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Fight The GameView game page

Space shooter game
Submitted by Barence — 28 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#6102.3332.333

Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Great game, but the intro is too long


The control is a little bit disorienting, probably due to the background. I think your game will benefit from having some game feels: screenshake, particle effect, etc. I think the bullet is a little bit too small for me to see.

Please check out my game. I would like to hear your feedback and rating on my game!

Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Quite a hard game but I enjoyed the challenge


Some changes to the opening, like maybe adding visuals and changing the way the text is presented (in a fixed spot on the screen, and possibly a different font).

I didn't get past level one, but from the text in the beginning I think I know how you were going to incorperate the theme.

During the level, the background was a bit much  stillbetter than leaving it blank though. Also making it so that you can hold down the left mouse button to rapid fire would be nice, but that might just be me because my mouse makes loud clicking noises.

Developer (2 edits)

Sorry for some reason on the first level you have to kill them in the following order: missile launcher, enemy house, then mother ship to get past, sorry again this is my first game jam.


I liked your concept, but I think the game would work better with a bit more polishing. :/ As others have said, you can't actually finish the first level, and the background is a bit distracting. I also didn't really like the music or the ship's movement. For being made in a week, though, this is a pretty cool game! Good job!


Not sure if I finished the game. I destroyed all of the enemies and then nothing happens.


I think you could have cut the intro, as it's too long, you probably discourage  a lot of potential playtester because of it.

The art is pretty good, however, the background is too distracting, I had a hard time to notice my ship and the ennemies.

Control wise, it's dynamic !
Maybe your game would greatly benefit with some particle effect to add more juice, and enhance this gameplay :) It's the perfect type of game where you can go crazy with it, maybe add some camera shake as well.  BUMP THE JUICE ! :D

Cheers for your jam o/


The text displaying time could be a little lesss ... and a little more for long dialogues .... I think you had same displaying time for all texts...Else it was good game...I thought destroying big plane would finish level... But it didn't ... Nice job :) Rated :)

Check my game too ....

I came here because of the karma you put in ;) I read that others got a little further than me though, couldn't get it working, did something happen?


I'm not sure if I finished the game or not..other than that I found the background a bit distracting


I'm not sure if I finished the game or not..other than that I found the background a bit distracting


I killed everyone in level 1 and then I just flew around for a long time with nothing happening. Is that the lie? I thought the music was quirky and gave me a chuckle :)


Neat game!  It is a good foundation to work with~  I would suggest improve the background art and bit then it would be really good!  Great job~ Please check out my game when you can - good day!


This is a nice space shooter, i enjoyed playing it =)

I would love it, if you can also try out my game =)


Hi! :D Thought this was a great start to a space shooter! I liked the ship design and enemy mechanics. Keep it up! 


I don't know if i am missing something but I don't understand what to do after defeating the first three enemies. If their is more game i'd like to be pointed to it. If their isn't i'd like to be told I've finished. 

The enemy design seemed alright but the game has no introduction to either the enemies mechanics or the controls and everything seems a bit fast paced for my liking. It was more about holding an arrow key and pointing my mouse in the direction of an enemy then any actual strategy.

The sound design definitely got on my nerves a bit and the graphics could be improved.

Overall good start but could do with a lot of work.

From PiFox :D


Nice game but the graphics and sound can be improved. Keep up the work :)

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