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Thanks man, yeah we put allot of work into the game :)

Hey, thanks man, nice feedback also. We're now days later and I still remember your game also :D

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Hi men, cool game, I like the combo of little puzzels, fighting enemies and fighting endbosses. How did you make the disappearing ground and walls? is this done with a mask and matching collider objects that match the position and size? Anyway, really clever.

Hey NeatGames, that's a cool idea men, ground stains are now on the build list ;).
The work of the team really came together in this one :)

Thank you :)

Thank you, played it, rated it! nice little game , good mechanics ;)

Yeah, really nice mechanics :)

Thank you. We're looking into it. ;)

Haha, thanks man, (yeah we know :D the green screens are amazing).

Yess rating 20! Cool game men, I really like the robot and that if you die the old robot is still there :D

Artsy game men! pretty nice!

Ahw, too bad. Good for you making a game though.

Thanks men, really cool reply :)

Whahaha, nice.

Hey thank you. It is possible to skip levels. while in the level, press escape for pause menu, then press skip. ;)

Hey Napalion, thanks for trying that. We already have the fix so when the review period is done, we put it on here! :)

Yess, it does! :D

Cool game, I leveled up to 7 (did I get stronger?) I also love the thumbnail art. Maybe improve on the camera angle, I really wanted to see more of the world :)

no way, I can't see anything to download or play on itch! is something going on?

Hi there, so also with you, I came here cause of your karma, returning the favor sorta speak ;)
So I liked the graphics and music and also the way you build the levels. maybe you can put the comment about jumping right under the screen so it's faster to find.
About the gameplay, I really didn't know what else I could do in the level, is there more than the first ground?
Anyway nice little game.

Hey how cool, I remember your game and now you came to rate ours, really nice!
Thank you, In a more final version, maybe it's good to keep the intense music only for endbosses ;)

Hahaha, really great execution of the theme! More people should play this, it's a fun little twist and also fun sounds and comments! rated you quite high on a bunch of stuff ;)

Hi men, I was interested at seeing the thumbnail (and I also downloaded it as a karma reward ;)
So well done with the 3D models and shaders.
Also a good responding player controller, it felt a bit like going up the hill was slower to do than going down, so maybe, instead of adding force, just set the speed so the right amount of force gets add (or maybe keep it the way you havce it because I didn't understand that this was the plan all along ;)

No way! such hi karma, also hi karma in the game (with the thank you note to the organizers) and only two ratings, Lets do something about that ;)
The idea with the lamp is great! Also really good implementation of the theme in doing so! Did you use a mask for that? Anyway, fun little idea, love to see the progress if you choose to continue it!

Great karma men, it's the reason I downloaded it. I think I get the idea. There are some things that are unclear: Do I start pressing the buttons after all 6 are there or while the buttons are being showed? What have I pressed already (unclear where I am in the sequence)? 
Overal it looks oke men ;) Good start :)

Only one more rating I see, fingers crossed ;)

No way, you did so well, I love these kinds of games! I'm really impressed with how much is in there already!

Hi, I downloaded your game because of your karma! :)
Good start on a game, maybe the controls could be a little faster in the update ;)

Hey, cool music and game idea! There really is an idea there.

Hi there, I really want to  thank everybody that played and rated the game. Thanks to you we now have the required number of ratings! So again, thanks everybody!

Well made, good implementation of the theme. The controls were easy and configured good, also the light was done quite well. Music was good, but also annoying really fast. Overall a good start of a game ;)

Sorry men, couldn't rate your game, downloaded it but no executable. (it also doesn't look like a normal windows build)

Haha, fishbowl irony. Good drawings, good fitting music.
Maybe: use more drag on rigidbody and more force (so you go fast when holding direction, but slow down when you let go).
Also maybe, zoom out a bit.
Well done overall ;)

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Hey men, I work remote on another computer and it totally messed up that connection and instead of controlling the game it did al kinds of stuff on the remote computer. So I used the Win_64 version. Haven't rated your game because of this (cause I didn't play eventually ;) )

Great work, Good UI, Good animations on player, easy controls, very well done!
A little hard to kill the bad data ;)

Dude, you really made allot of stuff men. Spectators with such level of detail. Great job!

Hey men, you had some really cool stuff in there, the shooting fist and the screen effect are awesome.

Maybe add: shooting directions up+right, up+left, down+right and down+left instead of only left, right up and down.
Also, maybe add: an exit button (couldn't find it, used task manager to exit the game).
And: I tried the game a couple of times and at a certain point I died, but there were no enemies near me. So I died because of too much shooting or something? Anyway that wasn't clear to me.

So, again, really cool stuff in there, the fist icon is definitely fitting and also, in the jam i've seen 50 games or so, I think you are a contender. So great job!

Haha, yeah some of the sounds are harsh. What about the sound when you die, the flatline, super annoying. Thanks for the feedback and compliments :)