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Thanks for playing :)

Already rated your game.

Good game! One of the best I played.

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing!

The noses are only references to Pinocchio ^^

Very unique game!

Liked the art of the game. But there is no music.

I was confused at the beginning. I think the game and the instructions start at the same time.

Enjoyed playing it. Good job!

Thanks for playing!

Will try to fix the enemies later.

I appreciate your honest feedback ^^

I really love this type of games.

I think I broke it at some point though. because I tried to summon a suspicious and use the gun but I forgot the instructional dialogue at the beginning. So I lost the gun and had to refresh the page.

I think I missed something in the game because I can't find a relation with the title "The camera cannot lie".

I really like the art style. the game reminded me of Papers Please.

Great job!

Enjoyable game. One of the best I played.

The time to charge up the bat is maybe a bit long. I think it could be better if it was faster to charge it, making the other weapons with limited ammo that we can find hidden in some places on our way.

Awesome game!

Loved the sounds and the art design .

The last level was a bit too much though.

Great game!

Loved the sounds and the art style.

Maybe restart with a button like R would be better (ESC just closed the full screen for me and then it works)

Thanks for playing!

Very good game with an interesting idea for the theme.

I enjoyed playing it!

Good idea. Could work better for mobiles.

Maybe adding a background instead of a black screen would be nice.

I am not sure about the audio tho.

Not sure if I finished the game. I destroyed all of the enemies and then nothing happens.

Good game!

Sometimes the answers didn't make sense though (I used the "having trouble" card but they thank me :P)

"I wouldn't trust everything the tutorial says..." this line made me a bit suspicious so I didn't blame Gary. I think it would be better without giving this hint because maybe I could have blamed him if I hadn't seen this line.

I like the music and the art style.

Still enjoyed playing it though. Good job!

I love the art style, very cute, and the music fits the game.

but a 100 score is a bit too much especially when the majority of plants give you less than 3 points each.

Still a good game in my opinion!

Confusing . I am not sure if I complete it or not after the buttons level.

The voice was funny.

Good job!

Good game.

I tried to go right when it said not to, but it appears it was telling the truth so I don't now if I should follow the instruction or they are lies.

I think the music should stay in the game. Why it's only on the menu.

The art style is very good.

Good job!

Thanks. I appreciate it :)

Thanks for playing!

For the installer. I thought it was a good idea but after seeing it on a stream I will not use it again for a jam.

Will try to fix the enemies later.

Thanks for all your ideas ^^

Very good job! I was confused when I finished it for the first time. Good thing I can see my performance at the end

Cool idea but I can't see the theme in this game.

Thanks for playing :)

Yup. I used particles  for the hit effect too.

Good game! it was a bit hard but it is a cool and fun game

I like the art style of your game but I think it's a bit difficult to see where do I go

Very good game.

The atmosphere is very cool and the art style is great

Very innovative game. I had a lot of fun playing it.

Very good game. I liked the mechanic.

I think it could be better if you add sound effects and music. Maybe after the jam ;)

Here's mine Hope you enjoy it :)

Here's mine Hope you enjoy it :)

Here's mine I hope you enjoy it

Here's mine I hope you enjoy it

Here's mine Hope you enjoy it :)

Very good as your first game! I I really liked your art style.

I think that it was a little bit hard because of obstacles hitbox and I notice that when the character turns his shooting point stays in his back maybe that's because you are making him turn by scaling him with -1 on the x-axis instead of rotating him on the y-axis

Thanks for playing.

Will try your game right now ^^

Thanks. I appreciate it :)

Here is mine Hope you like it

Will try yours of course ^^

Here is mine Hope you like it

Will try yours of course ^^

Here is mine Hope you like it^^