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Local Multiplayer Puzzle beat 'em with Procedurally generated levels
Submitted by drinix (@drinix) — 10 minutes, 57 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#3343.0003.000

Ranked from 35 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Cool idea...the screen effects are great, good job.

Can you please try out my game?


I found it a bit difficult to understand how to play the game; maybe you can add a tutorial. I also wish that the post processing was toned down and that there was some music.


The graphics are so good! Well done

Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

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The game looks really good but I found it a bit hard. Trying to figure out the statement on the top while also fighting enemies that don't die with one shot is pretty challenging. Some sound effects would really bring it to life. It was still fun to play so good work!

Submitted (1 edit)

Interesting concept. The boolean nature of the game is mind-bending in a good way. Nice job with the post processing effects as well. Controls feel responsive and the shooting mechanic does feel satisfying.

The lack of audio is a drawback, tough. But overall is an enjoyable game. Good work!


I like the idea of boolean logic. It really struggles my mind sometimes.

The graphics are OK, but it's too much of post processing. The graphics are bended at the edge. I don't really like it.

The controls are good. I appreciated that you've made the jumping on a 2.5 D game.


I like the boolean concept of the game.
The game feels punchy and dynamic. I wish there was diagonal shoots tho. But overhall I had a good fun playing your game.

The graphic are great, you added some post processing effect that works well.
I miss a bit of audio

cool little game, cheers !


Really cool game, loved the screen effect it was a very nice touch. I would have loved if it had more sounds, the shooting and player's movement were feeling good. Maybe the enemies are a bit tough, but I guess it's intended :)

Hey men, you had some really cool stuff in there, the shooting fist and the screen effect are awesome.

Maybe add: shooting directions up+right, up+left, down+right and down+left instead of only left, right up and down.
Also, maybe add: an exit button (couldn't find it, used task manager to exit the game).
And: I tried the game a couple of times and at a certain point I died, but there were no enemies near me. So I died because of too much shooting or something? Anyway that wasn't clear to me.

So, again, really cool stuff in there, the fist icon is definitely fitting and also, in the jam i've seen 50 games or so, I think you are a contender. So great job!


I do appreciate games that go the extra mile to include cooperative elements into their submissions! The central mechanic of parsing the text felt innovative; while it's not my cup of tea, I definitely think it'll appeal to the players that enjoy the mental effort it takes to keep tabs on everything within the game.


Rated! Cool ideas here, with some adjustment and polish I think it could please everyone~ Great job!  Check out my game if you have time~ good day!


I like the concept of true and false and the riddly statements and the frantic running around to make you more nervous.. Really enjoyed it! great job! keep it up!

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Cool idea, the graphics were interesting, I felt like the screen effect was a bit disorienting


It's a shame that you currently lead in rated games but barley anyone rated yours.

Cool visuals and interesting riddles.

Submitted (1 edit)

The visuals is cool, and I like the game idea. I would have like some music and some voice over. Overall an okay jam game.


I liked the concept of this (even though it doesnt really fit the theme) but I have a few complaints (outside of the fact that there are no sounds). Enemies spawning in front of you that are faster than you are really annoying because sometimes you just cant avoid them and you end up dying even if you knew the correct answer. Sometimes, the right answer still proved wrong and at first I thought it was just cause I answered wrong but it started happening more and more often until I was certain that it was a bug because I was very precisely keeping track of my answers. And finally the first two levels have no question (maybe they do but camera is offset to the right). Otherwise it's a nice concept, really and I still enjoyed it. It just needs some polish that's all. Good job!


It's a little bit disorienting with the screen effect and shame that it doesn't have audio. But I like the concept of having to think while doing something. Kinda reminds me of chessboxing in real life!

I would love if you can play and rate my game! It's a top-down shooter with a sinister twist on it! See if you like it!


It was quite annoying that the text didn't really fit with the game style, cuz it looked pretty good. I didn't have much fun, though. If the text and the riddles were more incrusted in the game and didn't feel like an external part of it it could have been a really good game :D


Yeah, the text was just put up in the last couple of minutes, so I didn't really have much time to make it more readable, but I'm glad you liked the style of the game, and yeah I could definitely see some improvements in the riddle implementation, so thanks a lot for taking your time man, means a  lot.


the look to the screen with the weird false curved effect was very distracting to me, I also didn't notice the questions on the wall as I was distracted by enemies and it doesn't stand out clearly, I was guessing the first couple of rooms. Again with the visual effect I found the text hard to read even though it was a bright colour


About the visual style, I didn't really put much time into it, and tried to create a unique style without really caring about the effectiveness, and you are actually supposed to be playing the game with a friend, so they are the one actually solving the riddles while you fight the enemies, but anyway thanks a lot for taking your time to check my game out, means a lot :).

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