the animation looks really kool. The artwork is actually well made. My advice is to give options for 1p or 2p. When it is 1p then the player goes against an enemy AI. It would also be better if the controls were a bit far as well because to me WASD is a bit close to XCVB. But overall this is a well made game and should be played with friends for full experience.

It is good game. The control were smooth. Giving objectives, item drops, temp upgrades would have actually made this game even better. But overall a nice game.

This is a nice little game. Really like the art work and the game play. The music goes well with the game and the game world. The game seems well balanced. For me it would have been better if the turning of the rocket was a bit faster. Overall a well made game with good game play.

This is a very well made and a fun game. I like the visuals especial of the sun coming in. I also like the temporary upgrades that I get to select. I enjoy games like this which reminds me of Dead Cell. I really wanted there to be more stages to play. My advice is to let the player choose which input system to use like the mouse or the keyboard because I have a mouse the keeps jittering so it makes the earth move around constantly. Also if you give a boundary to the game then players wont be able to go out the playing area. Overall a very well made game with good music and really fun. Keep it up!

you have to unzip the .7z file. Unfortunately didn't allow me to upload the folders only it must be zipped. Probably right click the file and select unzip?

Thank you very much for playing the game really appriciate it.  Duly noted and you are absolutely right about the last upgrade, can't believe I didn't see that during development time :D Thanks for the feed as well. Really happy that you enjoyed it.

This is good game. Like the idea of the game. The art work is really awesome here. The gameplay is a bit difficult for me even in easy. Maybe a bit slower enemy and generous cut area would be good. Overall an awesome and kool artwork. Keep it up!

This is a well made game. In the end I got access to the planet's mainframe. Really enjoyed the puzzle solving aspect of the game. A little soundfx would have made the game less vaccumish. But overall a nice game and with more time spent on it this game will have potential. Best of luck.

This is a good game. Kinda reminds of sonic chaos runs in sega. The control was smooth. With 3 or more enemies with different behaviours then this game will have lot of potential. Overall a good game.

This is a really fun game. The game control is really smooth and it just feels right. The game scene looks really nice really like the fog and the distant planet rotating around. This game has a lot of potential with more contents this will go far. Really puts you in the zone. My high score was 14438M. Overall a well made game.

Really good game. The control was smooth but does get messed up after a while of moving around. Really liked the small text base cut scenes which is nice. A well made game and lots of potential.

This is a well made game. Once you figure out the commands then you can mess around to find out lot of things. My advice would be to give some help or tips in finding out the commands or give a menu that shows the commands. Advice for others it is ok if the little twerps are gone if the computer is running then it is all fine. Overall a well made game with good visuals especially like the musics in the game. Best of luck.

This is a fun game to play. Felt really like a hacker. Tried to hack the whole planet but in the end my hand was starting to hurt from all those hacking.  But the idea is really kool.  Awesome game. Well done.

The game is really good. I really love the idea of the game. I like it how everything can orbit around each other like gravity. I tried my best to get bigger but the constant colision with the objects keep hurting me. Maybe once the objects are in orbit or captured they don't hurt you anymore? Also it was jittering for me especially the movement. Overall a good game with a well thought of an idea. Keep it up.

This is a well made game. Really enjoyed playing the game. It is simple yet challenging. I really like the idea of some projectiles are hacking and the other is destroying. The game looks really nice. Really love the projectile splater when it hits an object. I really wanted to know what the peaceful message was after finshing the game by hacking the satellite. Overall a well made game. Keep it up.

This is a good game. The movement felt smooth but the mouse rotation was a bit fast for me. The game world and the scene looked marvelous. I have noticed that the 'A', 'S' and 'D' buttons didn't have animation but that is ok for a 2 days jam. Overall a well made game. Awesome!

The game visuals are really awesome. You really captured the looks of the space well. A very nice game with really kool visual. Keep it up.

This is a good game. Really liked the game world especially that saturn looking planet :) The control was good but the camera rotation was a bit too high for me especially when trying to jump and move. Also in the end I think your message got shown below the scren so could not see what it said. Overall a nice game. Keep it up.

This is a well made game. Really love the visual. Also the music is really kool. The game play is fun as well reached level 6 and can't beat it. Bottom line awesome game. Well done.

Kool nice game. The game play is really good and smooth. The world is ok and goes with the game. Really like it when the enemies explode it really feels good. Also that music is awesome. Best of luck.

Awesome game mate! Really like the idea of the game. Also really love the art work in the game. Keep it up!

I knew you would be in top 10, congratz :)

First of all, CONGRATULATION! The game was fun to play. I liked the unique play style of the game. The gameplay was smooth. The music went well with the game. Overall a unique and well made game.

Thank you very much for playing and your kind words. I will check it out now :)

Thank you for playing :) I already played your game 9 days ago and rated and commented on it :) It was really fun. I think I made it to level 3 in your game :)  The gameplay felt so smooth and I wasn't expecting  the platform game twist. :) Visuals, music and gameplay was really well done. Overall it was a well made game :)

Thank you very much for playing and giving feedback :) Yeah, I need to work on the combat system to make it way smoother than it already is.  Again thank you for your kind words it is much appreciated :)